wonderful day

Yet a new day with such a fine person like you who has changed me so much so there are no words to describe it, not even the stars or the sunset. Let us hope for an eternity together.
—  Poets Love Her

Happy birthday Frank!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! May your dark soul be blessed with memes❤️I want you to know that every yeemo appreciate every SINGLE thing you do, and I mean every SINGLE thing you do. Today, your blinds and keyboard are quaking because they don’t get to have a great day like you, instead they get beat almost everyday. May yeesus and geesus bless you, Eva and Luna. Hopefully your day is soap free :) and smule free ;) . I want you to know that all your yeemos love you and we hope you and Eva and Luna are doing great with the moving process and I can’t wait to meet you guys in real life one day❤️🖤 (p.s, I hope you have been fulfilled with cheez wiz and fingerchips today :)) @crankthatfrank

anonymous asked:

What the hell is with Ouma's channel content why is that video four hours long whats in it

take your pick:

  1. kiibo singing for 4 hours broken up by an unskippable ad every 5 seconds and the last 10 seconds is a clip of saihara dancing
  2. a slow motion montage set to ‘my heart will go on (recorder version)’ of every time kaito has fallen on camera with every windows movie maker effect slapped on top of it. it ends with kaito yelling “quit telling people I’m dead!”
  3. going to every convenience store in the city and buying a single can of soft drink in each one using only 1 yen coins and asking the cashier to count each coin every time 
  4. a full 4 hour feature film that ouma worked on for six months that he decided would see who knew him well enough to actually click on it and watch it

I’m not great at words, but I wanted to express how much I loved Honeycomb by betts (rating: explicit), an absolutely gorgeous Kylo x Hux fic that has completely taken me to the dark side. It’s a beautifully crafted narrative that had me laughing one moment and trying not to cry the next. Thank you so much @bettydays for creating and sharing your craft. 

the mix is compiled here on youtube. images do not belong to me.