wonderful cityscape


the sky was so amazing i literally couldn’t breath


Alphie in the City - Part I

The first days of Alphie in San Myshuno were pretty busy ! After exploring the city a bit (while jogging), he went to the geekcon with his friend Anton, but like me, he was a bit desapointed by the activities : nothing really new. He decided to play video games at home instead, with Dorothée and Irène, who live in the same building. The very next day, he give his sister Marianne the keys of his appatment, and hosted a party to celebrate his promotion. His duet with Ludmila was really fun to watch ! After the party, he spend the night with Arthur, a coworker of his brother-in-law. I’m not sure this is the beggining of true love story, they barely know each other. :p

I have to admit the cityscape looks wonderful !