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Dark Percy - Evolution

Percy, after Gaea, still has nightmares every nights about tartarus, and wakes up in cold sweat every night. He could talk to Annabeth about it, or to Jason, or to- to anyone, really. He would, if it wasn’t for this tiny, treacherous voice that somehow is always there in his mind, whispering that no one can help. No one is willing to. No one cares.

Jason told him ‘I think I get it.’ and said no more. Leo - well, Leo isn’t there, is he, but he wouldn’t be right for that conversation. Frank wouldn’t be the right person to talk about it with, either, and nor would any others. And Nico avoids him like the plague since his declaration, and truthfully Percy knows he will have to talk to him about it, but like always that voice tells him it will be useless. No one listens to him, not really.

Annabeth, the only one he could talk to, doesn’t want to talk about this. The last time he tried to broach the subject, she said “Don’t.” and that was the last of it. She has nightmares too, but when he wakes her up, and lets her cry in his arms, shuddering, trembling, he can’t help but wonder if she’s remembering the monsters - or him.

Sometimes, he wonders if he is one of the monsters in her nightmares.

Of course, once she stops breathing too hard, once she stops being that lost girl that has seen too much, once she stops confusing nightmare and reality - once she stops flinching when she sees his faces cast in shadows… Once she stops, and regains some of her bearing, she doesn’t talk about it.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to relive…” she trails off, eyes distant, then she smiles, a thin, forced little smile. “It’ll get better.”

And she starts talking about their plans, about graduation, and college in Camp Jupiter. She talks about the future, about her dreams, about architecture, and Percy listens and smiles, and nods. And inside of him, deep down, that treacherous voice wonders how she can talk about the future - how she can even think about it, when he’s still trapped in the past. When his own future seems blurry and dark and poisonous.

No, Annabeth doesn’t want to talk about her nightmares, and tartarus. At least with him. They think he’s unobservant. They all have always underestimated him, thought him oblivious - but he knows. He sees the way Hazel, and Piper, look at him sometimes. He has heard the hushed whispers, one evening when he went to see Annabeth and found her with the others. She talks to them.

She’s scared of him.

To be fair, he scares himself too, but the realization that no one is willing to help him like he tries to help them so often, leaves a sour taste in his mouth, like poison, like firewater. It makes the glass pieces inside him sharper, and nothing Annabeth can say or do seems to soften them again.

He starts to get headaches. Migraines.

At first, he thinks it’s the lack of sleep. Too many nightmares. Too many things he’d like to say. Too many thoughts in his head. Too much that doesn’t go away and that he doesn’t know how to control.

So after some time spent with a killer headache and the feeling he will never sleep again, he decides to go where he always felt best - in the water. One night, he simply has had enough, and jumps into the sea, goes underwater, and lets the waves comfort him, soothe him.

That’s when he realizes that he’s hyper-aware. He can feel the water around him more astutely than ever. He can feel the ground, too, in a different, more muted manner. He always could, but for some reason, now he is more sensitive. He feels like a sonar that no one thought to disconnect. But the water is soothing, and it overloads him in a good way.

He always feared drowning, but as he falls asleep at the bottom of the ocean, he wonders if it wouldn’t be the most peaceful way to go. The best option, really.

The next morning, when he gets out of the water, he hasn’t drowned. He also is still hyper-aware, but now he gets why. He can sense every water drop, every fluid everywhere. The moisture in the air, the water in the plants, his own blood thrumming in his veins. In a daze, he wanders into camp - and there he stops dead the first time he crosses path with someone, because he can feel their own blood thrumming in their veins too. And not only that, but every fluid in their body.

It’s terrible, and wrong and- and yet, he can’t help but feel fascinated. So much power, just as the tip of his fingers. He could just extend his will, the way he never dares to, and he could control everything. He could bend the grass. He could bend people… The glass shards inside of him rattle, and something twists in his gut. He looks down, horrified with himself for even thinking about it.

It will pass, he thinks as he sits down and takes a soda. It will go away.

But it doesn’t. It doesn’t - it actually becomes worse. Every water molecule, every fluid, he can sense. He can control. After a week of restraining himself, he waves a hand over a patch of grass, and watches in amazement as the grass follows. Then he doesn’t move at all, and still the grass twists like he wants it to. It bends, and twists, and with just a twitch of his finger, grass strands are ripped off the earth, turned to shreds, controlled by the water inside them.

Percy wonders if he could do the same to a monster - rip their limbs off, rip their heads. Make them last. Make them suffer.

The thought is so strong, so surprisingly exhilarating and exciting that it shocks Percy out of it. Whatever it was. He vows to himself to never stray down that path - Annabeth’s voice comes to him, telling him that some things aren’t meant to be controlled.

It’s easier said than done. Now that he knows, he has to make the conscious effort to take his soda by hand every morning, instead of just summoning it to him using the fluids. He has to make sure that some of his most violent urges stay that way - urges, that he doesn’t act upon. It’s hard, though. It could be so easy to make Clarisse shut up, simply make those little veins, and the moisture in her skin, go that way, and her mouth would be shut. Hell, with a little pressure there, she would choke on her own saliva.

That night, just like every night that week, Percy goes to sleep in the sea. Being surrounded by water calms his nerves, calms his senses, mutes down everything. 

For the next week, again, Percy tries his best, but it becomes unbearable. He has to try. And he’s terrified that he will give in to that urge - that he will hurt someone. He’s terrified that one day he will act by accident, a reflex that will send his friends against the wall like flies against a windshield. He’s terrified that he will hurt someone, but at the same time there is still this urge, primal and feral, to use his powers to their fullest extent. To slaughter monsters.

Two days later, Sally Jackson opens her door to find her son there. Of course, the first thing she does is telling him off for disappearing, for risking his life again, for not coming to visit sooner - then she notices the bags under his eyes, the twitch in his fingers, the way his sea-green eyes dart around, focusing on things she cannot see. She bites her lip.

“You look terrible,” she says. “Will you ever stop fighting ?”

Percy wants to laugh at that, but refrains - it would come out bitter, jagged, too sharp and dark, and she might look at him like Annabeth looks at him those days. He will never stop fighting, he knows. There is fire in his blood, destruction in his name, disasters in his inheritance. The sea can never be tamed, can never settle down. He doesn’t tell her this, because he doesn’t want her disapointed - and maybe, she knows after all. Instead, he smiles, something not quite warm and not quite large enough, and a bit crooked but still. He smiles, and says.

“For now,” he says. He hesitates, then. “Can I stay here for some time ? I need-” space, time, isolation, love, an anchor, “-some holidays.”

“Oh,” Sally looks surprised for a moment, then very pleased. She smiles softly at him. “Of course you can stay, Percy. This is your home too.”

Home. Percy lets her draw him into a hug, and tentatively hugs her back - though his fingers still twitch, and he can feel her heart, and her blood so near. He can sense the humidity of the air, can sense the plants growing on the balcony, two rooms away. Can sense people, in the appartement bellow them, and next to them, and something small - maybe a dog. He senses the canalisations, like veins in a rock body that is this building. His head is still aching. His blood is calling for fights to come. 

He wonders if it’s fair of him to expose his mother to the monster he is slowly becoming. He wonders if she’ll let him sleep in the bathtub, if she’ll let him lock the door just in case. He wonders if, maybe, with a bit of luck, he’d drown one night, in his bathtub. He wonders if the fact that the idea is oh so tempting makes him selfish.

“Yeah,” he finally rasps out, and it sounds distant to him. “Home.”

And he wonders if one day he will truly have one of those.

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Title: Lost
Pairing: Hyungwon x Minhyuk
Warnings: Mentions of violence and abuse, mentions of suicide, angst, AU from Monsta x All In MV
Rating: NC-15
Final Word’s Count:
Summary: I’m all in for you, my body and heart
I’m all in only for you
From now on
I’m all in for you 

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You know what I really like about Chen? The "scared of water" thing. On the obvious level, she's a cat, so of course she's afraid of water. But then you remember that Chen is the shikigami that's possessing the bakeneko; she's not really a cat, so why would she be scared? Now, shikigami in this series are often compared to computers and software (Rinnosuke even calls a computer a shikigami in CoLA). What happens if you throw a computer in a bathtub? No wonder she's dispelled when hit with water!

i never thought of it that way!

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Headcannon: Lexa actually doesn't smell what we would typically categorize as good, like she smells like the woods and smoke from the bonfires and sweat from training because like??? No deodorant??? Or perfume??? But Clarke actually loves how Lexa smells and is constantly pressing her face into Lexa's neck and breathing deeply or wearing her clothes and Lexa is just like what??? Why??? And Clarke just shushes her and buries her face back into the crook of Lexa's neck

Ok but I love this tho. 😍😍😍

Lexa smells like so many things that are not considered good, like you said, but she doesn’t stink. Like she smells like so many different things; she smells green, like Clarke wouldn’t say the forest because she doesn’t smell like the forest she smells fucking green. And Clarke says she smells like leather and oil and metal after taking care of her weapons, and sometimes she smells like paper and candles after being in her library all day, and sometimes she smells like horses and hay after being in the stable and after training she has a light sweat but not the gross kind, the kind that makes lexa sexy as hell and smell green because lexa has a distinct smell, its green and full of life and love. And sometimes after feasts she smells like roasted meat and firewood, after her baths she smells like the flower oils she uses, and after a hard battle she comes back and she smells like blood and dirt and warpaint but even then Clark nuzzles her neck and says she still smells good and then they bathe together and they just love each other ok. And Clarke is like “u always smell good.” And lexa is just “sounds fake but ok”.

And Clarke.
This Binch.
This Binch didn’t bathe for weeks until finally lexa just told her that babe you need to and then shows Clarke the wonders of bathtub sex. But after she bathes Clarke fukin smells like parchment and pain and oil from ya kno arting all day. And she smells like fresh cut grass and flowers of all sorts because her gf is so extra and brings her flowers all the time. And then when she shares a bath and bed with lexa which is all the time she smells like whatever oils their handmaidens bring. And to lexa Clarke smells like waterfalls (bc she likes the pussy no srsly) and the sky and she reminds her of a fresh of breath air and life because Clarke smells so different than anyone she is used to. And she loves her and her fave thing is just cuddling Clarke and trying to figure out what she did that day by how she smells pike sometimes she will smell like mint because she brought the lil nightbloods candy behind Titus’s back and sometimes she will train with lexa and have a light layer of sweat or sometimes they would ignore their duties and make love all day and just have the room full of candles.

I just fukin love them.
Anon u my new best friend. Send me more pretty please?? :)))

(Translation) Dakarete Kara Hajimatta Koi ~Daichi-Hen~

抱かれてから始まった恋~大知編~ (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Fujiwara Yuuki

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Summary: This CD is a sequel (I believe) to Dakarete kara Hajimaru Koi, which I translated here. In the previous volume, you and Daichi were friends who had a drunken one-night stand which leads to him reconsidering this friendship. After all, he’s had no luck with women, and you were the ‘friend’ he always complains to regarding his unsuccessful dating attempts.However, he started to realize that what he felt for you might not be just platonic love. With this, he confessed to you and you guys started going out. This volume starts off some time after that, and it appears that he’s moving to another apartment.

T/N: I AM BACK, FELLOW SINNERS!! Okay I totally did not research whether this CD has got any translations out there yet but I just want to translate this to celebrate the start of my short semester break. (2 weeks!! yay) Anyway Fujiwara Yuuki is m y l o v e  and I need to get this awkward adorable Daichi translated before I move on to the remaining titles on my request list. I love sequels so I hope CD companies will make more afterstories and sequels!! It helps me delude myself lmao im sad

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oh the days are long and the seas are rough, and even the wildest and most vicious creatures of the sea have to find some reprieve. sirens bottle their songs in jars to sell to unwitting victims, and once they have them under their spell can do as they please. somewhere out there, someone is keeping the leviathan in a fish bowl. and of course, bathtub mermaids like to lounge in their heated water and let it warm their cold, sea-driven hearts.

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Nico fumbles for a minute, really hoping that Carter hadn't seen it. Though he probably wouldn't have known what it was. "I mean," Will corrects. "I know what it is. But what's it doing in the bathroom." Nico blushes. His dream provides the details of last night, Will having a later shift and Carter having an early bedtime. Nico sitting on the rim of the bathtub, wondering if he was pregnant. "I didn't want to do it without you there," he says finally. Will frowns. "Have there been symptoms?"

“I don’t-“ Nico faltered and closed his eyes. He was anxious. Why was he so anxious? This was something they have done before, right? Wasn’t Carter theirs? “Nico,” Will called softly. The thing inside the box rattled in Will’s hand and Nico tried his best to keep his breathing under control. There was no need for him to get upset. “Look it was just a stupid thought, okay?” Nico said defensively. He didn’t want this to happen today. “Have you been sick?” Will asked. “I know I’ve been working a lot of late nights, but-“ Nico cut Will off with a frustrated sigh. Why was he so emotional all of the sudden? “Just forget about it, okay? It was dumb. I was being dumb. Just throw it away.” Nico said.

I might be too literal of a person.

I see one of those “Imagine” things urging me to imagine coming home and finding Colin in the bathtub… and my first thought is, “What the hell is he doing in my bathtub?” Like, I’m sure I’d eventually get around to enjoying his hot nakedness in my vicinity, but before that there would be so many questions and concerns, like why is he nowhere near where he’s supposed to be, and how did he find my house and how did he get in my house and why, after apparently breaking into my home, did he feel the need to take a bath? Like, is he mentally okay? Is he in some kind of fugue state? And if so, how did he get all the way to Chicago from Ireland without his proper facilities about him? Where is Helen? I should probably phone her, but I mean, as adorable as Colin is, he’s not an actual puppy dog, so I don’t think he has, like, “If found phone this number” tags on him, although I guess if he has a tendency to end up in strangers’ bathtubs randomly, that’s really something someone ought to look into for him.

Of course, all of this is assuming I even find him in the bathtub. I mean, if I came home and suspected someone was in my home who was not, you know, a current resident of said home, I would promptly exit the house, phone the police, and maybe sit in the middle of the street rocking back and forth until they arrived. And then imagine my chagrin when the police emerge from my house with a soapy and naked Colin O’Donoghue and I’d be like, “Oh, that was a mistake, gentlemen! That… That totally belongs to me, yes. Ignore the obvious fugue state this handsome man is in and just… uh… leave him to me. Yes. Just leave him right here… No, nevermind that tag with the phone number on it. I’ll call it myself, yes. Don’t you worry about it.”

Because, I mean, just because I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with Colin unexpectedly arriving in my bathtub doesn’t mean I want someone to come and remove him. I mean, I’m not crazy or something. I’m just a normal woman trying to make it through her daily life and not at all expecting irish television celebrities to suddenly be bathing in her home unattended.

So anyway, I’m pretty sure my response to this “Imagine…” post was supposed to involve, like, sex and whipped cream and all nature of naughty things, instead of… you know… like, any and all of the above. I think I did it wrong.