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what are simon and martina even doing anymore? their kmm are utter bullshit with their review (i’ve personally lost respect for eyk since they were rude about shinhwa when they are only a couple years older than them). their tl;dr’s on “korea” have now just became tag videos (i dont care about you being a 90s kid). Their WANKs should be about adventure worthy things in korea, not something i can do in my own country (ahem eyelash extensions). The FAPFAP shouldn’t be about stuff like waffles… it should be about korea-exclusive things… i’m just sick and tired of the direction eyk has been going. I know they are tired of kpop and all but they should still do their job properly, especially after they stole over $100,000 from their fans

Let's Have a Little Talk.

Warning: Extremely long, read if you are willing to sit and read long paragraphs for a long time.

     I just saw the post from the ‘hardcore nasty’ and, what was that? This person comes here saying ‘Okay, now,obviously you can post what you want, free speech and all that…’, but then continues to tell us what to do and what not to do? I’m sorry, I thought I could say what I wanted, you know, free speech and all that. Therefor, I decided to read the person’s advice as what this blog and people who submit to this blog should do.

1: Don’t post about trivial little complaints.

Once again, everyone can say what they want, so we can complain a bit if we want to. Everyone complains about something, and some of us have some complaints. Now, everyone also does have their likes and dislikes, which Martina does too. Martina does not like turtle necks, which is fine! I personally also do not care for them, but every time someone wears one, I don’t just sit there and talk about how much I hate them. In 2NE1’s music video for ‘I Love You’, CL wore a turtle neck when she was dancing in front of the leather chair. I actually think she pulled the turtle neck off well and thought it actually looked really good. Once again, I still hate turtle necks and sure as hell will never wear one, but if someone looks good in one, I will admit it. Everyone is different, but Martina’s dislike for turtle necks is actually quite annoying. I first found it a little funny the first time she mentioned it in a skit, (I forgot which KMM it was, sorry ^^;) but to say it every time some K-Pop idol wears it? That gets old, very quickly. It’s like when you hear your grandmother complaining about the weather, even if it’s a nice day out. I agree it isn’t constructive, but it is an opinion, hence the name ‘Unpopular EYK Opinions’. Plus, we look like sasaengs because of this? I don’t believe you know what exactly a sasaeng is if you are calling us part of that organization. Sasaengs translates to ‘privacy’ or ‘private life’, meaning fans who want to know everything and anything they can know about their favorite idols, ulzzangs, actors, etc. If you need a prime example of a sasaeng, google ‘Exo sasaengs’. Do you understand now? Good. Now that you know what a proper sasaeng is, how does an opinion or complaint make any of us sasaengs?

2: Don’t complain about their laziness.

    This is annoying because, as a ‘hardcore nasty’ you would want the KMM’s, WANK’s, FAPFAP’s and other uploads to be put up on time, correct? They even have a schedule that they have on their website showing you everything that will be put up each week. Since they did that, we expect to see an upload when it’s the proper day for one, unless they give us a real reason as to why they can’t. Now if they’re sick, not feeling well, coming back from a trip, things like that, I understand. When you’re sick you don’t want to do anything and traveling is very tiring, so once you get home, all you want to do is sleep. Those excuses are understandable. That being said, they seem to be having a lot of excuses lately. It’s a little unfair because if you did use those same excuses so many times over and over again at, let’s say an office job, your boss would get annoyed and you would be scolded or even fired for not showing up. My mother used to be like this, but after she almost got fired, she started showing up more and on time. Now, let’s talk about your comment about how they put out more videos. I agree that they do put out a lot of videos in one month, however, let’s not forget one word. Quality. Their videos used to be not only funny, but very well thought out while still giving their review about a song and video. Nowadays, they don’t usually talk much about the song. They’ll talk about the song for two seconds, they move on to the video. A proper review talks about both, equally. I don’t care for their skits now, either. They stopped being funny, completely. Most of their skits just seem like fillers to make their video longer. (Which they aren’t very long anymore too.) They also do award shows, interviews, and recipes, too. Now, as someone who watched the older videos before the newer ones, I’d like to say that I miss the ‘Dance Kpop Style [Enter year here]’. Those were actually funny, the nasties voted for the ten videos they would talk about, and they were just something much better than the EYKA’s. The EYKA’s aren’t very cool, in my opinion. It’s just an award show, that I don’t think more than half of the bands that get voted in will know about or will understand that they won or not, considering that EYK isn’t exactly super popular. (Not saying that any other KPop youtuber is. Most Kpop youtubers don’t have many subscribers, but are well liked among the ones they have.) That being said, an award show? It doesn’t really make any sense. The interviews are a valid point because those do take time, and they have to get the company to agree with them, etc. They haven’t done many recipes, though. I want to say that they’ve only done three or four, but I don’t keep up with EYK very much anymore. I do know that they haven’t done over ten, so this isn’t a very valid point. Quality is an opinion, but when you have a blog like this with many people saying that their video quality has gone down over the years, it’s a problem. 

3: If you want to complain about EYK, be accurate.

Yes, it’s true that if you do have something you’d like to complain about, you should have up to date information. An example would be that you shouldn’t complain about how awkward EYK were in their videos back in 2010, when we are nearing the end of 2013. That’s ridiculous. However, to say that they are better about criticism now is very untrue. They will listen to complaints, when they ask for it. When they asked which KMM format was better and they got complaints and whatnot, they accepted it because that’s what they wanted. They wanted to hear what people had to say and from there they would have a verdict on which KMM format to use. Now, if you had a complaint on the review for ‘Everybody’ back in October (Say you were typing this to them during that time, to say that it is up to date) and told them, they wouldcover their ears and call you a hater or a troll, then the backlash from the ‘Hardcore nasties’ would come next. We don’t get to be heard, unless they want to hear it.

     I was never a hardcore nasty, I’ve actually only known about them since I saw their review on MBLAQ’s ‘This Is War’ back in early February of this year. From there, I watched all the older videos of EYK, then I watched the newer ones. Quite frankly, the newer ones still can’t stand up to what they were doing in the earlier years, and you can’t deny that. I think what EYK is trying to do is great, but they aren’t achieving the goal they seemed to have before. I’m also a believer of the idea that Simon and Martina both got swelled heads as soon as they bought their studio and because of that their quality went down. As a former nasty, I’d like to see EYK improve a bit before I consider heading back into the fandom. I’ll make a list for you:

1: They need to improve their pronunciation.

   No one is perfect when it comes to learning a new language and trying to sound your best when speaking it. I would know, since I’m attempting to learn Spanish right now. However, when you’ve lived in South Korea for five years and you can’t pronounce ‘Sogeting’ properly, when I, someone who doesn’t know the Korean language at all, but watches a lot of variety shows, dramas, and listens to Kpop, to know how things are said, such as ‘Sogeting’, makes them seem very ignorant. The way they said it one of their videos doesn’t sound right when you compare it to the way Minzy says it in ‘I Don’t Care’. A Youtuber named ‘Chonunmigooksaram’ is a non-Korean woman from the United States who is an English teacher in South Korea, who also hasn’t been teaching for more than three years at least (She joined Youtube in 2010, but on January 17th, 2013, she said she wasn’t fluent yet, and she has been learning very quickly.) is speaking very fluent Korean in some of her recent videos. 

2: Actually try to review the song and video.

 This is self explanatory.Just watch any of their reviews from this year and you’ll see that they don’t talk about the song very much, or at all.

3: Don’t rate English in Kpop songs, when you can’t speak Korean properly.

Also, self explanatory. See point one for the reason why this is on the list.

4: Quality over Quantity.

     Still very self explanatory. This was addressed in ‘Don’t complain about their laziness.’

5: Lose the ‘We know everything about Korea’ attitude.

This is very important because lately, in their videos, they seem to talk like they are above everyone one else, which no one likes a bragger. Yes, I may not know a lot about what it’s like to live in Korea or what things their are etc, but I shouldn’t feel like I’m being belittled.

    Also, drop the use of ‘guise’. I can’t take you seriously when you misspell the word ‘guys’ on purpose just to seem ‘cool’ or show off your ‘nastiness.’ I do appreciate that you didn’t come here to smack the submitters to this page around and completely bash us for what we have to say. Just, try to be a bit more accurate with your words.

I first stumbled upon this blog probably about more than half a year ago (I think?) and the comments back then seemed a lot milder. As of late, it seems that many are becoming increasingly more annoyed with S&M and it’s quite sad that I agree with a lot of the comments.

I still am a fan of the couple.. And even though the latest KMM didn’t offend me as much as it did for many others, I can see where all the anger is coming from. However, I felt like S&M probably became a little toocomfortable with their fans.. So much so that they thought it would be ok if they made a joke like that…?

A few friends and I have also agreed that their videos have been pretty disappointing ever since they moved to the studio. Like most have already said, I think they have grown out of their kpop phase. Likewise, even though I’m still into kpop, I find myself not as into it as I used to be anymore.

I wished their videos were more fun like last time though. In the past, even if they were to review an MV from a group that I wouldn’t listen to, what they said would actually make me want to watch the reviewed video, whether or not they said good or bad things. But now, if I see a KMM that is on a group that I don’t listen to, I don’t even bother watching it because their recent videos just lack that quality which makes me interested in those other videos anymore? I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense.

I still do enjoy their FAPFAPs and WANKs since the segments let me know about the interesting places I can go to in Korea or food that I should try. Honestly, while I was in Korea, I tried some of the foods mentioned and I really liked them a lot.

I don’t really know where I’m heading with this ‘confession’ but I’d just like to say, I still do like them and I hope they’ll continue to push their videos to be of better quality and also perhaps be more mindful with what they say, especially with greater numbers of young audience.