About two months ago I decided to commit more to really getting to the root of learning to love myself COMPLETELY. Not just on the days when the birds are chirping and I wake up “On Fleek” but to own the power to pull myself out of the hole on days where Im feeling like im unlovably ugly, unacceptably fat, unfixable, on the days where I feel like my mistakes cancel out my successes… .

I was praying and asking God to give me a reason on those days to ignore how im feeling and love myself still and what I heard was clear.. because you’re MY creation, made in MY image and how can you find perfection in every part of my creation…except in you? .

So I was inspired to speak these words every time I was having one of those days… “God looks like me” to remind myself that in my purest, most truest form I am a reflection of my creator and THAT is reason enough to love myself out of those down days !

With that I was inspired to share that message through @qsquaredco ‘s motivational apparel line. This is our first design dropping tonight at midnight!! You will be able to preorder your own #Godlookslikeme sweatshirt or Tee Shirt starting at 12 AM. Head over to @qsquaredco and follow for the link at MIDNIGHT!! .

For those of you who don’t want to wait, we previewed the shirts this weekend and have a limited amount left, so if you’re interested in purchasing as opposed to waiting for the next batch, email qsquaredco@gmail.com with you size and we’ll email you over an invoice. It is on a first come, first served basis !

I hope you’ll support because I genuinely believe this is a message worth sharing .

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