“A plot-twist that I can’t believe is barely being discussed is the Force Bond — a bond formed between two Force-Sensitives as a result of a strong Force-related connection. Traits of Force Bonds include the communication of thoughts, feelings, abilities and grant those under its influence with enhanced battle coordination. Force Bonds were featured in canon material in The Clone Wars. Who in The Force Awakens experienced a traumatic connection through the Force? Kylo Ren and Rey, during the interrogation. He pushed too far into her mind, and something clicked. 

The Force Bond theory serves to explain one of the biggest plot holes not just in this film, but in the history of the Star Wars franchise: how did Rey suddenly and with no explanation gain the abilities of a trained Jedi following the interrogation scene? One second she was showing no signs of physical Force-Sensitive abilities, the next she was Force Pulling and hacking away with a lightsaber as though she’d been trained for years. I’ve seen it posited that Rey was trained as a child, and that her memory was wiped, but there’s no evidence supporting such a convoluted theory. The answer is way more down-to-earth and logical than one might think. Rey was quite literally — and unknowingly — tapping into Kylo Ren’s established training and abilities. Rey’s newly awakening powers were abruptly heightened as a direct response to the totally uninvited connection she formed with Ren. 

The theory goes from logical to painfully undeniable when you realize that Ren almost seemed to be reminding Rey of her abilities. It’s actually even simpler than that. He was giving her the ability to use them in the first place, where any other Force-Sensitive would have had to train for years. He was unwittingly teaching her. Very ironic. When he used a certain ability, she suddenly gained and uses that ability immediately afterward. When he entered her mind, she flipped it around on him and entered his; when he used a Mind Trick on her in the interrogation, she proceeded to suddenly know how to use one on the guard; when he tried to Force Grab Luke’s saber, she grabbed it; when he exclaimed that he would show her the ways of the Force, she suddenly gained lightsaber skills that seemed to strikingly mirror his powerful thrust/no-defence style and wiped the floor with him. 

This theory is just too good to not be true. The evidence is so unbelievably strong that I would say this is one of the post plausible, if not the most plausible theory we have. It explains all that unexplainable “Rey is just this strong because… the plot” implications we were given at the end of the film. It’s the exact kind of plot-twist we should be expecting from Abrams: a deep and unwanted bond between enemies. If you need a little more proof, here’s a Tweet from the loremaster behind The Force Awakens answering a seemingly innocent question:


– Quite possibly one of the best youtube comments I’ve found on a video [x]

Never has a love been embraced
as much as now. Needed now, as
much as the lungs need air. Beauty
impossible to fade; stronger than
the Milky Way. Cherish every moment
spent and rely as much on love as
the moon pulls the tide ever so softly.
Soft. Soft lips. Soft touch. Sweet smile.
Heart and mind agree on visions
of pure happiness. Eyes of green,
blue, yellow and hidden galaxies
whisper love to me.

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