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Being Late to a Fandom has it's Perks

You know, joining a fandom late or towards the end of the subject can be a hard thing. You miss a lot of the jokes and the chance to bond with fellow fans over the fresh feels and fangirling.

I’ve done it a lot cause I was a very sheltered child and as such I tend to miss things even now. Steven Universe, Fallout 4, Left 4 Dead, so on and so forth.

But there is something amazing about being late that you can’t have as a fan following along from the beginning. Not only do you get to dive head first into a wonderful world and soak it all up and not have to worry about waiting for new episodes or books or anything like that, but you get to absorb the content of the fandom. You get to see how devoted others are to subject and scour through years of content and love. It’s like getting a two for one deal on the best cookie you’ve ever eaten.

  • Friend: You look a bit sad what's wrong?
  • Me: Nothing.
  • Me on the inside: *why can't Yuri on ice get 25-26 episodes instead of 12? Why can't we just see Yuri and Victor living together as a happy married couple while Victor keeps his promise to say as Yuri's coach and both Yuri's and everyone becomes good friends and everyone can live in peace