wonderfilled oreos

Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem (Extended)
Owl City
Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem (Extended)

In fact, here, have an extended version:

Wonder if I gave an Oreo
to the Big Bad Wolf how would the story go?
Would he still go huff and puff?
Or would he bring those pigs cool stuff
to decorate the deck he helped them build?

Would they not get killed?

Wonder if I gave an Oreo
to a vampire in a creepy show
Would he not act so undead?
Would he thirst for milk instead?
I’ve just got this feeling that it might

Work out alright

‘Cause creme does wondrous things
inside a chocolate sandwich dream
If I gave them to great white sharks
Would they share them with baby seals?
Would they call up a giant squid for a friendly meal?

Wonder if I gave an Oreo
to somebody out there who I didn’t know
Would they laugh after I’d gone?
Or would they pass that wonder on?
I wonder how it’d change your point of view

If I gave one to you


Wonder if I gave an Oreo,
To Dean Winchester -
How would the story go?

Would he not search for his dad,
And live a peaceful life instead?
Sam could go to Stanford as he planned…
Would they still reach “The End”?

Wonder if I gave an Oreo,
To the angel -
From that TV show…

Would he then not fall from grace,
Punch Metatron right in the face?
Make the choices that good judgment brings…
Would Cas still have his wings?

(based on this x)
Wow, finally. This took forever to finish.
Special thanks to the awesome rosietwiggs who helped with the lyrics <3


This will forever be the only true Wonderfilled commercial… The rest are just rip-offs!

Hootowl Nostalgia

Heres a casual reminder all the lovely feelings in and from Adam’s older songs

-The magic of hearing Fireflies for the first time

-That swelling feeling at the last verse of Vanilla Twilight

-”Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t wanna live there”

-giggling like an idiot at the puns in Rugs from Me to You

-jamming out to Deer in the Headlights because its one of the first upbeat things he wrote

-recognizing every Owl City song in the first 5 seconds because of the trademark synth-y sounds and pentatonic ish scales

-Waking up on christmas morning to Kiss me Babe it’s Christmas Time (not to mention the comfy cozy christmas)

-I could literally make a whole other post on the number of witty, punny lines in his lyrics

-Discovering An Airplane Carried me to Bed for the first time and feeling like you’re floating on a cloud a million miles above earth

-The salvation of the Wonderfilled Oreo song after the long dry period between the Midsummer Station and Ultraviolet