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Name of your muse: Eriene Duskbane-Blackfire.

One picture you like best of your muse’s FC REFERENCE:

It’s a mix between Caroline Dhavernas and Jennifer Morrison. Caroline for her youthful demeanor (especially in Wonderfalls) and Jennifer for her appearance. I don’t like to call it a “faceclaim” because these two ladies are simply visual inspirations for me. Eriene is still her own.

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

1.) Eriene thrives best when she has control over any given situation, particularly where her duty is concerned. The loss of it will likely induce enraged tantrums from her. Only on the condition of absolute trust is she willing to relinquish it. When emotional exhaustion reaches its peak, she even craves to forgo her charge.

2.) As a child, Eriene was enchanted by the idea and visual display of spellcasters. She even sought to research the shadow, but her mother was quick to exterminate her curiosity. In a single moment of crisis she caused a troll’s eyes and ears to bleed through a terrified scream. It never happened again, nor did she speak about the incident.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

1.) Designing new inks and studying symbols of power for her craft as a scribe. She also enjoys writing and reading steamy romance novels literature.

2.) Sleeping well past noon. It rarely happens due to the nature of her work. Hours in bed with her husband and children is a lazy day well spent.

3.) Creating formulas and medicinal ointments from her herbal collection. The practice relaxes her.

Two things your muse regrets:

1.) Accepting the mantle as captain of the Red Brigade in the Silvermoon Academy. Many lives were lost during it. She is convinced that she was thrust into a leadership position before she was ready.

2.) Her stay in Netherstorm during Theramore’s destruction along with the purge of Dalaran. News of neither reached her in time to act.  

Two phobias/fears your muse has:

1.) Bats. Darcaine managed to sneak one on her while they were young and the animal ended up biting her leg during her panic. She also associates them with Amani trolls and the Scourge because of their infestation in the Ghostlands.

2.) Becoming a Wretched, just like her father.

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