wondered above the sea

drumming song (m)

requestfantasy au ; dark faerie!tae. for @lthyl ♡

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: angst, smut
word count: 7.048
warnings: none.

The shift in the atmosphere is thick and sharp the moment you enter the house. On the outside, there was barely a sound shifting the air — only an unsettling silence as you watched the magnanimous house rising right in front of you, tainted by the stutter of your heart that seemed to want to get out of your chest.

You were nervous, body buzzing before you opened the unlocked door and entered what looked like another dimension. From the outside, you’d guess it was just another abandoned house — with its darkened windows and unkempt garden, jagged walls and gloomy atmosphere; the ghost of a residence that stirred with past lives.

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Back from desert. Desert good. Sagebrush. Many other wonderful plants. SAGEBRUSH!!!! Open space????????!!!!!!!!!! Hiking. 4700 ft above sea level. Air thin up there!!! Gorgeous views, plants, etc.

Am exhausted.

Now back in (near sea level) city.

Comforts of home but.

Imagine you are gaining altitude to get the drop on the opposing German forces. You see several airplanes around you, all itching for a shooting, ready to jam those machine guns if they must to swat away the overlooming foe. In particular, you see a Hurricane Mk I, much like yours, flying on ahead, with prodigious speed and height. It brings a tear to your eye. You wish to follow that pilot’s example, whoever they may be.

You finally hit the 3000 meters of altitude, and you see a bizarre, yet familiar, silhouette. It’s the Hurricane from before, except it’s… Playfully rotating and swaying around by shifting its yaw axis. It’s… Dancing.

It’s performing the notoriously rare Shiggy Dance.

Then you realize immediately, that pilot is samuel-b-roberts. That’s who is inside that Hurricane. That’s why the Hurricane is doing a silly dance in the middle of literally nowhere, 3000 meters above sea level.

You wonder if you will get to see the equally legendary 18 Trillion Dolar Landing.

Also you wonder why they haven’t taken away Shig’s piloting license and maybe Shig’s arms with a saw.