Shawna & Wondercon 2016

It seems everyone knows about the Q&A at Wondercon last Sunday when Rottenworst was put on the spot by The Question, but in case you don’t know or recall, this is what was asked:

“Why was the decision made to integrate the creative team in the fanbase online and specifically in the LGBT group which was so vulnerable and voice their concerns and fears so frequently and specifically not just answering twitter questions or tumblr but specific staff members going into LGBT safe zones and going into discussions and saying things like “if you guys don’t trust us by now that we’re not gonna kill Lexa, then you guys need counseling”, things like that specifically?”

The person who asked the question was @mire. Later that day her and her wife @laurensiphone reached out to me because something happened immediately after the panel was over and they wanted my advice. On Thursday last week myself and a friend met in person with the two of them for a few hours to discuss everything in detail and figure out how to proceed. What they told me literally left me with my mouth open. Below the cut is their verbatim recount of the events, but I’m going to do my best to condense and explain why what happened is important. 

In the briefest of summaries: The network sent Shawna to talk to them in a remote bathroom at the convention center and they ended up having a conversation that lasted about 35 minutes.

Things we have inferred (note that I’m saying inferred as in the conclusions the four of us who were at the meeting on Thursday have come to) from what happened in line at the Q&A and the subsequent conversation:

  • Lexa seems to have been blacklisted from the questions. 
  • The network had plants on the Q&A line.
  • The network had someone follow them after The Question because: 
    • If Shawna was behind the scenes at the panel there is no way she could have made it to that same remote bathroom at the end of an empty, random hallway before them. 
    • If she wasn’t at the panel, which we believe to be the case, then she would have had no idea about the question or what they looked like so someone had to tell her who they were and what had gone down. Both scenarios confirm that someone had to be trailing them.
  • Everyone involved with the show has a gag order and can’t speak about this publicly.
  • Most importantly, Shawna is being set up to be the scapegoat for Jason. From things she said it seems like sometime soon it will be official that she will part ways with the show and everyone is going to expect us to finally calm down. Although Shawna being held accountable for her role in this is fair, she is not the only or most important culprit and not the one who we ultimately want. Don’t let them dangle this in our faces and say “See…they did something.” Rottenworst is the showrunner and the person who made the most questionable decisions both storywise and when it comes to the baiting/fan interactions. He’s the one we really want to make an example out of so don’t let them derail the movement from that goal once they throw Shawna under the bus.

They have three things to prove this conversation in fact happened. 

  1. Shawna told them about BOP before the press release came out, but now that this is has been announced, using this as proof that’s gone out the window. 
  2. Shawna showed them a very particular BTS photo of Eliza and Alycia taken while shooting “Thirteen” that has yet to be shared with everyone. If/when that ever gets released we have timestamped evidence of them describing the photo to prove that we knew about it in advance.
  3. The girl who they saw and interacted with at the panel, in the bathroom/hallway where the whole conversation with Shawna happened, and who walked with them to the signing. It was implied that she had a tumblr so if you see this, come chat with me. 

After a long week of debating, they felt the information needed to be made public but they also don’t want to be drowned in questions about it. They will corroborate the story but they won’t be speaking about it further. If you have any questions you can come to me. If your question warrants an answer I’ll be sure to do my best to either answer it from the information I have or go to them and get it. 

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Fam, we gotta come at Jason directly with our next trend. After that post about Shawna talking to the girl at WonderCon I want Jason Rothenberg to be fired. He ain't Shonda fucking Rhimes yo, what makes him think he's so fucking special of a showrunner that he's impervious to jus drein jus daun.

…we just gotta bring it down ourselves.

Just finished shooting some Game of Thrones goodness with @nels._! Obviously this is not it BUT this was from the first time we ever shot together when he pulled me aside at #WonderCon and told me to climb in a bush. BEST decision. Love you @nels._ 💙 #hades #ladyhades #genderbend #disney #disneygenderbend #cosplay #cosplayer #hadescosplay #hercules #ardawigs #ardastyle #suzi

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This is literally the best Malec interview I’ve ever seen. I love the interviewer’s energy and the way she approached them: enthusiastic and funny, yet down to earth. She made them at ease, which is so much more fun to watch. Matt even told her “oh, I love you!” at the end!!!! There were no rigid questions, but we still got all the information. <3

P.S. How cute were they???!!! <3 <3 <3