Wonderbat - Wonder Woman and Batman 

When the days are cold
And the cards all fold
And the saints we see
Are all made of gold

    When your dreams all fail
    And the ones we hail
    Are the worst of all
    And the blood’s run stale

        I want to hide the truth
        I want to shelter you
        But with the beast inside
        There’s nowhere we can hide

              No matter what we breed
              We still are made of greed
              This is my kingdom come
              This is my kingdom come

                   When you feel my heat
                   Look into my eyes
                   It’s where my demons hide
                   It’s where my demons hide
                   Don’t get too close
                   It’s dark inside
                   It’s where my demons hide
                   It’s where my demons hide

Wonderbat x

when you start shipping something out of nowhere

I like powerful men with equally powerful women, who save each other’s asses because that’s their thing and God help anyone who harms their SO. I like the badass motherfucker with the head bitch in charge, taking over their domain like nobody’s business. I love the story of the hero who saves the world and the heroine who saves him. I love the couples who will burn down the world just to protect each other. That is my aesthetic.