I MEAN . That’s what is beautiful. I just love seeing idols real skin it’s just glowing . SO PLEASE RESPECT THAT .


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  • she ain’t shy about her feelings for you
  • but she isn’t way too over-the-top flirty either
  • you see, yubin here is an Experienced Gay
  • you’re getting closer for a while and then she just plainly says to you at some point, “hey, i like you. do you like me? wanna go out some time?”
  • and then just like that, bam!
  • girlfriends
  • top
  • dates are usually pretty casual
  • you usually go out to a cafe or a movie or go bowling or whatever
  • y’know casual date stuff
  • but there are also the occasional special nights
  • they’re reserved for your anniversary or birthday or something
  • she’ll take you out somewhere super nice but she won’t tell you where until you get there and you know to get all dolled up and everything
  • and the special nights never disappoint
  • she’s the big spoon
  • she likes to hold you reeeaal close
  • sometimes if she wakes up in the middle of the night and you’re still asleep she’ll just lean over and give you a fluffy kiss on your shoulder or the crook of your neck and then try to fall back asleep
  • ot6 knows you’re dating
  • they all think you’re pretty cool, although sunye has only heard about you from over the phone
  • sometimes she comes up from behind and wraps her arms around your waist and it’s all soft and fluffy at first
  • but then she gets a little bit memey and kills that by saying something like
  • “….hi”
  • right in your ear too
  • chilling and listening to your favorite bands
  • low key gf looks
  • makeout sessions
  • sometimes you might get caught up looking at how gorgeous she is
  • and she’ll be like “???”
  • and you can either a) gawk for a couple more seconds and snap out of your trance like a dork and say like “oh, um, nothing”
  • and she’ll be like “huh. okay whatever” and continue what she’s doing
  • or b) if you’re not a fckin nerd like me you might just say “i was thinking about how you look stunning right now”
  • and she’ll give you a little smirk
  • girlfriend!yubin is probably more fit for someone mature and experienced
  • but no matter what experience you’ve had, if she loves you, she loves you and you’re the luckiest gay in the world
The end of our 2nd generation girl groups :(
  • KARA: Disbanded
  • 4Minute: Disbanded
  • 2NE1: Disbanded
  • Wonder Girls: Disbanded
  • T-ARA: Disbanded
  • SISTAR: Disbanded
  • Currently the only 2nd Generation Groups left are: SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, f(x), After School, Nine Muses, Girl's Day, Davichi. (However some of these groups I suspect will disband, but their companies have not said anything yet)
  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Girl groups are held to a higher standard than their male counterparts and they are expected to always maintain a spotless public image. One "scandal" is more likely to ruin a female idol's career than a male's. And girl group songs ALWAYS have a higher dislike to like ratio than boy groups on music videos because people will search to the ends of the universe for one tiny flaw in whatever girl groups are doing.

-mnet (honestly, THE WORST)
-international streaming
-underrated groups disbanding
-fan wars
-mnet editing
-companies not appreciating girl groups
-lack of support to idols dealing with mental illnesses and eating disorders
-mnet being FAKE™
-netizens acting problematic, like 80% of the time, tearing idols apart
-lack of privacy for idols


Some 2nd generation K-pop groups’ achievements, just in case anyone didn’t know or forgot~

These are just some achievements! There are way many more achievements made by these groups and this list doesn’t even mention the rest of the 2nd generation groups! Let’s not disregard all their hard work and impact on K-pop! 

friendly reminder that 2ne1 won MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World award based off of fan votes in 2011 and headlined a concert in New York because of it. Before the majority of people outside Asia knew very little about kpop. Before Gangnam Style was even released. Before social media was as big and powerful as it is now. They would also go on to have a global tour in 2012 and play two nearly sold out shows in New York and LA, with a total attendance close to 14,000. They became the first Korean girl group to rank on the Billboard Current Box Core. And in 2014 2ne1 became the highest charting kpop group on the Billboard 200 with CRUSH until BTS broke the record last year. They appeared on The Bachelor AND America’s Next Top Model, and even had a song on a MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO COMMERCIAL. 

friendly reminder that in 2012 Girls’ Generation performed on The Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Kelly and Michael, performing The Boys.  In 2013 Girls’ Generation won the Video of the Year award at the Youtube Music Video Awards, beating nominees like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Psy, One Direction and more. They received a lot of backlash and racist comments for the win at the time. Starkly different from the overwhelming praise BTS got for their win at the BBMAs. 

friendly reminder that in 2009 Wonder Girls opened for the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 World Tour for 45 dates, and they released English singles “Nobody” and “Tell Me”, with the latter being the first song to ever enter the Billboard Hot 100 by a Korean group, and would continue on to tour the US and Canada with multiple show dates on their own World Tour.

Never forget these legendary girl groups’ international achievements as they were pioneers and laid the groundwork for future groups’ successes. They will always be the queens no matter how many come after them.