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DC Masterlist

Batfamily in general :

The Great Mall adventure

“It’s gone…all gone…” (batsis)

Fun Fair with the family

“Mother, it’s your day”

“Mother has been poisoned”

The Batmom Glare

Burrito Blanket Batmom

The Last Pit (part ½)

The Last Pit (part 2/2)

Master of Diaper

Batfam NSFW headcanons

Oh shit, it’s father’s day ! 

How terrible it is to love something that death can touch

“Vacations are rare for the Waynes”

“Let me get one thing straight…I’m not !”

Don’t leave us… (Batsis)

“Did this miscreant hurt you mother ?”

Each tattoo is a story

“Bruce, my heart, I think Alfred likes my mom !”

How to remove a Wayne safely


The day they almost lost you (Batsis)

Short bonus convo : Batboys want a sibling

A belated Halloween (Batsis)

Short bonus convo : Bruce and Batmom gross out the Batboys 

In which the batboys fight to know which Hogwarts’ house is the best 

Happy Holidays

My mother’s apple Orchard (angst)

“Jigsaw is coming for me”


Don’t wanna go

Smol Dickie and Jaybird

The Batkids watching “The Omen” 

The Batkids watching “The Lion King”

After Batmom’s death

How to tame a Wayne

Wild Child 2, “We want them back”


Bruce Wayne/Batman :

Making Bruce Wayne blush

Beach Bod’

Catching the Bat’s heart (slightly NSFW)

“Admit it, Bruce” (totally NSFW)

“Your wife is hot”

“Your wife is hot” part 2

Early Mornings with the Bat

Baby Wayne

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 1/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 2/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 3/3)

And when I’m gone… (warning, SAD)

I’m not drunk, you are

“It’s her, but it’s not her !” (part ½)

“It’s them, but it’s not them !” (part 2/2)

Scars, loving names and a bath

“That’s not how you negociate !”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous”

“My parents are gross…ly in love" (slightly NSFW)

Tickles and loss

Sneaky Bastard (NSFW)

Shaky steps and bad teaching

A chance to say goodbye

Ma Broosh !

“She should cut her nails” (part ½ of the League teasing the “batlovers”)

“Bruce…sucks !” (part 2/2 of the League teasing the “batlovers”).


“I’m lost without you…”

Silly Bat’

Fate is a bitch part 1/?

Fate is a bitch part 2/?

“Hopefully, no one will notice”

“I don’t like cats”

Odd socks

The Talk

Wedding and pop-corns

Relationship headcanons part 1/?

“You could have anyone you want !”


“I don’t wanna get married”

Alive (NSFW)

Anonymous Hate

I’ll always be here for you

“You slept with Superman ?”

The wrath of a short woman

“You’re…you’re Bruce’s father !”

Death, Amnesia, and 4 coffee please

The List (NSFW)

“Where did the coffee table go ?”

There is nothing left of him

“I’m done with you, Mr. Wayne”

Random convo between Batmom and Broosh

Behind closed door (NSFW)

Three parts of a whole (Batman x Reader x Superman) (NSFW)

The many times Alfred Pennyworth walked in on his master and his wife making love, and that one time his young masters wished they were blind (kinda NSFW)

“Is Father…drunk ?”

“You made me hide under the desk” (NSFW)

Wild Child

Insecurities shmunsecurities

Valentine’s day is a stupid holiday

“My last happy birthday was my eighth one…” (Bruce birthday special) 

“My biggest mistake” by Jason P. Todd 

Never piss off a magician

The Break-Up part ¼

The Break-Up part 2/4

The Break-Up part 2.5/4

The Break-Up part ¾

The Break-Up part 4/4

The first time he saw you


“Go away, you’re confusing my baby” 

Making him work for it 

“DD night !”  (It stands for “Drunk Date”)


Richard “Dick” Grayson/Nightwing :

“She’s too good for you”

Surprise Surprise


Jason Todd/Red Hood

Cutie and the Beast (slightly NSFW)

Caught red-hooded (slightly NSFW too)

“Draw me like one of your French…boy ?”

I bacha(ta) can dance better than you ! (hispanic reader)

Costume Party

“Car sex looks so much easier in the movies” (NSFW)

Cig’ Break

“Wanna Join ?”  Part ½ (NSFW) (Roy x Reader x Jason)


Timothy “Tim” Drake/Red Robin :

Naked Birds

You taste like coffee

Pierced (Tim x Batmom)


Damian Wayne/Robin :

The First time is serious business (slightly NSFW)

Titus likes you…too much

“Just play the damn game with me !” (Batmom x Damian)

True blood son..and daughter (Batsis x Damian)

Period drama with mama (Batmom)

My mom is better than yours (Batmom)

Mistakes and Forgiveness

“Are we not gonna talk about the elephant in the room ?” (Batmom)

“Talk to my son like that again, and I will end you” (Batmom)

The New Trinity

“Are you…jealous, Damian ?” (Batmom)


Clark Kent/ Superman :

Eighth time’s a charm

Happy (belated) Fourth of July

Hatred an Grief

Three parts of a whole (Batman x Reader x Superman) (NSFW)


Kon-El “Conner” Kent/Superboy :

“You’re kind of an asshole”

“They’re kind of assholes”

“The World is kind of an asshole”

“I could break you” (NSFW)


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman :

Drunk Amazon

Dating Diana Prince would include…

Take care of my babies or you’ll die

“…Where is our child ?”


Arthur Curry/Aquaman :

I don’t talk to fish


Roy Harper/Speedy/Red Arrow :

“Wanna Join ?” part ½ (NSFW) (Roy x Reader x Jason)

Being part of the Justice League would include...

• Being a metahuman with your own city to protect
•You were first approached by Superman
•He was impressed after seeing one of your fights on TV
• “You saved a lot of people out there. How would you like to help us save a lot more?”
•You’re shocked at first but try to remain cool because hello it’s Superman?!!
•Batman is always suspicious of you until he warms up to you
•Or until Wonder Woman tells him to knock it off
•The rest of the League accepts you right away
•Hal and Barry are always fighting for your attention and flirting with you
•"You know, my ring can create anything with the power of my mind.“
•"So not much?”
•"Can it fastest man alive!“
•Wonder Woman is your workout buddy
• “Now we are ready to train.”
• “That was the warmup??!!”
•Cyborg teaches you basic hacking
•Aquaman takes you to the beach to chill sometimes
•One time you try organizing a dinner after you all had to work on a holiday
•Batman may have cracked a smile
•It actually went well
•Especially because you thought ahead and got more food for Barry
•All in all you’re all just one happy dysfunctional family

Dating Diana Prince/ Wonderwoman would include...

• Meeting her through knowing Bruce and Clark

•At first being vaguely intimidated by her but also finding that you can’t seem to draw your gaze away from her

• Diana being entranced by everything about you

• Bruce wingmanning for her and Clark trying to play matchmaker for you

• It works

• You better be down for PDA because Diana is not at all bothered by it

• She always finds a way to be touching you somehow whenever you’re together

• Whether you’re sitting on the couch together, walking down the street or even hanging on the Watchtower she will gently interlock her fingers with yours

• Cuddles

• LOTS of cuddles

• Diana loves hugging you from behind (she’s much taller than you so she always rests her chin atop your head

- “Di, stop it! You’re making me feel short.”

- “Y/N, you are short”


• Slow, passionate kisses

• Sometimes you just spend hours aimlessly making out

• Sweet, loving sex

• But also really hot “I just got back from a really dangerous mission and I have an adrenaline high” sex

• Basically a lot of sex, all the time

• Cute good morning kisses

• When you can’t sleep, Di will sing old Greek lullabies until you eventually drop off

• Late night pillow talk that can last for hours

• She adores listening to you talk and it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, she will always listen avidly

• You love it when she tells you stories of her home and the adventures she had back on Themyscira

• She likes carding her fingers in your hair as you lay your head on her chest/stomach because it’s relaxing and she likes the way it makes you smile

• Sometimes you go through old photos of her as wonderwoman

• You start learning Greek to surprise her

• “Σε αγαπώ”

• Nobody had better mess with you because Diana is very protective

- And she has a sword.

• You and her just having a perfect, loving relationship.

A/N: Basically I’m just trash for Diana

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Dating Diana Prince Would Include...

Anonymous requested:  Dating Diana prince would include, please? Thank you!

  • You being the first human she was ever attracted to
  • Finding her strange and mysterious, and doing everything you can to learn more about her
  • Diana awkwardly asking you out on a date, because in Themyscira people didn’t go on dates
  • “Would you… like to go on an outing with me? To get food?” “Are you asking me out on a date?” “Yes, I believe so.”
  • An amazing first date planned by Diana - which included horses, picnics, and a beautiful view
  • Diana expecting you to be surprised when she told you she was Wonder Woman, but you had a hunch she was Wonder Woman from the start.
  • Her letting you try on her armor
  • And thinking you look totally hot in it
  • Slow, gentle kisses
  • But hot, passionate sex
  • Diana teaching you how to defend yourself 
  • Constantly worrying about each other
  • Freaking out when she tells you about the Justice League
  • “You’re working with Batman! And the Flash! Oh my god, can I meet them?” “You sound like Barry.”
  • Diana doesn’t like to admit it, but she loves cuddling
  • Lots of late night talks
  • Her telling you stories about Themyscira
  • Not being afraid of PDA
  • And, if any homophobes gave you any nasty looks or dirty comments, Diana wouldn’t let them get away without a lecture
  • “Where I’m from, women only date women! Get your head out of your ass!”
  • Thinking her accent is adorable
  • Braiding each other’s hair
  • Diana being afraid to save “I love you” for the first time, but once she says it, she can’t go an hour without telling you
  • Just an all around loving, trusting relationship

Dating Princess Diana:

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A/n: I saw Wonder Woman and… i’m in love, send help.

-She is a very very passionate and caring partner, which can have a few learning curves, but it’s completely worth it.

-she will do anything to protect you, anything. Which leads to her often times being quite overprotective without knowing it. And you would never blame her, cause you know she has lost so much,

- But sometimes still you need to remind her that you can handle things on your own

“But the mug is too hot! you’ll burn yourself.”

“I think it’s fine, but thank you for caring.”

-you are the sun and moon to her, and she tells you every single day

-”normal” dates aren’t a thing for you two

-They’re usually stargazing, or staying home with some tea

-You both would much rather talk than anything else, with nothing to distract. It’s not really needed for you two

-but if you do end up going on a “date” then it’s to an old school dancing diner

-she never told you exactly why she loves those places, but she is thrilled and scared every time you go to one

-she really loves kissing, but only for special moments, like when she gets back from a bad mission, seeing you hurt, or if you look at her with loving eyes for more than 10 seconds,

-before anything, you’re best friends, you match so perfectly in every single way

-you like to braid her hair, since it seems to calm her down more than anything else

-she’s not much of a cuddle person, so when you share a bed you only hold hands, or rest your head on her shoulder/chest or vise versa

-you sometimes call her “Ana”, or “Princess”, and she gets really flushed by that

-she calls you “everything,” ‘Beautiful” or “My love”

- You two are actually the cutest couple ever, and no one will change that.

Take care of my Babies or you’ll die - Wonder Woman x Reader

Summary : Diana has a deep distrust of Men’s World’s doctors, and have trouble letting them handle her pregnant girlfriend. 

I lost the original message but this story is for @freethecagedeggs. Also, Imma indulge @loverandomness2 because she’s been asking for this for a long time and I’m finally writing it :-). 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You couldn’t wait for all of this to be over. 

For the baby to finally arrive. 

Not because pregnancy was displeasing, in fact, you were one of those lucky women that had a smooth one. 

You only had a few morning sickness, you weren’t too tired, it didn’t hurt much (yet)…The only thing you had was your weird cravings but, then again, pickles and ice cream was a thing you ate together even before being pregnant. 

Nope. You don’t want all of this to be over because it’s difficult and tiring…But because your damn girlfriend cannot give you or anyone approaching you of a few feet a single break ! 

“(Y/N), don’t do this it could hurt the baby !”, “(Y/N) eat this it’s good for the baby”, “(Y/N), please babe, do this exercice it’s good for our little one”…The worst was how annoying she became whenever you had a doctor appointment. 

Oh. My. God.


When you and Diana decided to become parents, you settled for a sperm donor instead of adoption, because it was just easier, it would take less time and trouble…You also decided that you should be the one bearing the child, kind of unsure how things would work with Diana (after all, she had been made out of clay and given life by Zeus…). 

At first, everything went smoothly. 

You were both just too damn excited. And all your friends were extremely supportive. Of course they were. 

Your older brother, Bruce, helped you through so many hard times in your life, he definitely wasn’t about to give up on you (no matter what some stuck up rich people thought about him for doing so…damn you guys lived in the XXIst century, what was the problem of a same sex couple adopting ?!), and he would never admit it because he wasn’t the cheesy type of man but…He already loved his future nephew/niece deeply. 

The day he brought you a teddy bear that looked astonishingly like the one you had when you were a kid, that exact teddy bear your dad gave you to “help you through any difficult times” (and it really did…whenever you were sad, for example missing your parents dearly, you’d hug the hell out of that bear and it would make you feel so much better), and when Bruce told you it was difficult to find the same one you had as a kid and it took him a lot of time and effort to do so, but you and your future child were definitely worth it…You teared up. You lied by saying your hormones were messing around with your emotions, and acted like it was not a big deal but…It meant the world that your beloved older brother would go through all that trouble just for a teddy bear for your baby.  

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Being in a polyamorous relationship with Diana and Steve would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo DIANA AND STEVE 😍😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Diana and Steve loving your company so much they both end up falling for you, making them both fight for you in their way, only for you to settle it yourself and suggest to be all together

-Diana always telling you to be yourself and do whatever you believe to be right, only for Steve to have to butt in and tell you otherwise whenever he thinks it’s a bad idea

-Steve wanting to keep you both safe and doing whatever it takes to do so, only for Diana to feel the same for you and him

-Diana enjoying to talk about her past life and her beliefs, truly amazing you and Steve but him most of the time still being somewhat skeptical and looking at you weird and making you laugh

-Steve and you laughing and smiling whenever you’d both witness Diana being excited or impressed by the most simple things around you, only for the both of you to explain to her

-Diana loving to show you her armor and how to fight the way she does, only for Steve to sometimes freak out when he sees you being thrown around and trying to butt in

-Steve enjoying to take you both sightseeing different places he’d visit and truly giving you each of you a dating experience

-Diana being blunt and honest when it comes to what truly pleasures a woman in bed and such, only to make Steve blush and for you to find yourself agreeing with her

-Steve being kind and soft when it comes to making love to you, while Diana knowing exactly how to pleasure you

-Them loving you with all their hearts and promising to one another to take care of you if anything were to happen to them

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So I was reading injustice, and I almost didn’t notice this. Barry didn’t just CARRY Bruce, he gave him a FUCKING PIGGY BACK THROUGH METROPOLIS THIS IS THE BEST PANNEL IVE EVER READ

Dating Wonder Woman would include...

The only headcanons I wrote was about Wolverine (here), and since I never received any other requests about head canons…I’m very glad to write another one with Wonder Woman yo ! Though I’m not sure I’m doing it right, I made it way longer than most headcanons I saw around I think, and also cut it in more than one part…I hope it’s ok. So here we go, hope you’ll like it

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


How you met, how you two fell in love, the first “I love you” : 

✶ You first met Diana when your brother, Bruce aka the goddamn Batman, dragged you to the Justice League’s Watchtower (against your will). You were already a Gotham’s vigilante just like him, the next big step was obviously the League, though you didn’t like the idea of being in a little “super club”…

✶ You quickly changed your mind when you met Diana though. She’s the first one who talked to you, and though your brother told you many things about the Mighty Wonder Woman, you weren’t impressed. 

✶ That’s what made her fall in love with you. Because you accept her just as she is. And you couldn’t care less about the fact that she’s a Princess, or one of the most powerful being on Earth.

✶ The way you’re never afraid to tell people what you think, even if sometimes it’s almost rude, is also another reason she fell for you. She loves the fact that you’re independent, and don’t take anyone’s shit, including hers. You keep her grounded when she gets a bit too cocky or something. 

✶ Another thing that made her fall for you : even though you went through a lot of bad things during your life, you always saw the bright side of everything, and Diana understood why Bruce always referred to you as his “personal sunshine”. You didn’t have any super-power, but hey, the ability to make anyone (even the Batman) smile and laugh was even better. 

✶ Your brother shipping you two even before you started to both flirt with each other like crazy. 

✶ Your brother calling you “an idiot” when you decide to not reciprocate the flirting after a while, afraid to bring her in your chaotic life. “She’s Wonder Woman, as if anything could actually hurt her”. 

✶ Diana being somewhat depressed while your avoiding her…And the League having an “intervention” to convince your stubborn ass to talk to her again. 

✶ You not resisting for very long, because…Well, she’s Diana Prince, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been in love with her ever since you first met. Her not being even remotely mad at you for your sudden coldness toward her, on the contrary, being over the moon because you finally came back.

✶ Your brother giving you relationship advices : basically, do the opposite of what he would do. Best advice ever. 

✶ Becoming very close from each other because it seems you two are just hand made for each other. Conversation is always flowing just right, you don’t always agree with each other but always listen etc etc…A match made in heaven. 

✶ Diana knew she was doomed and totally in love with you the day you punched your brother AND Superman in the face because they dared to say you needed protection. “If I can punch you two idiots without you stopping me, then clearly, I’m fine without protection !”. Yup, she was definitely doomed.

✶Her knowing you hate when people protect you, but not being able to not do it…and you letting her protect you, because you love her, and if it can make her happy, then so be it. 

✶ Surprisingly, she’s the one that said “I love you” first…Right before what should have been a “suicide mission”. Needless to say it gave you a reason to fight like Hell to have the chance to tell her you love her too. 

✶ You never even had time to tell her, as when the battle was finished, and you two were still alive, she crashed her lips on yours. The rest of the League applauded when you were finally able to whisper, breathless : “I love you too D”

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imagine being an amazon, diana’s sister, an ex-avenger, AND being t’challa’s soulmate would include…

essentially just some drabbles/headcanon’s for my t’challa x oc fic i’ll be publishing on wattpad soon;)

warnings: slight mention of domestic violence

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  • obviously meeting during civil war and being on cap’s team bc angst my dudes
  • being diana’s twin/younger sister
  • when you were itty bitty you went to look at all the amazon’s treasures in the tower and found the wings of icarus
  • you didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to touch them
  • that they had been gifted by the sun god, apollo, so that anyone who touched them would have the ability to icarus’ greatest wish — to fly near the sun
  • made of celestial bronze (pjo reference what what)
  • being one of the greatest amazon’s
  • you and diana literally bring the dream team
  • never feeling any pain from your soulmate and wondering if you’ll ever have one
  • being scared that your soulmate is probably a human and you’ll outlive him/her and will have to watch them die
  • diana having given up on humans after steve trevor dies and the justice league never existing rip
  • enter the avengers
  • hearing diana’s stories about humans and desperately wanting to experience the world yourself
  • working to help the allies during world war ii on your own and howard stark finding out about you + your wings and asking you to help them against the germans
  • keeping your “capabilities” a secret from everyone
  • essentially pretending to be an agent like peggy
  • being bff’s with peggy
  • steve being wary of you at first bc you’re suuppperr intimidating and him being super nationalistic™ af bc of your thick amazonian accent and not being sure that you can be trusted but eventually you grow on him
  • him fully trusting him after you reveal who you really are
  • also becoming bff’s with bucky like that boy is so gorgeous and you swoon but you know he’s not the one who has your heart
  • being suupperr depressed when steve dies bc y’all would literally have become such good friends and uGH
  • omg and when you think bucky dies….
  • you’re like diana when steve dies bc he was your best friend and you wanting to rip hydra to shreds
  • going back to the amazons but still taking trips to the human world to protect them and visit peggy + howard but not getting attached to anyone else
  • okay but imagine visiting howard and peggy and lil baby tony runs in and squeezes aunt peggy’s legs and then i’d just like
  • who are you
  • and why are you so beautiful
  • you being his first “love”
  • like he’s just so entranced with you bc you just have this natural beauty and you just love him to bits bc he’s the sweetest little thing
  • flash forward
  • starting to feel a weird rolling in your stomach during the early 80’s that lasts about 9 months
  • that’s when you knew
  • he/she was mortal… and it terrified you
  • feeling their pain over the years, even gaining a few cuts or bruises occasionally
  • every time you get a random wound you’re always so worried that they don’t have a good home life and could be being domestically hurt and always wondering why there are they strange markings that occasionally appear and stay
  • shield knowing about you bc of peggy and the incidents when you’d swoop in and save people from over the years
  • phil coulson going to recruit you to be an avenger
  • he’s lowkey super intimidated by you but then he tells you that cap is alive
  • and you just freeze
  • bc he’s alive after all this time
  • and so you say yes and then you’re off to the helicarrier
  • “hello again, steve.”
  • “(y/n)?”
  • slight tearful hello
  • but then tony walks in and you just
  • this little boy now a man
  • and he’s soooo sassy and full of himself and not at all the boy you knew
  • not hesitating to be equally sarcastic with him
  • fury being like “we couldn’t have just had two gods, no, we had to have three”
  • loki being so entranced by you bc wow you’re a goddess and from midgard no less
  • you reminding him and thor of the valkyrie
  • becoming best friends with nat and thor
  • telling nat of the stories of your fellow amazons and she just turns to clint and is like
  • “i want one”
  • and you’re just like “well, i have a twin sister..”
  • and she’s all on board for meeting diana
  • idk what your super!name would be
  • would you be wonder woman???
  • idk hmu if you think of something cool
  • but being a hero and loving it because you are actually getting to help people, and hey, this time your friends didn’t die
  • just loving the avengers and the become your new family, and even though you still visit and love the amazon’s and never forget that they are your people, these mortals have become so close to you and you couldn’t help but let them become your family

pt. 2 coming soon!!! i’m just super tired and have zero energy to write about aou, civil war, meeting t’challa and black panther (the movie) soooo stay tuned lovelies! okay but guys, this is so important, seriously i’m super conflicted: natasha or okoye x diana?

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My dad thinks just because I am a women that I am not qualified or not strong enough to do a “mens job”. He still thinks that man can and have to work like man and women have to work like women…in a kitchen or as a assistant. He refuses to help or let me work where I want to. Please reblog, like or comment this to help me make a point clear. WOMEN ARE STRONG AND MORE THAN QUALIFIED.

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DC Preference- When They See You All Dressed Up The First Time

Arthur is very intense the first time he sees you looking all fancy. He would be very intimating in a sexy way to you but in a I-will-kill-you-if-you-look-at-them kind of way at anyone else. 
“I swear no one wants to talk to me tonight.” You say as you grab your drink and turn to Diana at the bar.
“It’s probably because they can’t handle something so beautiful.” Arthur says from behind you in a deep and rough voice as he grabs you by your hips and pushes you to him. 

Joker looks at you for a long time and can’t manage to take his eyes off of you and he doesn’t want to.
“Alright, boss what about this?” You ask walking out getting ready for a heist. 
As you turn around you’re met with the jokers dark eyes looking at you deeply and intensely.
You waited a while for a reply until you spoke up.
“So is that a yes?” You asked with a nervous chuckle.
“You look beyond amazing, my dear. I wish you could stay here all night so I can look at you, but unfortunately you have plans don’t you?” He says to you in a deep and sexy voice.  

Diana thinks that you look beyond gorgeous and can not keep the smile off of her face. 
As you walk down the stairs you see Diana looking directly into your eyes smiling sweetly. Her eyes follow you and the smile continues until you’ve made it to the end of the stairs and are in front of her. 
“Y/N, you look amazingly gorgeous as per usual.” She says to you as she holds your face and kisses you sweetly. 

Barry becomes very nervous and doesn’t want to directly but also wants to spend the whole night staring at you. 
“Oh wow.” Barry says to himself as you walk into the room, but looks away nervously when you look in his direction. He’s grateful that it wasn’t him you were looking at but at the same time he’s annoyed because he should go and talk to you. 

Being Barry’s sister and dating Diana would include...

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Requested by? @itscalledsupercat
Pairing: Diana Prince x reader
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  • Barry being the one to introduce you to Diana
  • And being very over enthusiastic about it
  • “Y/N, this is my friend Diana. Wonder Woman. I’m friends with Wonder Woman!”
  • “So you’ve told me. About five hundred times.”
  • You and Diana having an automatic spark
  • Barry being too distracted by something cool he found in the Batcave to notice it
  • Barry just being very oblivious over all about you and Diana
  • Arthur being the one to tell him
  • “Dude, you know Diana totally has a thing for your sister, right?” 
  • “What, no she does not!” 
  • “Take a closer look, man.”
  • Barry still not seeing it
  • Until he walks in on the two of you kissing
  • Barry being way too excited about it oh my lord
  • “Oh my god! This is great! My sister and Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman and my sister! Diana Prince and Y/N Allen!”
  • Barry being super supportive of your relationship
  • Diana thinking it’s adorable
  • “I have noticed that most men are very overprotective of their female relatives. It is nice to see that Barry trusts you so much.”
  • But even though Barry was extra supportive
  • He still wasn’t a big fan when you showed a lot of PDA around him
  • All the other Justice League members teasing Barry about yours and Diana’s relationship to try and get under his skin
  • “Just remember… Diana is banging your sister.”
  • “Yeah, well, it’s better than you banging her, Arthur.”
  • Barry ALWAYS asking about marriage
  • Because he lowkey wants to be able to say he’s related to Wonder Woman
  • And when Diana finally does pop the question
  • Barry is the one to walk you down the aisle
Dating Diana Prince Would Include

• lots of hugs from behind
• because she loves to nuzzle you hair
• and leave kisses on your neck and behind your ear
• when you pout, she attacks your face with many, many, many pecks
- “stop Diana!” You giggle
- “stop what?? I don’t understand what you’re saying??? ;)”
• she likes to teach you different languages and when she asks you random questions and you get it right, she awards you with a short, sweet kiss
- “(y/n), je t'aime plus que tout au monde,”
- “I lo-”
- “Non!”
- *sighs* “moi aussi Diana. Je t'aimerai toujours,”
Then her beautiful smile appears and you feel soft lips on your own.
• she always holds your hand when you’re in public
• few kisses here and there
- *pointing at some pretty flowers at the florist* “Diana! Don’t you find them beautiful!?”
- *Diana clearly zoning out on what you were pointing at because you’re too damn beautiful*
- “who?? My girlfriend?? I know she’s beautiful! I mean, have you seen such beauty everyone???”
• she has her ways to make you feel and let people know that you’re hers
• when someone looks at you for too long, she slides her arm around your waist and kisses your jaw while giving the person the death stare
• when Diana and you are at an important event and someone flirts or gets too touchy with you, the first thing she does is press her lips on yours, cutting the conversation
• of course your insides will turn all giddy because that kiss she gives you is the same hot, sweet and passionate one you get before she leaves for a mission, so it takes your breath away
• obviously you get flustered and aroused, so you two leave the event
• and while you guys are leaving, she glances at the person one last time and winks at them (maybe she decides to grab your butt at the same time too😏)
•anyways, you guys are in a happy relationship and you love each other like crazy

(Dw guys, soon I’ll be posting the requests.. I can be a slow b*tch so sorry😅)

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The New Trinity - Damian Wayne x Reader (xplatonic!Jon Kent)

Well, here it is. Damian is a bit older than he is currently in the comics (seventeen instead of fourteen) by the way. Hope you’ll like it :-) : 

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The New Trinity.

That’s how everyone started to call you guys.

“You guys”. Damian, Jon and you. The Bat’s son, The Superman’s son and…You, the mighty Wonder Woman’s daughter. 

The New Trinity. 

It made sense really, because of who your parents were. The actual Trinity. Three of the mightiest hero in the World, forming the perfect team. And you were their children. Three. 

The New Trinity. 

That’s how everyone started to call you guys, as your friendship grew.

And it royally pissed you off.

Ever since you were born, everyone (and by everyone you meant your mom’s friends of course, the others…the others couldn’t know) always constantly compared you to your mother. All. The freaking. TIME !

And sure, you loved her to death, and she was the coolest and most badass woman you ever met…but you were you.

Your own being.

You weren’t all like her. Sure, you had her eyes, and sometimes, her mannerisms. And her powers. But your personality wasn’t the same (except for the part of you that was stubborn and that had to help those in need).

Besides, it annoyed you that everyone always compared you to the great “Wonder Woman” and never to your father, who was a goddamn war hero !

Of course…you never met him.

None of them ever met him.

Steve Trevor was dead long ago.

Keep reading