wonder woman movie

Dear mansplaining morons who think "Batman could totally win a fight with Wonder Woman"

Are y'all high?


- an average human dude
- has no superpowers to speak of
- trained fighting for like, 10, 20 years tops
- uses fancy but breakable human-made gadgets


- literally a deity
- “only a god can kill another god”
- trained fighting for 500 to 2,000 years (depending on who you ask) under either Antiope, the greatest general in the history of a legendary warrior race, or War itself (depending on which ‘verse you’re going with)
- can fly
- can literally level a building with a single punch
- can control lightning
- able to take punches by someone capable of crumbling a gun with their bare hands
- can toss a tank with her bare hands like it’s nbd
- has magical weapons originally made for & owned by literal gods

Being a man doesn’t give you the ability to defeat a deity who’s trained for centuries under the best of the best, has magic powers, and magic weapons, you twats.

Being a man doesn’t make you better than a deity.

Can you believe Wonder Woman 2017 was written by an openly gay man, directed by a woman, staring a kickass woman surrounded by other ethnically diverse kickass women, with Chris Pine as the love interest who was not weak, racist, or sexist at all, also with diverse and interesting male sidekicks, and the villain who was defeated with the power of love because love is strength not weakness. Like damn how did we get so lucky?


Poster Posse’s tribute to “Wonder Woman”

Artwork By: Alan Brooks, Orlando Arocena, Doaly, Berkay Daglar, Daniel Nash, Chris Malbon, Ben Mcleod, Simon Delart, Mike Mahle, and Nicolas Bannister

Saw Wonder Woman

- Gal Gadot single-handedly defeated the patriarchy in under 3 hours

- If your name is Steve stay away from airplanes

- Chris Pine is the prettiest Damsel In Distress ever

- Diana and Steve are human embodiment of “Hold my flower” “Kick his ass baby, I got your flower” meme

- Professor Lupin has been up to some shit

- There’s a bit where Steve is all “It’s called No Mans Land cause no man can cross it” and Diana is all “I am no man ™ ”  and fuckin crosses it