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Should I read TRC?

Friend, lemme tell you something. I only first read it bc some of my mutuals (cough, cough, kiohne calipsoh ronanslynhc) were flooding my dash with it so I was like “why not? it’s summer and I’ve nothing going on and it seems decent.” I had no idea.

At first glance the summary makes it sound like a typical romance story but it has so many layers on top of that - it’s interesting and suspenseful at the same time, it’s extremely well written with lines that you want to read over twice, the characters are all so complex and yet individual, and it’s got the best witty kind of humor that makes it realistic despite the heavy paranormal overtones like ahhh

yes just read it and you will not be disappointed!! ;w;

TO EVERYONE WITH XKIT; some people took over and they have the new xkit, and they’re working with it and they have been updating the extensions and stuff. so really, xkit is still working and stuff and wonderful people are updating things.


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! @ Otakon 2015

Hey, Everyone! I am back from Otakon 2015 and I had an amazing time! I had the chance to meet the director and producer of Boueibu (Takamatsu Shinji and Kawahara Yoko) and get both of their signatures! They were the sweetest people in the world and a joy to talk to! I even got to share some of my tumblr posts and take some pictures with Yoko! She said that my blog was “Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi!” It was so cool. I got a lot of merch there too, including an Otakon exclusive Boueibu t-shirt, poster and sticker! In addition to the exclusive stuff, I got the Conquest Club album and some wonderful fanmade things from the Artist Alley! I also found out from Yoko that she is talking with Shinji right now about wanting to do a Season 2 and says that he wants to do it too, and though it’s not clear if it’s possible yet, both parties want to do it! Which leaves me super hopeful! Let’s hope that they can get the funding for Boueibu S2! Overall: This convention experience was so amazing and I feel like it really closed the gap between the creators and the fans, I have returned both humbled and inspired. Thank you, Takamatsu Shinji and Kawahara Yoko, for bringing into this world something that gives me so much joy and happiness. LOVE IS NEVER OVER!

~Radiant G

So tonight I was talking on the phone with my Mum and we were talking about applying to PHD programs and how I was going to approach being out and trans and she said something along the lines of “well, what matters most is you’re your whole self, that you’re Lee, and that’s what it’ll say on your applications. That you are Lee. That’s what matters most.”

This is the first time my mother has called me by my name.

I am so, so happy right now. 

i am aware that i have a way of writing things that many people perceive as confrontational

but i would like to stipulate that the following is super non-confrontational and also contains no emotional subtext whatever

(even that looks sarcastic, i am doomed)

if you started following me because you expected that i would be reblogging or creating lots of bbc jonathan strange and mr norrell content, you should feel free to unfollow me now & with no hard feelings at all. i’m not going to like/reblog anything that contains likenesses of the actors in the roles, fanart that’s been drawn in imitation of the actors, or teevee-canon fanfic, no matter how great it is. it is my opinion that in addition to being really awful, the show was vilely racist and sexist, and i’m not promoting that garbage for free. now or ever. i’m not trying to make other people feel guilty about liking the series — we all like problematic works (i was just listening to “the night they drove old dixie down,” for example) and works which other people despise on legitimate grounds — i’m just letting you know that i’m not going to be in on the fandom in any way. none of the ways. creator or audience. you don’t need to make special tags or anything; i am an expert at avoiding shit i don’t want to deal with. (you are free to use the fan content i already created in any way you like, of course.)

that is all


gaylawyerhell I saw your response to an ask about prints and wondering how the quality was from things like society 6 and stuff!

Well about a few months ago I bought this very lovely phone case (tough) to style my phone with narumitsu goodness plus your wonderful art and I love it a lot!

It’s been very durable and it’s printed very well, colors and all! I haven’t dropped it much since I tend to avoid doing so but overall I am very happy I purchased this!

I can’t even articulate how fucking PUMPED I am for Endgame after that upd8 JEEZ

url change

nighshiftandnetflix is now survivorofhighstorms

because i officially no longer work the night shift!!!!!

Honestly, I’m wondering who leaves (what appears to be) a roll press unattended in an otherwise deserted building. Either somebody randomly left an expensive piece of industrial equipment lying around or Bucky stole the thing and carried it there himself, and either way the mental image is hilarious.

“I’m just gonna borrow this …” *grabs giant machine and walks off with it*

WELL since I don’t have any friends around to force into sharing my obsession with Gravity Falls…I started my mom watching the series instead. It started July 13 when I was still mentally processing the new episode, and so I watched it a second time in front of my mom, and she liked the story. (But not the animation. She isn’t a fan of cartoons.) But nonetheless, as I started watching from episode 1 with her, she is starting to appreciate it. She laughs at Mabel’s silliness and she called her a big dork. :3

I can’t help but wonder though, what about when we get to the Bill episodes?? My mom is super sensitive about references to demonic stuff, she wouldn’t even let me watch or read Harry Potter growing up? But the Bill episodes are important and cool and I don’t want to skip them? How should I deal with this??

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Hello! I have a question. I notice a lot of people send you messages saying sexual stuff and sometimes romantic things. I'm wondering what's your honest feelings about those comments. Does it make you feel really confident? Does it disgust you? I'm just a little curious lol cx

it makes me feel good but I don’t really take too it seriously. I don’t think people writing these messages mean it 100% (for example when they want to marry me xD) so it’s just fun to read and answer them. 

most of the time when I try to talk to ppl around my age I feel like i’m trying to bridge this gap;;; like our minds just work differently. when i do manage to carry on a nice conversation and find common ground to talk about its always a pleasant surprise

it’s a lot easier talking about “”“"fandoms”“”“ and shit, especially when the person talks with that kind of idiosyncratic perceptiveness and ironic humor that makes me think “this person probably has a tumblr and i would follow it” because it’s sort of like a common language. i feel like i Get these ppl a lot more. like i just think “oh you probably have a tumblr of the same kind that I have?? good that makes things so much easier” like our minds sort of work more the same way i guess

Dear anyone who develops costumes for female heroes or villians

Why do all costumes have to be so damn tight?
I would love to cosplay a ton of different characters, no matter if they’re from comics or manga. Just as soon as it comes to hero or villian outfits, all clothes female characters wear are former liquid stuff that somebody threw onto their body to dry there. Seriously, I don’t think somebody can comfortly moving in this. We have so many good female characters, but they have all the same body type. They have long hair, look nice, thin with strangly big breasts and butts; exactly the perfect stereotype body type. Why is it so hard to understand that maybe 2-3% of actual women have this body type? Can we please have at least normal hero or villian clothes? It would be incredibly great. I know, it seems to be impossible to develop female character without flawless bodies, so please draw at least wearable clothes. I would love to cosplay them, but I just feel uncomfortable wearing tight clothes.

July 20 panel - To be honest, I have no idea what they’re looking at.  (halfway drawn…I went to sleep and forgot…!)

July 21 panel - poppy field

July 22 panel - re: Dine and Draw at Harry’s Family Restaurant in Burbank (I drew this there and that’s 47ness‘s empty coffee cup).  But it was actually Thursday, of course.

July 23 panel - shirasutai character(s).  I like it; it makes me laugh.  Still, I wanted to do a little bit more than draw it straight.

July 24 panel - I won this event at the festival in Atelier Rorona…

July 25 panel - to be alone with you ♪

July 26 panel - to rachaellikespink!  Because of your prior inquiry and kind remarks! :)