wonder woman wednesday


This week will feature a double entry. I couldn’t decide which set of photos to showcase. So, here’s the first set. These photos are from Gooseberry Intimates. I couldn’t stop thinking about these photos. They have a surprising sensuality to them. Which is effortlessly expressed by this woman. But, these photos aren’t an exception. All of the shoots that I’ve encountered have that same quality. So, obviously I concluded that she was the source. Then, I started investigating her. What about her that gives off that vibe? What does she do to acquire this qualities? Does she do it on purpose? Or is it just some natural aura surrounding her? An accurate resolution requires further analysis. Nonetheless, she is an amazingly gorgeous woman. Drop dead gorgeous.

Belle Lucia


Christmas came early this year! DC Rebirth Holiday Special references the kinky “Diana’s Day” story from Wonder Woman #3 of William Moulton Marston’s original run, it also happens to be the single greatest Wonder Woman story ever published! True fact.

I’m taking this as canon confirmation that Rebirth Diana is just as into lesbian bondage as her Golden Age counterpart. Nobody can tell me otherwise!

+ Bonus-Superman’s Reaction: