wonder woman supergirl

someone: supergirl can’t like lena, she has liked boys before 

me, a bisexual:

someone: can you believe andrew garfield said he wanted spiderman to get a boyfriend, i mean he had a girlfriend in the past, he can’t be gay 

me, a bisexual:

someone: steve rogers can’t be with bucky, he dated peggy, he is obviously straight

me, a bisexual:

someone: what do you mean wonderwoman is bisexual? she had a boyfriend

me, a bisexual:

someone: this character is straight because he/she only has been with people of the opposite gender

me, a bisexual:


The best ad? 

‘DC Super Hero Girls’: Cartoon Network Sets Toon Series For 2018
The world knows them as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, but the three stars of Cartoon Network’s upcoming toon series are teenage girls trying to balance superpowers and secret identitie…
By Erik Pedersen

So happy this is finally announced! Lauren is bringing that Faust magic to the world of DC Heroes. It’s totally new, totally different, and it looks amazing! 

Supergirl finale recap

-kara zor el, aka the champion of earth
-lena doesn’t remember mon el’s name
-winn’s gay for superman, very important information
-Iconic™ wonder woman/supergirl ad
-cat is still Thirsty™ for clark
-winn calls j'onn papa bear and hugs him holy shit that was pure
-queen rhea? dead af
-mon el finally fucking leaves holy shit thank rao
-more cat grant inspiring life advice and the QUEEN OF MEDIA HERSELF KNOWS KARA IS SUPERGIRL I’M LIVING
-um???? dark kryptonian baby in pod??? idk