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obed-exe  asked:

Would anyone here happen to have pictures of the Wonder Woman / Superman kiss statue? Either mini or full size? I'd love to buy it, but trying to find size reference pictures has been surprisingly hard.

Yes. Sure. 

DC Collectibles Superman and Wonder Woman “The Kiss” Statue

  • Based on the art of Jim Lee
  • Sculpted by Tim Bruckner
  • Recreates the kiss between the heroes on the cover of Justice League #12
  • Statue measures approximately 14.3" H

The Mini Kiss Holiday Statue 

  • Captures a romantic moment between The Man of Steel and the Amazon Warrior from Justice League
  • Based on the famous Jim Lee illustration
  • Intricately sculpted miniature version of the best-selling statue, with a holiday twist
  • Measures Approximately 8.75" H

Here are some pics and hopefully you can see the scale of the both. The mini in this last pic as you can see is still pretty outstanding. The full statue obviously its details are slightly better because of its size. The smaller one has mistletoe but those are really the only differences, barring the price of course. Both are beautiful. They are the perfect gift for special occasions or that special someone one or if you just simply desire to collect one of the most gorgeous sculpts of a DC couple. It’s a perfect representation of love and romance of two powerful icons and equals. You might still be able to access them via E-bay and Amazon. I bought the mini ( simply couldn’t afford the bigger one but wanted one bad) and adore it. 


VIDEO: NY Toy Fair 2017: DC Collectibles - ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘Justice League’ Statues.


Superman and Wonder Woman Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

You can start saving the the day together by drinking from his/her mugs. Shower and lounge in his/her robes and snuggies. Cook together in his/her aprons. Buy her or him that beautiful Kiss statue. Give a superwonderful card or better yet get it customized. Read the Power Couple graphic novel together. And then there are the rings. But most of all show your love for each other every day. <3


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With Valentine’s Day drawing closer, we have put together some gift ideas for couples or anyone really…because love is universal…to celebrate the day of love. But really every day should be for love.These gifts you can give to your loved ones or yourself. Superman and Wonder Woman are symbols of hope truth, peace, justice and love. They motivate and inspire us to be the best we can be.Together they form a powerful union. Balance. 

These gifts are meaningful but also fun.

1. Superman/Wonder Woman Kiss Statue.

2.  Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 1 Power Couple

     Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 2 War and Peace

     Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 3 Casualties of War

    Young Romance #1 ( an anthology of romantic stories of several DC                                                     couples, including ClarkxDiana)

    Kingdom Come

    Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2

3.Justice League War Animated Movie

   Justice League Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie

4. Superman/Wonder Woman his and hers T-shirts and mugs.

5.Superman/Wonder Woman his and hers aprons, onsies, snuggies (both perfect for the winter months)  and towels.

6.Superman/Wonder Woman bracelets, phone cases, phone charms.

7.Superman/Wonder Woman action figures, itsy-bitsies, string dolls, Lego, teddy bears, plushies, Key chains, die-cast, funkopop.

8. Custom cushions and pillows, his and her socks

9. Pop art, paintings,  custom caricatures.

10. His and her ring sets.

Message us if you want any info re where to get these superwonderful goodies. Google is your friend if you want to check out the many more designs out there. Items can be found  via DC/WB Entertainment, Amazon, E-bay, Etsy etc.