Does anyone else ever feel “secondhand representation?” Like, “I know this isn’t necessarily for me, but I love it and am so proud of it anyway.” Like Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj makes me so proud for Indian people. One Day At a Time makes me happy for latinx people (and it’s really fucked up that it’s getting canceled.) I’m a black, bisexual woman, so in today’s day and age, I get proud easily because there are multiple avenues of representation for me (Black Panther; Love, Simon; Wonder Woman; Captain Marvel; Even men in black with Tessa Thompson). Idk, like honestly seeing any form of representation that’s not white and male makes me extra hype. 


Wonder Woman Vol.3, #28 // Wonder Woman 1984

Golden Eagle Armor: In wartime, Diana will sometimes wear a distinctive metallic suit of body armor patterned after an eagle. These shining battle armors are the emblem of the Amazon royalty. In the comics, Diana’s Gold Armor gives her the ability to fly. The armor also has superhuman durability that makes Diana impervious to bullets, explosions, and other energy attacks. Diana is given the armor when going up against her most formidable opponents.

of course there’s more hatred for captain marvel than there ever was for wonder woman.

people didn’t think wonder woman was going to be popular. people thought wonder woman was going to go the way of elektra and catwoman and all the female-led superhero movies of the past. people thought wonder woman was going to fail.

now, they know they were wrong. now, they know captain marvel is going to succeed. now, they’re running scared.

good. they should be.