DC Blessing Us All
  • Justice League Dark confirmed with Doug Liman as director (x)
  • The Rogues rumoured to be the main villains in The Flash (2018) (x)
  • Deathstroke footage released from Justice League/Batman by Ben Affleck (x)
  • Taron Egerton rumoured to star in Wonder Woman (2017) as Diana’s half brother Lennox (x)

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  • Batman:Clark is the most human of us all.
  • Superman:That's silly and I wish you'd stop saying that.
  • Diana:You literally cry any time a dog dies in any movie. Ever. Even if you know it's coming. Everyone knows what happens at the end of Where the Red Fern Grows. Even I know. I grew up on a magical island. You're crying right now.
  • Superman:*holding back tears* Just because you're all inhuman monsters...
Jared Leto Joker X OFC Fanfiction: Cold as Ice

When Batman can’t catch the Joker, he asks a new meta-human to step in and go under-cover to gain Mister J’s trust. Andromeda accepts the Bat’s offer, but finds herself struggling to walk the fine line between pretending to love the infamous Mr. J, and actually falling for him.

Find Part One Here.

Rated M for Strong and Suggestive Language.

Disclaimer: Gifs not mine. All rights to Batman, Joker, Suicide Squad, DC Characters, etc. go to their respective creators.

Author’s Note: Each of this story’s four-five sections and their titles will be based on a song off the Suicide Squad Album. This fanfic comes with a built in soundtrack.


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Andromeda sat on a bench near the entrance of the bank, busying herself with some papers so she would blend in when the Joker arrived. She felt her heart racing in her chest, she’d never been so nervous.

“Calm down, Ramirez, your pulse is off the charts,” Wayne whispered through the Bluetooth she wore in her ear.

“I’m not exactly ecstatic to be going into the crime world underbelly today, Batboy. It wasn’t precisely what I had in mind when I planned out my week on Sunday,” she snapped and took a sip of her iced coffee.

“You’ll be fine. You’ve got something that none of Joker’s associates have: real power. You could wipe out the whole operation with a single sweep of your hand,” Wayne reminded her.

“Then why the game of charades? Just let me take them down.” Andromeda realized these were probably questions she should have posed must sooner than that moment, but she was past the point of no return.

“If you just take out Joker and the people he brings today, you can bet your ass there will be a second in command waiting to take over his operations. Your job is to get close to him, become that second in command, and when you pull the trigger and reveal you were with me the whole time, you’ll send Joker’s empire into chaos. You’ll leave them leaderless and terrified.”

Andromeda sighed and glanced around the room. She didn’t see anyone acting suspiciously and figured she had a few more minutes before her whole world went topsy turvey. “How do I get information to you when I’m in there?”

“I’ll send people to you every once in a while. You’ll get information to them to get back to me.”

Just as Wayne finished reminding her of these last few parts of their plan Andromeda saw a man with a gym bag walk in. He walked as if he were trying to look casual but was failing miserably. He glanced around like he was making sure something, or someone, was in position.

“Show time,” Andromeda whispered into the Bluetooth before freezing it until it shattered.

Andromeda stood and moved toward the desks in the middle of the bank that contained deposit and withdraw slips. She made herself look occupied by filling out a few when she saw the man pull a shot gun from his bag and fire it into the air.

“Everyone on the ground, now!” He shouted.

Andromeda immediately dropped to the floor. She had set herself up so she could see all major entrances. She kept an eye on each one, waiting for the Joker to make his appearance.

She didn’t have to wait long, within moments of the bank’s patrons complying with the man’s orders, Joker walked in. Andromeda had never seen him, she’d only heard stories. It shamed her to admit to herself that he somewhat took her breath away. He entered with two more men at his side, one in a panda costume, the other with a Batman mask, each holding machine guns. Both men slinked toward the back of the bank with intense purpose; they had a job to do and they would make sure it went smoothly. They soon disappeared into the rooms where Andromeda only assumed the safes full of money were. Joker though, he walked slowly and deliberately. He was in no rush. He was calmer than Andromeda had imagined him to be. He had a swagger in his walk that she didn’t think was possible to possess when walking as slowly as he was.

He wore a metallic silver jacket over a deep purple button up shirt; his drainpipe slacks were black, which made his pale skin look ghostly white. His slicked back hair was a shocking green that would have looked ridiculous on anyone else, but somehow, on him, struck fear through Andromeda. His eyes were a clear blue that burned bright due to the dark eye shadow he wore. His mouth was stained red and it disturbed Andromeda that her first thought upon finally seeing him was not disgust, but that she bet that red mouth could work wonders if put to good use.

Pull yourself together, Andromeda. You’re not here to swoon. She chastised herself.

“Thank you for your co-operation, good Gotham citizens,” the Joker’s voice rang out suddenly. He smiled at the nearest bank teller and let a laugh unlike any Andromeda had ever heard burst forth. It chilled her to the bone. For the first time, she felt that she understood what it meant when someone said their blood ran ice cold with fear. He was beautiful to behold, but he terrified her.

Quick as lightning, his hand flashed out and grabbed the bank teller he’d focused on by the hair. She yelped and tried to fight him off, but he just pulled her over the counter and onto the floor at his feet.

“Sorry to give you such a fright, sweet cheeks, but I’ve got some endeavors that need financing. I’d like to apply for a loan.” His cackle burst forth again, making Andromeda jump.

               “We’ve got the money, Boss.” Panda suit announced as he came out from the back. Batman-mask followed closely behind him.

               “How unfortunate, we were just getting to know each other,” Joker hissed at the bank teller. “Ah well, one for the road, boys.” He pointed his gun at the teller’s head when the bank doors flew open again.

               “You’re finished, Joker. Stand down!” Commissioner Gordon entered with a whole SWAT team at his back.

               Joker rolled his eyes in exasperation, almost as if Gordon was being very rude and he did not appreciate the interruption.

               “Commissioner, you’ve caught me at a somewhat bad time. Why don’t you take a number and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.” Joker turned from the teller and smirked.

               Andromeda took this moment of distraction to create a shield of ice in front of the woman. It was thin, hardly visible, but her ice was strong, she knew it would stop the bullet if Joker decided to fire.

               “That’s cute, J. You get a lot of good laughs with lines like that?” Gordon retaliated.

               Joker looked as if he was growing bored with the exchange. He paused a moment, sizing up his chances of escape. He let his wicked smile return to his face, he’d made his decision.

               “Light ‘em up.” He ordered and fired a round into the teller’s head; just like that, all hell broke loose.

               Andromeda moved as fast as she could to make sure the bullet froze in place. Joker didn’t even notice that the woman didn’t drop dead. He turned his back to her and started walking toward one of the side exits. As he walked, the first man that had entered the bank fell into step beside him, carrying the bags of money they’d collected.  Joker’s two other men were firing all their gun power at Gordon and his men, dodging bullets left and right; Andromeda was actually impressed with their agility. It eventually happened, though, one of Gordon’s men dropped the guy protecting Joker. Joker didn’t miss a beat as he stooped down to collect the bags from the man’s body and drew his own gun to return fire.

               Andromeda knew this was her chance. She stood and threw her hands out in front of her. Instantly, a wall of ice burst up from the floor and shielded the Joker from the shower of bullets that were headed for him. Shocked, he turned his attention to Andromeda.

               “What are you standing around for? Let’s get you out of here.” She walked towards him and burst through the doors he’d been heading towards.

               As she passed him, she created a sword of ice, just in case she needed to fight anyone else off. He raised his brow at her ability and followed closely behind her.

               “You’re not worried about your guys?” She asked as she glanced down the street to make sure there were no other cops heading their way.

               “They can handle themselves.” Joker waved a hand dismissively. He pushed past her and walked towards a purple sports car. “Thanks for the hand, sweetness.” He called over his shoulder as he climbed in. He closed the door behind him and placed his money in the seat beside him.

Andromeda rolled her eyes and approached the car. Just as Joker reached to turn the car on, she pressed her hand to the hood and froze the engine. When the car wouldn’t start, he glanced up at her.

“I’m coming with you.” She said.

“What makes you think I want you to?” Joker asked from his rolled down window.

“I just saved your pretty ass back there. I could turn it in too. I could freeze your doors shut and flag down the Bat and see what he has to say about your little display in there.” Andromeda nodded towards the bank.

Joker smiled at her, his grill flashing in the morning sunlight. “You think my ass is pretty, gorgeous?” he cackled.

“You think I’m gorgeous, Mr. J?” she winked and let a thin layer of ice bloom across her cheeks like blush.

Joker unlocked the doors. “Get in.”

Andromeda slid into the seat beside Joker and thawed the engine. Before starting the car, Joker motioned to the blade of ice Andromeda still carried. “Not that I don’t trust you, doll, but I’m not a big fan of blades that aren’t my own.”

Andromeda smiled sweetly before shrinking the sword down to the size of her thumb nail. She leaned over and fastened it to Joker’s left ear like and ear-ring. “It’s yours.” She purred and pressed a cold kiss to his cheek.

Joker barked a single laugh and started the engine. It roared to life, attracting Gordon’s other officers who had been just around the corner. Bullets bounced off Joker’s car as the cops ran towards them.

“Punch it, hotness.” Andromeda ordered.

As Joker peeled out, Andromeda rolled her window down and stuck her upper body out. She froze the road behind them so that anyone who tried to follow them wouldn’t be able to. Joker let out a loud cackle and punched the roof of the car in ecstasy as they sped off.

               After giving Gordon and his men the slip, Joker pulled up outside a rundown looking building. Andromeda could hear music pumping from inside, but she couldn’t imagine anyone other than punk teenagers hanging out in a place like this. Joker got out of the car and walked around to Andromeda’s side.

               “Well, what are you waiting for?” He prompted.

               Andromeda opened the door and collected the bags of money that had been sitting at her feet.

               “I’m taking you to meet some very dear friends of mine.” Joker explained as they approached the building. “Though, I must warn you, all my friends are heathens,” he hissed, “so take it slow. Wait for them to ask you who you know. Please, don’t make any sudden moves, I rather like you and would hate to have to clean up your brains before I’ve even gotten to know you.” Joker put an arm around Andromeda’s shoulders and ushered her forward.

               “Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself.” She shrugged the bags of money onto her shoulder.

               “Oh, I betcha could, darlin’,” he growled seductively into her ear as he pushed the doors to the building open.

               Andromeda soon realized that this was so much more than an abandoned building. Music thumped through her chest while cage dancers danced for several, very dangerous looking, individuals. Smoke filled the air and made it difficult to breathe, but Andromeda couldn’t help but feel a slight rush of excitement as she walked with Joker over to the bar.

“Mistah J,” the bartender smiled a seductive smile at him as he walked past, “I thought we’d seen the last of ya. Saw ya heist on the news and everythin’, handsome,” she filled a drink and slid it over to him.

               She’s trying way too hard to get his attention. Andromeda thought to herself.

               “Are you questioning my ability to take care of myself?” Joker asked as he downed his drink.

               “Not at all, just happy to see the king back in his castle, Boss.” She finally allowed her eyes to travel over to Andromeda, “Who’s the stray?”

               “That is irrelevant,” Joker cut in before Andromeda could volunteer her name. “I’ve brought her to meet some friends of mine.” He draped an arm around Andromeda’s shoulders again before turning her to walk further into the club.

               As they walked, Andromeda looked around herself and saw various types of people. Some were men with tattoos covering their whole bodies; others were women who wore heavy makeup. She noticed that the flashier the woman, the less power they held. She saw that the women who wore thick layers of makeup tended to be trophy wives who were surrounded by body guards when their mob-boss men stepped away. On the other hand, the women who wore their hair tied up in tails, braids or buns and wore almost no makeup were the ones who had henchmen leaning over to whisper in their ears every once in a while. Both men and women played with guns and knives while they sat and watched the cage dancers. The men and women in charge would nod in greeting to Joker when he passed; their underlings, however, averted their gazes as if eye contact with the Clown Prince would mean immediate death.

               Eventually, Joker and Andromeda reached his private suite that over looked the whole club.

“Welcome to the room of people who had rooms of people that they loved one day.” Joker extended his arms to present his domain to Andromeda.

               Andromeda looked over the crowd and noticed a lot of his “friends” were watching them very closely.

               “I don’t think your friends like me very much,” she commented, dryly.

               “We don’t deal with outsiders very well,” Joker explained, “Newcomers have a certain smell. My associates can tell if someone is new to the game within seconds of meeting them.” He beckoned Andromeda to sit beside him. “My friends have trust issues, not to mention,” he glanced around them theatrically, as if he were about to reveal a deep, dark secret to her. He leaned in close to her ear; so close she could smell his aftershave—which she hadn’t expected him to wear—“some of them even claim they can smell your intentions.”

               An involuntary shiver of what Andromeda shamefully recognized to be arousal ran through her. She turned to face Joker and found herself lost in his eyes.

               “What’s your name, kitten?” He finally asked.

               “Andromeda,” she breathed, “Andromeda Ramirez.”

               “Lovely, what a lovely name,” he sighed while he nuzzled his nose into her hair. “I like you, Andie. And I owe you my thanks.” He moved so quickly that Andromeda didn’t realize what was happening until the barrel of his gun was pointed at her head.

               “You really gonna kill me, J?” It took every ounce of her self-control to not flinch at the sight of his gun.

               Joker let out another deep chuckle as he started setting the gun down. “No, of course not.”

               Andromeda was on edge, she knew that if he was going to make some kind of move against her, she probably wouldn’t see it coming.

               Faster than she thought humanly possible, the Joker used the grip of his gun to back hand her so hard that she fell out of her seat. Andromeda’s head was buzzing from the impact and it took her a moment to clear her thoughts. Before she could get to her feet again, Joker had his hand fisted in her hair and was pulling her to her knees.

               “Never presume to threaten me, or invite yourself into my business ever again. You’re a little girl who wants to rebel against mommy and daddy, that’s fine; but don’t you ever bring your little girl rebellion into my establishment,” he hissed.

               Andromeda laced her fingers around his wrist and imagined his skin turning black with frost bite. He let out a yelp and released her hair. She knew she’d have to move quickly before he could collect his gun again. She spun around and froze his gun beyond use before freezing his feet to the floor, his hands together and his lips shut.

               When she was convinced that Joker wouldn’t be able to call for help or get lose, she approached him. “Now listen here, your highness,” she whispered menacingly, “You don’t know jack shit about me or my family, so stick to talking about things you know,” she brought her hand up to wipe away the blood that had begun dripping from the corner of her mouth after he’d hit her. “Another thing, I’m here to stay. Your last queen obviously didn’t know what she was doing if some rat-with-wings crazed vigilante could take her down and lock her up.”

Joker jerked against his bindings at Andromeda’s blatant disrespect towards Harley. Unfazed, Andromeda continued.

“I’m smarter, faster, stronger; it would behoove you to think twice before sending me on my way. And thirdly,” Andromeda leaned into Joker so that she could whisper into his ear, “The next time you raise a hand to me better be when you’re bending me over to spank me for being a bad girl while I call you Daddy; otherwise you’ll find that you’ve lost some essential body parts to unexplainable frostbite.” She heard a low moan resonate in Jokers chest, and when she pulled away, she saw his pupils were blown wide with lust. “Do we understand each other?”

               Joker nodded.

               “Excellent.” Andromeda smiled and grazed his ear softly with her teeth before releasing him from his bonds.

               As soon as he got free, Joker pulled her closer to him and pressed a hard kiss to her lips. “You’re playing with a dangerous man, doll-face. Are you sure you can handle it?”

               “I told you. I can handle myself just fine,” She sighed before pressing her mouth to his again.


               As the first couple of months passed, Andromeda proved her loyalty to Joker and his associates in a number of ways. She was sent on some missions to shield his men from gun fire, sometimes she was sent to make sure that a client paid his dues in the proper time and fashion, other times, she was asked to lead the missions to kidnap important individuals that would reap a high ransom. There were a couple of times that she had been ordered to kill people who had displeased Joker. In these cases, she insisted that she was accompanied by only one or two of J’s trusted men. She knew J would want proof that she followed through on her missions, so there was no point in asking to go alone; but she needed as few people watching her as possible. In these instances, she always froze her victims. Joker asked her why she preferred such a non-theatrical kill; she explained that when the bodies were found, there was no way to trace a death by freezing back to the murderer.

               Her real reason: she wasn’t killing these people. She’d freeze them to a point where their hearts slowed down, their skin chilled and they stopped breathing. She’d then slip a note into their pocket instructing them to stay under Joker’s radar unless they wanted to find out what a slow, freezing death actually felt like. Once this was done, she’d have J’s men dump the bodies in a body of water. After she and the men were on their way back to J’s headquarters, she’d imagine the bodies thawing and her “victims” coming back to life.

               As the months went on, Andromeda climbed the ranks of Joker’s inner circle. While she was favored by Joker in the sense that he always demanded she be by his side, she was expected to be seen and not heard.

               “This is just a formality until you have learned your way among my people, pet.” Joker assured her when they were alone in his VIP suite above the club.

               “I’ve been here four months, J. I know my way among your people.” Andromeda knew that she needed to get more power among his colleagues before Wayne could hope to capture him.

               “Nearly, my dear, nearly,” Joker grinned and pressed his mouth to hers in a heated kiss. “Always so cold, dearie. Cold, cold, cold, cold to the touch, kisses that leave me frost bitten in all the fun places,” Joker hissed into her ear, “But I wonder if your heart is as cold as it should be.”

               Andromeda stiffened, what did he know?

               “I had a rather fun package delivered to me just yesterday,” Joker went on, standing as he spoke. He held a hand out for Andromeda to take. “An old friend of mine who I thought was lost to us has miraculously reappeared.” He led her through the club and out the back door.

In the alley just behind his club, there was a woman kneeling down; she was surrounded by four of Joker’s meanest men. When they got closer, Andromeda recognized her as a woman she’d been sent to kill only weeks earlier. She was some kind of drug dealer who had tried to cheat J out of his fair share of the money; J had become rather displeased with her.

“I assume you have a perfectly wonderful explanation,” Joker motioned to the woman.

Andromeda remained silent. What could she say? This proved that she was not as cold and calculating as she had led Joker to believe.

Realizing that Andromeda wouldn’t be talking, Joker approached the woman. “We meet again, my wild flower, my Delilah, my Epiphyte.”

She was shaking. Andromeda had seen a lot of things in the past four months, but she didn’t think she’d ever seen someone so scared.

“You remember Andie Rome,” Joker motioned to Andromeda. He’d taken to nick-naming her a few weeks after their meeting. He insisted that every good criminal should have an alias. “This Karenina wanna-be,” Joker continued, turning back to the woman, but still addressing Andromeda, “ was delivered to me yesterday when she was found selling knockoffs of my drugs just outside Gotham.”

Andromeda knew she was close to being busted unless she could think of something.

“I’m not angry with you, my sweet. I’m just…” Joker paused for a moment, searching for the right word, “disappointed.”

Andromeda saw his punch coming a mile away. When he made his move, she dodged out of the way and returned with a punch of her own. It caught his jaw and knocked him off balance. Andromeda used this as an opportunity to erupt ice from the ground beneath him. An icicle about six feet tall and four feet wide burst from the ground and enveloped Joker. Only his head and hands remained unfrozen. His four henchmen leapt into action, two tried to take Andromeda down while the other two moved towards their prince to attempt to free him. Panicking, Andromeda formed cubes of ice no bigger than an average bullet and shot them at the two men who planned to attack her. Within moments, they were riddled with holes that resembled gunshot wounds. They fell to the ground, lifeless. Still full of adrenaline, she turned to the two henchmen still trying to free Joker. On impulse, she reached out and made two more icicles burst from Joker’s. They pierced the two men through their hearts. From behind her, Andromeda heard a gun click. She felt the barrel pressed to the back of her head moments later.

“I don’t want no trouble,” the woman Joker had brought to see Andromeda whispered. “I just wanna go home.”

“You should have thought of that before you pulled a gun on me,” Andromeda sneered. She spun around, pushing the gun away from her head. She heard the gun fire. She reached her hand out and pressed it to the woman’s chest. “I gave you another chance. You fucked up,” she hissed. She watched as ice spread out from the woman’s chest until it covered her whole body. When she was frozen solid, Andromeda pulled her hand away and examined her work. “Hm.” She huffed before flicking the now frozen woman’s ear and watching the body shatter to the ground.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Joker whooped from where he was still frozen in place.

Andromeda smirked and released him.

“I was just trying to get you there, baby.” He smiled wickedly as he pressed another kiss to her lips.

“I told you if you ever raised a hand at me again, I’d give you frost bite…how you feeling down south?” She teased.

“I have a slightly more entertaining way you could freeze my fun bits,” he moaned, pressing his hips into hers, “If you’re feeling up to it.”

Andromeda moaned softly. She couldn’t believe how turned on he got her. What worried her even more than her attraction to Joker, however, was the fact that it didn’t seem to faze her that she’d just murdered 5 people in less than 5 minutes.


Over the next two months, Andie gained more and more power among J’s men. J began asking for her input on operations, demanding that she lead missions into the city—no, not just lead, but organize them as well. She heard whispers among his people when they thought no one important was listening; there was no one J trusted more than her.

“I haven’t seen the Boss so whipped since Harley Quinn,” One man whispered to the bar tender one night. Andie had disguised herself in order to sit among the club’s patrons and eaves drop on any and every interesting conversation she could find.

“Remember only six months ago he was planning to bus Quinn out of some top secret prison,” another man commented, joining the conversation with Goon 1 and the bar tender.

“I haven’t even heard Mr. J mention Quinn since Rome showed up,” The bar tender nodded, “I guess there’s a new queen in town.”

That was all Andie needed to hear. She stood and made her way up to Joker’s rooms above the club. She pushed the door to his apartments open and went out to the balcony. She found him standing in the shadows, looking through a pair of binoculars.

“Whatcha checking out, pumpkin?” She asked as she plopped herself down in one of the chairs that were kept out on the balcony.

“We have company…” He smirked and handed her the binoculars.

She took them from him and looked out into the dark. There was a woman sneaking around J’s club.

“It’s nothing to worry about; we have that safe house on the other side of Gotham. It would take a few hours, max, to move all the essentials over there. If you’re busted here, it’s not the end of the world,” Andie shrugged.

“Look closer, pet.” J ordered.

Andie handed the binoculars back to J and made some out of ice for herself. She adjusted her lenses and zoomed in to see the woman more clearly. It wasn’t just any woman…It was Wonder Woman. Andie could see it now, she saw the whip hanging at her side, saw the flash of red on her uniform.

Wayne’s messenger. She realized.

“Let’s go say hello.” Andie heaved herself over the balcony and landed with a light thud. She waved a hand behind her and created a ladder for J to climb down.

When J reached the ground, they approached the woman.

“Well, well, wellwellwell.” Joker smiled as they approached, “Who have we here? Batboy’s new sweetheart?”

“I did not come here to exchange words with you, clown,” Wonder Woman snapped, “I have come for the girl.”

Please don’t blow my cover…Andie thought. “That’s rich,” she laughed, “how do you plan to make me go anywhere with you?”

“Your name is Andromeda Ramirez. You went missing six months ago. Your friends and loved ones are worried sick about you. You’ve done horrible things with this man. I am giving you a chance to make up for it. Come with me now, leave this life behind and help us take him down…”

Shit, she’s saying too much, Andie began to panic.

“Or…” Wonder Woman drew a sword and fell into a battle stance, “you die a villain.”

Andie knew she had to fight; somehow, she’d have to get a message to Wonder Woman to get back to Wayne.

Andie held a hand out and created an ice blade like the one she’d given J six months before.

“Let’s play,” she smiled.

They leapt into combat. Andie tried to use her powers to freeze Wonder Woman in place so she could get a few good blows in, but the demi-god was too fast, too skilled of a warrior. They clashed swords and delivered fierce blows to each other. When they were close enough, Wonder Woman whispered low into Andie’s ear, “Batman needs to know your status.”

Andie yelped and pushed her away. Abandoning her ice sword, she created a bow and arrow and started firing beautifully sculpted ice arrows at the hero. Wonder Woman dodged every one. Andie dropped her arrows and ran at the demi-god. She jumped and caught Wonder Woman’s shield in her grip.

“Deliver the message on your shield before it melts,” she instructed and froze a brief message to Wayne on the inside of Wonder Woman’s shield.

Wonder Woman nodded and pushed Andie back once the message was finished. “Your prince is coming to save you,” she motioned behind Andie.

Joker pulled up beside them in his shinny, purple car.

Andie delivered a round house kick that landed square on Wonder Woman’s jaw. Andie suspected that the superhero allowed her that one clean blow. While Wonder Woman was recuperating, Andie ran to Joker’s car and jumped in. He let out a loud cackle and sped into the night.

“That was beautiful, darlin’,” he whooped once they could no longer see Wonder Woman in their rear-view mirror. “I’m not sure which one of you would have given in first. Beautiful, beautiful, my beautiful girl,” he leaned over and kissed her fiercely. “There’s no goin’ back now, baby. You’re in it for the long run. I tried to warn you just to stay away, but you wouldn’t hear of it. You’ve got too much fight in you. I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it,” he rambled, “Now we’ve got vigilantes outside ready to bust down our doors just to get to you. It looks like you might be one of us.”

Andie smiled at her lover and shouted in ecstasy as they sped through the streets to their second safe house. She threw a fist in the air and watched as ice shot into the sky and burst into tiny blizzards above Gotham’s streets. As she watched her ice flutter on the wind, she realized that she wasn’t just acting. She truly felt ecstatic to have tussled with a super-hero, to have narrowly escaped, to have been somewhat rescued by her Clown Prince. It bothered her that she so easily considered Joker her prince, or his safe-house their safe-house. Something else worried her too. She’d left a message on Wonder Woman’s shield that said she needed more time with J. That she wasn’t ready just yet. That was a lie. She could help them take him down now with little difficulty. So why did she lie?

Wonder Woman Rebirth Doesn’t Disappoint

Let me preface this by saying I am a huge Greg Rucka fan. In fact, though I’m not usually one to declare absolutes (at least not in the Kantian sense of the term), I can in fact, declare with an almost certain certainty that Greg Rucka is my favorite comic book writer.

I can list a myriad of reasons as to why I like Mr. Rucka, but for the sake of time and space, I’ll just boil it down to a few things. The first of which being, is that Greg is one of the few male writers out there that is actually comfortable writing women. And even better than that, he’s one of the few male writers that actually knows how to write women well.

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