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Ben Affleck was the best part of Batman V. Superman. Sure, his spine-crushing, evil-murdering rendition of the Caped Crusader wasn’t perfect, but in a movie that featured a Lex Luthor who taunts a U.S. senator with a jar of pee and an extended sequence wherein Wonder Woman basically sits down to watch trailers for three other DC movies, he was fucking Brando. And when the news came out that Affleck would be writing, directing, and starring in his own solo Batman movie, I was reasonably excited. Dude’s a good director, and at worst, it would be two hours of him grimacing and coming thiiiis close to ripping out the throat of any criminal within arm’s length.

And then Affleck revealed that he wouldn’t be directing it. Okay. I can understand being busy and not being able to commit to things. I have a porch covered in dead plants that can attest to that. It was also revealed that Affleck’s script was being rewritten, and that’s okay too. Writing a script is tough. It might have needed some work. But then it was rumored that he wasn’t even keen on being Batman anymore, and while I wasn’t shocked, I definitely wondered how the dude had transitioned from “I want to atone for the sins of my Daredevil performance” to “Please, Warner Bros. Please just let me go.”

And after putting together all of the news stories that have been spawned from the unstable experiment that is the DC Expanded Universe, I realized that it’s not Affleck who’s being flippant on this bat shit.

How DC Comics Is Making Directors Hate Filmmaking

The entire ‘Wonder Woman’ movie plot has allegedly leaked due to test screenings. Source seems to be the same person who leaked the ‘Suicide Squad’ plot which turned out to be 100% accurate. Doesn’t guarantee that this leak is authentic, plus movie’s often change a lot from test screenings to actual release, but still the plot is out there if anyone is interested in reading it.

Conner so blunt and insightful… I feel like his question was rhetorical in any case.

Diana does love him in the manner Conner is implying despite her round about way of dodging the full truth in her answer

Kal… or Clark(if that’s the name you use) does love her in return… he just doesn’t believe himself worthy of her. as its been long since established for pre-New 52 superman.

pre- new 52 has always been a bittersweet read for me. their actions and reactions spoke volumes of their love for each other but it was never realized due to insecurities and circumstances ( but obviously the writers and fans of clois etc)  the New 52 and else world stories like Kingdom come will be all read from now on.

oh if anyone has any good comics with the pairing, maybe some story lines, I would appreciate any suggestions… rebirth reduced the amount of DC comics I’m can read these days.

Oh yeah for sure. And 100% agree. Kal and Diana had/ has something very special, tender, complex and deep. Timing w as the obstacle. In the new  52 it  was great to see him more confident and going for it and not allowing her to slip through his fingers. Their connection  was not only based on mutual trust and a sharing of the same goals etc but the feeling of being different and loneliness they would obviously feel both being so unique and different to everyone around them. Clark, no matter how connected he is to earth, is still an alien and Diana an immortal amazon demi goddess, the only child on her island…of course she would feel lonely too. The attraction and connection  was acted upon and explored so  well by Charles Soule. You should pick up the first  2 volumes of the power couple. The other bks by Peter J Tomasi is not up to Soule’s standard simply because it seems he tried to damage the couple with ooc drama and contrived tension than build or develop them. Then of course he killed our Clark for Rebirth. So seems he had his agenda from day one. 

A good read in the new 52 is Superman Doomed. Justice League Throne of Atlantis, JL Trinity War and JL The Amazo Virus.

Some good pre new 52 showing the Kal/Diana bond  are-

Superman: Our Worlds at War Vol 1 & 2. 


Wonder Woman: Paradise Found

JLA A League of One

JLA Pain of the Gods

Wonder Woman Spirit of Truth

JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice HC/SC

Art by: Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino and Guy Major


Cover A: Cat Staggs Cover B: Nicola Scott Writer: Andy Mangels Art: Judit Tondora

The two most powerful women on television are here to fight the forces of evil! The battle for Paradise Island and the fate of the free world ends in this issue, with surprises galore. Now Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman — along with their allies and Max the Bionic Dog — face down the evil cabal of villains known as CASTRA on two battlefronts. Explosions, swords and armor, reformation, a literal cliff-hanger, and an army of Amazons versus an army of Fembots…it all ends here! No stuntwomen needed as the best-selling team-up fans demanded wraps up with a thrilling finale, written by best-selling author ANDY MANGELS (Star Trek & Star Wars) and illustrated by JUDIT TONDORA (Grimm Fairy Tales).

Dinah Confronting Bruce about his reaction to Chickadee!Jason’s Death

Imagine when Bruce used Chickadee’s death as a lecture topic for Tim the first time. 

Imagine Bruce lecturing Tim about breaking the rules, telling him to remember what happened to Chickadee when he wasn’t careful

Imagine Tim being heartbroken because he met Chickadee and Jason was his hero

Imagine Superman listening to Bruce and trying to stop him from using Jason like that, saying it isn’t right at all and Bruce should know this

Imagine Bruce rounding on Clark and snarling that Jason was his son, his sidekick, and he’ll do whatever he has to to make sure nothing like that happens to Tim

Imagine Diana getting so angry that she’s speechless, how dare Bruce use Jason like that, Jason was someone important to her too and Bruce is degrading him, turning him into a lesson 

Imagine Flash flinching and quietly slipping away because he knows that Bruce is upset and that’s what it is but Barry knows this will end up going south very quickly

Imagine Green Lantern and Green Arrow blanching because abort Bats abort

Imagine J’onn giving Bruce a sad look, he feels sorry for the sorrow Bruce is feeling but he’s also disappointed that Bruce would do this

Imagine Aquaman just keeping quiet because he knows this isn’t his fight despite how much he might want to tell Bruce that he’s walking a fine line at the moment

Imagine Hawkgirl getting angry, so very angry that she just has to fly out and smash something with her mace because Jason was her friend and for Bruce to use him like that is an insult to his name 

But then you get Dinah

Dinah just freezes because she knows Bruce didn’t just use Jason as a warning. She knows Bruce didn’t just use her son as an example for another sidekick to justify his own insecurities. She knows that Bruce isn’t blaming Jason’s death on Jason because he went to rescue BRUCE who had gotten captured himself. She knows that Bruce wouldn’t dare manipulate facts like that to make sure the point got across. 

Imagine Dinah turning and walking very slowly to Bruce before she just punches him in the gut and keeps punching

Imagine Dinah snapping

Imagine Dinah yelling at Bruce that it isn’t Jason’s fault that Jason isn’t here, that it’s Bruce’s fault

Imagine Dinah telling Bruce that if he would have just done something about the Joker years ago Jason would still be here, but that Bruce had let the Joker go to massage his own ego, after all no one can stop the Joker but Batman so if there’s no Joker for Bruce’s Batman what good is he really

Imagine Clark and Diana holding Dinah back but she continues to yell that Bruce should be ashamed of himself because he might as well have killed Jason himself

Imagine the tears streaming down Dinah’s face as she continues to scream that Bruce is responsible for her son’s death and that she will never forgive him

Imagine Dinah finally deflating, like all the fight has just suddenly evaporated from her body

Imagine Clark and Diana slowly lowering her to the ground

Imagine Dinah just giving Bruce the harshest glare anyone has ever seen and whispering one final sentence to him before getting up off the floor and telling him to never mention Jason again

“I will never forgive you, murderer.”