wonder who these trainees are


‘(Y/N) could you come to the kitchen for a second?’ your manager asked you were waiting for the next order to be finished.

‘Um yeah, just let me take this next order and I’ll be right there.’ you said once the order was done.

While you arranged the plates on the tray you saw the manager go back to the kitchen.

After you were done serving that table you hurried to the back to see what your manager wanted.

‘You needed something?’ you asked.

‘Yeah we have a new hire as of yesterday, he’s a server, so I need my best server to train him.’

‘Oh did you want me to call one of the other servers? Yeah I’ll let her know, which one is it?’ you asked while pulling out your phone, getting ready to call one of the other servers and let them know they have a new trainee.

‘No no (Y/N), I was talking about you, you’re my best server. I need you to train the new server.’ The manager clarified while trying not to laugh at how clueless you were.

‘Oh me, cool.’ you blushed at the compliment.

‘He’s coming in today but since we’re kinda busy I’m just gonna have him shadow you OK.’

‘Yeah I get it, I got a new shadow.’ You joked.

‘I need a server!’ one of the cooks called.

You hurried to the counter and got back to work, all the while thinking of your new trainee, wondering who he was and when he’d show up.

Just then the door opened and in walked a rather tall and lanky guy, he had brown hair and eyes, cute moles here and there. And he was wearing the same uniform as you.

That must be him.

He looked around and his eyes landed on you he headed your way.

‘Um hey I’m the new hire I’m looking for the manager, he said he’d have my name tag ready when I came in.’ the guy said.

‘Yeah just head to the back of the kitchen, that’s where the office is.’ you responded.

‘Thank you.’ he said before going into the kitchen.

‘That the new hire?’ (Y/F/N), the cashier, asked.

‘Yeah, I’m training him because I’m the best server.’ you boasted proudly.

‘He’s cute, in a nerdy kind of way. What’s his name?’

‘I don’t know yet, he’s getting his name tag right now.’ you answered.

At that moment he walked out and you focused on his name tag.

‘Stiles? That’s your real name?’ you couldn’t help but ask.

‘Oh uh no, it’s not but that’s what I go by. Don’t even bother asking the real name I take it to my grave.’ Stiles said.

‘No name? Are you the Doctor? Does that make me Rose Tyler?’ you joked.

‘Was that a Doctor Who reference?’

‘It was, and I think I’m more of a Donna Noble if anything else. Anyway I’m (Y/N), and I’ll be the one training you. Today you’ll just follow me and basically watch and learn because we’re busy right now.

‘You got an order coming out, get the big tray.’ (Y/F/N) said as one of the cooks put the food on the counter.

You grabbed one of the large trays and started arranging the plates so none of the five plates would fall or spill when you picked up the tray.

‘OK, lesson number one when you carry the large tray only use one hand. You pull the tray so it’s hanging off the counter then bend your knees put your hand under the center of the tray. When you stand back up your shoulder will carry most of the weight and keep the tray balanced.’ You said while demonstrating.

‘We keep the support stands over here, this is why I use one hand so I can carry the tray and the stand.’ you said while grabbing the stand.

The rest of the night Sties followed you and watched you serve plates to customers, bus tables, sweep up spilled rice, deal with complaints, etc. all the while listening to little notes and tips you gave him.

Finally thing were winding down so you and Stiles had a minute to take a breather.

‘I’ll be honest I didn’t think this much was involved in being a server.’ Stiles said.

‘Thought it was only picking up the food and bringing it out? Maybe get some free food during a guaranteed break?’ you smiled.

‘Yeah that’s I thought, but apparently you have to clean the tables and sauce bar, sweep, clean the restroom, fill the soda machine with ice, make huge tubs of tea all while customers make trivial request.’ Stiles said.

‘Yup and most days I don’t get a break and the food ain’t free, but it’s a good discount.’ you added.

‘Well at least we both leave in an hour right?’ Stiles asked.

‘What did your schedule say?’

‘The manager said we have matching hours since you’re training me. Six to close, as in six to midnight, right?’ Stiles asked.

‘Oh how cute you thought you were leaving soon. Closing means you don’t leave until the dining room is clean and ready for day shift.’ you explained.

‘Are you serious, OK fine what do you have to do when you close?’ Stiles whined.

‘Well you have to roll up the rugs, sweep, mop, tables must be clean obviously, clean the restrooms, dump the tea, restock and cover the sauces on the bar, shut off the soda machine and sanitize the dispensers, take the dishes to the back to be washed, take out the trash and clean that little employee room.’ You listed off the things you had to do before either of you could leave.

‘Damn and you do this every night? That was exhausting to listen to, and I have to watch you do all that.’ Stiles said in amazement.

‘Yup and tomorrow you get to help me do it. Welcome to the food business.’

I always wonder how trainees who debut in a big group feel. They have to work extra hard to get noticed in the group and the pay must be pretty insubstantial. I’m no expert on how salaries work but I do know that in Taiwan, variety shows pay a set amount (1350 TWD) to anyone who comes to their show for promotional reasons no matter how famous. If it’s a band, they have to split the pay. I don’t know if it works that way in Korea but splitting such a small amount between 8-14 people must suck.