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*crosses legs, takes glass of wine*

I just…cannot believe that already 500 of you have decided to follow me. I feel so honored and emotional about this, and I really want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for being here. Some of us have not spoke, some of us speak everyday, but regardless of our communication level I appreciate, and adore, every single one of you. 

I spent most of today thinking about doing something special for this, because I can’t even believe that it’s happened so quickly. On the way home, I decided to do a small follow forever because, without you guys, I’d literally not be doing this. So, as a thank you, here is a tiny follow forever to highlight some of the most special people and friends I’ve made during my short time here. 

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Yellowstone, you were a dream. ⛰
Song: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac ✨ (at Yellowstone National Park)

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mina has literally the most inconsistent characterization but i don’t even care because i lowkey love her


Regis and Clarus driving around in the Regalia in the dead of night through the streets of Insomnia looking for things to do and end up at a bar in a seedier part of town. Clarus makes sure there aren’t any undercover Crownsguards or Glaives before he allows Regis inside. The next morning Mors nearly has Regis’s head because the Shield and his son’s tryst are all over the papers. The two of them are forbidden to see each other for a while, but Regis and Clarus still manage to communicate through the Armiger.