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Affaires Douées (M)

word count: 7.4k

genre: smut; CEO!minhyuk

pairing: reader/minhyuk

summary: you’re fashion CEO lee minhyuk’s personal assistant, and in deep denial about your well-reasoned attraction to said man. when he reveals he’s had issues taking care of himself, paired with you seeing him lose his temper in front of everyone, it leads you two to take your business relationship to a more personal level.

a/n: this was inspired by this lovely video which had a yelling minhyuk that had me hot and bothered within seconds. please, suffer with me.


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fam(ily) - five | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 5,972
genre: fluff//angst
warnings: explicit language

one | two | three | four | five the end

[A/N]: Sorry it took so long to updated. I started school recently and im taking several AP classes so its hard for me to write often. im so thankful for everyone reading this series, and how much attention it has gotten every since the first chapter, i hope everyone still sticks around for the end (: i also apologize for any typos bc i haven’t proofread 

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Jimin was texting you nonstop, asking if you’ve spotted them. The baby blue was switched out with a dark, navy. Tiny specks dotted the night drop. Minseo was yelling her sister’s name with all her breath. Your throat was raw from screaming for them.

A strange feeling overcame you. A rush of fear and anxiety mixed together and washed over your entire system. Tears were welling, blurring your vision. There were just too much bushes, too many plants. Nothing resembled two small children. 

Losing them felt like something was robbed from you. You had no where to look and everywhere you did look, there was nothing, only dark blue skies and rows of leaves. Minseo heard your whimpers and wrapped her arms around your neck. 

“Ms.(Y/N), I’m sorry for making you cry.” Her tiny voice filled your left ear. You patted her back and shook her head. Children were so pure. They weren’t exposed to anything that would deem harmful to them. They weren’t ruined by the scary world.

“Monkey, are you cold?” You managed to sniff, your throat aching.

“No, because you keep me warm.” She smiled. Even in the worst types of situations, she was able to make you smile. 

they’re not in the trees, or the center, or the field. (Y/N), how could this have happened?

we can’t start blaming ourselves right now, Jimin. Come to the garden, i need you.

Your jumbled mind refused to let you think straight. The feeling was so foreign, nothing like you’ve ever felt. It surpassed the anxiousness of losing your keys or your phone. You lost something that meant practically everything to you. 

You loved the twins with all your heart. They weren’t hard to love. Minseo and Minjoo were the two kindest souls you’ve ever met. They had beautiful smiles that had your knees weak. They rarely fought and they treated you with such respect and pampered you with wholesome love.

Besides Jimin, they were your happiness. They needed to be protected and you wanted to be the one to do that for them. They deserved to be happy and you promised yourself that you’d never let their smiles fade. It was a small oath you made to yourself over the course of the months. You were there for them when they needed you.

Traveling deeper into the garden, you heard wailing. Minseo’s head popped up and she pointed to where it was coming from. You ran, with every ounce of energy you had left. Screaming for them, you heard the sobs get louder.

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After All Things

Peter Parker x Reader

Ok, so, I’ve decided to do a short little series (maybe, depends on how this first part is received,) following what happens after the events of ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.’

Summary: The crushing. That’s what you had come to refer to it as. It had left the Peter Parker you saw a broken and sad man; a man in desperate need of closeness. Only, it seems as though he’s forgotten how. You offer what you can to this man who doesn’t know. Answering his question in the only way he’ll let you. Peter is 23/24. Words: 2.5k.

It’s A Lot Like Falling: Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V  Part VI

After All Things:  Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Warnings: Sexual content/Hurt/Angst/References to death

The heavy smell of smoke filled the night air, ash and debris from the burning apartment building a few blocks away from your own fell from the sky, carried on the wind, fluttering past your window as you looked out on the horizon with a worried gaze.

Red and orange from the inferno cast this eerie glow behind the silhouette of the buildings dominating the skyline visible from your little portion of the world, ever reaching flames licking up at the stars from the source. Red and blue flashes added to the burning colors, staining the rising smoke a sickly purple, thickness of it beginning to block out the moon. Your ears were full of the sounds of helplessness and tragedy, echoing through your brain and reverberating in the chambers of your heart.

The whole building had been engulfed within minutes, even from where you stood in the cool safety of your apartment; troubled observer, it was undeniable; the structure was already beginning to crumble in on itself, fire having eaten away at the support beams.

There would be death.

It had happened too fast.

Your chest tightened further.

A loud rumbling sound filled the thickened air of the night as you watched the building finally give way, weakened, flame-licked spine fracturing. Watched as the burning debris scattered, charred remnants of the places people had called home, gift boxes for their lives, raining down on the city in a violent torrent, surrounding windows shattering, smoke choking.

Your eyes filled with stinging tears, salty droplets repelling from eyelashes; your fingers found the lock on the window, flipping it so that it would open without issue. So that it would open when the fires stopped breathing, when the smoke cleared and the disaster of the night ended.

When the numbers totaled.

When the names came in.

Turning away from the scene with a heavy heart and a brain full of smoke, you made your way to the bathroom to take a shower; an attempt to clear the debris from your mind. You were preparing yourself, checking for structural integrity before asking it to support more.

He would be here soon.

He would need it.

After that.

After all things.

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Regret - Part 3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and you leave him. Almost a year later, he realizes that he hasn’t quite gotten over you and he tries to get you back.

You ended up calling Taeyong a few weeks later. As soon as the line began to ring, you wanted to hang up. What if he forgot all about you? What if he didn’t even remember your name? More importantly, what if he was already seeing someone? Maybe you should’ve texted him first, you thought, as it continued to ring in your ear.

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Interview translation (Takumi Shu)

This is from one of the trilogy era fan books, an interview with Ace Attorney writer/creator/director Takumi Shu about Phoenix and Edgeworth. I posted it on the PW Kink Meme before but since I finally jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon, I figured I might as well put it up here too. Enjoy~

Interviewer: The profile that the fans came up with for Wright is published on page 46. What’re your thoughts on it?

Shuu: You all put a lot of thought into that, didn’t you? Personally when it comes to Wright, the more I try to unravel him, the less I understand. When it comes to Edgeworth, he’s a little more unstable in some ways than the average person, so that actually makes it easier to think up interesting replies for him. But with Wright, I feel like he’s the type who leads a relatively normal life with both feet on the ground. And he’s quite average. That actually makes it more difficult to imagine what his life style is like.

I: As you say, Inaba-san and Iwamoto-san both described Wright as “average.” (see page 48)

S: I suppose so. He gives the impression of having been raised in a very normal family. I think he probably grew up in municipal housing or apartment building with his family. I bet even now he’s renting a normal apartment. He probably commutes to the bath house and stuff.

I: When it comes to his mode of transportation between his place of residence and his office or the bath house, it seems that a lot of fans are of the opinion that he rides his bike…

S: Couldn’t it be like a granny bike [characterized by having a basket on the front for carrying a purse/groceries]? I don’t really think a mountain bike suits him (lol) Just so we’re clear, I don’t ride a granny bike (lol)

I: Train and bike were mentioned, but what about other modes of transportation?

S: It’s been established that he doesn’t own a car. I can’t picture him driving one, it just doesn’t fit his image (lol)

I: Does he have his driver’s license?

S: Probably not.

I: While we’re on the subject, what about you, Shu-san? Do you have your license?

S: I don’t, actually (lol). That might have influenced Wright in a way.

I: The next item on the player input survey is about “part time jobs he had in college.” In average Wright’s case, there seems to be a general consensus that it would’ve likely been something that had a lot to do with serving people’s daily needs or the hospitality industry, but since he was enrolled in the art department, I think it would be interesting if he’d done some artistic modeling.

S: He might’ve also been something like a manga artist’s assistant.

I: What exactly was Wright studying in the art department?

S: I actually have an established headcannon about that. He was hoping to become a Shakespearian actor. That’s why he was enrolled with the art department. Influenced by that experience, his gestures tend to be a little exaggerated

I: So did he plan on someday going to England to study acting, then?!

S: I think he did. But then while he was enrolled, a newspaper article about Edgeworth caught his eye. After that he changed courses and started studying to be a defense attorney so that he could meet Edgeworth.

I: I wouldn’t have expected him to pursue an acting career. So does this mean that he’s actually pretty capricious?

S: I wouldn’t call him capricious exactly; I think he’s more the type that once he starts thinking a lot about a certain thing, he becomes very single-mindedly fixated on that thing (lol). I already mentioned that in the “his ‘type’” section though, didn’t I?

I: I see. Let’s talk about his taste in cell phones. What sort of phone do you imagine him owning?  I’m betting that since he’s hopeless with technology, he has a very basic model that he’s used and loved for a long time. Is that right?

S: It’s probably one of those old basic straight phones [as opposed to a slider or flip phone which were more common in Japan when this was written]. But even as old as it is, he still hasn’t managed to ruin it with over use. I doubt he’d bother to replace it until it actually breaks… He doesn’t seem like he’d be able to afford an upgrade before that time (lol)

I: Wright keeps taking jobs that don’t end up paying much, so he doesn’t seem like he has much money.

S: And we probably shouldn’t underestimate the cost of maintaining that office of his. It’s in pretty good shape, and there’s a decent amount of room in there. But I think that for Wright, in contrast to wealthy Edgeworth, a poorer image suits him pretty well. If you think of him that way, he, how should I put this… it adds flavor to his character (lol)

Interviewer: Looking at the responses we gathered from the fans, we got some pretty nice comments, but it still feels like there are gaps here and there. What can you tell us about Edgeworth’s character?

Shu: Compaired to Wright, don’t you think Edgeworth’s details are easier to imagine? How should I put this… it’s easy to play around with different aspects of his character. Once I decided that he was rich, various inspirations about him just kept coming to me.

I: Speaking of his wealthiness, it looks like the fans, in regard to his living quarters, imagined him to have rather expensive tastes.

S: I wonder (lol). I think he might be the owner of a large dog. Its collar is white and has frills on it. If you’re going to keep a large dog like that indoors, I suppose an expensive apartment would be best. He’d be like, “Hey, Pess! What’re you barking at?!”

I: …Pess?!

S: That’s the dog’s name (lol) Edgeworth doesn’t seem like the type who’d be good at communicating with other people or horses, Pess is the only one he can really communicate well with.

I: Pess is the only one, huh? (lol) That’s pretty blunt.

S: If Pess were to die, Edgeworth’s world might come to an end. He’s a man who lives in that sort of delicate balance.

I: Edgeworth’s emotional state really depends on Pess’s wellbeing, doesn’t it? So even though he puts up a strong front for the rest of the world, he allows himself to be vulnerable in front of Pess. Is that it?

S: Not only that, but Edgeworth is a very two-faced character. At first, I planned to write him as the type of man without any chinks in his armor. But then… in the strategy guide published by Futabasha, Suekane-san drew a comic in which Edgeworth was a Steel Samurai fan. Now that I think about it,that was what caused Edgeworth’s character to begin to crumble (lol). I began to think “he might actually be cuter if there were chinks in his armor.”

I: Between Wright and Edgeworth, which one do you view as being cuter?

S: Wright is heavily modeled after my own personality, so I can’t really think of him as “cute.” Maybe it’s because when I write from Wright’s point of view, I’m basically just writing what I would think in that situation.

I: So from Wright’s perspective, Edgeworth is…

S: He’s probably thinking that Edgeworth is a pretty cute guy (lol). The second game was when Edgeworth really began to come into his own as a character. So as I was writing it, I began to want to give him a little more development, and I came up with an episode where Wright’s it a really tough spot and Edgeworth helps him out.

I: You’re right; it was the fourth case of the second game where we really began to see Edgeworth as a good guy. It really gave credibility to the claim that he was Wright’s best friend. Now, returning to the topic of the profiles, I’m curious as to what you have to say about Edgeworth’s taste in music.

S: He might be a ppongjjak fan. [Pponjjak= Korean techno/disco music XDDDD]

I: P-ppongjjak?! That’s… rather unexpected…

S: What would be the fun in making him a classical music fan? So he’d be like, standing at attention, listening to ppongjjak. I think that style of music actually suits Edgeworth’s character pretty well.

I: According to the opinions of some players, they could imagine him “singing a passionate rendition of the English song 'My Way.’” Might he sing this song after a victory in court?

S: Sometimes he’ll do things in accordance with the Von Karma family tradition. That means if he wins a trial, he definitely sings “My Way.” (lol) Manfred Von Karma would hold the mic out to him and say, “Sing, Miles.” Franziska might also join him.

I: Speaking of the Von Karma family, it’s amazing how he had all those Von Karma-isms carefully hammered into him since around his middle school years.

S: He received special accelerated education for gifted children, so by the time he was around 20 years old, he fit in pretty well at the Von Karma family dinner table. By the way, the old housekeeper that currently tends to Edgeworth’s fancy appartment has been with him since back then (lol)

I: The old housekeeper left the Von Karmas so that she could be with Edgeworth, huh? (lol)

S: But I think of Edgeworth as being the type of man who really appreciates time to himself, so on such occasions the housekeeper won’t disturb him. I wonder what it is about Edgeworth’s character that makes him so easy to play with (lol). It’s strange.

Dat Ass (Owen Grady x Reader)

Written for owen-alpha-grady because he tolerates me and my nonsense.

You always saw Owen Grady as invincible. How could you not? You knew about his past in the Navy, and you certainly knew about his present; training bloodthirsty velociraptors. He held a sort of…electricity to him. It was pronounced and strong. The type that demanded attention, and those demands never failed to be met. The second he’d arrive at the paddock every day—always right on time or early—the entire atmosphere changed. People went out of their way to make sure they said hello to him. They had more purpose in their actions. But most noticeably, everyone relaxed as if a simultaneous thought of oh, Owen’s here now, we’re safe had swept over the paddock.  

Except that wasn’t what happened.

From day one, Owen had held a sort of power over you. One that tinted your eyes with rose colored glasses, and melted your world away when he was around. In truth, everything stayed the same when he arrived, for the most part. People went about their business; the lazy ones stayed lazy, and busy ones still had that frantic fuck-i-have-so-much-to-do look on their faces. You were the only one who relaxed and worked with more purpose. But you didn’t say hi. You could never say hi.

The crush you had on him was embarrassing. It reduced you to this puppy dog state that you thought only high schoolers could experience. You were convinced that he was a product of photo shop, what with the way you could see the outlines of his body underneath those fitted clothes he wore daily. But it was his personality that really got to you. He was casual and laid back, yet, often times his military background would show through. He was confident. He took no shit. But he was also kind, and loving; and all of those traits would show through at once when he interacted with the velociraptors. But perhaps the only thing more pathetic than your constant staring, was the way you seemed to lose control of yourself every time he spoke.

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i need flint kissing the inside of silver's wrist, the inside of his elbow. just anywhere on silver that is still soft and delicate even when the rest of him seems callused over. ♥

This prompt KILLED me anon, I love it so so much. I wrote you a few hundred words of Flint loving on Silver’s soft spots. I could go on about these two and their heartbreaking love all day though. 

I’m going to cross-post this to AO3…eventually. Once I figure out what to call it. 

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Stars in His Eyes

Summary: Once every week, Dan and Phil sneak out of their houses to go stargazing together. Tonight is Dan’s birthday, and Phil has something planned for that, of course.

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: sickly sweet fluff (FINALLY HANNAH, DAMN IT)

Warnings: a bit of swearing, that’s pretty much it

A/N: This is honestly so disgustingly fluffy, wtf. Writing fluff isn’t really my forte or my preference, but I figure I’d make it up to you guys for all of the angst I’ve been dousing you all with in my past few fics, so here you go!

for cam.

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*daydreams* *thinks to self* *looks at text button on tumblr*


World: Sonic Forces

Couple: Sonamy

Premise: What if Amy was just all up and avoiding Sonic? What would he canonically do?


Sonic nodded to team dark, before turning to see Amy a little ways away from him.

For some reason, she was hunched slightly, her hands together, and her head down low and submissively.

She looked like she may want to talk to him, and seeing the strange humble demeanor, he furrowed his brow a bit before about to step up to her.

This action made her perk up slightly, as he smiled to wave before Classic Sonic jumped with a noise to get his attention, ready to head out.

When Sonic’s face was turned, and his attention elsewhere, Amy seemed surprised and looked away, sorrowfully, before taking off away from him.

He nodded to his younger self, about to head out too before too long, but as he turned back to talk Amy was gone.


He looked around before seeing her taking off and reached a hand out, stepping a few inches forward before lowing the hand, and not taking any further action, just looking sad he not only missed his chance, but also why Amy would abruptly leave like that?

She looked like she had really wanted to ask him something too…

He stepped back and stood straight, putting his hands to his hips, and then gesturing with a tilt of his head back over his shoulder to Classic Sonic.

“Hey, little me. Have you noticed anything off with Amy?” he looked towards where he could still see her taking off, as Classic Sonic walked forward, stopped to look and examine a minute, before seeming to fold his arms and think about it a moment.

He then unfolded them in shock, his eyes going wide a moment, as he looked to his modern self, then Amy, then back at him, and turned his head away suspiciously, wondering why he was acting so concerned…

He folded his arms again when he saw his modern self take in a worried breath and sigh, shaking his head.

As his eyes squinted, Sonic took a second to double-take a look down and then flinch back, raising a fist up.

“H-hey! I’m just concerned for my friend, is all!” he gestured his arms out as he spoke, before walking passed Classic Sonic’s judgey eyes, as he turned to watch him walk off.

“Sheesh…” he then looked more seriously forward… “She’s just… never acted this weird before.”

Classic Sonic spun his feet to catch up to him, but gave him another sly look.

Later in the game~

Sonic and Classic walk up to Tails, as Modern Sonic speaks first.

“Hey, buddy!” He puts an hand to his hip, and lets the other one gesture around slightly as he speaks, either hanging by his side or moving as he did, bending forward or just standing straight.

“Hey, Sonic!” Tails waved, holding the Miles-Electric as Classic Tails was up on the x-tornado.

He looked down and waved, smiling with a youngsters laugh as he continued to work.

“What’s up?” Tails shrugged, wondering what the occasion was.

Sonic looked around, before turning back to Tails, “Has Amy said anything to you lately?”

Classic Sonic was surprised by the topic, and blinked a moment before staring up at his older self, then narrowing his eyes again and pouting, folding his arms as if he didn’t want to talk about this.

Classic Tails jolted, turning around slowly before peeking over the side of the Tornado.

Tails bent his eyes to an arch, and scratched behind his head. “W-well.. not really. She’s been off on solo missions lately… keeps phoning in and asking for more.” Tails gestured to the device. “It’s really great for reconnaissance! But… I’m sure she’s just avoiding asking you about… well, you know.” he rocked on his heels a moment, before putting his device around his back. “She’s been pretty upset and troubled every since that…”

“Since what?” Now Sonic was fully attentive. “Is there something I should know about?”

Tails leaned forward, even his toes sticking up as his tails went wild behind him, “What! You mean.. you don’t know?” he then immediately leaned back, holding his hands with the palms down and shaking his head, realizing Sonic wasn’t aware of what was going on.

He turned to his classic self, who ‘eep’d and hid his face. “Little me…” Tails glared slightly, putting his hands to his hips as he looked up at him.

“I.. I didn’t know how to tell’em!” he lowered his head, ducking to avoid eye contact as his hands still showed trembling to keep himself upright in the cockpit of the plane.

Tails shook his head, before gesturing a hand to Sonic and turning back to him, looking sorrowful as he explained. “I don’t know how to word this… but we all assumed you and her had talked about it already.. You see…” He looked away.

“Well? Out with it, already!” Sonic encouraged, as Classic now looked more sensitive to the matter, looking up at Sonic and then to Tails, seeming confused but wanting the details and facts now.

He leaned his head forward to listen better…

“Amy had a run in with Metal Sonic.”

Metal Sonic.

The name made both Sonic’s step back, flinching before looking down and scanning the floor.

“He apparently said some things to her… things that made her think. We all figured she had already talked to you about it… and the reason she was acting so distant was because…” he looked away. “Because you rejected her…” he bent his ears down, having supposed wrongfully, which was why everyone was giving Amy some space.

Sonic’s head shot up to Tails, before his anger grew as he clenched his fist.

“So she’s been all alone…”

Classic Sonic looked furious upon hearing this too, raising his fists, biting down on his teeth.

Tails turned back, and nodded sadly. “I had no idea you weren’t aware… it’s not like Amy to hold things back from you.”

“That time…” Sonic turned to look at another corner of the floor, as the image of her seeming to want to talk to him came into his mind, and then her running off.

“Little me…”

Classic Sonic blinked, before turning to his older self, looking less angry as he was now wondering what his modern self had in mind…

“…We need to find Amy.”

His voice was cold and serious, as his back was to his friends.

He was certainly deeply worried about her…

“Sonic..” Tails stepped forward, a hand out to him, as Sonic only motioned his head back behind his shoulder to indirectly refer to Tails.

“Where is she?”

The directness made Tails look down in shame, wishing he had told him sooner.

Amy had suffered all this time in silence… it wasn’t fair on her to keep her waiting… and Tails knew Sonic prioritizing was probably the best way to keep the teams at peace and working in unity.

“R-right.” Tails nodded, and pulled out his device to start looking up her location.

“You’re not gonna believe this… but…”

The two were racing off to a lava infested, active volcano zone.

Classic took a second to look up from his run to his older self, and when he saw the seriousness, worry, and active, diligent focus he had in his eyes, he tightened his mouth line and looked down, seeming disappointed in himself for not being that concerned.

He wondered what his older self was feeling… Classic clearly had every intention of just getting on with it, but maybe his older self knew this needed to be handled delicately and assertively.

Classic wasn’t so good with assertiveness and girls…

He lowered his eyelids, frowning on the side of his muzzle as he dreaded the awkwardness that may follow.

Modern’s mind was completely absorbed with the worst possible scenario.

What could Metal him have said to her that would make her act so skittish around him?

What made her so nervous that she found it hard to ask him about it?

He kept getting more and more frustrated as his mind raced with questions, concerns, and most of all… panic.

He had noticed something was wrong, but did nothing about it. He also felt shame.

He was disappointed in himself for not doing something sooner about it, not nipping it in the bud, so to speak.

This time, minus the pun.

“Come on, buddy.” Sonic narrowed his eyes, seeing the volcano start to splurge out magma as if erupting it’s way out.

The activity lingered in his deeply concentrated eyes, “Don’t fall behind.”

(Ahh~ I love the idea of Amy being emotionally troubled and Sonic being worried about her, even to the point where he finally takes action upon it. Eeee~<3 so cute!!!)

PART 2 (x) Part 3 (x)

Either Way (Lee Minhyuk-Park Jinyoung Imagine)

Request:Hello~♥ Could you write a fanfic were Minhyuk (Monsta x) and Jinyoung (GOT7) fight for the readers love, but at the end they end up the three together (if there’s smut then better) PDA: Love your works!

Pairing: Lee Minhyuk x Reader x Park Jinyoung

Genre: Smutty fluff?

Warnings: Threesome, Polyamory

Originally posted by seokjinandtonic

(A/N: I couldn’t find a good gif of them together but this pretty much sums everything up lol–ALSO! I didn’t realize I reached over 260 followers so THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!)

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This Time

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LANI OF @neoyeppuda!!! You thought @princeshushu and I would forget the birthday of someone as sweet as you? I didn’t congratulate you because Clar and I wanted to surprise you with our collab work so here you go! We’re so sorry this was so late but as a great woman aka Clar said “it’s the thought that counts”, we hope you like it! Love you~

Originally posted by beforeal1

“What are you doing here in the rain like this?” A shadow loomed above you. You glanced and for a second you marvelled at how tall the man in front of you was. It was a chilly autumn afternoon and your wet attire showed that you had been walking in the open when it started pouring a while ago.

You must’ve been a sight to behold.

It had been a chilly autumn afternoon. It’d rained a bit when you found yourself on a park bench. Your clothes stuck uncomfortably and clung on you like a second skin and your hair was a whole other story. You must’ve looked like less than a hot mess compared to the young man currently assessing you. He had on a brown coat that accentuated his brown locks, long fingers curled around the handle of a black umbrella. A circular pair of glasses sat snugly on the elegant curve of his nose and his eyes were soft but calculating, mind seemingly whirring and wondering why you’re crying in the open.

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I was reading Allie's blog and I was wondering what do you think is Harry's make out style?

Depends on the occasion.

I think he uses a lot of tongue. Like verging on excessive amounts of tongue but it’s actually a really good amount. I think he’s the type to smile into the kiss. I think he’s the type to pull away and rest his forehead against yours and smile and kinda giggle, and then press chaste little kisses to your cheeks and neck.


“ I want to share every single one of your sunshines and save them for later. I will tuck them into my pockets so I can give them back to you when the rain falls hard. I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe. When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. ”

I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. Namely, that there’s this idea that appears every so often, and that’s if Thomas ever knew what James became or what he’s done, that he would reject James or simply not love him anymore or that things would never work between them again. And I just for the life of me can’t understand where this idea comes from because I can’t see any canon backing for it and from everything shown with Thomas, it seems to go completely against what we were shown. And I’m not trying to stomp on anyone’s opinion; it’s just that Thomas is my favorite character for a myriad of reasons, so I am very passionate about this.

I have three motivations for talking about this:
1) Fanfic writing reasons;
2) This post, which has been in my likes forever and which I’ve always meant to answer
3) And this idea has been around awhile and still crops up every so often, and I’m here to make a rebuttal

But it comes down to this: you are never going to convince me that Thomas, who has shown himself numerous times to be an extremely loving and forgiving person, who was willing to fight for imperfect strangers at great personal cost, who watched an execution of someone who was deemed guilty and came to the conclusion that he was going to help these people, that were already known to be violent and dangerous, and whom he cared about despite their actions- you are never going to convince me this Thomas would not still love James all the same or not understand him.

Rambling under the cut.

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4/25/14 Blackhawks @ Blues, WCQF Game 5: Marian Hossa fights fists with laughter

Another Way- Bruce Wayne

Prompt: Requested by anon - “ I noticed youre taking requests, so can I request one where Batmom is a criminal (Before she was batmom) and Bruce encourages her to drop the criminal life and do good or something like that?” (x)

A/N: At first I wanted to pull the Gotham Sirens into this, but they didn’t form until later, so yeah. Enjoy!

   Exiting the skylight you landed on all fours. The alarm went off and a look of annoyance hushed over your face. It was quickly masked by a grin. Breaking into a run you jumped off the building, shooting your grappling hook mid-air. Adrenaline shot through your veins as you flew over the heads of pedestrians and back up. Laughter ran from your lips. Flipping in mid-air you landed on the next roof. This was what you loved about your job, the rush.
   Hearing someone land behind you, you turned. Of course the chase was always fun, too. Taking in the hero that had decided to come after you a hum sounded from the back of your throat. Batman was a rare hunter in Blüdhaven, which had yet to gain it’s own masked protector. That did not mean you hadn’t met the bat-vigilante before. He did find his way in this city from time to time, just as you visited Gotham on occasions. “Coming to play again?” you asked, wondering what had made him leave his territory this time. “I’m afraid I don’t have time to play with boys. Not even handsome bats.”
   "Breaking the law and robbing a museum is hardly a game.“ Batman narrowed his eyes at you, taking a step forward. You immediately took a step back, not at all interested in getting in a fist fight with the man in front of you. He stopped. His eyes went to your back bag. The one that had to contain the stolen jade figure.
   Teasingly you made a step backwards and grinned at him. His attention snapped back to your domino-mask-covered eyes. "Come and get me.” you told him. Giving him no time to stop you, you ran. Out the corner of your eye you saw him following hot on your tail. In the night he chased you over the rooftops. A few times he nearly got you, but you managed to slip away last second each time.
   Then a biting scent reached Batman and the sound of sirens coming from fire trucks made him stop. From where he was he could see the burning building at the  end of the street. Batman quickly realized that there were still people inside. The firefighters were trying to get to them, but the flames were shooting sky-high and blocking their way.
   He didn’t hesitate. Chasing you was not nearly as important than saving the lives of those people. It didn’t take him long to get there. Using his cape to shield his face from the flames he entered through a window on one of the upper floors. The fire was halfway through the walls and he didn’t trust the floor he was standing on. But down the hall someone called for help, so he rushed forward.
   Rounding in the room Batman was faced with a man and a small child. The man was stuck under a beam, while the kid was sitting next to him crying, refusing to leave. Looking up the man saw him and started begging the hero to save his son. Ignoring the calls, Batman stroke forward. “I’m getting both of you out of here.” he said, making the kid stand back and starting to throw the debris that was blocking the beam to the side.
   Using all his strength he pushed against the beam, but it didn’t budged. Unnoticed by anyone the fire was eating itself through the ceiling. The crack warned him to late. Spinning around Batman knew he wouldn’t be in time to save the kid as the ceiling collapsed above them. Out of nowhere you appeared, throwing at the child. Pushing them out of the way just in time. Pulling the three-year-old close you twisted in the air as to take the impact of the fall.
   You came up with them in your arms, the kid starring at you wide-eyed as it was too shocked to cry. Holding them close you patted their hair and got up. There was no time. Looking up you saw Batman watching you with an unreadable expression.
   Giving the situation you were in he didn’t dwell on his thoughts and turned back to the stuck man. Once more he steamed against the beam with no success. Frowning you stepped next to him. Together you were able to move the beam. Dropping it, Batman shouldered the man while you went back to the kid. Picking up a blanket from the from the fire still untouched couch you wrapped it around the them, before picking them up.
   The vigilante shared a nod with you, before you started running. Batman threw a batarang, shattering the window in front of you and doing so clearing the way for you so that it was safer for the civilians. Jumping out of the window the two of you used your grappling hooks to get safely to the ground. Some of the medics present rushed to meet you when they saw you.
   One of them took the child from you. Your eyes stayed focused on the kid  as they brought it over to the ambulance and checked over it. You might be a villain, but you hated seeing kids getting hurt and were glad this one was safe.      Without you realizing it Batman was watching you again. Till today he had always seen you as a thief up and foremost. One that didn’t kill, but still a criminal. Now he saw that there was more to you, something worth saving. For a moment he took his eyes off you as the medical workers took the man off his back. When he turned back, you were gone.

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SUMMARY: AJ Styles x OFC – He starts to get frustrated with her behaviour and shows her just how serious he is with the rules this time. 

This is my first fanfic so please be gentle lol. Although constructive criticism is always welcome.

Be advised that this fanfic also contains SMUT and a lot of it. Not really any warnings other than restraints, tease/denial, use of sex toys, degrading, and of course lots of Daddy Kink! Read at your own risk!

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N.M| Forever With You

Masterlist (x) Requests (x) A/N: Feel free to send me request. I would love to hear from you! <3 

Nate had been so distant here recently, and I didn’t understand why. I would ask him time after time if everything was okay, but every single time I would get the same response. He would simply brush my question off with a soft smile and a whispered “yes.” Yet I knew Nate far too well, I was able to read him like a book, something was bothering him but he was choosing not to tell me. Though I knew better to pry, he would eventually come to me in his own time. 

“Are we still good for tonight?” I questioned for fear that tonight’s plans would fall to pieces at last minute. Nate had been so busy with his music, but I was hoping to steal him away for just this one night. 

“Yeah, baby. I’ll pick you up at 7:00,” Nate promised. I felt relieved to have his assurance and knowing that nothing had come up that would interfere. 

“I can’t wait. I’ll see you then,” I said, finishing up the conversation. It was only 1:00 in the afternoon, I knew that Nate was still busy with work and I hated to interrupt him. 

“See you then baby,” he quickly said before ending the phone call. It had been a long while since Nate and I were able to spend an entire evening together. To be completely honest, I couldn’t tell you the last time we did. It had likely been a good four months, if not even longer. Needless to say, tonight’s plans were much needed for the two of us. I hoped that Nate’s distance was simply a result of the lack of time spent together, I hoped that it could easily be fixed. 

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The Penrose Triangle

Part 5

As the months wore on, Spencer’s attention drew away from his own troubles (and of course the ever-present words) and toward his mother. All the love in the world couldn’t keep her mind from slipping away slowly – and it broke his heart. It weighed him down more than any words ever could, so he did what any loving son would. 

Day in and day out, Spencer searched high and low for something that would help his mother. There was no cure for Alzheimer’s – at least not yet, but there were remedies and treatments that staved off the worst of it for a period of time, and besides her own son, it was her mind that Diana Reid prided herself on. Even if she couldn’t remember him, he wanted her to have some control over her own mind.

Scouting for helpful remedies was much more difficult than he could’ve possibly imagined, but eventually he found a place in Houston, Texas that was conducting a trial. If he could get her in, and she wasn’t on the placebo end of things, she might have a change for a more lucid, if not longer life, and at this point, that’s all either of them could hope for.

Hotch had been very accommodating when it came to giving him time off, but then like so many before him, he had to leave as well. Although it pained him to see another mentor go, this one he had understood more than most. With Scratch after Hotch, he could no longer risk the possibility that Scratch wouldn’t come after Jack, and with Haley already lost to one madman with a desire for driving Aaron Hotchner over the brink, Jack’s life stood above all else, so they went into witness protection in the hopes that Jack would live a long and fulfilling life. That left someone else from the team to step into the role of Unit Chief, and he couldn’t have picked anyone better than Emily. With her experience at Interpol and her experience with and love for the team, she was a perfect fit.

She excelled of course, and she also gave him all the time he needed to find accommodations for his mother. When he took off, he knew they were bringing in another agent, someone to fill the vacancy, but of course, not the shoes, of one of his best friends, Derek Morgan, but he hadn’t met the man yet, so today would be that day.

Finally back from setting his mother up in Houston, he was back at work. There were donuts on the conference room table when he walked in, and although life hadn’t been kind to him lately, he felt like things might’ve finally been on the upswing. His mother was in a great facility, and he was eating his favorite donut. What could possibly have been better? He nearly got lost in thought while he was waiting for the rest of the team to come in, but he was interrupted by deft footfalls.

When he turned around, he saw a man he presumed to be Luke Alvez, the new team member he hadn’t met yet. “No handshakes, right?” He asked, his smile wide and teeth whiter than snow. “Your reputation precedes you.”

“As does yours,” he said with a smile. “Dr. Spencer Reid.”

“Luke Alvez.”

Although he’d always considered himself attracted to both men and women, attracted to personality and intelligence above all else, he’d never found himself immediately attracted to a man. But as Luke stood in front of him, there was something about Luke that put him at ease. Before his mind could wander, the rest of the team came in and got them started on their case of the week, or weeks as sometimes the case had been.

Luke fit in very well with the team. He had a great relationship with Garcia, even though she would deny it until the cows came home. They’d bicker like brother and sister. Emily respected. He was great with Henry and Michael when he met them, so JJ loved him. Rossi and Stephen appreciated his expertise as well. After all, Rossi was the one who had convinced him to join the team in an official capacity. There was nothing about Luke Alvez that didn’t fit in well with the dynamic they already had going.

Spencer couldn’t tell if Emily had noticed the spark in his eyes when he first met Luke, or if it had just been convenient, but he and Luke had been paired off a number of times since he’d joined the team, and every time, he found himself rambling on and on about cases, TV shows, and really anywhere that his train of thought stopped, but the difference with Luke was that he always seemed to be listening – truly listening.

Any one could see that Spencer Reid loved his teammates and that his teammates loved him. They would bleed and had bled for each other, but not everyone truly understood or cared to understand Spencer’s ramblings, but Luke was different. Not only did he listen; he seemed truly interested in what he had to say. After a while, their car rides weren’t silent, like so many before them. Instead, on their way to witnesses’ houses and police departments, Luke would take the wheel and Spencer would sit in the passenger seat, talking in perpetuity about whether or not Steven Moffat would ever give The Doctor a real name (Spencer pondered this but Luke had never seen the show), whether Lord Petyr Baelish was a Faceless Man or not (something both firmly believed) or whether Ferris Bueller was just a figment of his friend Cameron’s imagination. They’d debate crazy fan theories about their favorite TV shows, both loved Game of Thrones, while Luke watched a show called Boardwalk Empire and Spencer, of course, watched Doctor Who.

Luke promised to introduce Spencer to Boardwalk Empire one day and in turn, he’d watch Doctor Who with Spencer, something he couldn’t even fathom. The only person who watched the time-traveling doctor with him was Garcia. Maybe he could get Luke and Garcia to come over and watch…or maybe not because they’d probably bicker like little kids.

Either way, it felt nice to have someone around that truly seemed interested in what he had to say, whether it was about work, or whether it was just about something that made him happy. Whenever Luke would look at him, his eyes wide with interest at his statistic of the hour, Spencer would feel little butterflies fluttering around his stomach. On top of him being kind and funny, Spencer couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was, and on more than one occasion, he’d found himself wondering what it would be like to fall asleep on his shoulder, comforted knowing that he was loved unconditionally. It was still in the back of his mind – that idea of long-lasting love, but it hadn’t fought to the front until he met Luke. He wondered if Luke felt the same or if it was one-sided.

Still – he didn’t really have time for that now.

For now, his mother needed him, and she’d taken a turn for the worse, so every few months he’d travel down to Mexico to procure the supplement that seemed to be helping his mother. It wasn’t illegal in the United States – not strictly, but it wasn’t exactly legal either, so he kept it under the radar. He knew he could lose his job for what he was doing, but there was nothing he wouldn’t risk for his mother, so long as she was alive.

Each time he went, he was careful. He talked to as few people as he could while still obtaining what he needed, but somewhere along the line, he took a wrong step and landed in Mexican jail cell accused of murder, which he knew he didn’t commit, but he also couldn’t remember a damn thing about the previous twelve hours.

Now, here he was, half-drugged on what, he wasn’t sure, with no remembrance of what happened the day before, accused of murder, and the only that mattered to him was getting back to his mother and the BAU – his home.

When, not if, he got out of this mess, he promised himself he’d do the one thing he’d always been so afraid of – he’d take a chance on love. Luke didn’t know how he felt, but Spencer had to know.

Shortly after being released from the prison in Mexico, he was granted trial in the United States and was set for arraignment. He couldn’t say he wasn’t worried, because of course he was, any sane man would be, but he knew he had his family at his back. JJ was helping him with his mother while he sorted this whole thing out, and Rossi had already said that he’d post bail whether it was $100,000 or Rossi had to sell his mansion to do it; he’d do it happily.

That’s why his heart nearly exploded as the gavel hit the table and he was denied bail. Turning back toward his friends had been the worst decision he’d made thus far. Seeing their helpless faces and knowing there was a decent chance he wouldn’t make it out of prison alive made him nearly collapse. The only things keeping him upright were the guards on either side of him.

On his way to the prison, he went numb. How could anyone believe they’d end up in a place like this? Especially someone like him. For more than a decade, he’d spent his days putting people behind bars, and now he was going there himself.

“You’re going to need to take that off,” the guard said, bringing out of his self-defeating thoughts and toward the bandage he’d had on for so many years.

Spencer had to ask for clarification. “What? I can’t.”

“Unless there is a medical reason for it to be there, which according to the in-house doctor, there isn’t, then it needs to come off.”

He swallowed hard, his mouth going dry at the prospect of taking the bandage off. When he did, he’d see the words – the ones that he’d been avoiding for years. As he unwrapped the bandage, he imagined what they might say. He both hoped and dreaded that they’d be the words he remembered.

And there they were.

~No handshakes, right? Your reputation precedes you.~


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