wonder twin happenings or some shit

Give Me a Fanfic Title and I will tell you what I would write...New Additions.

Compilation of you guys wonderful responses to my Prompt!!!

Also if anyone wants to actually write this shit fanfics based on my responses, please please do so. I honestly would love to write some of them but I don’t have time. (especially Worse Things Happen At Sea” and “WRAITHBONER” OMG LOL) Also, the idea of Imperium Secundus sounds appealing TBH, all contributions may lead to an actual story. MAYBE. IN 2-3 years. New content added.

Prey and predator

“Soldier and Champion: Twin Sons of Ultramar”

Come and  See

A Thousand Son-in-Laws

“Worse Things Happen At Sea”


A night to remember

the inquisitor and the Haemunculus

“This didn’t go exactly as I planned”

Get a Room:

Imperium Secundus

“How quickly the tide turns”

The Contest

“First Impressions”

The Closed Doors

If any one of these fic ideas speak to you , by all means, do write it! I would be more than happy to reblog!

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Single Dads AU (Part 1 of probably many)

So I had the wonderful thought earlier ‘what if the OT4 were all single dads who, by the force of destiny or some shit, happened to stumble across one another at just the right times in their lives.’

A widowed man recently been placed in charge of his fathers business. His late wife, Lady Lunafreya, passed due to a sudden illness, leaving him to care for their only son on his own. Surprisingly, he’s not half bad.

Prompto A+ BEST DAD:
Prompto is the happy father of two twins, working full time at a children’s daycare centre. Though deeply in love at the time, his relationship with his girlfriend ended in kind spirits and the two still see one another as close friends.

I’m currently working on Gladio and Iggy, but I’m gonna take a break now to… play some FFXV, so..


Ok just saw this movie with Jamie, Matt and Melody and these are my reasons why you fuckers should all go see this beautiful thing.

1. The visuals are STUNNING. Like these gifs do not do these colors justice.

2. Neither of the guys trying to win Maria’s heart are Fuck boys. They’re both good guys who just happen to be in love with the same woman.

3. I love La Muerte. Like. A lot. I want to marry her. Seriously. Have you seen how pretty she is? fuck yea.

4. The twins although not in for very long for some reason I’m in love with. I have no idea why. But I love the hell out of them. They are just wonderful.

5. Joaquin is a fucking Pokémon. No. Seriously. He screams his name before he does anything and he gets thrown and he screams out his own name.

6. Xibalba isn’t evil, and is an actual person and shit.

7. Maria is fucking awesome. Damsel yes. In distress? You wish.

8. The one girl looks like Taffyta only with dark hair.

9. The apology song.

10. The animation is FUCKING STUNNING.

Seriously even if you guys wanna wait for it to come on tv or come out on DVD I seriously recommend seeing it eventually. It truly was awesome.