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ASTRO FACT: Jupiter is well known for being the fastest spinning planet in our solar system. Many wonder why this speedy spinning occurs. Inside the gas planet lives its guardian, the Speedo-Torpedo whaleshark. This majestic being is about 1/8th the size of the actual planet and is able to swim inside of it. To keep adventurers away from its treasure, the whaleshark swims in a circular pattern around the outer border at incredible speeds to keep it spinning on its axis so quickly. This also causes the storms which make it increasingly difficult for anyone to get to the center.


Yuzuru Hanyu + Spins - GPF 2015 SP (Congrats on another WR!)

End Up Here

Just some more Bughead fluff to tide us over during this too long hiatus!

Betty’s eyes glistened with pride as she watched her fiance hang the framed cover of his first novel, about Jason Blossom’s murder, above the desk in his new office. It hadn’t been an easy road, to say the least. There had been so many ups and downs that sometimes Betty felt dizzy, like this was the worst roller coaster and she would never get off. But then there he was, all blue and brooding, his steady eyes and gentle hands, letting slip a new smile every day just for her. It made her feel a whole new kind of dizzy, a sickeningly wonderful spinning of the ground beneath her feet that she never wanted to end. 

And now they were here. Their first house was modest but perfect, paid for by the astounding sales of Jughead’s novel - not that she was surprised, she always knew how brilliant he was. Jughead insisted their whole house be painted a bright, sunny yellow, gazing at her with such love when they stood in the middle of their furniture-bare living room for the first time, her arms wound tightly around his neck after he’d swept her up to carry her across the threshold for the first time. She’d giggled and lent forward to rest her forehead against his, quipping about his questionable expertise in interior design. 

“You know, Jug, you’re supposed to carry a bride across the threshold. This is a little ridiculous,” she laughed, yet not making a move to be let down from his arms. Jughead laughed, his chest exploding with how happy he was right here, in this moment. He never thought he would make it here. 

“Well then, Miss Cooper,” he began, reluctantly setting her down on the ground. “Let’s see what we can do about that.” He knelt down in front of her, hands shaking as he reached into his pocket to pull out the little velvet box. Betty gasped, hands coming to cover her mouth as her eyes filled with the prettiest tears Jughead swore he’d ever seen. “Betty, I never thought I was capable of feeling the way I feel about you. Every day you make me better, whole, in a way I didn’t know possible. I can’t breathe when I wake up with you in my arms because I’m scared that one shift will blow you away from me forever. I never want to let you go. I love you, Betty Cooper. Will you marry me?” He lifted the lid to reveal the blue sapphire set in a gold band, surrounded by tiny sparkling diamonds. 

“Juggie, it’s perfect,” she gasped, her voice catching around her tears. She didn’t just mean the ring. She meant him, their lives, their love. Him, kneeling before her in a completely empty room, nothing but him and her, expressing just how much they meant to each other. “Yes!” she exclaimed, realising in her awe that she still hadn’t replied. “Yes, of course!” A laugh bubbled up in her chest as he slipped the ring on her outstretched finger, moving to sweep her up and swing her round, burying his own damp eyes in the soft, warm crook of her neck. They’d made love that night, slowly and passionately, on the mattress that was on the floor in their new room, not wanting an inch to come between them.

She watched him now as he took a step back from the wall, checking to see if the frame was straight. He turned to where she was leaning against the door frame. “Good?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she replied, butterflies swirling in her stomach at his responding smile. 

The butterflies increased suddenly, filtering upwards slowly until Betty realised they weren’t butterflies anymore. “I’ll be right back,” she shot out suddenly, a crease between her brows as she turned and flew to the bathroom. 

“Betts?” Jughead called after her in worry, following a few paces behind. By the time he reached her she was heaving her late morning breakfast into the toilet, clammy fingers clutching at the cool porcelain. He held back her hair and rubbed soothing circles across her back until she leaned back sometime later, a light sheen across her face. “Betts, what’s wrong?” 

“I-I’m not sure, maybe it was something I ate? I feel better now, actually,” she murmured, her eyes still slanted in thought as she moved to stand. He was there instantly, putting a hand under her arms and guiding her to their bed, now with frame. 

“Still, I don’t want you getting any worse. Here,” he lifted the covers and gently pushed on her shoulders until she was lying back. He moved around, fetching her some water, placing a trash can by the side of the bed. He hovered, wondering if there was anything he’d missed. “Do you need anything?”

“Just you,” she mumbled sleepily, reaching for him with heavy arms. “Stay with me?” she asked. 

“Always,” he replied with a soft smile, slipping in besides her and pulling her gently against his chest, falling into a comfortable slumber.

Betty awoke feeling as bright and cheery as she had that morning. She looked down to see Jughead’s face squished adorably against the pillows, mouth slightly open and a possessive hand resting low on her hip. She bit her lip, brushing the soft curls back from his forehead. Him sleeping gave her a chance. 

The thought popped into her head immediately, as soon as she could get her breath back after throwing up this morning. She counted back, trying to work out the dates in her head. Was it? Could it actually be? 

She was back from the store on the corner before Jughead had even stirred. She paced back and forth in their bathroom, palms sweating for an entirely different reason as she looked at the white stick lying on top of the counter. Was it too soon? How would he react, would he be happy? Or, God forbid, angry? No, Jughead wasn’t like that, he was kind. Wonderful. 

As she waited for the timer to be up she let her mind wander. A little boy with Jughead’s dark curls and her green eyes. Or maybe a little girl, all dimples with a passion for stories. Either way, she couldn’t forget the image of Jughead cooing to a tiny version of himself, rocking the tiny bundle back and forth in their nursery. The image made her want to burst into tears all over again. He’d be a great dad. 

The chime rang out from her phone, steeling herself with a deep breath as she picked up the stick. 

It was her turn to kneel down before him, as she made her face level with his at the edge of the bed. “Juggie? Juggie, wake up,” she whispered, raising her voice slightly when he stirred. 

“What is it, Betts? Are you alright, is everything-” she cut him off before the panic could rise in his eyes. 

“Everything is fine, Jug. At least, I hope it is. I just need to tell you something.” He stared back at her in anxious anticipation, reaching for her hand. She raised the stick, plus sign facing towards him. “I’m pregnant, Jug. We’re going to have a baby.” She held her breath as his face remained still. “Jug?”

“Pregnant?” he asked, his voice slightly choked. Her eyes welled up.

“You’re not mad are you?” she got out, lower lip quivering. “I know it’s soon and we hadn’t even talked about having children but, I don’t know, now it’s actually happening I just-” Her sentence was cut short by his lips descending on hers, his hand coming up to cradle the back of her neck to pull her against him more forcefully. She raised her hands to cup his cheeks, letting out a small sob against his lips as she felt a desperation behind his kiss she didn’t even know he was capable of. When he pulled back to rest his forehead against hers his eyes were shut and there were wet trails left down his cheeks. She dried them with her thumbs as she couldn’t stop the smile that began tilting up the corners of her mouth. 

“A baby. We’re going to have a baby,” he whispered, finally opening his eyes to look at her. She nodded, biting back a hysterical giggle. “A baby!” He exclaimed, his beautiful smile lighting up his whole person as he sprung up from his place on the bed, wrapping Betty up in a tight hold and swinging her around. “I love you so much, Betty,” he cried into her neck as she laughed freely now, with careless abandon. Suddenly, he stopped, dropping her and pulling back with worry clouding his face. “Wait, I shouldn’t do that. Are you ok? Is the baby ok? I didn’t-” he stopped, placing a delicate hand over her still-flat abdomen. 

“Yes, Juggie, I’m fine. We’re fine,” she replied, holding onto his face and smiling at the thought of their baby inside of her, right now. 

“We are, aren’t we?” he said, eyes roaming over her face, that he would never get enough of, before leaning down to kiss her, delirious with happiness. It could never get better than this. 

john saying he remembers sherlock being really funny has me spinning wondering what kind of quips sherlock was pulling out…..making john laugh…probably smiling so big yet shy whenever john laughed at his jokes

BioWare LIs Falling in Love

Thanks @df0wl for allowing me to bounce ideas off of her and helped me write some of it, including Fenris! You’re the best writing buddy ever.

Alistair: Doesn’t realize it right away. It’s like watching the seasons change - at first it’s little changes, then one day you notice the entire landscape is different. Of course he always knew the warden was attractive, but it’s more than that. Alistair finds himself seeking out her company. He enjoys talking to her, learning about her childhood, making her laugh. He can’t help but feel a little jealous when he sees her talking to Zevran instead of him. She makes him happy, even during the darkest times. The feeling dawns on him late one night when he is lying awake in his tent. His thoughts drift to her, as they often did these days, and the words just pop into his head. I love her. Alistair sits up, head spinning, wondering where that just came from. Can it be? His heart beats a little faster, and he realizes that yes, he does love her. And he is oddly comfortable with the thought.

Kaidan: Knows it immediately, almost from the moment he meets Shepard. He doesn’t allow himself to put it into words, though. Not even if it’s just in his own mind. He knows there’s not point in pursuing such things. So, he ignores the butterflies in his stomach whenever Shepard is around. He ignores the way Shepard’s touch leaves a trail of fire on his skin. He pretends it isn’t true. Until the attack, when Shepard is taken away from him, his grief is so strong he has to admit his feelings were more than just professional. Only now there’s nobody to admit it to. 

Fenris: Is afraid. He’s never felt love of any kind before, and the strength of the emotion frightens him greatly. Hawke is, of course, the best thing that has ever happened to him. But am I the best it will ever get for Hawke? Fenris isn’t sure if he can give Hawke everything they deserve. Am I good enough? He can’t say it out loud, he can’t admit this burden. The only thing he can think to do is break up with Hawke. That will protect us both. But when he meets Hawke, the words won’t come. He averts his eyes and wishes he’d never gotten himself into this situation. Hawke knows something is wrong, and takes Fenris by the hand. The feeling of warm fingers wrapped around his own is comforting, and suddenly Fenris is no longer afraid.

Isabela: Denies it for months. She can’t be in love. Absolutely not. Isabela doesn’t just fall in love, because she doesn’t believe it really exists anyway. Love is just a silly word people use to exert power over them. At least, that’s what she believed for years. Now…now she isn’t so sure. She enjoys Hawke’s company, that’s true. They do have fun together. She misses Hawke whenever they are not together. Talking to Hawke is always the highlight of Isabela’s day. Plus, the sex is incredible. So if it’s not love, what is it? Isabela tries to distance herself, to try to straighten out her head. She finds herself completely unable to shut off her feelings as she has always done in the past. Eventually she has to admit it. She loves Hawke. Dammit.

Garrus: He knows he is in love soon after Shepard is brought back, when they spend countless nights together on the Normandy. They talk like old friends who have known each other twenty years. Shepard quickly becomes Garrus’ confidant, someone to lean on in hard times. He tries his best to do the same for her, too. Shepard is, without a doubt, the best thing in his life. Being in love doesn’t frighten Garrus, but he has no idea what to do about it. He doesn’t even know if Shepard feels the same way about him. How do humans usually go about these things? He ends up watching some vids and reading some stuff about humans online to find out how to confess his feelings to Shepard. 

Cullen: Everyone seems to know a secret that Cullen just isn’t aware of. People start giving him knowing smiles whenever they see him with the Inquisitor, winking at him whenever she enters the room. He doesn’t understand why, until one day Dorian fills him in. “It’s in your eyes,” he tells Cullen, “and your smile. That look only means one thing, my friend.” Cullen is shocked for a moment. He’s been in love before, but it didn’t feel anything like this. Last time it was all sweaty palms and fever dreams. Now, he felt happy, warm, and whole. This time was…better. This was real. He was in love, and this time, it would be forever.

Anders: Feels nothing but dread. Love is a messy thing. If you were not careful, love would crush you. He knows this first hand. But he is not only fearful for himself, but for Hawke. He cannot offer Hawke any type of life other than that of an apostate. He is not what Hawke needs or deserves. He cannot allow himself to feel this way, he cannot speak the words aloud to anyone, ever. However, no matter how hard he tries, the feeling never dissipates. It only intensifies over time, and Anders finds himself almost unable to breathe under the weight of it. He loves Hawke so much he can’t stand it. 

Liara: Doesn’t know the difference between love and infatuation. Shepard was incredible, larger than life. Shepard could make anyone fall in love. But she thinks this is different. Her thoughts are with Shepard most of the day, worrying about whether or not this is the time they won’t come back. Liara can’t get past her nerves whenever Shepard is in the room. Her heard is spinning, she feels like she’s falling into a black hole. It’s a pleasant feeling, but at the same time frightening. Her attraction to Shepard isn’t a secret. Everyone knows about it, and Shepard even seems to reciprocate. Liara doesn’t say anything about it for a long time, because she wants to be absolutely sure. 

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15 sanvers?

15.) meeting in the E.R/A&E au

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It was 9 pm, Alex was tired, she’d been run rampant all day. She’d seen more x-rays and IV needles than she’d like to admit for just one days work. It was two hours past her check out time but the lobby was overcrowded with kids who needed stitches and adults with chronic nosebleeds. She had to take care of most of them until she was paged to room 211.

“Room 211? What hallway is that on?” she mumbles, Lucy picks up on it and laughs. Alex spins around wondering how the Intern heard what she said and why she was pointing her in the right direction, that wasn’t like Lucy at all.

“It’s on James’ hallway, he’s probably the one who paged you,” she smirks. Now she knows why Lucy was helping her, James is on that hallway, she’s hoping that Alex would take her down from observing from the front desk to go see her boyfriend.

Biting the inside of her cheek and biting out an insincere thank you, she heads down the right hallway to go meet up with James. Leaning against 211′s door frame as the patient and James converse Alex takes note of the woman in the bed.

She’s in NCPD uniform, she’s sitting up and engaged in conversation, she’s only using one hand for her movements though, she’s struggling not to use both it seems. Alex knocks on the door, not waiting for either of them to say to come in.

“Dr. Danvers, nice of you to join us,” James nods at her, then returning his attention to the officer.

“Us? Who’s this?” She asks, tilting her head at the patient.

“Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Detective, Science division,” she extends her hand in greeting, keeping the other close to her. Alex arches an eyebrow at the act but it’s mostly at the hand she isn’t shaking rather than the handshake itself.

“Alex Danvers, or Dr. Danvers, doesn’t matter. Want me to check out that hand of yours?” She asks with a grin. James is there to fetch supplies and to document what Alex does as a part of his course study. She reminds him to get his notes ready as Maggie outstretches her hand. Her hand is swollen and bruised, the index finger is crooked at an angle that seems to be out of an abstract painting. The middle and ring finger are taped together in a messy effort to try and keep them out of the way of her pinkie finger, which is too far over to the right for Alex’s liking. “It seems we’ve found one of the minnows from the lobby,” she says to James over her shoulder, he laughs and nods in agreement.

“How long were you waiting out there?” he asks Maggie.

“Not too long, I asked for Alex and didn’t have to cradle my hand for much longer after that,” she beams up at Alex, causing her to become confused. She didn’t know Maggie or doesn’t remember knowing her before a few moments ago. Maggie tilts her head, understanding the look on Alex’s face.

“You don’t remember stitching up my eyebrow?”

Oh. That Maggie Sawyer.

Alex was in for a long night.