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Check Please cast as funny moments from Family Feud

Steve Harvey explaining the experience of having a prostate exam to the Frogs sitting in the front row of the audience.

Steve Harvey: “What does your husband do when he runs out of clean underwear?” Lardo: “He wears a pair of mine.” *High fives Shitty*

Steve Harvey: “Which of the seven dwarves is your partner most like in bed?” Dex and Nurse facing off, just looking at each other and shaking their heads

Jack as that guy who can’t state his perfectly normal job title without sounding shifty.

Steve Harvey: “What is something that gets passed around?” Shitty: “A joint.” Bitty: “A collection basket at church.”

Steve Harvey: “What is something a burglar wouldn’t want to see if he breaks into your house?” Holster: “NAKED GRANDMA”

Steve Harvey: “What is somthing a man says is bigger now than it was when he was sixteen?” Ransom: “His penis.” Steve: “Couldn’t you have said dingaling? Schlong?” Ransom: “I used the medical term.”

Farmer as the producer laughing her ass off when Steve Harvey admits that he named his penis “Russel the Wonder Muscle”

Chowder as the most heartwarming contestant who tells Steve that he’s crossed two things off his bucket list, being on the show and meeting Steve. 

Steve Harvey: “What is a word that starts with ‘pot’?” Tater: “’Potato!’”

Kent Parson as the contestant who, after being asked what he does for a living, yells, “I’m single!” an starts to dance.

“Katie could barely believe her eyes. 

After being in cryostasis for so long, she finally made it. Leaving so much behind on Earth–her family, her friends, her dog, Russel–she wondered what their lives were like now. It had been almost 50 years there since she left. 

So much sacrifice on both ends. Katie swore she would make this count. Trappist-1 was her new home, now.” 

All of the Wonder Women!

So i saw someone on twitter do one of these and i thought i’d do one for Tumblr after seeing the Wonder Woman film the other day.

Animation/Video Games 

Susan Eisenberg

  • Justice League (2001-2004)
  • Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006)
  • Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)
  • DC Universe Online (2011)
  • Justice League: Doom (2012)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)
  • Injustice 2 (2017) 

Grey DeLisle

  • JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014)
  •  Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom (2015)
  • DC Superhero Girls (2015- Present)
  • DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year (2016)
  • DC Superhero Girls: Superhero High (2016)
  • Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League - Cosmic Clash (2016)
  • Lego DC Comics Superheros: Justice League - Gotham City Breakout (2016)
  • DC Superhero Girls: Intergalactic Games 

Rosario Dawson 

  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015)
  • Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)
  • Justice League Dark (2017)

Vanessa Marshall 

  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)
  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

Shannon Farnon - Super Friends (1973-1981)

Lucy Lawless - Justice League: The Final Frontier (2008)

Michelle Monaghan - Justice League: War (2014)

Keri Russell - Wonder Woman (2009)

Vicki Lewis - Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008-2011)

Maggie Q - Young Justice (2010 - Present)

Rachel Kimsey - Justice League Action (2016 - Present)

Live Action

Cathy Lee Crosby - Wonder Woman (1974) (TV Movie)

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman (1975-1979)

Gal Gadot 

  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
  • Wonder Woman (2017)
  • Justice League (2017)


Megan Gale - Justice League Mortal (2008)

Adrianne Palicki - Wonder Woman (2011) (TV Movie)

I know i missed some of the more obscure animated appearances but feel free to add them if you want :)  

Okay but,

As much as I like, try and encourage people to learn Russel’s backstory and get to know him and like him just as much as the other characters, you can’t really blame people for not liking him at first. Skipping over the whole, “People probably don’t like him because he’s fat and black, they prefer skinny white boys”, the writing for him is just…bad. Yes I find his backstory interesting and he’s a great character, but the problem is, Jamie and Damon leave him out of things so much. He almost never talks, we don’t know a whooole lot about his personality, and they don’t even really try to include him. I get that it’s easier to make things more about Murdoc and 2D because they’re the most popular characters so that people will be more interested in it, but come on, could you at least try a little bit? Do you see Russel in artwork? No? Here, let me get out the microscope so you can see him, he’s there…somewhere hidden in the back. When you guys say you like Russel, I’m wondering if you mean Jamie’s Russel, or ours. When I say that, I mean, Russel has such a missing personality, that we literally had to come up with one ourselves. He’s the father figure, the voice of reason, always kind and looking out for people, except maybe Murdoc. The canon Russel though, what’s interesting about him. Again, I do love his backstory, but they just don’t make him have a personality or any certain quirks. We’re not totally sure how he’d interact with the rest of the group off the top of our heads. With characters like Murdoc, we know exactly how he’d interact with everyone and things he might say, and how those things would change with when he’s talking to 2D, compared to talking to Noodle or something. With Russel, it’s kind of hard to do. Imagine making Gorillaz head canons without using the personality we’ve made for him. If you didn’t have access to Tumblr and other places where we’ve made him a personality, and only knew about canon Gorillaz, you might think Russel’s a pretty boring character, not unlikable just because he’s fat or black. I really wish Damon and Jamie would try to give him a bit more of a story. When I say I love Russel, I’m kind of talking about the character we’ve made him, and that’s kinda sad.


If Rose can be selfish, then her finest moments will come when she’s selfless. If Martha keeps quiet, then her moments of revelation – like her goodbye to the Doctor in Last of the Time Lords, or stuck with Milo and Cheen in Gridlock – make her fly. Donna is magnificently self-centred – not selfish, but she pivots everything around herself, as we all do – so when she opens up and hears the Ood song, or begs for Caecilius’ family to be saved, then she’s wonderful. 

Russell T. Davies