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Mortys pregnancy and birth went by really fast... Wonder if the rats will grow up fast as well.

time is a construct, there’s only the now 

but yeah, they’re growing up fast for lil beans 


here’s our baby with his new baby, shabu shabu




LARGE (17"× 10") FOR $10 EACH
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Hammocks are perfect for Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Gerbils, Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Small Rabbits, Ferrets, and Hedgehogs!!

Made out of cotton on outside and fleece on inside, metal rings inserted for clips to be attached (clips not included) small patterns have 2 different hole patterns to choose from

Payments made through Venmo
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Happy International Women’s Day!! 

I decided to doodle some lovely ladies today for the occaission, so here’s a pretty Jokaste and an Aria from my Skyrim fic Rat’s Gold! I need more female OCs… and I need to draw Jokaste more xD I LOVE HER TO PIECES <3 <3 <3

I know I’ve been gone for a while guys, lots of family stuff going on, though I’ll be posting up commissions soon!! (Though there may be a flash sale sometime sooooon~)

Tickled Pink: Scientists Have Determined What A Happy Rat Looks Like
By tickling rats and then photographing them, researchers found that a rat's ears are more pinkish and are positioned at a more relaxed angle when it is experiencing positive emotions.

Tickled Pink

A big shout out and thank you to @topdogofdreams for sharing this fascinating, wonderful article. 

First kiss

A/N: So, this wonderfull picture came up on my dash, it also came with a small description on How Dean and Castiel first kiss. @thefriendlypigeon owns this picture and I hope this is ok (i really dont know how to link and all the fancy things you cool hip young people do here on tumblr, so be nice, and if this is wrong in some way, pleace just talk to me and will sort this out)
Any way, i wrote this little fic about this pic.

wordcount: 1186
Warnings:fluff, slight angst and confusionโ€ฆcrowley! ;)

โ€Well boys, too bad I forgot my jammies, now that weโ€™re having a slumber party.โ€ The king of hell, leaning with his hands against the back of a chair, was smirking at the situation.

โ€Shut up, Crowleyโ€ the brothers said with one mouth.

โ€If youโ€™re not gonna help, just be a nice little demon and, you know, shut upโ€ Dean wasnโ€™t particularly amused by the circumstances.

โ€Well, I did give it my bestโ€ Crowley shrugged his shoulders as he sat down on the chair. โ€Itโ€™s my motherโ€™s doing, and I canโ€™t fix this with my magic, she saw to that.โ€

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Guilt and Loss

Imagine: Being the last true Tyrell alive and managing to escape High Garden during the Lannister invasion.

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Your home was gone. You were covered in mud and blood and tears. You couldn’t believe what had happened not even days ago. You whimpered as you hunched over your horse. Dragonstone was almost within reach…you just needed to push a little further.

Your life had been ruined once more because of that bitch Cersei. First, she had taken the lives of your older siblings—Loras and Margaery and now she has taken your home and killed your grandmother Olenna. Your handmaidens had died so that you would have enough time to escape and then your knight, the man you loved, was dead as well. He had died to so that the last Tyrell would live.

Everything seemed so bleak now.

You straightened your back and looked up. The sun was beginning to rise and you hadn’t stopped riding for days now…you were afraid that if you stopped the Lannisters would find you. You had no idea what Cersei would do to you….the last breathing Tyrell.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and shudder at the thought.

You were only a young girl of sixteen and you had lost everything. Your home was gone, your family was gone, and now you were alone. Your people were most likely dead because the Tyrell’s were shit at fighting and war. The white stone walls of your home would be forever stained red.

You wiped at your dirtied face and wondered what would happen to you.

You were a highborn…pampered and spoiled by those who cared about you. You admit that you tried to stay humble as best as possible but where had that gotten you?

You shake your head as you see the beginning of the small village near the waters. You hope that they would grant you passage to Dragonstone but if not, you would send a raven and await the Queen’s reply.

You had some money that your handmaidens managed to slip into your pack that was strapped securely on your mare. Your grandmother knew something like this would happen and gracefully accepted defeat but she did not accept defeat for you. She made the heir of High Garden; given you the letter sealed by her, and told you the whereabouts about the Tyrell fortune.

You managed to stumble across an inn and brought a room for the night—though you weren’t sure if you needed more nights considering the position you were in. You managed to buy some ratty dress from across the street and take a bath.

You had never bathed on your own but didn’t find it too difficult. It was odd bathing without any bath salts or any creams for your hair or even any scented oils for your skin. You shouldn’t complain…you were alive….your family wasn’t so lucky.

You are depressed about everything that has happened but you try to look on the positive.

That night, sleep doesn’t come easy but eventually after hours of tossing and turning…you do fall asleep. In the morning, you head straight to the docks and beg the men to grant you ferry to Dragonstone. Most of wary…and refuse. You are upset but do not give up. You want to curse these men but realize that they are afraid of the dragons…and what were to happen if they did grant you a ferry to Dragonstone unannounced.

You cringe to yourself as you make way to the ravens. You pay for a raven, scribble down your plea to the Queen, and send the bird off. You watch the black bird glide across the sky with ease and you feel your stomach grumble with hunger.

Knowing that there wasn’t anything else to do but wait, you headed towards the stables of the inn you were staying at. You rent a room for a week, pay, and head to see your hose. This mare belonged to the man who gave up his life for you….you would try your best to keep her alive. You weren’t sure of the care of a horse…you just stood there unsure as the mare stared at you almost pitifully.

“Do you need help tending to your horse?” A stable-boy asks.

He looks very young but his round face is friendly and there is a smile he is showing. You wring your hands together and shake your head. He leaves hesitantly and begins working on another horse. You watch him work closely and although you aren’t happy with shoveling horse shit, you follow his example.

After almost an hour of tending to the mare, you leave the stables tiredly. It was probably the hardest thing to do in a long time…and you were somewhat proud of your work. The mare looked considerably happy and was even happier when you gave her a whole apple as a treat.

It wouldn’t be days until a knock raised you from your sleep. You rub at your eyes tiredly and wondered who would be at your door. For a moment, you wonder if someone had ratted you out and the Lannisters managed to find you.

You don’t take the chance and wield a dagger given to you by your father. You hide it within reach and open the door.

You are surprised to see Tyrion. A Lannister had found you indeed. You are relieved, “Queen Daenerys has saved me.” You mumble as you allowed Tyrion inside.

“We were surprised to hear that someone had survived the attack on High Garden…we were even more surprised that it was you, Lady Y/N.” Tyrion smiled at you looking sincerely happy that you were alive.

“I didn’t know where else to go.” You told him shyly.

He chuckles, “You went to the right place. The Queen is happy to receive you. She sent me to come retrieve you and your belongings….if you have anything.” He tries not to sound rude and you smile ever so slightly.

“I do not carry much but I do have my horse that I wish to bring with me.” You inform him.

“A horse?” He says as if he didn’t hear you right, “Is the horse that important?”

You nod, “I wouldn’t have asked if the horse wasn’t.” You remark smartly.

Tyrion’s lips twitch into an amused smile and nods, “Then hurry up and pack and we will travel back to Dragonstone.” He says with a slight bow of his head signaling that he was going to leave, “We’ll be downstairs when you are ready.” He backs out from your room and leaves down the hall.

You close your door and are quick to gather your belongings, even though they are few. You change into something more modest then the sleeping gown, stuff that gown into your pack, and hurriedly put your hair up in a similar way you saw a girl downstairs do.

The up-do wasn’t as tight as the girl’s but it keeps your hair out of your face. You try your best to make the bed—you have seen the young girl’s at the inn making the bed and do your best with what you could remember. You smile at your handiwork before grabbing your pack and going downstairs.

Tyrion is sitting with foreign men in dark armor—these must be the Unsullied. The dwarf is cringing as he drinks the wine some young maiden has given him. Tyrion pays for his drink and leads you to the large ship docked and you begin the journey to Dragonstone.

The journey is long but Tyrion keeps you company. He feels guilty because of your loss…you do not blame him. Tyrion Lannister was a clever man…but Jamie was a man of expert military capability…Tyrion wasn’t meant for war. You wished that perhaps this could’ve been avoided but this was war.

You missed your brothers and your sister so much.

There wasn’t a day that went by that you didn’t think about them. You had lost your entire family…and Queen Daenerys knew that. The day grew dark and it was around night time that you arrived at the familiar and beautiful castle of Dragonstone. Tyrion leads you to the throne room and to the strategy room. Even though the hour is late there is the Queen staring at the map table in front of her.

She looks up and you stare at her before bowing your head, “Your Grace,” You greet her with a weak smile, “I am grateful that you responded to my cry for help.” You say with gratitude.

She stands tall and proud. Her violet eyes are staring at your very soul…you feel the need to shy away but you were taught better than that. She does not reply but she looks deep in thought and it isn’t until she is walking your way that you start to feel some panic build up in you.

“I wanted to apologize for my mistake,” Daenerys stood in front of you and you felt so small compared to her…it made you miss your family and home, “You lost your home and the only family you had left because of my error.” She looks sad and even though she tries to hide away the guilt and pain, you can see it. It was the same look Tyrion carried the entire day.

You shake your head and find your voice, “I don’t blame you.” Your voice is but a night whisper but the stone in this room echoes with your voice, “I don’t blame anybody but Cersei and Jaime Lannister.” There is loathing in your voice and you feel your hands clench in anger, “But I can never blame you or Tyrion.”

The Queen smiles ever so slightly—a rare sight.

“I know your pain,” She speaks softly and gently reaches out to hold your clenched hand, “And I will not let you suffer in anyway like I did.”

You are surprised when she Queen squeezes your hand, “Would you like some dinner? You look famished.”

You feel your heart fill with relief and gratitude towards the Queen and vow to help her claim what rightfully belongs to her. Besides, if you were lucky you would see Cersei and Jaime burn.

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maybe a part 2?