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“There’s a lot of women starring in television series these days.”

“Yes. Which is really good, because we’re covering a lot of ground…I think this idea of seeing women as a certain one-dimensional character - the housewife, or the fish out of water at any office job - now we’re covering all of our bases. We have women with issues, we have women in politics, we have women who are heads of great countries or teams. I mean, it’s a different - its a very different landscape now. I might even, dare say, better.”(x)

hey hey hey all peeps going to Wonder NW in PDX!!!

I have a huuuuge favor to ask you.

Are any of you coming from/by the Hillsboro area? Would there be room for me and my buddy to carpool up there with you? It’s looking like we won’t be able to get there on Saturday unless we take a bus or something, which is stupid-unfortunate since said friend is visiting from out of state to go to this con with me!

If you can’t, please at least signal boost! I’m getting a little desperate here. :(

Pre-Registration Closed!

Almost bad-ish news for those of you who have not registered for Wonder Northwest just yet… Advance online registration is now closed.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a badge.  Badges for only one or both days will be available at the door for the same awesome prices as online!  Get some rest tonight (because we won’t) and come hang out with us this weekend!

See you all soon!


Good news!

We are not dead!  We are actually quite busy ramping up for next year’s show!  In the mean time, for those of you who were not able to attend, or were simply too busy having fun attending our panels, we have started uploading videos of panels and events that took place at Wonder Northwest this year.

The first in our series is from one of our most popular panels: Epidemiologic Methods for Investigating the Zombie Apocalypse, hosted by Dr. Sullivan. Check it out, and turn up your speakers, the audio is a little quiet. (Sorry!)


Industry insider Andy Mangels with guest hosted a panel of LGBT comics professionals and their experiences in the industry from the underground comics scene in San Francisco in the 70’s and 80’s to now!

This was one of the most popular panels of the show, so check it out!