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I wonder if phil’s mum is the type of mum who jokingly favours the partner, like for example maybe she gave dan extra dessert and when phil was playfully offended she squeezed dan’s shoulders and said “ohhh he had a rough little trip, he deserves it!” and phil was like “that was a week ago!” and she said “alright you caught me it’s the dimple, how can you deny someone this cute of anything?” and pinched his cheek, and dan was like “yeah phil, how can you deny me of anything?” and phil just rolled his eyes bc he CAN’T

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What IS Thyme's face even. He is the most expressive little pile of spots and flop except all his expressions are some variation of "OH NO"

oh god i don’t even know

i think i got a defective puppy or something, surely his face is not meant to be so?

The origin of mum Ignis

Mr. Scientia: Okay, son, do you see that pretty baby the King’s holding?

4-year-old-Ignis: Prince.

Mr. Scientia: Yes, exactly. Prince Noctis. Do you know what you’ll be to him when you grow up?

Kid Ignis: ??

Mr. Scientia: When you grow up, all and the only thing you’re going to do is take care of him. You were born only to fulfill this task.  And this is what you’re going to do from now on: you’ll make sure nothing harms him, and you’ll take care of him if it does, like your life depends on whether he lives or not. You’ll look after him when he’s sick, when he’s injured or sad. You’ll be his friend, and you’ll stay loyal to him no matter the situation. His health will go before yours, always. You’ll make sure he eats healthy, does excercise, has good grades, tutor him if he needs it, and grows up like the future king he is. Might as well have to deal with smaller things like sewing the buttons of his clothes or comb his hair, tuck him in bed, read him some stories. All in all, your life will belong entirely to him, and all your focus will always be him. He shall become everything in your life; you’ll live your life only for the sake of his. You’ll be his second hand. You’ll be his adviser. Do you understand this?

Kid Ignis: *nods*

Mr. Scientia: So, Ignis. As your duty in life, what are you going to be when you grow up?

 Kid Ignis: The prince’s mommy.

Mr. Scientia:

Mr. Scientia: …that’ll do.


For the anon whom I promised Niall fluff to the other day: this is my gift to you. ❤️

“But Niall, look at her!

You were cradling your newborn baby girl in your arms as you looked at your husband, distress coloring your features. Your baby was fast asleep in your arms—she had your lips and Niall’s nose, and a mixture of both your stubbornness.

She was a tough baby, in the sense that it had been incredibly difficult to get her used to any kind of sleep schedule. She cried at all hours of the night and had a very difficult temperament at that time, so you took the whole “when baby’s sleeping mom should be sleeping” thing very seriously.

You had to admit, caring for a baby was difficult. You and Niall had never felt exhaustion like it before—you had been sleeping in no more than three hour increments for the past two months, and it was all catching up to you. You had bags under your eyes like never before, and sometimes it took everything you had inside of you to keep up a simple conversation. Sometimes you would walk into the kitchen, baby in your arms, and catch your husband half-asleep as he brewed the coffee.

It took it’s toll on the both of you, but it was completely worth it.

“C’mon babe, give’er to me,” Niall reached for the baby in your arms, causing you to huff stubbornly.

“Don’t wanna,” you complained, cradling her closer to your chest and nuzzling your nose against the top of her sleeping baby head.

You had been cooped up in the house ever since your daughter had been born. It had been two months since you stepped foot out of your home—you gave your one hundred percent into motherhood, and you were getting the hang of taking care of your baby for sure. But there were times when Niall would have to kindly remind you to shower, or make you eat something before going to sleep because you hadn’t eaten anything all day.

You were drained, and it had been so long since you’d done something for yourself. Which is why Niall had scheduled this brunch with one of your best friends.

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I’m just so glad that right from the very beginning Louis has always been publicly, unabashedly, unashamedly and proudly adoring of his mother. Always.

He didn’t care about being called a mama’s boy; he spoke freely of how close he and his mum were, he spoke about missing her, spoke about them being best friends, was always so open about his love for Jay and his gratitude to her. He referenced her all the time, regardless of how “uncool” that might have been perceived - especially when he was younger. And I’m so pleased for him that he did. He can always be proud of how publicly he honoured his wonderful mum.

Now that Wonder Woman is here and kicking so much box office ass I can’t wait for the Cyborg movie to do the same. Ray Fisher deserves all the love. He’s so pure but he gets his character so much. He has yet to utter a single word in the DCEU, excluding trailers, and I already know he’s going to be amazing

12. Harry Turns 23

a little happy birthday to the wonderful man that is Harry Styles. This is part 1. Part 2 should be out this weekend if all goes to plan, also be warned that there is some sexy stuff in this so if youre not comfortable reading it feel free to skip over it.

T x

EDIT: Part two is out. Its called ‘Cant Sleep’. There is also going to be a Part 3, although i cant tell you when thats going to be coming out”

It was early afternoon when you got the call from Gemma. You had been folding laundry and putting it away on a lazy Sunday. The flat had been empty with the exception of you for the entirety of the weekend as your flatmate, Nora, who you had known since starting at the same school aged 13, had been at home with her parents for the weekend, and Harry had been away in Los Angeles for the last week, and was returning tomorrow night.

Your phone rang the familiar ring tone and you stopped folding to answer it.


“Hi, (Y/N)! All good with you?” You heard an excitable voice through the line.

“Oh, yeah, yeah all good here! What about with you?”

“I’m good, I’m good. Listen, Mum, Robin and I are planning on a long weekend away in the Maldives, with Harry for his birthday. We’ve booked this gorgeous villa, on a private beach” You nodded to yourself as you listened to Gemma talk. “It’s going to be so good. Anyway, Mum was wondering, and I think we all know that Harry would love it too, if you wanted to come?”

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Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 1,949

Part one

The first time I came face to face with the man who ripped our community, no not community, family, he ripped our family apart. Because that is what we are….were at least. I’m not quiet sure where I fit in that anymore.

A family.

We may not of all started out in this new world knowing each other but it was that, that kept us different from them.

Us against the world.

Us against the walkers.

Us against them. The saviors.

At least that is what I thought.

The first time I came face to face with him was not when he tore Abraham and Glen from our family and almost took Carls hand.  

It wasn’t when he arrived early and took so much of our stuff only to burn all of the mattresses just outside of town. I had watched the smoke blow in the wind as I hid, keeping a safe distance.

No that time you had managed to escape over the fence with Enid, cradling a sleeping Judith in your arms. Your innocent baby sister who you wish didn’t have to grow up in this cruel cruel world. Not that is was much better before when you think of it. Too many wars, terrorists and fate itself was a pretty cruel bitch.

Because before the apocalypse hadn’t been the best time for me and now… well now I had just been going through the motions. Trying to keep my self and my family alive. Dad, Carl and Judith and everyone else in Alexandria. It was important.

There was a time that feels like a whole other life, when at the prison we had been safe and secure for a while but it got attacked and I ended up being on my own for several weeks.
I had contemplated just ending it all. All I had to do was find a working gun with bullets and I could of made sure I never become one of them. A walker.

But Daryl found me when he was searching for Beth and I knew that I had to keep on going. Find everyone and get through this. You had too. At least that is what I told myself over and over again, every single day. Every-single-day.

It was a couple of week after they had first come and The saviours were due to arrive in two days once again.

Rick and Michonne were out on a run. They had said they were going to go out pretty far to try and find something to stop him using his sadistic baseball bat again. 

It was only time though before it happened. 

You knew it and the fact that everyone else around you thought that if you just carried on giving them what they wanted it was going to be ok. There was only so much that was going to keep them happy. One day soon enough they weren’t going to be happy with what they were being presented with by us and everyone would be on their knees again. They would always want more and more and more until there was nothing left to give.

My Dad thinks that he can beat them. Over power them somehow. Get an army to fight. He won’t listen to me. It won’t work.

I had dealt with psychos like Negan and his bunch of merry men when I had been living in Los Angeles. A shiver goes down my spine as I think back to living there. On the West Coast. My old life.

If Dad hadn’t been shot that is where I would of been when all of this happened. If Shane hadn’t called me to come home the way he had, begging for me to see the man who I hadn’t spoken to in five years I probably never would of set eyes on my family again.
I often wonder if Mum is alive back West. She was the reason I went there In the first place.
In my heart I know she can’t be. She wasn’t strong enough to be.

Truth be told I think thats what Dad sees when he looks at me sometimes, I can see it behind his eyes. Why he is reluctant for me to leave and go on runs or every time the saviours arrive he breaks his neck to get me out of sight. He thinks I’m weak just like her. He doesn’t even know me really. He never tried too.  

“Carl don’t make me tell you again!” You shouted across the street as your grumpy younger brother stomped away shaking his head. He was just like Rick. Stubborn and determined.

Rolling my eyes I turned back to Judith who was tenderly taking some steps as she clung to the railings on the porch.

Enid came out of the open front door, drying her hands on a towel.

“Whats up with him?” She asked before sitting down on the top step.

“He wants to go to hilltop” I told her staying on the path, turning my head in his direction once again as he carried on retreating “I told him he needs to wait for them to get back”

“You know he is probably going to just go? Right?”

“Yep!” But at least I had told him not to go. I couldn’t stop him if he wanted to. What was I going to do tie him up and throw him in that cell Morgon had built? Hell no.

“Maybe I should…” but Enid got cut off as a loud honking nose sounded by the gates

“THE SAVIORS ARE HERE!!!!!” You heard Rosita shout from the lookout point.

Shit!” You turned around quickly and pulled your baby sister into your arms “Enid we have to get out of here!” Rick didn’t want Negan to get his hands on Judith.

She didn’t speak just nodded and grabbed my arm as we ran over to the wall so we could get out quickly.

You could hear loud trucks pulling up close to the house as you moved. Shit.

“Quicker” You whisper shouted as Enid struggled to pin the foot grips in place. Why are they here? It was too early. Dad wasn’t even back yet… what were they going to take? Oh this is bad. So fucking bad.

“GET EVERYONE OUT HERE ITS TIME FOR A PARTY!!!!!” A loud voice boomed on what sounded like a loud speaker.

“Enid!!” There was no way you were going to make it out of here.

“I got it. I got it!!” She blew out a breath as she took began to climb upwards.

“Take Judith” I didn’t give her a chance to refuse. I knew there was a chance she was going to be the only one making it out over the wall.

She looked at me with a questioning gaze however didn’t speak and just took the tiny girl who was looking concerned at what we were doing. She stayed quiet though. She always did.

A voice started to get louder as the saviours were shouting for people to get outside of the houses.

“GO!!!” You shouted at Enid who hadn’t moved.

She had to get Judith out of here there was no chance you could take on them getting a hand on her. Rick would never forgive you. You would never forgive you.

Watching her get to the top I started my own climb thinking maybe I could make it out of here however I had to stop when one of them came into my vision. He hadn’t seen me yet but I knew I couldn’t make it over the wall without being seen and then they would get her.

“Go please” you whispered “Keep her safe” before planting my feet back onto the floor once again and taking some steps away from the wall so they wouldn’t put two and two together. God I hope they get away fast.

He spotted you then. Dressed all in black he pointed his gun in your direction.

“You! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Trying to escape?” he was standing in front of you now. The dirt on his clothes noticeable.

Ignoring his question I blurted out “What are you even doing here? You’re early!” Trying to change the subject. Maybe he would forget about the wall.

“Shut the fuck up!” He roughly grabbed your arm and began dragging you towards the front of the house.

You could see that the road was now full with our people and theirs. Fuck.

His grip was becoming tighter and tighter. Without a doubt leaving bruises under your shirt sleeve.

“Oi arsehole no need to be so goddamn rough!” I tried tugging my arm out of his grip but this only caused him to squeeze harder. Fuck.

“Shut up” he said through gritted teeth.

He finally came to a stop and you could see Olivia looking with wide eyes at you. Mentally I was shouting that Judith was safe but didn’t dare breath a word and just nodded my head in her direction before looking away quickly.

Boss found this one trying to escape over the wall” You rolled your eyes at this.

“You did not” technically I wasn’t on the wall when he found me.

“I already told you to shut up!” He roughly tugged your arm again.

A dark laugh caught you off guard and whipping my head around I finally came face to face with him. Negan. I knew it couldn’t be anyone else.

Towering over everyone in a black leather jacket.

“Well look-ie here!” He cheered rising that wire covered baseball bat in the air “We’ve got a fucking live one!”

You didn’t dare speak as he finally came to a stop right in front of you, you could practically feel his breath on your face.

“Who the hell are you? Are you new?” He placed the bat on his shoulder “ ‘cause I know damn well I would of remembered seeing you around here before” he raised his brows suggestively.

Staying silent I just looked him in the eyes. Hazel meets y/e/c.

Damn” he clicked his tongue “Now if I didn’t know any better I would think that Rick was standing right here with that fucking stink eye he loves to give me, I know you had to learn that shit from him” laughing he turned his back to you “Now stop being so god damn rude!” He shouted making you jump before turning to face you again.

He came closer. Nose to nose.

“What is your name?” You could smell tobacco on his breath mixed with mint as he spoke.

Taking a large gulp you said loud enough for him to hear but not anyone else “y/n”

“Well helllllllllooooo y/n” he winked at you before giving you lop sided smile. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

Shaking his head he stood back up straight and pointed the bat in Spencer’s direction “Where is Rick the Prick?” As he walked away I let out a large breath. Damn “Now I know he doesn’t want to keep me waiting” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice “No he most certainly does not

“He’s on a run” you spoke up before Spencer could. Pulling Negan’s attention back to you once again “He won’t be back till tomorrow at the earliest”

“Is that right?” He asked eyeing you from where he stood showing no expression on his face “Well that simply will not do” oh god “No that will most certainly not do!”

You could feel everyone tense as he began swinging his weapon from side to side as the anger rose in him.



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82 reasons harry’s ootp anger was totally justified

(because a 400 page thesis is not doable)(for


1.    he’d just come off a very stressful school year in which (surprise) someone had been actively trying to do him in

2.    a sliver of the darkest soul of all time was stuck inside him :)))

3.    darkest wizard of all time was actively messing w/ his brain

4.    his literal worst nightmare had just come to life before his eyes

5.    voldemort’s red eyes actively haunted him, waking and sleeping

6.    he’d squared off against the man who murdered his parents (!)

7.    and the man who’d betrayed his parents to their deaths

8.    he’d been tied so tightly neck to ankle that he couldn’t even turn his head

9.    he was stabbed

10.  he’d just learned the blood protection that had previously kept him safe was worthless

11.  he was jeered at and hexed at by a group of adults who wanted him dead

12.  he’d been crucio’d for fun, taunted, and chased after

13.  he’d just been psychologically tortured as well

14.  his classmate and co-competitor died and he was powerless to stop it

15.  he’d just seen the imprints of his dead parents

16.  his dead classmate had to be pried from his grip

17.  he blamed himself for cedric dying – survivor’s guilt

18.  he was forced to relive his entire horrific experience just after it happened

19.  he’d learned his teacher, whom he trusted, had actively been plotting against him

20.  his godfather literally got to see him for an hour before leaving again

21.  the minister of magic, who had always before been genial, called harry a liar to his face

22.  he had to return in exile to the home of his abusers

23.  while there, his cousin tormented him and the neglect of his aunt and uncle continued

24.  he was cut off entirely from the wizarding world, desperate for information

25.  he had no guarantee voldemort wouldn’t show up on privet drive at any moment

26.  no one was properly communicating with him

27.  and then he was attacked by two dementors (!)

28.  and he saved his cousin, and was nearly kicked out onto the street for it

29.  he spent the last month of the summer wondering if he’d be expelled from school

30.  all his wizard friends had been conspiring for the entire summer and had told him nothing

31.  he was suffering from chronic nightmares, i.e. not sleeping

32.  his godfather, embroiled in his own trauma, remained distant and broody

33.  he had to stay in a gloomy house which lbr would bother anyone

34.  uh his friends were chosen as prefects which led to him feeling further ostracized from dumbledore and isolated from them

35.  his mentor/grandfather type figure was actively ignoring him

36.  he’s unable to write to sirius, which had previously been one of his favorite things and greatest sources of comfort

37.  the government that was supposed to protect him sent an infiltrator to his school, violating his one safe space in the world

38.  said infiltrator stripped away everything he held dear

39.  said infiltrator also abused him repeatedly, forced his own body to abuse itself, and took great pleasure in watching it happen

40.  no one believed him

41.  even his dorm mate, who harry had previously considered a friend, disbelieved him

42.  he was ostracized and ridiculed by the entirety of wizarding society

43.  until he learned what threstrals were, he genuinely thought he was going mad

44.  he couldn’t participate in quidditch, the one thing he was naturally super talented at and greatly enjoyed

45.  even his broomstick—his favorite thing—was confiscated

46.  he blamed himself for mr weasley’s attack


48.  DADA, the only good thing he had going for him, was taken away

49.  dumbledore, the only thing that made him feel truly safe, had to leave

50.  he assumed guilt for dumbeldore having to leave

51.  he knows shit is going down (the Order is protecting something) and he’s not able to help, and he’s not able to put it all together, and that drives him mad because he’s a person of action who’s been encouraged to follow those impulses for his entire hogwarts career

52.  no one in this entire time sat him down and helped him work through any of this

53.  and spent a few days wondering if he’d been possessed by Voldemort

54.  he sort of dated the girl he liked but it turned into a mutually traumatic and horrific thing

55.  even the newspaper led a smear campaign

56.  every adult he trusts is failing him on (nearly) every level

57.  spent two months worried about where on earth hagrid had been

58.  spent seven months worried hagrid would be fired & what he was up to in the woods

59.  hagrid left (again) and he had to deal with the stress of caring for a giant (??)

60.  watched his favorite teacher be brutally ambushed and attacked

61.  child worried about everything tbh and he was always taking the world on his shoulders

62.  OH he had to watch ron suck @ quidditch and it was just terrible b/c he couldn’t fix it or make it better and sigh

63.  he was actively worried about his godfather, who was clearly in a very bad place

64.  he had to endure horrible lessons with the teacher who hated him

65.  he knew voldemort actually had access to his mind, which is terrifying

66.  however, the lessons only seemed to make it worse

67.  he was a child

68.  he’s been abused his entire life and has never been taught healthy coping mechanisms

69.  so he sticks with the standby of repress until it explodes

70.  which just does not work at all, but he doesn’t know any better

71.  his stress level just walking around daily is 8/10, no wonder he can’t cope???

72.  he learned his teenage dad was the kind of bully he’d been afraid of his entire life


74.  and that sent him into a spiral of depression wondering if everything snape had ever told him was correct

75.  he spent weeks wondering if his mum and dad actually ever loved each other

76.  his godfather and teacher only provided minor comfort; harry’s concerns weren’t really assuaged

77.  normal student stresses like studying for the most stressful exams of school career

78.  enduring a domineering hermione w/ the study schedules and whatnot during said exam times

79.  he suffered frequent, brain-splitting headaches

80.  mass breakout at azkaban is actually terrifying for him because he knows what those people are capable of

81.  he was a very small child

82.  people, he was only fifteen

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 12

Two chapters in two weeks! @outlandishchridhe and I are rather proud of ourselves, honestly. And, because this chapter is INCREDIBLY long (13 pages on our Google doc [a new record!]) I’m putting it after a break. If it won’t load for you, you can read the full chapter over on my AO3 account HERE

I have to dedicate this chapter to my wonderful mum @thatwetwomaybeoneagain who kindly requested we put in a bit of canon dialogue. So we did, and I hope you enjoy it mum!

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 6

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Cordelia: //points at female dog// oh look it’s you Beatrix

Beatrix: //points at snake// oh look. It’s you Cordelia

Christa: //silently laughs bc she isn’t part of this beef//