wonder lake

Summer sunsets at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska are truly special. Kent Miller snapped this dream-like photo two days ago of a moose walking along Reflection Pond. In the background, the top of Denali is illuminated by the setting sun at midnight. Photo by Kent Miller, National Park Service.

Wonder Lake ➸ Benji and Katy.

Arriving at the lake houses after the pipes had burst in the apartment complex back at Lakeview had made the day seem a whole lot more exhausting than a normal weekday for Benji. That was, if he had actually gone and done what he told himself to do and unpacked his things. Which he hadn’t even started. He had no motivation right now to unpack anything. He was much too keen to get out the house and explore all the new surroundings as well as have a bit of fun. His curious mind overpowered the voice in the back of his head telling him he needed to tidy his room and as the afternoon approached, Benji found himself heading over to where Katy was staying so they could once again spend some time together.   

He felt like he was, in a way, being a bit of a pest, but the blonde honestly just enjoyed the girls company too much. He was trying his best to push this small crush he had on Katy, to the back of his mind as he made his way to the front lawn area of the house she was saying at. Swiftly, he took his phone from his pocket and texted her. { katy-avery }

[text]: Ready to explore? I’m outside. HURRYYYY [snail emoji] [wink emoji]

While it was nice to get away from the city, CJ didn’t like being out here too much. It was a reminder of his family and things he just didn’t want to think about, so he found himself drinking quite often. He was actually out of the deck of the house he’d been rooming at, drinking, and he didn’t care how early in the day it was.

The Iditarod National Historic Trail commemorates a 2,300-mile system of winter trails that first connected ancient Alaska Native villages, opened up Alaska for the last great American gold rush and now plays a vital role for travel and recreation in modern day Alaska. Today marks the start of the annual Iditarod race – which is a tribute to Alaska’s history and the role the sled dogs played.

Pictured here is park ranger on a dog sled patrolling across Wonder Lake at Denali National Park. While the Iditarod Trail doesn’t go through the park, Denali’s sled dogs play an important role in the history of Alaska’s first national park and help protect the park today. Photo by Jacob W. Frank, www.sharetheexperience.org.