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Sometimes I really loathe comic book fandoms and discussion.

Gotham is a global city and is a major player in the global economy in the DC universe. They are going to have a diverse population and an influx of immigrants. Catwoman and Batman can absolutely be different races and skin tones. And sometimes they are.

There are interpretations of Catwoman in which she is part Cuban. We had a movie version in which she was portrayed by a half black and half white actress.

It really pisses me off when I see comments like this.

Olive skinned girls with black hair and brown eyes like me get to see ourselves represented in Wonder Woman. And I gotta tell you, it’s really fucking cool to see a Wonder Woman that shares physical similarities with me.

Why can’t we give Latinx or Black kids the same representation when it comes to Catwoman?

Catwoman is a strong woman who can sometimes play damsel when it comes to Batman. She is playful and smart. She is sexy and she is in control of her sexuality. She doesn’t take shit from any man.

What is so wrong with POC children having that type of representation that is usually reserved for white people?

Hear me out here:

Gina Torres as Catwoman

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She’s the right age to fit into the Batfleck timeline, a total goddess, could totally kick Batfleck’s ass and he’d thank her for the privilege and we know she’s great at both action and being classy as fuck.

Just imagine BatCat played not as a budding almost romance but as a romance that has been, she knows every trick in his book and she knows when to play him and when to stand on principle and help out, like an amicably divorced couple.

It would be the best.

For tonight’s post, in honor on Catch Me If You Can premiering on this night in 2011, one of my FAVORITE NUMBERS from this show…

A little throwback to “Seven Wonders” with Kerry Butler as Captured by Seth Rudetsky’s FB page after Disaster! The Musical for BCEFA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice in this…. and his faces. GAH!

Bonus: He talks about whether or not he was nervous for Grease Live! and how he *sometimes* hit the note at the end of Goodbye in CMIYC!