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Hear me out here:

Gina Torres as Catwoman

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She’s the right age to fit into the Batfleck timeline, a total goddess, could totally kick Batfleck’s ass and he’d thank her for the privilege and we know she’s great at both action and being classy as fuck.

Just imagine BatCat played not as a budding almost romance but as a romance that has been, she knows every trick in his book and she knows when to play him and when to stand on principle and help out, like an amicably divorced couple.

It would be the best.

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The Dark Knight’s leading Ladies throughout the years.

To all of you who read this, I hope you have an absolutely incredible year. Remember that you deserve to feel loved and cared for, and don’t ever settle for anything less.

This past year hasn’t been easy for me, and I suspect I’m not alone in feeling that way. I don’t post a lot of serious content on this blog, but I’m here for any of you if I can do anything to help, and I mean that sincerely.

My advice to everyone as we venture forth into the uncertain future together may seem odd considering the nature of this blog, but there is a great deal of difference between fictional villainy and the kind which rears its head in the real world. I’m lifting/paraphrasing this sentiment from one of my non-Batman-related passions this year, but the notion is a worthy one even if you’re unfamiliar with the source:

Don’t be the villain in someone else’s history.

…take it from someone who is.


wow this year was REALLY shitty though huh