wonder in the form of tunes

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So because wonder I’m a terrible person with a terrible case of Schadenfreude, imagine these lyrics to the tune of “Burn” from Hamilton happening to Keith sometime after that finale debacle. 

I’m erasing your name from the narrative
The future historians will wonder how Shiro reacted when we beat Zarkon
I’m tearing us apart, I’m watching us burn
Watching us burn
The worlds have no right to our hearts
The worlds have no place in our bed, they don’t get to know what we said, 
I’m burning the memories, burning the moments, that might have defined you
Please forfeit your rights to my heart
I forfeit my place in my bed, I sleep in your lion instead
With only the memories, of when you were mine
….Please don’t let me burn….

Soul States

How can I go across the universe?
Only I could dare this rumble of silent
Thunder. I humble the tune with stumbled
Rhythms. I make all grand and emphatic.
Anything was possible then. Nothing
Gonna change my insistence. Until a man
Like him gay kisses me, I will be mere
Space waiting to be occupied. Get going
Right into the force of the phrase. Try to
Say what I could be to you. I will be truly
Wonderful in your hands, against your lean,
Fine, needful form. Warm us with your words.


Meditation has always been such a daunting task for me. Trying to get my mind to go completely silent never worked. I would always get bombarded by thoughts of the day, thoughts of the past, thoughts about the most random things ever, sexual thoughts, you name it. Because of this, basically me feeling like I wasnt doing it right. I gave up. I stopped trying. That all changed last night. Last night while working on some school work I was getting caught up on The Friend Zone podcast that features heyfranhey, and two wonderful men named Dustin and Asante. The entire podcast spoke to my spirit as they always do, but when Fran starting speaking on meditation I really tuned in. I did not know that there were different forms of meditation. And basically the form of meditition one chooses to use is dependent on the person and where they are in their life. Fran’s form of meditation is to not silence the mind but to listen to it. Allow your thoughts to come in and pay attention to them. Pay attention to the ones that stick out the most. After meditation you can journal about the thoughts that stick out the most, you can take action, you can marinate on it, etc. So this morning I tried it. Immediately after I got out of bed I opened my blinds, I sat in front of the window as the sun was rising and I let my mind wonder. I did this for however long I felt like it because I had extra time on my hands. Immediately after I felt a bit of clarity on a topic I had been struggling to put into words for such a long time. This form of meditation is by far the most practical for me and my journey and I feel that others would greatly benefit from it as well. Meditation should be a way to become one with thy self, not a way to escape thy self. 

My Donnie Rambling Needed it’s Own Space...

I posted this earlier, reblogging some adorable art that I found. I’m not even sure how this happened, but I realized it belongs in it’s own post:

Geek Rambling (you were warned):
Technically, I have never considered myself a “shipper.” I don’t get emotionally involved in most shows and I typically don’t care who falls in love with whom.
But, truth be told, even in the 80s I wondered why April wasn’t closer in age to the turtles, because obviously she would have fallen madly in love with Donnie.

You can imagine my surprise the first time I tuned into TMNT 2012 (with no previous knowledge of the NIck series) and saw Donnie tumble head over heels for April at first glance. For me, it was a pairing nearly 30 years in the making.

The progression is slow and of course, there’s Casey Jones to consider, but I adore the way the writers have given form to Donnie’s very real Love for April.
Frustrating though it may be at times, we’ve watched Donatello make mistakes, learn from them, and grow to understand all the facets of a very complex emotion. So many people were down on D because of they way he initially pursued April but honestly, he was a young mutant, who lived his entire life secluded below the surface with his three brothers and father. Why would anyone assume he should have the slightest clue about handling these feelings?

Donnie has always been my favorite. Namely because he is sweet and eager to learn… everything. So it’s really not surprising, that in spite of his early stumbling blocks, he is willing and able to rectify his behavior, to show April the respect he knows she deserves. And, as he has adjusted, his crush has evolved into honest love. And now, even if it hurts, even if it means he’ll never be able to say it aloud, he seems to have committed to giving April the space that she needs or wants. That is the best example of respect I’ve seen in a children’s show.
In the end, even if things don’t pan out for Donnie (and my heart shatters to little bitty pieces), he is giving April the very best of himself. I would be proud of my kiddo if he/she learned about love from this guy.

(That said, go get ‘im April!)

Here’s something that we made a while ago. It was supposed to have a bunch of singers, and maybe eventually it will. But today I decided that it’s not doing us any good just sitting around on the drive, so here it is! Follow along with the lyrics below. The tune, naturally, comes from “Carol of the Bells”. (Does this have anything to do with ongoing DWA storylines? Who knows?? Well actually, I think the similarly to “Bells of Fate” is just a coincidence. But hey, I don’t know what the plan is. =P)


Update: Jitters informs me that we actually posted this awhile ago. Oh well, enjoy this blast from the past!

Carol of the Clocks


Hark! how the clocks, flying blue box
All seem to say, throw cares away.
Doctor is here, bringing good cheer
He’s young and old, brilliant and bold
tick, tock, tick-tock, wonder unlock
Ood-creature sing, all sonic-ing
Changing his form, oncoming storm
Tracking the probe, saving the globe

Ding Dong, Ding Dong
Ding Dong, Ding Dong

Hark! how the clocks, flying blue box
All seem to say, throw cares away.
Doctor is here, bringing good cheer
He’s young and old, brilliant and bold

Hope will he bring, while ponies sing
Songs of good cheer, Doctor is here!
But he may fail, now comes the tale
Darkness arise, vile surprise!
vile surprise

Hark! how the drums, crafty one comes
All seem to say, throw hope away
Doctor is here, quaking with fear
Fire arise, filling the skies
dum-dum, dum-dum, where is it from
Nemesis old, coming foretold
Friend did he snatch, monsters dispatch
Never to fall, master of all…

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#tbt: Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

After Neil Finn’s previous band, Split Enz, disbanded in 1984, he, Nick Seymour, and Paul Hester grouped together to form Melbourne band, Crowded House, a name which incidentally came from the cramped and crowded living space they were allotted in West Hollywood.

This moody melody became the band’s biggest international hit, peaking at #2 in the US, and earning the band awards for “Best New Talent” and “Song of the Year.” And no wonder. At first you hear a slow sadness in its tune, but then when you pay attention to the lyrics, a sort of covert optimism comes forward. Neil himself commented on the song’s dual message: “It was just about on the one hand feeling kind of lost, and on the other hand sort of urging myself on — don’t dream it’s over.” 

The 80s were not that long ago. "Don’t Dream It’s Over” has nonetheless remained a classic ever since, having been voted one of the best Australian songs of all time in 2001. It has also been covered by an oddball collection of musicians, like Sixpence none the richer, Howie Day, Susan Boyle, Paul Young, and, most recently, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande teamed up to produce a dreamy modern cover.

closed for thetipsytiefling

The elf, dressed in an a beautiful aquamarine cloak, held forth her cane as she wandered the terrain. The hood was pulled close to her slender face, the fur on the lining brushed against smooth ivory skin. The elf whistled just softly, an old tune that had no name, but played on the mind She had been wandering for hours..maybe days. It was getting hard to tell just when one day ended and another found it’s start. The slender form gave a little shudder as her boots crunched down on the snow below. Hmmm where would she end up this time, she wondered, the cane moving left to right in front of each step she took. She hadn’t heard or smelled anything like a home or town in ages it seemed and just as she was about to consider making camp for a while….her cane tapped something. Pausing, thinking a tree in her path, she changed her direction just slightly and ran right into something rather large…
Amunet was sent stepping back a few paces to steady herself. “What in the-” frowning, more out of concentration than anything else, she ran her cane out again and hit what had stopped her motion forward. It most certainly did not sound like a tree…