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Some thoughts on Too Short to Ride

Anonymous said:
I was surprised to see a handful of people say that 2short2ride was an ablest episode bc of the ending. I was wondering what u thought about it? Do you think peri is/could be autistic? ( ik these arent very Lore-driven theories, but…)

Okay, there are a lot of things to cover in this ask, plus my own thoughts about the episode, so I’ll try to integrate and keep it concise. 

1. The “short” motif

I want to bring this one up first because it’s the focal point and the driving premise behind the episode. Because of their height, they decide to shape shift and look at other attractions, and eventually get to the bottom of what’s making Peridot upset.

“Short” has been associated with Peridot before. In Too Far, Peridot, after Amethyst started ignoring her, Peridot felt bad. Her term for this feeling is feeling “small.” Peridot isn’t the best at expressing her own feelings, and sometimes I think that she can’t put her feelings into words while she’s feeling them. It’s why her tape-recorder is important. She needs to process her thoughts, and playing them back to herself helps that process.

When Peridot says she feels small, clearly something in her has been conditioned to think small isn’t a good thing. When we look at Peridot at her most confident, in Barn Mates, it’s because her idea of strength was exactly that of Steven’s idea of strength in Coach Steven. Her robot was huge, bulky, and capable of brute force fighting.

Source: SU Wiki

But big and bulky isn’t Peridot’s optimal strategy. Look at all the events leading up to Catch and Release. She got by on Earth alone with nothing but her own intelligence, her limited tech, and a combination of evasive manoeuvres and trap-setting. This is someone who works best with a lot of information, and then setting up the arena for her to win, no heavy-lifting required. She works best with preparation, not brute force.

She nearly succeeded in taking out Garnet and Pearl, permanently, in Friend Ship. And this was through a combination of holograms, traps, and quick thinking. She sacrificed her own foot instead of fighting the Crystal Gems directly. But Peridot is her best when she’s like this. 

Back to the big-small dichotomy, in my Homeworld Update I talk about how Homeworld, despite being in the technological golden age of their civilisation, is still giving big gems like quartzes higher ranks than they do their technicians. And I compared that to how doctors and engineers have the highest salaries in our knowledge-based civilisation. Big and physically strong soldiers would have been the best to decide things in wartime before modern technology helped them. But look at Jasper in The Return; she takes out Garnet with a measly stabiliser. Peridot could have done that, and she was about to do that when Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven burst into the deck of the ship. 

Small shouldn’t be an inherently bad thing, but that’s how she feels. When Mr. Smiley told her she’s tiny and needs to grow more, no doubt she was offended. Gems emerge fully grown. She can’t “grow” and it’s not in her control. Add this a layer of her knowing she’s an Era 2 Peridot, meaning she can’t even temporarily grow by shapeshifting and she’s be livid. 

Mr. Smiley treated her like a child, and Peridot, confident of her own abilities, and trying to be proud of who she is despite everything, was visibly upset by that.

Peridot: I do not have to grow. This height is indicative of my rarity and importance. I demand entry, you clod!

Source: SU Wiki

She says exactly this, because she knows being small conferred her a lower rank back on Homeworld. Being away from all that, it seems to be happening again.

I’d like to point out that another time she’s felt more confident in herself are when she has her limb enhancers, and I’ll go onto that next.

2. On ableism

I’ll directly engage Anon’s ask now and first define ableism. It’s a form of discrimination that favours the “able-bodied.” But recent definitions have come to encompass more than that. Ableism is also the belief that the differently abled have to be “fixed” or that they’re “defective.” And disability now no longer refers to only physical, but also mental disability.

With that, let’s look at how Peridot’s limb enhancers have been treated throughout her development as a character. When the CGs first realise that the limb enhancers are assistive technology and not biological limbs, this happens:

Source: SU Wiki

Amethyst casually tosses them into the ocean and we never hear of them again. And here some will say that they didn’t know the limb enhancers were needed; perhaps they were just weapons. At least we think we never hear of them again. But their absence clearly makes their mark, and we do realise that more than weapons, Peri’s limb enhancers did function as limbs. 

The first instance we notice the limb enhancers are significant are in Too Far. Steven and Amethyst make fun of Peridot for her “weird names” for her own body parts. Looking back though, what did she call by the conventional body part names? Her foot, her arms, her limb enhancers. This is significant information, especially with the new information we got from this episode.

I’ve long been saying that Peridot seemed way too surprised at the sight of her limbs in Catch and Release. And that she’s clearly physically unable to carry out the duties she was designed for in episodes like When It Rains. 

And I said it was a positive thing that she lived in a society in which she was given assistive technology so she could be productive and feel accomplished in a work-related sense. And she is. She proudly calls herself a “certified kindergartener.”

She clearly has need for them, but more than that she misses them. In Log Date 7 15 2, we see her act confidently and simulate conversations with the other gems because of the can-stilts that Steven gave her. Even before this, I mention the importance of her tape recorder. And in this episode, we see the tablet holds some significance as well.

Because it’s all about helping Peridot do more than if she didn’t have assistive technology. Yes, we could all go about without the Internet, our phones, and our cars, but we don’t want to. Now, imagine if it were a real and physical need. If the parallels aren’t clear enough yet, gems can’t gain more muscle mass, or mass for that matter. No amount of exercise, physical training, or things of the sort can make Peridot physically stronger. It’s the clear marker of someone differently-abled. There are things they can’t change about themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from being happy and doing the things they want to do.

That’s why limb enhancers are important; that’s why assistive technologies, both here and in our world, are important. And that’s why it’s significant that Amethyst is the one confronting Peridot about it on the beach. Because Amethyst threw away Peri’s limb enhancers. Amethyst must realise by now the consequences of her action that day. And Amethyst makes a good point. Peridot doesn’t need to focus on what she can’t do, but rather what she can do. It’s the big-small, bulky-agile issue all over again. 

Nonetheless, what she does afterwards is less than encouraging.

3. On Peridot’s metallokinesis

Because when Amethyst tosses Peridot’s tablet, she knows fully well this time what that tablet means to Peri. Peri makes up for her lack of size with really good strategy and a lot of information. The tablet, like her finger screens, helped that a lot. But you know, even without that function, that tablet gave Peridot a lot of comfort. This moment would be just like Lapis’ crushing her tape recorder. The difference here is what Amethyst said, “You don’t need it!” And I think this is where a lot of people called her out for being ableist. 

To understand why this happened, I think it’s significant we look into her thought process first. At this moment, she’s annoyed with Peridot, because she’s actively reaching out to her and Peridot appears to ignore her. We know how difficult it is for Amethyst to talk about personal issues with other people, and this is an issue that hits her also, as a “defective” quartz. But we know Peridot’s not ignoring her. And I think deep down she knows Peridot isn’t ignoring her too. Isn’t it very like Amethyst to not listen when Pearl and Garnet are chastising her, only for those words to hit later when she’s alone? Amethyst is frustrated and upset for her friend.

But she misunderstands the problem. She doesn’t think Peri needs to be “fixed,” and she’s not denying that Peridot is physically weaker. The issue with Amethyst is that she takes away Peri’s assistive technology on the basis that Peri is fine without it. Peri will be okay without that tablet, but that doesn’t mean Peridot is great either. She’s surviving without assistive technology because she’s forced to. She’s had to be resourceful and make do with everything she’s got ever since she got to Earth. It’s like asking someone without a wheelchair to crawl for a while. They’ll get around, but it’s not a nice feeling.

And how would Peridot feel knowing she can’t keep up, not because the technology wasn’t possible, but because she was being deprived from it? You see, in the end I don’t think metallokinesis solves the need for assistive technology. Metallokinesis is inherent to her. It’s like having to use prosthetics but being good at math. It’s great she has that power, but it has nothing to do with assisting her condition. She still is physically weaker, and that’s somewhere  Peridot feels vulnerable, and she would still like to do things that entail the average amount of physical strength. Metallokinesis helps, because Peridot has always, always, been resourceful, but her life could be made easier.

It’s great that she’s tapping more of her potential. What I find makes the ending not-ableist is that she has the tablet with her in the end. It’s a concession that she does need her old setup. We don’t hear it from the others though, as to whether they feel the same way. That’s something for another episode, I hope.

Rebecca Sugar mentioned in an interview that their drawings for Catch and Release would be the last time they’d see her limb enhancers for a while. I’m hoping we do see them again, and that everyone accepts they’re needed in Peri’s life, and that Peri would want that too.

Unrelated to this assistive technology discussion, the very end of the episode is something I do appreciate. Peridot herself invokes the name “Shorty Squad.” And suddenly she might be coming around as to associating short with bad. That’s a good thing, because in that regard she’s not equating her worth to her size anymore, and this is a vocal manifestation of it.

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Привет! This may be a weird question? I have always wondered how Russian people express laugh in chat, like "lol", "rofl", "lmao", "hahaha", etc. Is there a way to do it in Cyrillic alphabet? Thanks for your time!

Привет! Russians (me included) are obsessed with emojis. You can find :))) or :((( even in business correspondence. In case you’re wondering, triple ))) indicate strong emotions, not the triple chin :). If you check the most popular Russian social network VKontakte, you’ll see how much Russians like pictographic language. There is a special word for emoji in Russian - смайлик [smailik]. This word covers all types of emojis, including the sad one :( (грустный смайлик). 

If you want to avoid emojis, you can write something like ха-ха for light laughter, ха-ха-ха for normal laughter and буа-га-га for the diabolic, evil laughter. You can also find ах-ха-ха, which is similar to lmao, хи-хи for giggling and some other variations. 

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Hi :) I was wondering if you could do nsfw head canons for Hank? You'll be my favourite person <3

of course!!!! i love u

• when you told Hank about wanting to have sex, he went all nerd mode™

• he didn’t sleep at night, studying the magazines he found in Alex’s room, trying to absorb all of the theory

• which he successfully did, but once he has you naked in front of him, he forgets about everything

• you giggle and undress him, telling him to forget about the theory, to follow his instinct

• the first time, it doesn’t take him too long before he comes and he’s so embarrassed, he wants the ground to swallow him whole ( @kurtwxgners’s drabble about it is a-ma-zing. i luv her)

• he feels awful for not making you come, but you tell him it’s perfectly alright and just touch yourself in front of him, at one point taking his hand and showing him how to make you feel good

• he gets so happy when you come around his fingers. so so happy.

• it makes you smile because how adorable is this guy???? fluffy blue nerd of my heart

• you cuddle after, listening to him as he rambles on and on about how you are beautiful and that it’s almost impossible for you to exist. someone with perfect genes wasn’t supposed to be here. especially not in his arms.

• reminding him that you are madly in love with everything that he is, which brings lil bby tears to his eyes

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what would akutagawa, dazai, fukuzawa and chuuya do if they made their partner cry?

they’d all probably shit themselves…kidding…for the most part

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

  • He’d be confused for a second like why are their eyes tearing up what is happening holy shit. And then he realizes it’s his fault and he freezes up because there are so many things firing off mixed signals in his head right now and he doesn’t know what to do.  He ends up acting without thinking and kind of crushes his s/o in a hug and the poor s/o ends up a little smothered. Eventually he loosens his grip into a gentler hold and he’ll mumble an apology for whatever he did wrong.  He ends up being really quiet even after his s/o forgives him and ends up giving them more affection than usual, trying to make up for hurting their feelings. I think he’d second guess himself during these times and wonder if his s/o would be better off with someone else.

Dazai Osamu

  • His eyes get wide for a second because he knows what he’s done immediately after he’s done it.  He’ll try to lighten the mood with some joking and jabs at his own expense but when it doesn’t work he’ll get kinda nervous.  Taking their face in his hands, he’d wipe their tears and explain that he’s sorry for making them cry and if there’s anyway he can make them feel better, he’d do it no questions asked. He’d apologize as many times as it takes to see them smile again because when their face twisted into a grimace, he ended up feeling gut-wrenching anxiety. A sad s/o is one of his worst nightmares.

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • His face ends up mirroring the sad expression his s/o makes and he’d end up regretting whatever he did to end up causing such a face on his s/o. This man will own up to it wholeheartedly if he said/did something wrong but if that wasn’t the case, he’d try to get his s/o to calm down a bit so he could explain his viewpoint. He’d open his arms to make it easier for his s/o to hug him if they needed comfort but also would try to understand if they needed some space and time to themselves.  The only way you could tell it affected him while he was working is by the deep sighs he’ll let out when he thinks no one’s listening.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’ll start cursing and tripping over his words in an attempt to stop his s/o from crying.  He’d wouldn’t know what to do but he knew he really screwed up and he says that straight up.  Strings of sentences explaining his thoughts and feelings start rushing out of his mouth before he even knows what’s leaving it. His s/o would have to be the one to stop his constant babbling if he didn’t run out of words by then.  They’d know he was there to take comfort from if they wanted it, but he wouldn’t force them into a hug for fear of pushing them away even more.

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I'm a fairly new magic user and I'm new to the terminology and such and was wondering if you had a sort of cheat sheet for baby witches like me? Like I guess cheat sheet is kinda the wrong word but like do you know a good place to start?

We’ll certainly see what we can do :) I’ll start a list of terms commonly seen in witchcraft here on this ask, and other mods are free to join in and add more terms as they think of them. I’ll put it under a read more since it might get long though.


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Sometimes my daddy gets little too

There are days when my daddy is just a bit off, or not very happy, and he’ll tend to get little with me. I mean, it’s the cutest thing ever, and it’s nice to have someone to play with, but I was wondering if other daddies sometimes switch like this too. My daddy doesn’t expect me to be a mommy or anything to him, but he still craves a bunch of attention from me. I kinda like it, but does your daddy do this?

If You Were Wondering Why I Was MIA For The Last Few Weeks

had my wonderful daughter about 4 weeks ago and have been spending time with my husband while he was up here for 3 weeks. now just doing the solo parenting thing till I can join him in Georgia in September. also newborns may sleep lots but they require constant attention so getting used to interrupted sleep and not lost of it. when things quiet down I’ll be on here more regularly. but I’m not gone for good just a brief break while we figure out a routine. 

and here is my munchkin…. she’s seriously the best baby and look at the cuteness ^_^

Hey guys! I love the blog you all run, thank you for helping all us young budding trainers~ I thought I’d share a story and help people see that safety needs to come first. Recently my friend’s bridesmaid broke her leg while–you guessed it–catching pokemon. There was a pikachu nearby and she jumped out of a treehouse to get it. Not kidding. That isn’t cool. Please, please, please don’t do these things. As much as we joke about it, fictional creatures aren’t worth your safety. That rare pokemon will come again. Don’t hurt yourself trying to get it. And thanks, as always, to this wonderful blog <3

Oh God yeah. Guys don’t hurt yourselves for fictional creatures. It’s not worth it. I’m (Ken) fully confident that eventually you’ll be able to trade your Pokemon so you’ll be able to get rare ‘mons at some point. Even if trading is never enabled it’s not worth it. 

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howdy! I saw your expression sheet of Chara and now I wonder, are you planning to do a different Chara then what most people portray them as? instead of the usual devil child maybe there is more to Chara than what was presented? =) sorry for all these questions I just find them super interesting! have a beautiful day =D and ty for your hard work!

I think for that you’ll have to see how it goes in comic! I hope that if nothing else it comes across as interesting.

But thank you and I hope you have a good day too!

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So far i think marvel are winning sdcc with the new luke cgae, iron fist, and defenders show trailers and the black lesbian led Wakanda comic announcemnts and adding ghost rider to agents of shield BUT if dc do drop that wonder woman trailer and show that first look at JL like we all expect it'll be all anyone can talk about. Doctor strange and guardians cant compete with that. Sorry marvel.

Truer words have never been spoken. The ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer and first look at the Justice League together in costume are going to BLOW UP! Social media will be in a frenzy tomorrow if/when they drop (which I’m 100% sure they will). Marvel has some nice stuff to reveal, I won’t lie, but the first look at the Justice League and Wonder Woman movies are events in themselves. DC got this. 

Have you ever had a cat on your lap while trying to do books for the company? Don’t do it, trust me… she’ll decide that the paper is much softer to sit on (occurred immediately after I took this picture and I couldn’t get one of that). (I’m also upstairs, for anyone wondering why the ceiling looks so low near the fish tank)

Hello my sweets!!!!

I have so many new cosplays accumulated to do photoshoots that you guys can’t even imagine!! 💗

Sadly just when my photographer is back to duty, I have to travel for some personal reasons, but I promise that when I am back I will return with much love and beautiful pictures for you!!!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this wonderful picture of my Medli from Wind Waker !!!! 🐦🍃

I hope you like it, because it was really hard to make these wings !!! Maybe tomorrow will post a video of how I move myself with the wings!! 💖

By the way, my wings are totaly made with E.V.A and some bamboo skewers inside!
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If you have questions about the costume of my Medli, ask here! ^^
You can tell everything in English I will answer you!  

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,,okay but consider this: Voltron marching band AU Shiro is drum major (obvs) (he used to be a mellophone) Keith on drumline and the absolute best on quads Lance as the only guy on colorguard but looks good as hell in the uniforms Hunk as low brass section leader (kills at tuba) Pidge in the pit, refusing to march (but actually really good at trumpet too) Allura as a violin soloist/ badass flute they bring in all I want is a marching band AU alright

I know nothing about marching band or instruments(though, I do play the most advanced, respected, instrument. The computer!), so I’ll leave this as is! It’s too perfect for me to mar. Wait, wait, I got something. Allura playing the cello and occasionally using an electric cello(Like that woman who played the “Is she with you” Wonder Woman score for Batman vs. Superman)

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I loved that nsfw leokumi pic you did so much! I hope you'll draw more leokumi in the future, your art is wonderful and a pleasure to look at. Also I'm really into your nsfw blog as well, is it new? I cant wait to see more!❤️

Hello Anon! Thank you for the compliment, I do plan to draw more LeoKumi when time allows. The NSFW blog is indeed new, though I’m still trying to sort of keep it under the radar. 

Here’s some more LeoKumi for you! See the full (NSFW) version here.

i’m legit crying because one direction changed my whole life, i can’t thank them enough for everything they did for me. i guess i’ll be 1d af for the rest of my life

i got to grow up with them, i saw their auditions and i look at them now and all i wanna do is cry because they fucking did it, they ruled the freaking world and no matter what the future brings for them, either their own thing or a huge comeback whatever the fuck makes them the happiest they can be, then i’ll be just as happy and i’ll always be so proud of them for making a difference in so many people’s lifes. 

they made me a better person, they made me see the world in a new way and thanks to them i met the most wonderful people, including y'all.

so all i can do is say thank you. thank you for all you boys did for me, for us, for standing so strong when shit got out of hand and now if you’ll excuse imma leave you with this shitty cheesy post and imma go crawl in a corner and cry all day because i love one direction and i’ll always love those shady asses

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Hi there! I was wondering, when you go through and edit a story, what do you look for?

Hello! So I usually look for awkward or repeated wording, misspellings, things like that. Sometimes…I…don’t go back and edit. Which is terrible because I’m a technical writer by day so I really should. But sometimes I can only let myself skim something before I post it or I’ll get too hard on myself and rethink everything. A beta reader, though! A beta reader is great! And sometimes they turn into your best friend!