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Hey, you're German, right? I've got a huge favour to ask of you. I've been studying German for a few years, and I plan on studying there for a year. Before that, I wanna improve my language skills, so I've been wondering if you could tell me about some good original German movies? I don't want to watch dubbed ones, I've heard they're horrible. Thank you so much! Love your blog, by the way.

Dubbed movies aren’t actually half bad - at least to movies dubbed in other languages. Trust me, I’ve watched both Spanish and French dubbed movies, they were way worse. This is what we like to call “Jammern auf hohem Niveau” - complaining even though everything is pretty good. You’ll find that Germans are a people of complainers; we like to complain about everything. We are never content :) 

Still, I’m really really excited that you’re interested in my culture and HELL YES THERE ARE A BUNCH OF AWESOME GERMAN MOVIES. Here are some highly acclaimed ones and some of my favourites, I hope all links work. 

  • 12 Meter ohne Kopf (a movie about a German pirate, who allegedly walked 12 meters after being beheaded in order to save his crew)
  • Auf der anderen Seite (a really bautiful sort of episodic movie connecting the lives of three families, both German and Turkish)
  • Barfuss (a movie about a girl suffering from PTSD, who is saved mostly accidentally from committing suicide by a dude cleaning the clinic she is in, and then follows him around everywhere, and they fall in love. Seriously, onely one of two movies by Til Schweiger worth watching)
  • Buddenbrooks (the story of a very rich merchant family and their downfall…a really famour book adaptation)
  • Das Boot (a movie about a German submarine and its crew during World War II. 100& must-see)
  • Das Experiment (A movie about a psychology experiment in prison, and how people react when given free reign over others. This should come with a huge trigger warning. It’s awesome, but also really super disturbing)
  • Das Leben der Anderen (You might’ve heard of that one, since it received an Oscar. It deals with surveillance in East Germany, and is, also, a must-see).
  • Das weiße Band (A movie about the oppressive and rigid society pre-World War I children grew up in.)
  • Das Wunder von Bern (This movie mixes the football world championships of 1954 (soccer for heathens who call other stuff football) and the story of a family that has to re-learn to live with each other when the father comes home after being a war captive for like…12 years MUST SEE)
  • Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (movie about famous German left extremists, the RAF and their terrorist attacks)
  • Der Schuh des Manitu (THE single best German comedy to ever exist. It makes fun of Cowboy movies/books that are super popular in Germany. You’ll cry of laughter seeing Native Americans with a Bavarian accent - which also means your language level should be really high, or you won’t understand a thing. Uh, obviously don’t watch if you think white comedians playing Native Americans is racist even when it’s satire)
  • Der Untergang (the last days in thr life of Adolf Hitler. You’ll probably have heard of that one, too. MUST SEE)
  • Die Blechtrommel (God, I don’t know how to describe this one. Basically, a movie about a child who decides he doesn’t want to grow anymore and observes the world of the adults around him?)
  • Die Fälscher (again, dealing with World War II, and people in concentration camps who were tasked with copying money of other countries)
  • Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (a movie about three rebels who break into rich people’s houses only to rearrange their furniture and tell them to revise their morals - until one of them catches them in the act and they abduct him for a weekend. MUST SEE)
  • Die Feuerzangenbowle (THE classic movie. about the German school system. An older guy pretending to be a student at an elite high school. Also gave the name to a drink you will find a lot on Christmas markets)
  • Effie Briest (another novel adaptation about a young woman whose marriage is arranged and who loses everything when she cheats on her husband)
  • Ein Freund von mir (two guys who are completely different building a very strange friendship)
  • Elementarteilchen (about the lives of two brothers who were separated after birth, and the completely different lives they lead)
  • Fack Ju Göhte (no links yet, it only came out last year, a new comedy about the German school system, and absolute must-see, if you happen to find a link one day)
  • Gegen die Wand (a Turkish girl fake-marrying a German addict in an attempt to escae her family. MUST SEE)
  • Goodbye Lenin (a beautiful movie/comedy about a family and the German reunification. MUST SEE)
  • Im Winter ein Jahr (a family dealing with the loss of their son/brother)
  • Kabale und Liebe (a superb adaptation of Schiller’s play. bsjdhkdjk)
  • Kebab Connection (…I don’t even know how to describe this movie. Just watch it. Very multi/transcultural and hilarious)
  • Keinohrhasen (a douche has to do community service at a kindergarten - and finds that the girl he used to bully as a kid is now his superior. uh-oh. It’s super funny)
  • Kirschblüten - Hanami  (a dude travelling to Japan to understand and be close to his late wife) 
  • Lola rennt ( a movie about a couple in a dangerous situation - and three possible outcomes)
  • Schiller (ah boy, this was a TV production, so I couldn’t find a link. A brilliant movie about the life of Germany’s best playwright, if you ask me)
  • Soul Kitchen (a comedy about a guy trying to keep his restaurant afloat and keeping his brother out of a life of petty crime)
  • Sophie Scholl - die letzten Tage (a movie about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl and her brother, who were part of the resistance against the Nazis)
  • Vincent will Meer (a guy with tourette syndrom, a girl with an eating disorder and a guy with OCD break out of their psychiatric clinic to go to the sea. MUST SEE)
  • Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken? ( a movie based on a real story, about a group of teenagers vowing to commit suicide once they do not feel any love anymore)
  • Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (a comedy about a kid who does a lot of nonsense and when told that he is the reason his mother dies, blames himself, feares that he has to go to hell, and tries to make up for his sins by finding his dad a new wife. Hilarious. Again, tho, super strong Bavarian accent, beware!)

And if you want to watch a few good German TV-shows:

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (ABSOLUTE MUST SEE TV SERIES OMG WATCH IT!!! It deals with a German-Turkish patchwork family and it is hilarious)
  • Tatort Münster (basically a procedural crime show. There are a lot of Tatorts, but this is the only one that is always good. you’ll find a lot of the episodes on youtube)
  • Der letzte Zeuge (a show about a coroner solving crimes)
Pocket Change | 1 | (M)

word count: 7.5k

genre: smut; supernatural AU + demon!yoongi

pairing: reader/yoongi

warning(s): mentions of domestic abuse

special thanks to: @honeyheonie for being a wonderful beta  ♡


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Dear future daughter…
I’ve been having visions about you before the thought of your conception, intergrated into my conceptualization of the complexion that correlates with the queen you are. Yes, I’m referring to your melanin—which means—beautiful you are—look in the mirror—beautiful you are. Your DNA is apart of the King I am, meaning I could never be your father if I didn’t educate you on what it means to be a queen. So let me start by saying if that man doesn’t respect you, there is no (in between) = your legs, his bed, your mind, nor time.
Baby, let me rewind. You’re not here yet but I need you to be prepared. I need you to look in the mirror and to not be scared but to demand for the human you love to care. Not just for your body but your soul. When he looks at you with his eyes, I need you to make sure it’s not for show. Just because the light is green does not mean you always go. I need you to love like a yellow light, meaning you’re cautious and take it slow. You probably wonder why, but if only you could see 2017 right now with your own eyes, you’d know why seeing you protected is a thought worth making these words cry.
I haven’t even began to dig deep with everything you gone see. Which is why I need you to learn to love with no vision but this world is going to try to make you believe that the things you see are what’s missing. Money is not the motive nor the motivator, belief in your gift is what I need you to treasure. Before I became a writer these words were all dreams, I never counted the dollar but that didn’t mean the dollar wasn’t green. What I’m saying is you’re gonna have a gift and I can’t tell you what that gift’s going to be or even what it means. However, I need you to repeat me after me—no matter what happens I still believe in me.
My queen you are beautiful, you are black, you are magic, you are more than enough — not exact. Let the world know that just because you are magic, does not mean you are here to attack. But always remember to defend your skin because to win you must be conscious within. I’m not saying you can’t watch reality shows, the only problem is when you start to look in the mirror and call yourself—the hoe—or the (bad) bitch when I know I raised a queen, not a child who’s future was destined to be the side chick. Baby girl, understand that there’s more to this life than lies and a side dick.
I also need you to understand politics. See because you are half me, you have been put on this earth and told your life achievements are limited. Listen to me, your life is not for rent, it’s valid—so if you are challenged by the oppressor, I need you to oppress the system of your mind. You can be anything you want to be, you can do anything that you believe. See your daddy is really free, so when it comes to what you have achieved be proud of the persistence of your existence to obtain the impossibilities of what they said you had no ability to obtain. Put a sign on your door that says—please reframe, from using my name if it’s not immersed in the possibility that I posses to bring forth the best version of myself which is covered in wealth.
Never be a clone to the clone that copied that other clone. If that energy makes its way into your circle I need you to scream—I RATHER BE ALONE!
I want you to understand and feel my soul when I say I will never leave you. I am your father, which means you are my daughter so there is no way, I won’t be here to love you each day. Maybe I’ll write a never ending book and document how I loved you each day in a new way.
This is the type of love I want you to seek in a man. One that you can feel never ends. Whether you open the book at the end or one day in life you learn that you are better off as friends. That love never fades. Just as I need you to pay attention to the men who hide their insecurities behind their expensive clothes and their fancy Jays, don’t let this be the commodity that makes you sway or stay. Because a man that loves you for you knows it’s not about the money in his pocket or what he pays. But the way he makes you feel day after day.
Love wasn’t initially designed to make your body feel good, but rather lead your mind on a journey to your soul. That’s when you know love is (fo-show). My young queen I can write line after line if it means saving you from souls who are placed here to waste your time. See time is the one thing you can’t get back which is why I need you to be prepared now. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy to be a queen in a world that will criticize your crown because it’s not popular to wear them anymore. But this is when I need you to be you. I need you to be true, not to me—BUT TO YOU.
I love you future daughter.
Dear future daughter…

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Title : Foreign

Pairing : Jinyoung x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Author : Myself

Summary : You’re supposed to meet your boyfriend’s parents, but you’re a foreigner and you start freaking out, so your boyfriend comforts you.

Red dress? Too fancy. Long skirt? Too Tacky. Jeans? Too casual.

You shook your hands in the air, throwing yet another piece of clothing and hating yourself for not being able to buy one single decent outfit for this important day. There was nothing worth being shown, and even less parade into in front of your boyfriend’s parents. You selected a pair of black pants and took a pale blue embroidered tunic, hoping it would have a girly effect on the people who were pictured as severe and merciless. You checked on your reflection in the mirror and sighed.

You looked like nothing they would love. Nothing at all.

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It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 4)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 4,186
Author’s Note: Ha, ha…… I’m just going to go ahead and apologize now. 


December bleeds into January, and on one particular Thursday evening, Jungkook is thoroughly drunk as fuck, his mind much more hazy and uncontrolled than he is use to, the adrenaline rush of his latest win of the basketball game turning into something else. Something much more controlled and determined, something strong enough to force him out the door of Jimin’s house party. No one inside is sober enough to make him stay.

He staggers down the stairs and makes his way across the pavement of sidewalks, ignoring the way he shoulders people, giggles profusely to himself, overcome with a stupid kind of confidence that can only be ignited with way too much alcohol in his system.

Not thinking too deeply about the consequences of any of his actions, he approaches a familiar apartment complex, scales the stairs in such a dizzying way he almost throws up into one of the nearby trash bins. He doesn’t, but he does manage to fling himself rather unceremoniously against the apartment number he knows so well that even his drunk self can recognize its significance.

“(Y/N)! Oh (Y/N)!” He yells in a sing-song voice, banging on the door so hard it echoes through the entire complex.

You swing the door open after his second swing, eyes wide and face flushed with vague irritation. “Jungkook, what the hell?” You snap, grabbing him by the wrist and hauling him inside the room. You slam the door shut after poking your head out to ensure none of your neighbors would report you for noise control. “I thought you were Jimin’s party, celebrating your big win, I may add.”

“Mmmm,” Jungkook whines in the back of his throat, launching himself at you to wrap his arms around your shoulder. “I wanted to see you—why couldn’t you go? It would have been so much fun with you!”  

You gingerly rest your own hands upon his shoulders. “Jungkook, I told you. I’m trying to finish up my essay. It’s due tomorrow. And why does it matter to you if I went or not? It’s not like we have to put up so much of a front now that everyone thinks that we’re dating.” The last statement slips past your lips without too much thought, and you hate how dry the words sound leaving your lips.

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“this isn’t what i wanted.” with Jumin.


Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing/s: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You
a|n you didn’t specify any genre soooooooooo

“Jumin.” You stated, saccharine seduction lacing your tone. You quietly took few steps closer to him, your eyes intently watching him get busy on the kitchen counters. You can smell the sweet aroma of the pancakes he personally made for you and the delicious smell of fresh strawberries and fragrant cream wafting in the air, teasing your senses.

“Impatient are we now, my love?” He teased, slightly tilting his head to the side, an exuberant smile flashing on his features. “It will be done soon. I’m very sorry to make you wait.”

You eagerly nodded as you slowly wrapped your arms around his broad back, pressing the side of your face against the thin layer of cloth that stood in between his warm skin and yours. You felt him perfectly still for a moment, all his movements halting in the process. He relaxed immediately upon the contact and made a motion to turn around and face you. You felt him detach himself from your hold as he carefully placed both of his hands on your shoulders to lightly squeeze it.

“Hmm … You do look good in my clothes.” He commented, metallic irises dancing with mirth. You blushed at his little comment, realizing that you did go to bed dressed in one of his dress shirts and nothing more. “I love seeing your flustered face first thing in the morning.”

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Levihan theory

The reasons why I think that the Levihan ship is the one which has the most chance to be canon, and why I think that both Levi and Hanji are going to die.

/!\ SPOILER /!\ To read this text, you have to know the events of SnK until the chapter 90.

(English is not my native language, please forgive all my grammar)

To begin this theory, let’s focus on Levi, on his character development over his life.

In last august month, the french Facebook pages L’Attaque des Titans France published on Youtube a long theory about the way the manga would end for each main characters, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Reiner, Levi and Hanji. (If you understand French, you can check the videos : here for the Shinganshina Trio , here for Jean and Reiner and here for Levi and Hanji ). I am mentionning their work because I am going to sum up and enrich their theory about Levi and Hanji.

In their opinion, Isayama destines one of the sadest end to Levi : the humanity strongest soldier is not only destined to die but also to suffer a long descent into hell. All his life was and will be only the spectacle of his relatives dying and it will be more and more dreadful for Levi.

It begins with his mother, Kuchel Ackerman. 

Remember the chapter 69. We have a flashback of Kenny Ackerman, finding his dead sister and his nephew. Levi is only a child but does not cry. Obviously he suffers, but he seems to demonstrate a high self-control, or maybe a high weariness. Maybe he would let himself starve, without Kenny.

So from his childhood, his life is marked by mourning. But he also seems to be strong and to bear the pain, to face it.

The next deaths he assists are the Isabel’s and Farlan’s ones.

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"And she finds it difficult to believe — that a person would love her even when she isn’t trying. Trying to figure out what other people need, trying to be worthy.”— Margaret Atwood

Special thanks to my awesome friend Christine for editing this and giving me feedback

Betty Cooper-top of her class, a cheerleader, polished and presentable at all times. She was a Cooper girl after all and her mother invariably expected nothing but the best.

Betty Cooper was supposed to be perfect, but Betty Cooper never felt perfect. No matter her efforts, it’s as though there would always be cracks in her carefully constructed armour, just as there will always be the indents on her palms.


Jughead Jones noticed Betty’s palms when he was just six years old.

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Ellstra’s Kylux fic rec Vol. 2

I decided to make another fic rec in the moments when I’m too drained of energy to do anything that requires brain activity. I couldn’t tag some people (again, tumblr is fucked) which breaks my heart. The fics are in no particular order, only organised in groups from filth to innocent T rated fics (which I honestly didn’t expect to see. Bless you guys.) Enjoy!

Rated E

Grease Lightning by @slutstiels 4k, Modern Au “I’ll fix it for free–” Hux gasps, hardly able to believe his ears. The man holds up a finger to Hux’s lips and Hux frowns, flinching back instinctively. The offending finger is pulled away and Hux reflexively licks his lips, tasting salt and copper; the man’s eyes flow the movement of his tongue before those eyes focus on his own again. “–if you let me fuck you.” “Excuse me?” Kylo is a car mechanic and Hux is a very rich man with a very expensive car that needs to be fixed immediately. Yes, this sounds like a porn intro, and it is. And a great one.

Into the Garbage Chute by @longstoryshortikilledhim 15.5k, Techienician, Modern AU Techie and Matt are Star Wars fans who meet at a convention. This is such a sweet fic, you’ll love yourself for reading it. Techie and Matt are huge adorable dorky nerds and I love them.

it’s not fashionable to love me by @thesunandoceanblue 10.5k, Modern AU Stop staring at his jeans. He knows they’re too tight on him. That’s the whole point; so people will stare at his—don’t stare at his junk.
Hux is persistently bothered by an odd but attractive man during his shifts. Hux is a horrible person who cheats on his boyfriend, Phasma is the best, Kylo is hot and straight-forward. It’s set in a tea shop which is something I never considered as a setting for a fic but it works really well.

In the Flesh by @srawratskcuf 3k, High school AU Kylo is that one kid in school who gives piercings in the bathroom. Prep!Hux comes in for one on a dare and keeps coming back for more (a good mix of ‘dam these are hot’ and ‘damn hes hot’) Seriously, it’s disgusting and Hux is so pretentious you’ll want to spill blueberry juice on his expensive shirt and it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

Bohemian Rhapsody by @longstoryshortikilledhim 18k, Modern AU Kylo is a street musician in Prague. Hux is touring with the prestigious First Order Orchestra. They collide. Hard. In the unlikely case you haven’t read this fic yet, drop everything you’re doing and do yourself the favour. It’s everything you might want from this AU and more, the style is gorgeous and it’s set in my country so bonus points for the advertisement.  

More below the cut! 

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If you're up for it 15 and Stevetony? Love your writing so much and sending you positive vibes!!! <3

15. Loud, so everyone can hear.

I’m most definitely up for it and thank you very much!! <3 I’ve received all those lovely positive vibes!

It seemed like people couldn’t comprehend the fact that Steve Rogers, America’s Hero, was in a relationship with Tony Stark. A relationship that did have its ups and downs but it was wonderful and stable and everything that Steve could have wanted. It held that familiarity that he had been looking for and that sense of love and home that he had been craving ever since his tragic goodbye with Peggy before the plane entered the water. 

If anything, it held so much more that Steve couldn’t even begin to list them because it would take a whole eternity. Being with Tony, loving him and being loved by him was the greatest feeling in the entire world. Being able to wake up in the morning and have him be the very first thing he saw sparked something so passionate in Steve’s heart that he was sure nothing could replicate it. Nothing and no one. 

He had found his place here, with the Avengers and with Tony. 

This was his home. 

So he didn’t appreciate it when people who had no business in his affairs come in and try to ruin a perfectly good thing. It was irritating, annoying and offended Steve to the point that he had broken a few mugs in his rage while reading the morning newspaper. A few more glasses having fallen victim when he watched the news instead. 

Even after a year of Steve and Tony publicly announcing their relationship, the world still hadn’t come to grips with it. The media thought of it as a joke and used it as a punchline because people didn’t think it was going to last. A reporter had even stated that they were surprised that they had lasted this far. 

“Considering Stark’s record,” The reporter had sneered as his co-reporter laughed with a clap of her hands. “You’d think that would be enough to scare even Captain America away but to each their own.”

“But people do say that love is blind.” The other reporter replied which earned such a mocking laughter that the pit of Steve’s stomach twisted and tightened at the cruel sound. 

“You’re hilarious, Wendy. Love is blind but love avoids Stark for a reason,” He then shrugged. “He’s not worth loving.”

He’s not worth loving. 

Steve had never been so glad that Tony had been busy in the workshop that day, his music loud and blasting as he tinkered. He refused to think about how the words would have sliced into him like a sharp blade and leave him bleeding it. He didn’t want to imagine how Tony’s face would remain expressionless as he shut himself down and became numb. He shook his head at the thought of Tony truly believing those words and avoiding Steve for days because he didn’t think he was good enough for Steve. 

It was the day of his interview that Steve decided what he needed to do. 

What he wanted to. 

Tony was not expecting Pepper to rush into the workshop, heels clicking rapidly against the tiled floors. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair was a little out of place which was odd because she was Pepper. 

Pepper never had a hair out of place. 

“Hey, Pep,” Tony started but Pepper shushed him before grabbing him by the arm as she went past him. Tony allowed himself to be pulled along, going from a little confused to confused as hell. When they reached the area where the cot was place, she pushed him down first before somehow still elegantly managing to sit herself down. 

“Pep,” Tony tried once more, now terribly curious and in desperate need of answers. But she simply shushed him again and pulled up a video on YouTube on her phone before positioning it in front of both of them. “What-?”

“Steve had an interview this afternoon, right?” Pepper asked even though she already knew. She was the one who arranged it. 

“Yes,” Tony answered, brow furrowed as a frown set on his lips. “But what has that got to do with all of this?”

Pepper’s lips curved into a smile that held a secret she refused to reveal and she gestured to her phone. 

“Just watch.”

And Tony did. 

Video: Captain America Tells The World How Much He Loves Tony Stark And Shuts The Interviewer Down!

Views: 2.3M

Likes: 50k 

Dislikes: 2k

“But I just don’t understand-” The interviewer tried, having already spent minutes trying to tear down Steve’s relationship with Tony. But he wasn’t having any of it anymore. 

“I don’t care if you don’t understand,” Steve replied, blue eyes cold and voice deadly calm. “Because I have nothing to prove to you or the world. I love Tony Stark, I love him with every ounce of me and I will love him even if he stops loving me. I’ll love him until the end of time and in all universes that we exist in. And you can’t stop me, you just can’t.” It was then that a small but fond smile cracked the hardened exterior of his features. 

“I don’t think I could stop loving him even if I tried and I’ll never want to.”

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Hello, I'm kinda new to the Superbat fandom and I was wondering if there's a guide or something for the comics. I don't know if such thing exists but it never hurts to ask! I've never read a comic in my life, so sorry about that but I wanna start in someway. Your fic got me interest in Superbat <33 Thank you and I'm sorry for awkward question!

Ah, what a wonderful question to get!  DC Comics are daunting af, I know, so here are a few recommendations for where to start–I recommend getting trade paperbacks of these, I think most of them are still available?  Some of these are cut and pasted from an earlier post…

For a pretty full list that runs up to the reboot, you can check out my guide on LJ which covers a LOT of stuff.

  • Jeph Loeb remains the go-to writer for Superbat emotions on the old Superman/Batman title:  Public Enemies and Absolute Power especially.   His run on Batman, Hush, also has some really good Clark/Bruce moments.  He cannot plot worth a damn but he delivers the emotional goods. His Superman for All Seasons has no Bruce in it but remains one of my favorite Superman stories.
  • Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is not a favorite of mine, but it’s an important read because it set the tone for a lot of the modern versions of the two.  It’s also extremely slashy in a bitter, hatesexy sort of way.
  •   World’s Finest #282-300.  1982-1986 was a tumultuous time for comic books, and Superman and Batman briefly got very, very close before The Dark Knight came out and shifted the paradigm on their friendship.  This run of the World’s Finest title is…well, it’s… it’s got Superman and Batman crying together as they witness the great love of mating space worms. It’s got Superman almost murdering Barry Allen for implying Bruce might be dead, and saving him from mind control through the power of hugs.  It’s got Clark crying a single manly tear because Bruce won’t talk to him anymore, and Bruce sadly caressing a picture of the two of them.  Seriously, it’s…it’s worth a read if you can get it.
  • Kingdom Come by Mark Waid has its flaws, and over the years I’ve come to disagree with his characterization of Superman a bit, but it’s got a LOT of very good interactions between an older, sadder Clark and Bruce.  It’s kind of Waid’s answer to The Dark Knight, and features a different kind of rift between them, but one that turns out to be mendable.  I had to read it with Wikipedia open, though, because it’s got a HUGE cast.
  • Waid and Morrison’s runs on the JLA title, especially the “Tower of Babel,” “Divided We Fall,” and “World War III,” storylines, have a lot of good interactions between Superman and Batman.
  • Emperor Joker by Jeph Loeb is a hot mess of a comic book–tons of random characters and an even more random plot–but oh, the hurt/comfort, angst, and suffering for each other!  Yes, worth a read.
  • If you can ever get your hands on Shogun of Steel–an Elseworld AU in which Bruce is a gender-swapped ninja, with canonical romance between “Bruce” and Clark–please do so.
  • You can read most of “The Trust” at the link–it’s a short story about their relationship, short and (very) sweet (if you find sweet “I would totally use a gun to murder you rather than let you hurt people, Clark.”  Which I do).
  • In current comic books, the recently-ended Batman/Superman title had some really good moments in it and also had beautiful, very abstract art.
  • Max Landis’s American Alien had some very good Clark/Bruce content.
  • The Supersons title that’s currently ongoing is probably your best bet for Clark/Bruce content in an ongoing title.  The focus is on Jon and Damian, but their fathers’ solid friendship is always presented as a contrast to their pricklier alliance.

Feel free to drop me an ask if you want any more details!  I’m always happy to talk about Clark and Bruce!

Safe Haven sentence starters
  • "I don't know what we're heading towards, but I know my heart is all yours."
  • "All my friends tell me I'd be better off on my own, and sometimes I believe 'em."
  • "I can never leave him."
  • "Mixed signals, they're killing me."
  • "You knock and I let you in."
  • "Loving you is my greatest sin."
  • "I see it in your eyes, you wanna run."
  • "I don't know why I love you."
  • "I don't know why I stay."
  • "I don't know if its worth the pain."
  • "Even when you slam the door and drive away, I still set the table for two."
  • "Babe, you know I'm waiting on you."
  • "I believe you every time."
  • "I've never known anybody like you."
  • "I've never dreamed of nobody like you."
  • "I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine."
  • "I'm in a field of dandelions, wishing on every one that you'll be mine."
  • "I see forever in your eyes."
  • "I feel okay when I see you smile."
  • "I think that you are the one for me."
  • "It gets so hard to breathe when you're looking at me."
  • "I've never felt so alive and free."
  • "When you're looking at me, I've never felt so happy."
  • "I feel bad inside knowing this is all built on lies."
  • "I feel like an awful person."
  • "We're forcing love that don't exist."
  • "This is so unrighteous."
  • "This is so not like us."
  • "Love at first sight that was gone at the end of night."
  • "We both know that this is going to end."
  • "No chance we're going to make it."
  • "Can we fake it?"
  • "Even though I know you're not the one, this has really been a lot of fun."
  • "I don't really like you, but I still choose to stay."
  • "You still play the part so well."
  • "You're really cute, I must admit."
  • "I need something deeper than this."
  • "I wanna know when I'm looking at you that you don't only see the things you want to."
  • "I'm not perfect, I'm flawed, and if you don't like that, get lost."
  • "I don't want it if it's fake, I don't want it if it's just for show."
  • "I just want it if it's real."
  • "This superficial love thing got me going crazy."
  • "Baby if you want me, then you better need me."
  • "I'm so done not being your number one."
  • "If you wanna keep me, then you better treat me like a damn princess, make that an empress."
  • "Fun at first, I won't deny, but I want more than just what meets the eye."
  • "I want authentic, not just for fun."
  • "If this love is plastic, it'll break on us."
  • "I can feel you on my lips all the time."
  • "I just wanna feel you in my heart and on my mind."
  • "This ain't right."
  • "I feel broken, shattered, and blue, and it's all because of you."
  • "If this is love, why does it break me down?"
  • "It's been a long time since I felt the way that I do now."
  • "I need you, but I don't know how."
  • "It's been a while since I smiled and I meant it from my heart."
  • "The idea of leaving this behind, it tears me apart."
  • "Kiss me now and remind me why I ever wanted to make you mine."
  • "If this is love, why do you break me down?"
  • "You're the other half of my broken heart."
  • "There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home."
  • "My only friend was the man in the moon, and even sometimes he would go away, too."
  • "He came to me with the sweetest smile, told me he wanted to talk for awhile."
  • "I promise that you'll never be lonely."
  • "Lost boys like me are free."
  • "I realized I finally had a family."
  • "You are my perfect story book."
  • "You are now my home sweet home."
  • "Tonight hope fills our lungs and I can see it in everyone."
  • "The songs use to make us sad, tonight they don't sound so bad."
  • "It feels so good to be young."
  • "I think I'll stay awhile."
  • "I am obsessed with being a mess."
  • "I am in love with being young."
  • "I don't know what the future holds."
  • "I can't believe its been all these years."
  • "My friends tell me I should've moved on a long long time ago, but what do they know?"
  • "I don't mean to be selfish, but my heart breaks every time that I see you smile 'cause I know that it's not me
  • Who brings it out of you anymore."
  • "You found somebody new, you put me in the past."
  • "I don't know if our memories will last."
  • "If by chance it doesn't work out with her, you'll always have a chance with me."
  • "I wonder what happens when you hear our song, do you brush it away or do you sing along?"
  • "Do you talk about the future the way we did?"
  • "You'll always have a chance with me in my world."
  • "Is it so wrong of me to hope she breaks your heart?"
  • "Is it so wrong of me to pray she tears you apart?"
  • "I know in the darkest part of you, you pray and hope and wish for it, too."
  • "You don't mean to be selfish, but your heart breaks every time that you see me smile 'cause you know its not you who brings it out of me anymore."
  • "So casually you walked into my universe."
  • "Hey, you got some pretty brown eyes."
  • "I couldn't help but smile and I think that's the moment it all happened."
  • "Love turned into games, and games turned into heartbreak, and heartbreak turned into war."
  • "Darling, all is fair in love and war."
  • "You meant the world to me."
  • "I'll be your fighter if you say so."
  • "I don't get why we're meant to fall in love, then say goodbye."
  • "Gave you all my heart and all my precious time."
  • "I can picture you in your blue jeans, looking right at me with that gorgeous smile."
  • "I couldn't see the lies and the things that you would hide."
  • "You love so mercilessly."
  • "Here's to everything we ever were."
  • "I got the greatest weapon of all - a broken heart."
  • "Let me hold you for the day and let you know that its okay, give you all the love and peace that you usually send my way."
  • "When its dark for you, don't know what to do, just know you're my light."
  • "When the world is caving, baby you're my safe haven."
  • "On my darkest day I know you'll be my shine."
  • "You're my safe haven."
  • "Love at first sight, it exists."
  • "I've had my heart broken so many times before."
  • "I'll call you in the morning if I see you in my dreams tonight."
  • "I don't even know your name."
  • "I vowed not to let anyone enter my heart."
  • "I know love at first sight can't exist."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension and you can tell me all the things you didn't mention."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension."
  • "I saw you in my dreams."
  • "I guess that I was scared of what I was before us."
  • "Guess you were my only blemish."
  • "For the first time I don't mind that you found somebody else."
  • "For the first time I'm totally fine being by myself."
  • "I was my best when I was with you."
  • "Would you believe me if I told you that I'm over it?"
Issues- Part Eight

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

This chapter contains a sexual nature and of course bad language from the start.  Enjoy :)

Word Count- 2,131

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Eight

Negan” I whispered, loud enough for him to hear. A hum was my response “Thank you”

“Any-fucking-time doll” he pulled me tighter but this tugged on my stitches and I couldn’t stop the ‘ouch’ that escaped my lips “How is your face?” He moved up on to his forearms to look at it.

“Sore” I admitted. Like someone was constantly stabbing my face with teeny tiny needles.

“Are you in pain?” He looked a little worried.

“A little” I admitted.

Huffing he got out of bed and cracked open the door. What was he doing? He did know he was in just a black pair of underpants and a white t-shirt? Right?

“Get some painkillers from the good old doctor for y/n. Her face is hurting and be fucking quick about it” Turning to me he said “I don’t like him being outside your door” so it wasn’t Joey tonight? I don’t know why but I suddenly felt a little less safe. Oh.

“Thank you” I said as the door closed with a click behind him.

“I told you, you need anything, and I do mean fucking anything you tell any of my fucking men and they will get it for you”

“I dont..”

“Just ask y/n” he said frustrated as he sat back down on the bed “I won’t keep fucking telling you”


He stayed silent for a little while before turning to face me.

“Three stitches?” He asked running his finger so gently I barley felt it over them “God I wish I could be angry but Joey said you saved his life”

“I couldn’t let him get hurt, he wasn’t harming me or anything” I couldn’t let Daryl kill someone who didn’t deserve it.

“Fat Joseph is a fucking pussy cat” Negan laughed as his fingers moved down to my neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps. God this man is… I don’t even know how to explain it. Fuck.

“You like him” I smiled.

“I trust him” was his response. He fucking liked him and he knew that I knew it.  Maybe Negan was the fucking pussy cat. To me.

“You need to rest, give your beautiful face some time to heel”

A knock at the door surprised us both.

“That’ll be your painkillers” Negan smiled as he got off the bed and opened the door. I didnt see who was on the other side but soon enough Negan was back holding a glass of water and two white pills in his hand “Take them”

“I don’t want to sleep” I mumbled after swallowing the painkillers. I hope they kick in fast. That would be fucking nice.

“Ohhhhh damn” he had a glint in his eye that made me squirm “What have you got in mind y/n” he fucking winked at me.

I couldn’t fight the laugh that was building and had to let it out. Dropping backwards on the bed I could feel tears run down my face from laughing. How could this man just… fuck what was he doing to me?

I felt rather than heard him get back onto the bed, crawling so that his body was hovering above mine.

“You’re so beautiful” he said as I quietened, his fingers running up my ribcage. God those fingers.

Instead of speaking I lifted my head and kissed him.

His lips moulded to mine instantly. God he tasted so fucking good.

Moaning into my mouth he pressed his body onto mine, his entire body weight was on me. I could feel him. He was hard.

I couldn’t help the smile that tugged on my lips as we kissed. I did that.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

His hand pulled my t-shirt upwards, exposing my breasts to the cold air of the room.

Negan” I breathed heavily as his mouth left mine and found their way downwards. Oh my god.

My body felt like it was vibrating.

“I need you

You’ve got me” he told me as he came face to face with me again.

My lips found his as his hand found its way inside my underwear.

Oh my god.

Is he going to..


This man was not what I had expected.

His fingers were sliding in and out. Never faulting in movement as I writhed on the bed. Oh my god.

I could feel myself tightening. I was going to explode.

“Come on baby girl”


“Oh god, I’m going to….. I’m go….Im going to cum

“Yes come on y/n, cum for me”

Lights flashed under my eyelids as I did.

Holy fucking hell.


“That was a fucking beautiful site” Negan spoke as he removed his hand from my underwear “Jesus y/n you are going to be the death of me”

“Don’t say that”

“Yeah I guess that has a different bloody meaning now, huh?” He mumbled running his fingers through his hair. Wet fingers. Holy shit.

“You won’t leave, will you” he said suddenly catching me off guard as I came down off of my high.


Me” Leave him?

“I’m not going anywhere Negan but I won’t become one of them” Why would I leave him? Unless he did something to hurt me or, or Judith. God I missed her.

“I know

“Joey told me that th..” I paused. Did I really want to have this conversation after what just happened? I wanted more to happen.


“He told me that you hadn’t been, to see them” I asked pulling my shirt down to cover myself once again suddenly feeling exposed “Is it true?” The man just had his hand in your underwear and now you feel exposed? God.

“Doll I haven’t fucking so much as been in the same room as any of them since the day you made me a fucking lemonade” he admitted turning his back to me.


“Because I met you

“You’re so confusing” I admitted because he was “Apparently they talk, about me”

“Pay no attention to it, I told you that…”

“I’d say yes if I was the only one” cutting him off from whatever he said.

It was the truth.

I had never paid any thought to it before but it was the fucking truth. If they didn’t exist I would be his, forever. You already are. Just admit it.

He stayed silent but I could feel the tension in the room begin to build. I should not of said that. Fuck.

“You don’t get to tell me what to fucking do here y/n” he said slowly but there was anger there. Shit

“I wasn’t I was just stating a fact Negan”

But it was no good he was already standing up and pulling his jeans on.

“Dont go” I begged “Please, I’m sorry I..”

“Sleep, I’ll be back I just gotta think”

He didn’t look at me as he left, slamming the door behind him making the mirror on the wall shake.


He didn’t come back before the sun had risen.

I felt numb, for the first time Negan hadn’t kept his word.

He hadn’t come back.


Unable to sleep now it was light I got dressed. I was hungry.

Opening my door I was shocked to see that the chair that always had somebody sat In it was empty. Why?

Had Negan got so pissed off with what I had said last night he decided I wasn’t worth protecting anymore? My heart hurt at this.

God why couldn’t I just bask in the glow of a Negan induced orgasm and let him… god what I wanted that man to do to me. I was so messed up.

My stomach rumbled reminding me I was indeed still hungry.

Fuck it.

There is no one here to ask about breakfast so I was going to have to try and find my own way to the cafeteria.

Closing the door to my room behind me I started walking the way Dwight had taken me the first day I had been out of the room. Was that really only the day before yesterday? Jesus.

A few men passed me as I walked, a couple looked at me but no one said anything. I guess I was allowed to wonder then?


Surprised to hear a recognisable voice I looked to my left to see Eugene walking towards me. He was wearing a long black coat that I had defiantly never seen him in before.

Negan gave it to him?

Negan. Fuck.

“Eugene” I smiled, he looked good. He was safe and hadn’t been injured. This is good.

Part of me wondered if he was being held like Daryl.

Hugging him I felt a little better.

“What are you doing?” I asked as a couple more men passed. These I recognised. They had been at Alexandria. One winked at me and it shot shivers down my spine, and not in a good way. I didn’t like him.

“Breakfast” Eguene said. He had never been one for many words.

“Me too” I nodded “Its this way, right?” I pointed to the corridor I had been just about to walk down. This place was like a maze. I needed a map or something.

“It most certainly is” he nodded “Shall we?”

It felt nice to be around someone I had known for a year or so I guess? Time was a funny thing now. I was never really sure of what day or even year it was anymore. It didn’t matter I guess.

Having breakfast with Eugene was odd, it felt like I was in Alexandria. He had always been a little bit of a weirdo but he was smart. Negan saw that too and that is why he had him working for him.

Apparently he had him working on the walker wall out front, making them better, whatever that means and making Negan bullets. That didn’t surprise me. I mean the night we came here Negan called him ‘the bullet maker’.

“Have you seen Daryl or Rosita?” I had almost forgotten about her being here toowith everything. I wonder where she is?

What did Negan have her doing.

For a second I wondered if he had made her a wife and then I remembered he had confessed that he hadnt even been in a room with them since the first day I met him.

Part of me was worried that was no longer the case.

What if he went to see them last night after he left? What if thats why he didn’t come back?

“No” Eugene answered. He was about to say something else but stopped the moment someone sat on either side of him. Women.

Two women.

In black dressed.

Shit, his wives.

I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to see let alone have to speak to them.

One with almost black hair whispered in Eugenes ear while the other, a fiery red head just starred at me.

“You’re her aren’t you?” She said suddenly “You’re the reason”

“Amber!” She was cut off by the other one.

“What don’t tell me you haven’t been curious on what she looked like?” She laughed twirling a perfect curl in her fingers. She looked at me again and I just knew she was the one Joey had mentioned yesterday. The one who had a meltdown that time.

I felt uncomfortable. Every fibre of me wanted to bolt out of the room.

“Ladies, me and y/n are having breakfast we can discuss this later” Eugene spoke up. There was a nervous expression on his face. They were up to something.

As Amber glared at me the one with dark hair, who’s name I didn’t know gave me a small smile.

“What are you discussing with Negans wives?” I asked as they moved away. The sound of their heels echoing around the room. Whatever it was it couldn’t be good.

He wasn’t able to answer my question though as the double doors flew open as Dwight and another savior walked in. Looking me dead in the eyes he almost rolled his own before speaking into a radio he was holding.

What is he doing?

Turning back to Eugene as he finished eating “I think..”

“Y/n, come on” Dwight spoke coming to a stop at the table we sat at “Negans been looking for you” 

“I’m having breakfast” I told him. Once again everyones eyes were on me “I’ll find him when I am finished” He kept me waiting, it was his turn now.

“Y/n you should most certainly go” Eugene spoke. Now I was the one rolling my eyes.

He was right. I fucking knew it but still I wanted to finish my breakfast. Picking up my bowl I stood up and followed Dwight out of the cafeteria as I ate. This was ridiculous.


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One life 1/1

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My Father used to say that we had but one life and that we should live it to it’s very fullest, grasping every opportunity that came our way; that to do anything else was not only a waste of the life we’d been given, but a waste of those who had given us life.

I didn’t really understand at the time, didn’t understand how the actions of others could ever affect those around them to any great degree.  That our lives are not our own and I certainly never subscribed to the theory that our lives are predetermined from the moment we are born. Mere pawns in a much greater purpose, a much larger plan at the hands of a greater being.  I didn’t believe in destiny, in the belief that regardless of the paths we chose, that the end journey would be the same. 

I have faith though I suppose, although it’s a faith that has not been a constant despite my best efforts, because I struggle to believe that any merciful God could allow such atrocities to occur daily in a world he created, with such pain and suffering inflicted by his hand on the innocent, on the frail and on the weak.

Because the world is full of evil.  It has existed in man since the beginning of time.  Lurking in the darkest reaches of humanity, waiting to strike. To maim and to kill so as to take away from us that which we hold so dear.

One life.  One chance to somehow, in the scant few years we inhabit this planet, to make the right choices. To take the right path.

But as I sit here now, bathed in a soft blue light in a room illuminated only by the glowing screen of the large plasma TV I persuaded myself I needed in an attempt to fill the silence that has surrounded me for months,  I can’t help but remember my Father’s words.  I don’t know why I switched the TV on tonight because truthfully I don’t have the will or the interest to flick through 160 channels just to find some way of filling an empty hour or two. 

Mulder is the channel surfer in this partnership and he isn’t here.

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harumisaylasayaka  asked:

How do I explain to my male friend that men and women still aren't equal?? (Are we equal???)

No, were not equal.

I think a major road block with men is that patriarchy/sexism at worst doesn’t affect them, and at best benefits them. It’s something they have internalized and aren’t really aware of. It’s important for them to remember that if your wondering if women are oppressed, he simply can’t look to his own experience. He has to listen to the group in question. And if you talk to a lot of women, they feel the are oppressed. And we notice it, because it impacts our lives directly. Just point to the fact that so many women can relate. I mean, just take the Womens March as an example.  How is it possible that millions of unrelated women have noticed the same problem, and are negatively effected by it enough to protest with strangers all over the world? That is a very telling sign that its not just personal perception, but a systematic problem that transcends cultures, geography, country, race, ethnicity, etc.

He likely won’t just take your word for it though. Lucky for you, there is plenty of proof out there. Show him statistics on rape/sexual assault, sexual harassment, catcalling, female genital mutilation, female infanticide, lack of reproductive access/healthcare, child brides, prostitution, sex trafficking, objectification in media, unrealistic beauty standards, eating disorders, wage gaps, domestic violence. 

Next, he will probably say that these kinds of problems ‘don’t exist in the first world’ or ‘aren’t as much of a problem anymore’. Tell him that, yes, things have gotten a lot better and there has been progress, but that doesn’t mean the problem is over. (also people act like we got our right to vote and enter the workforce EONS ago when it was only a few decades). Tell him that just because something is illegal or taboo, doesn’t mean it has stopped happening or is not a problem. Tell him how, even now, in our supposedly more ‘advanced and progressive society’ that: 

-1 in 4 women will be raped, most don’t report it and when they do the rapists get off easy( community service, 3 month jail sentence, and my personal favorite: “suspended upon graduation”). Tell him that a few years ago, hundreds of universities were put on federal investigation for violation of title IX (mishandling or suppression of rape allegations).

- human trafficking is alive and well in the West, in industrialized countries, all over the world. Tens of thousands of human trafficking cases are reported each year in the United States. 4 out of five victims are girls, most likely underage. 

-Tell him that media, TV, magazines, etc. reinforces unrealistic beauty ideals for women. The average model (the ‘ideal’ beauty) is 5′9-5′11 and 100-120 lbs (most have dangerous BMI’s and meet criteria for anorexia) while the average American woman is 5′4 140 lbs. Tell him that 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner, 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat ,35-57% of adolescent girls engage in crash dieting, fasting, self-induced vomiting, diet pills, or laxatives. Eating disorders are on the rise, estimated at about 30 million, but received much less funding (and eating disorders have highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disease).

Illness                                            Prevalence                    NIH Research Funds (2011)
Alzheimer’s Disease                        5.1 million                     $450,000,000
Autism                                            3.6 million                     $160,000,000
Schizophrenia                                3.4 million                     $276,000,000
Eating disorders                             30 million                      $28,000,000

-physically attractive and thinner women make more money and are considered more intelligent.

-1 in 3 (about 30%) of women who have been in relationships will experience some form of sexual or physical violence from a partner. Estimates of non-fatal domestic violence against women range from 1 million to 4 million a year. The most recent report by the US Department of Justice, which found women suffer 805,700 physical injuries at the hands of partners each year, compared to 173,960 men.

-1 in 3 women ages 18-34 have been sexually harassed at work. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws in the US. Almost Three in Ten Cases Before the EEOC Are Sex Discrimination Cases 31

-In the United States in 2010, 1,095 women were killed by husbands or boyfriends, accounting for 37.5% of female murders.

-Women are less likely to be hired or promoted( there have been dozens of studies in multiple fields of different levels that hand out identical resumes that only differ in gender/name). There is sill a wage gap in the united states in most professions. This wage gap is worse for women of color.Women working 41 to 44 hours per week earn 84.6% of what men working similar hours earn; women working more than 60 hours per week earn only 78.3% of what men in the same time category earn (Bureau of Labor Statistics, cited in Hilary M. Lips, “The Gender Wage Gap: Debunking the Rationalizations”). Contrary to this claim, one Harvard University researcher found that men have an average net worth of $26,850, compared to an average of $12,900 for women.

-Women hold just 4 percent of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. Women make up just 19 percent of the U.S. House of Representatives.. They comprise 20 percent of Senate seats.

-There’s a particularly well-documented gender gap in the treatment of pain. Even though women are more likely to suffer from chronic pain — fibromyalgia, for instance, almost exclusively affects women — they’re less likely than their male counterparts to receive appropriate treatment for it. Multiple studieshave found that medical interventions to manage pain, ranging from knee surgeries to opioid prescriptions, are less likely to be recommended for female patients. This approach toward female patients fits into a long history of attributing women’s behavior to mental health disorders

-Most drugs are clinically tested on male bodies. Androcentric thinking in science sees the male body as default, and the womans reproductive cycle as an ‘extraneous, complicating’ variable. This leaves women bodies to be guinnie pigs in the market. And some drugs, especially psychiatric drugs, have been proven to work differently in women bodies 

-Girls are more vulnerable to incest and child sexual abuse, especially by fathers and step fathers. 

-Womens bodies are constantly trying to be controlled. And most of the people enacting policies and laws are old, white men. They usually have straight up false information about women anatomy and the mechanisms of birth control, abortion, etc. (Lawmaker who called pregnant women a ‘host’ pushes bill requiring fathers to approve abortion, Republican Congressman Todd Akin said Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Do Not Get Pregnant, Lobbyists claim that IUDs and morning-after pills are more like abortifacients, meaning they kill fertilized embryos)

Things lawmakers have actually said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”, “Who needs abortion when victims of sexual assault can just get “cleaned out” by a rape kit?”, “abortion is much more serious than rape of children by priests.” x.)

Coverage for birth control is actively opposed

-More than half of states in the US — 26 total — provide “severely restricted access,”. 20 states have bans outlawing specific abortion procedures as early as 12 weeks with no exception to protect a woman’s health. 18 states have state-mandated counseling, which requires telling women who are getting abortions: the ability of a fetus to feel pain, the link between mental health and abortion, require women to get ultrasounds before aborting, etc. 46 states allow individual health care providers to refuse abortion access. 

-Lack of paid maternal leave or support for mothers in the work place. 

-In grade school, teachers are more likely to call on boys in the class room and praise them, give boys more extensive feedback, and use longer wait-time with boys than girls. Research shows that boys are referred for testing for gifted programs twice as often as girls (Orenstein, 1994). Boys are encouraged more than girls to pressure STEM fields. This inequality continues in higher education. Findings suggest that gender and attractiveness may influence the type of authority image that a teacher projects.  This randomized, double-blind study  found that both male and female faculty exhibited a bias against female undergraduate students, evaluating them as less competent, hirable, and qualified, and offering them less funding and mentorship.

-Tell him your specific experiences as a woman. Maybe you’ve been catcalled, mansplained, talked over and interrupted (which studies prove men do more), felt objectified or pressured to conform to beauty ideals.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Tell your male friends that if he thinks sexism is over or a thing of the past, he is willfully ignorant. 


 A statement of intent by P . L . Winfield

“Everything potentially always, all is forgiven” - Petrichor

Something occurred to me today: our name has taken on a new meaning. As a child, I would tape the radio onto cassette, fanatically watch VHS tapes the adults left out, and play both ‘until the ribbon broke,’ cementing a life-long obsession with the marriage of sound and image. Our first record was a genuine attempt to capture the sense of wonder in first discovering that magic. An exercise in atmosphere, texture and nostalgia.

When left in the sun too long - when unpreserved and unattended to - cassette ribbon begins to unravel and warp, often trying to escape the safety of its own plastic housing. And in the months and years following our first release, and to a large extent whilst promoting it, I most certainly unraveled. Spilling, unspooled, my life eventually became unmanageable. The crippling anxiety that I had spent so many years masking had finally succumbed to the influence of its most tyrannical friends: Alcohol and Benzodiazepines.

To some degree, I think a large part of surviving the uncertain and chaotic experience that is the human one, is the ability to lie to oneself; pathologically and convincingly. At any cost. In bright white rooms before we walked onto stage, I would stand, gently trembling, tsunami approaching and whisper gently to myself:

“One. More. Drink. No. More. Fear.”

A drink before one stands, vulnerable, in front of a large room of people is, in isolation, a perfectly reasonable reaction to an understandable level of anxiety. In moderation. Just one. Early night. Early start.

But the difference for someone like me, is fundamental. To an alcoholic these words are impossible theory. A brick by brick instruction manual for the Wall of China. There is no moderation, only the promise of oblivion and for me, the temporary quieting of a loud, pervasive and almost constant voice of anxiety.

“Anxiety, I’m pulling down the blinds” - Black and White

Every day and night I tried to quieten that voice. Pushing it away, trying to starve it, bury it, drown it out. Every day it came back harder, louder, more and more vicious. I poured fuel on that particular fire until I couldn’t fight it anymore. In the end, I no longer knew if I was drinking because I was anxious, or anxious because I was drinking.

I couldn’t leave the house without drinking vodka straight from the bottle and worse, I had accepted it. I had lost the fundamental belief that anything of any worth was on the other side of the door. Congratulations! I had, knowingly, torn down every aspect of my life, spitefully, on purpose.

“No more courage in the bottle, I’ve got people I can’t let down” - Meru

In September of last year, I had reached the end of my rope. I could no longer hide from myself, or those still around me. I will be forever grateful to the two people who sat down with me one fateful afternoon and helped me devise my escape route from madness. The start of a journey that was to define my recovery and the very reason that there is even a body of work to speak of.

“The only way out is through” (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Far from the environment that had enabled my addiction, I began treatment, treatment that would change my life forever and help me to reconnect with another voice. A voice I had long forgotten. For three months, I worked. A daily routine of physical and spiritual practise, shedding old skin, changing old stories, reconnecting the dots. Finding a way back.

There are of course names for what we did, there are words for the practices rooted in various schools of thought and belief. Practices that have existed in both the East and the West for hundreds of years. But I find the language of such things needlessly flowery and over-complicated. In layman’s terms however, which have always sat better with me, I believe that any crisis of the soul is a detachment from your true self, the part of you that patiently sits behind all of the worry, all of the pain and discomfort and waits quietly for your return.

So that was our aim, that’s what we set off to find. Some peace of mind, the same peace of mind we all start life with, in my case, long buried under the old, dead weight of fear, shame, and clear, strong liquor.

“C’mon now kiddo, we’ll be alright” - Count the lightening

I had my daily practice, I had my mentor and I had the ocean. As I started, day by day, to feel better, I could feel a kind of shift creatively. I could feel something start to come into focus. Words, sounds, images. Gradually filling up the spaces in my mind, previously occupied by grey, a light was coming on. I set up a makeshift studio in my cabin and went to work filling the spaces on a record that I had previously thought was finished, with a sense of wonder and love for writing, that I had all but lost. But here it was, words and sounds, in my every grateful, waking thought.

It is worth mentioning at this juncture, that whilst in the midst of madness and my subsequent recovery, Elliot had been patiently waiting, wondering if his oldest friend and band member was ever coming back to some kind of normalcy, let alone to music. Never one to sit on his hands, my best mate, also navigating his own turbulence (his story to tell)  took it upon himself to learn how to produce and engineer, creating a studio of his own at home on the west side of LA, making loops, ideas and creating fundamental additions to a slowly, surely forming, completed album.

Once back together and with an incredible amount of renewed energy in making music and being a band again, we finished the record, creativity and friendship, two hugely underrated aspects of recovery, I think, from anything.

So here we are today. I find myself writing this with trepidation. I can feel that old knot in my gut forming and my heart rate start to quicken a little. Anxiety of course, is incurable. We need it to survive - it is after all only trying to protect us - but it’s not a perfect mechanism. Much like us.

It’s been 8 months, 243 days since I last had a drink. My life is, by design, more simple now. I go to A.A meetings, I cycle along the seafront, and I make things. I paint, I make music, take photographs and edit film. These are now the things that quiet that negative, critical voice in my head. It’s still there of course, chattering away, but crucially I now have distance from it. I know what it is now.

I think sobriety can mean many things to many people. In my mind, you can get sober from anything that is a negative force of energy in your life. It’s not about alcohol; that was just a symptom, a temporary and ultimately flawed solution. The only real way out for me, in the end, was to look long and hard in the mirror and pull it all apart.

Nothing is coincidental if you look hard enough. You just have to allow a little light in, accept a little serendipity. Be open to a power greater than yourself and submit control. These are the lessons I have learnt in the last few years. These are the simple practices that keep me open, honest and vulnerable. There is no solution to the pains of simply being. There is no quick fix, only radical acceptance, compassion and empathy of what really is: of who you really are.

And yes, cassette ribbon can unravel, but it can be saved (if you are old enough to remember) by lodging a pencil into the reel hole and winding the ribbon back. This, I believe, is why this collection of songs in particular - this record - is self-titled. It’s time to give something its name, to take responsibility for it, to hold up a sometimes trembling hand and say, “I’m Pete, I’m an alcoholic and I’m grateful to be alive, thank you for listening to my story, until we meet again, until the ribbon breaks”

AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo: Post-Mortem

Depending on who you ask, last night was either the best Sousenkyo in 48G history, or the worst, or in my case, a little bit of both. Starting from the atrocious beachside weather, down to the final speech in that concert hall in Okinawa, the events of the past 48 hours were so polarizing, that it made Dai Sokaku Matsuri 2014 look like a birthday party. This is the first time a 48G event has left me with so many more questions than answers. As much as I try to make sense of the numbers, I am still left in this state of confusion. But let’s try to see if we can find the order in this chaos.

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