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Being the last remaining female character from the original cast has its ups and downs. We’ve all grown to love this wonderful banshee over the years so why not dedicate a week solely to her? This week will run from September 27th to October 3rd. Each day will have a set theme so be sure to tag all your creations with #lydiaweek! This should be a fun and positive experience for all Lydia fans and remember to have fun!!! Any questions you may have can be sent here.

  • Day 1 (Sep 27th) - The moment you fell in love with Lydia.
  • Day 2 (Sep 28th) - Favorite episode or season.
  • Day 3 (Sep 29th) - Favorite quotes.
  • Day 4 (Sep 30th) - Favorite hairstyle and/or outfit.
  • Day 5 (Oct 1st) - Favorite relationship.
  • Day 6 (Oct 2nd) - Favorite banshee moment.
  • Day 7 (Oct 3rd) - One au/free choice.

“I’ll always be here for you, Kate… always.” [x] [x]

Happy Birthday to Steph, #1 supporter of cinnamon roll Kate Marsh and my favorite leo. ♥

it seriously baffles me sometimes

here I am, just an average college student who prattles into a mic and somehow I manage to get some of the most wonderful friends in the world, I get to live out my dream, and people love me for doing what I love. its truly a blessing, a blessing that I take for granted every day.

so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, to everyone who follows me, listens, to all of my friends and family

just thank you, thank you being part of my life

Happy fanfic writer appreciation day!

Thank you to every single fanfiction writer for allowing all of us into your head. Whatever is in there, the fact that you take the time to write it down and post it is absolutely wonderful. Here are a few of my favorite writers. The vast majority of you have no clue who this random person reccing you is, but I think you for your existence and hope that this might make you smile. These authors are the ones that I am in total awe of; the ones who have works that I have read more than once. If you are on this list, I have done a reread. I have cried. I have screamed. I have gotten excited when I realized you had a tumblr. I have probably read your fic out loud to someone (most likely whenbreadmetfire or my favorite foreign exchange student from a few years back. )

argyledpenguin: I know that I often express how much I love Maggie’s works, but I would like to do it again. Maggie’s writing absolutely changed the way I write fanfiction– the way I look at it. Sometimes I write a line and feel like I’ve stolen it from her, but I know I haven’t because I’ve read most of her stuff multiple times and can quite possibly quote a lot of it. It’s just that her style has been influencing me since I was first starting out. She is one of the people in this world to whom I look up unconditionally, because her talent is something that I am in awe of. I study her writing in the same way I study Rainbow Rowell and E. Lockhart. She is truly, truly gifted and I appreciate all of what she has given to me. Straight-up, my writing would not be the same without Maggie’s writing. That’s just it. The fanfics that I write would be different without her influence. So thank you so much, Maggie, for writing things I can read over and over again and for actually following me back on tumblr. And when she read and reviewed one of my fics??? I screamed and texted five different people about it. I am not proud. 

Ships: Everlark, Bellarke, and some Stydia and Romione if you squint. My first fic by her is still my all-time favorite Romione fic– I read it years before I read any of her others, and I actually dropped my phone when I realized that maged and monroeslittle were the same fucking writer. Also, she wrote a Becca x Jesse fic that I read out loud to my foreign exchange student after she watched the movie for the first time. It took forever but it actually truly bonded us and made her realize that her weird host sister’s fanfiction wasn’t actually that weird. Because if fic can be this good, fic can be this good. 

brella: I accidentally creeped out this author when she ventured into my inbox… well, what can I say? I was excited and didn’t know she had a tumblr. And I make it a point to never contain my fangirling over excellent writers. They deserve fangirling, damn it. Anyways, this author is absolutely amazing. I don’t know how she puts words together the way she does, but… yeah, she does it. She writes and it is absolute poetry. Poetry that happens to be about one of my all-time favorite fictional couples. Poetry that happens to be about one of my all-time favorite fictional couples and manages to characterize them correctly. Which is so difficult to come by, and for that reason, I am very grateful that she has taken the time to give us her fanfiction. I know I always praise “never love a wild thing” (real talk, how the hell is this fic real?) but so many of her other fics hit the spot. I can remember reading them all in my Philosophy class because for some reason I had completed the work and needed something to do for the period… so I just sat there and devoured these works. Instant favorites were made out of “but it’s the roots that bind us here,” “an agitation of the hands,” and “knell.” I felt like pieces of me were falling into place reading those fics; they truly bettered my understanding of Stiles and Lydia. Gack. I am emo. 

Ships: Stydia, Stydia, Stydia.  

trademarkblue: I remember, before I could drive, I would be sitting on the bus on the way home and staring out at the window. And then my phone would vibrate, and I would sigh and check it, and suddenly my eyes would pop open because fucking TMBLUE had updated a fic. Well. It was the most exciting thing that would happen to me all day, indisputably. She has always been the one fic writer whose ideas of Ron and Hermione are 100% on-par with my ideas. She writes them so beautifully, so effortlessly, and so perfectly. There’s nothing contrived about their back-and-forth or their interactions. Tmblue’s fics just click easily into the complicated puzzle of Harry Potter. She understands Ron and Hermione like nobody else does, and I am grateful that she has the power to weave those complex and gorgeous characterizations into equally beautiful writing. The way she manages to pluck and arrange words seems so purposeful and so effortless simultaneously; I truly have no idea how she manages to do this. Reading her fics now feels like returning home to an author who you had loved as a kid; feeling that warmth fill you because these stories have shaped and molded who you are. My favorite would have to be “Incurable, in 48 Hours.” Just thinking about it makes me whoomph. 

Ships: Romione. The Queen of Romione. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I just read a fic you mentioned recently Took my Love, Took it Down and was wondering if you know of any similar ones? Where Bucky is seriously angsting because he's starting to feel like Steve doesn't need him anymore now that he has the Avengers and his whole new life while Bucky's still a recovering mess. Also, YOU GUYS ARE SO FRIGGIN AWESOME. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WORK THAT YOU DO <3

UM try these ones (i’m sorry we took a few days getting back to you)

4 Minute Window (its just for a moment but i really like this one so here)

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

Find My Way

Well, someone had to write the post-Winter Soldier fic where Bucky gets a decent meal and some homemade apple pie, right?

Silent Thunder, as of a Thousand Wings

A theologian once said that angels are constructs of love and holy rage, and chained to obedience through both. Or maybe a theologian hadn’t said that. Maybe it was the Bright One himself, or just Uriel being grumpy.

If our followers have any suggestions, just let us know and I’ll add them to the post!


Omg ok so its a bit early (10:19) where I am rn
But honestly thank you.
Thanks to my new friends, or potential friends, who give me support that I never thought someone could give me about my art before.
Thank you to my followers (yes, even the spam bots and porn blogs). I hope you enjoy my content on here somehow.
Special thanks to ademorda, bunsenbackpack, knightofspacevevo and smoldavepetasprite2. You guys are pretty cool peeps and I hope we can be better friends. Sorry I’m not on all the time to talk.

Last night I heard from an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a year or more, and arranged to meet for a catch up this morning. And feeling brave- or brazen, I’m not quite sure- I decided that when I saw him I was going to tell him about MFMM and the fandom.

When I woke up this morning I was a bit shaky as to whether or not I was going to go through with it, but just before I left I checked Tumblr, and spurred on by lots of Nathan and Jack pictures and a lovely message from pirategirlofcollingwood, I took the plunge and told him all of it. And it went brilliantly! Thankfully, he didn’t think I was crazy! I mentioned my smutty fanfics, hands arrissat, my Nathan sketches, my late night posting the beanstalk fanfic which resulted in a very amazing day on here a while ago, and about all of you and how wonderful its been to get to know you. And I’m so glad I did- incredibly happy right now!

is there another surge of
words coming up?
you hope not.

the lines you spew out–
like digested food
that comes out through
your throat,
your nose–
never really do you any good.

and here you are wondering
about the throbbing
in your chest,

and in jest
you tell yourself,
there’s probably a microscopic
basketball court inside your heart–
what with all the drumming
and listless pounding.

maybe not.
too much delusion
on your part.

as you end the day,
you can’t help but want
to spend it in another
exhausting your eyes
‘til your tearducts run dry
and you finally
manage to fall asleep
and hide from the world,
at least for one night.

anonymous asked:

Can I have Crobby please and number 35 have a wonderful day and good luck :)

Why thank you! I love the ‘good luck’, haha. Here goes,

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Bobby was snarling, his fists clenched tight by his sides and his face bright red. The Singer house was quiet, the boys out on a hunt, so quiet that you could hear the floorboards underneath the heavy boots on Bobby crack from the amount of weight and power he was leaning down on them.

Crowley was sitting, all too comfortably in Bobby’s usual spot behind the desk, legs thrown up on it as he was leaning back in the old, creaky wooden chair. He hardly gave Bobby a look as he shook his head and sighed contently, fiddling with a gold ring on his finger. 

“I’m just admiring it, you grumpy old geezer, relax.”
“Get it off yer damn finger,” Bobby growled as he stepped forward to the table, slamming his palms down on it, “ain’t yours.” 

Crowley looked up then, eyebrows lifted but smirk still painted on the edges of his mouth. As he slipped the old, worn wedding ring off of his finger, he sighed and tossed his legs back down, leaning in over the desk and twiddling the ring between his fingertips.

“You’re so hard to be romantic to luv,” he sighed a final time, placing down the old ring right in front of Bobby.. and placed another ring next to it, a traditional Celtic wedding band, the exact same size as the old, worn, golden wedding ring.

“Happy anniversary, jackass,” he says with a grin as he stands up and waves the back of his left hand, showing an identical ring on his ring finger.

Bobby didn’t look so angry after that.

send me a pairing and a prompt!

myladyliechtenstein asked:

[appears at his flower shop] [looking around, distracted by the scents of all of the flowers] ah, this place is lovely~ I wonder who grows all of these flowers.

[looks up from preparing a bouquet] Oh hello! Well, there are multiple vendors, but I do grow some myself. Its hard not to want to when you are surrounded by then every day, so, what brings you here today?

anonymous asked:

your jily fic is so fantastic and i'm excitedly awaiting the next installment in the story. the smut is there (and wonderful), but the relationship is beautifully tender in its own dysfunctional way. furthermore, your store has a plot? which shouldn't be a surprise, but sometimes, sifting through all the mediocre jily stories there are, it unfortunately is. anyway, do you have some recommendations for other good jily fics out there? mature is preferred, but any recs would be great!

Aww, thank you! I’m so glad you appreciate “Love is Here for a Visit.” :)

Unfortunately I don’t read a lot of Jily these days, but a couple of spectacular stories do come to mind.

The These Four Kings series by escribo follows the Marauders and Lily throughout their seven years at Hogwarts, and it is fantastic. Sadly, the story remains unfinished, but it’s still well worth a read. 

Other Lives and Dimensions and Finally a Love Story by flybbfly is also a great one. The author handles OCs and peripheral characters just as well as the canon characters we already love, and everyone is flawed, human, and real. 

And I have yet to read The Life and Times by Jewels5, but I’ve heard very good things about it. 

Attention Ink Army

Scott here,

First off good morning, evening, night. Circle all that apply. Today marks the last day of the week long of poetry prompts. Thank you for all of the wonderful poems. This has been great to read and I love it. Making my day here, you beautiful people.

So let’s get down to it. The last poetry prompt is:

I held her hand and
Her skin reminded me of silk

There you go. Run with it. Make it great. Or make it shitty, I do not care I will love it the same. And once again thank you so much for all who have participated thus far. You keep me going, seriously.


forezzrie asked:

top 5 movies that really scared you

To be honest, while this is hard for me to come up with, it’s probably not in the way people would expect. I’m not one of the fans that insists nothing scares me. It’s kind of the opposite, really. If the movie’s doing its job, it usually works on me. Paranormal Activity made me sleep with the lights on the first time, as did Insidious. 

The movies I was terrified of as a child would just be confusing and make people wonder about me. I could watch Friday the 13th all day long, but I had a rough time with Ernest Scared Stupid and Harry and the Hendersons. 

So here are, at least from what I can think of, these are the ones that really stuck with me after my initial viewing. 

  1. Poltergeist
  2. Cannibal Holocaust
  3. The Exorcist
  4. Exorcist III
  5. The Last House on the Left 

wake up! by Oksana Shufrich
Via Flickr:
look for the smoke up and wake up!

Good Morning Everyone…:) Its a gloomy 70 degrees out today. I think I smell rain. Well the boys are back at school and work. Yay! Summer break is over here. My kitchen renovation is slower then a snail at a marathon. Cabinet should arrive on Monday and hopefully it all comes together then. Well I’m going to blog and enjoy my day. Wishing you all a wonderful one as well. Hugs Lil :)

For people wondering what is going on with the whole cosmocallouts drama

   So recently a new blog by the name of cosmocallouts (linked x) has been created. It was created actually a few days ago, but then deleted, and now it’s back again. This blog claims (quote): “This blog will not post hate, just calling out all the stupid things astrology blogs are doing.” yet has hate throughout its postings. Here are some of the things that the owner has done on the blog/has openly posted (There will be screenshots with proof @ the bottom!):

  • Has slut shamed astrologicalslut (x and x) , called her a fake (x and x), and then tried to cover it up with excuses (again, x).
  • Has posted an ask saying “that diddly danners is a faggot and a tranny lover,someone should kill that faggot” to which “I kinda agree” was the owner’s reply (x), attempted to defend themselves (x), and had no solid defense when called out on it (x).
  • Refuses to answer any asks whatsoever about these issues (I know because I sent about two, which never got replied to), leading me to believe that they have no ability to defend themselves (?)
  • Has participated in victim blaming (link found above) and refuses to stay out of someone’s personal life despite being asked to (again, linked above).

   For now, that’s the worst of it. Of course there is the issue of the owner calling blogs out for stupid things, such as “too many personal posts” (even though it’s their blog and they can do what they want) and doesn’t accept people calling them out (funny, huh?).

   The best course of action is to block + report this person. They are far worse than the blogs that they’re “calling out”. Please, please report them and don’t give them the attention that they seek. They are an ignorant, gross person.


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anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, do you have any tips to help me look more masc because I want people to see me how I see me on my masc days but I look so fem and its hella annoying. Sorry if you've answered something like this before. I'm just desperate.

Here is some advice I wrote on this topic a while back! (Which reminds me - I should really tag my advice posts so you all can find them more easily.)

Does anyone else have any advice?