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A Scarecrow For God

by reddit user survivalprocedure

“Can I take your picture?” Larissa sat a few feet away from me on the grey velvet sofa as I aimed my iPhone towards her. I stared at the screen intently for a moment before shifting my focus, looking over the brim of the phone at her defeated, hopeless state portrayed by bloodshot eyes.

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daiyanodumpster  asked:

a prompt mayhaps: Viktor is a big-time lingerie designer and Yuuri is a model ;)

finally getting around to this one! s/o to everyone on discord who aided and abetted ;)

In retrospect, it really should have been more obvious. After all, the brand’s name was Secrets by V, for crying out loud.

But at the time of their first meeting, Yuuri had been nothing but nervous. It had been his first shoot as a History Maker – the industry nickname for the beautiful, sexy models of all genders who advertised Secrets by V’s ultra-luxe lingerie. The new campaign that season was fairytale and true love-themed, to better highlight the romantic details on the new Stammi Vicino line. Yuuri had rushed in late that morning, no thanks to the traffic, and then watched as two female models posed together in each other’s arms, clad in coordinated bra and panty sets with wings on their shoulders.

(He’s still not sure how he managed to join their ranks. He’s just too mild-mannered and plain – too Clark Kent, no Superman.)

“Are you looking for something?” someone asked, and Yuuri turned to see the most beautiful man looking at him curiously. His silver fringe was falling into one of his icy blue eyes and he was clad in a simple navy suit, clutching a tray of coffee.

“Y-Yeah!” Yuuri stammered. “I’m the new model? Yuuri Katsuki?”

The man hummed, consulted a clipboard, and nodded, pointing to a door to the side. “Go through there and they’ll get you ready for the shoot.”

Yuuri nodded, his throat feeling more and more like sandpaper the longer he stood there and watched this man scrutinise him. “Th-Thanks,” he said, feeling his face redden. “Are you – do you work here?”

The man raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Are you in charge of this shoot?” wondered Yuuri.

The man laughed, shaking his head. “No, I’m just watching.”

“So you’re an intern?”

The man’s eyes widened briefly, but he quickly recovered and nodded, laughing. “You could say that,” he said. “I’m Viktor.”

“Yuuri,” said Yuuri, and lost himself in the brilliance of Viktor’s smile as he shook his hand.

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Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 10,118

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You weren’t exactly sure when Min Yoongi had come into town.

To be quite honest, you didn’t even know when it was that he had first stepped into the coffee shop you worked at. It was hopeless attempting to remember each person who passed through the establishment, especially not when the interactions generally lasted less than a minute. The faces of the customers you encountered every single day just blended together, much like their orders of caramel macchiatos and green tea lattes. It was difficult to keep track of the cursory café connoisseurs, but you knew one thing was for certain.

He hadn’t been here before.

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Writing Series #6: Worldbuilding

When I went to speak with a group of high school writers (the event that prompted this “series”,  almost all of them asked me about “worldbuilding.” Wikipedia defines worldbuilding as “the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe;” I define it as that thing I always forget to do. 

Worldbuilding is particularly important if you write fantasy because in a completely made up universe, everything is up to you: there are no pre-established rules. You event the landscape, the towns, the people, the hierarchies, the leadership. You are god. 

But for all of the realistic fiction writers out there, world building is a little different. It’s certainly less overwhelming, definitely takes less memorization, but it does have more rules. The question I always find myself asking is: do I base this story in a real town, or do I make it up?

What I’ve found to be the best solution is a mix of both: I choose a town I am familiar with, and I base my “fake town” off of it. This means I can add in a grocery store that doesn’t exist, a local pool that was never built, and, of course, if I want to talk about how terrible a place is, I don’t have to defame a real location. 

The advice “write what you know” is probably the most prominent in settings, which is why it’s so common to find all of an author’s books set in the same location (or coincidentally in all the different locations that author has lived in throughout their life). The way I see it, there are so many other things I need to keep track of (like character arcs, plots, actually writing) that I don’t have the patience to also research and learn new places, but for some writers, this is the best part, the chance to escape the place they know and go anywhere in the world via their writing. 

If you fall into this second category, here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Just because a place is “foreign” to you, does not mean it is to everyone, so please don’t treat your setting (especially if it’s in a different country) as “exotic” (as this can often come across as a fetishization of a race, people, culture, or land). It’s also, frankly, just less realistic. If your character lives in that place you desperately want to live in, they’re not going to see it every day with the wide eyes and fascination that you, the author, have. They’re going to complain that the drug store on the corner isn’t open and bitch about the weather. (This is different, of course, if your character is a newbie in this land and visiting, if they are seeing it for the first time; then the wonder and first impressions are valid to express.)
  • It might help to get a map. Finding a city website will also help (there you’ll find information about parks and rec, town history, libraries, public buildings, etc.). But being able to actually visualize the place will you allow to drop your character into that setting with a better idea of what will really be surrounding them. If you can visit the place even better! But what’s important is to get a street view one way or another, an idea of what it looks like to the left, right, forward, and back of where your character will be standing. Will they see hills on the horizon, just above the buildings’ tops? Is there a skyline? Is the air cool or muggy? What amenities does the town have? What is the wild life like? (Don’t write a squirrel into the scene, for example if there aren’t any in that climate.) 
  • Don’t let the setting hold you back. If there is no city on Earth that has everything in it that you need for your story to take place, it’s okay to make a place up. Just make sure that place has its own set of rules that make sense and add up logically (don’t say it’s a town of 300 people and then give it a strip mall, for example–that sort of thing would never be built for that population).
  • Keep track of your location! Whether your setting is real or made up (in which case you should keep a folder of your notes and maybe a hand drawn map), you should have something (a map, a list of places, a picture, etc.) to refer back to while writing. In order to keep the surroundings consistent, I find myself constantly scrolling up to an earlier moment in the story; I can never remember if I made the local park have a purple slide or blue. It sounds silly, but it’s all in the details, and the more accessible you can make this information, the easier a time you’ll have later (and the less time you’ll spend editing).

To all the writers out there: how do you figure out your setting and what are you tips for keeping things consistent and realistic throughout a larger work?

Feel free to add to this post or submit your own advice to share with your fellow writers at ancwritingresources.tumblr.com

anonymous asked:

I'm sure this will be answered in canon at some point, but for now, do you have any thoughts on Haggar's deal?

I mean, that’s a pretty general topic here.

I think the main mysteries behind Haggar right now are:

  • What caused her to break with Altea the way she did?
  • Who was she before that?
  • What is she to Zarkon?
  • Why is she so abnormally, terrifyingly powerful- and is that a common thread between her and Allura?
  • What happened to her face marks- were they always like that? They’re a completely different color and shape from the rest of the Alteans, which is peculiar considering the fact that both Coran and Allura have their marks as infants would tell us it’s biological.

At this point, I have some theories, but one of the main ones is: I think that Haggar at some point saved Zarkon’s life.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, so like if they had done an actual cap 3 instead of cw where sam and steve went after bucky and you go to write how that would go down, how would you have had the reunion/recovery go? do you think bucky would' want to be found?

I’m on mobile so I’ll have to format this later and put a read more in, but here’s what I would have wanted. Again, it’s long, I’ve thought about this at length.

We would have seen Steve and Sam, probably in Sam’s apartment reading and rereading files, crossing out leads, there’s a map with locations marked and also crossed out, Sam’s on the phone about another possible lead. Steve looks kinda defeated, it’s been 2 years and still he feels like they’re no closer than they were in 2014. Sam hangs up the phone, sits down next to Steve and says something like “Hey man, when he wants to be found then we’ll find him, and I got a pretty promising lead in Romania that says tin man is ready.” And Steve’s all “Sam, you gotta stop calling him tin man” - but he’s already collecting stuff to get ready to leave. And Sam’s close behind him like “Fine, how’s Robocop? Terminator? Man with the Midas touch?” “His arm isn’t gold Sam, can we go?”

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anonymous asked:

I'm curious to know what you think about Zuko's character arc, like did you like him betraying Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 or did you find it OOC? Did you like how he wanted throughout Book 3, cause to me he looked like a douchebag yelling at Iroh, hiring an assassin etc, really looked like Bryke was trying to make him as bad as possible and pair him up with Mai, to cancel him as a love interest for Katara.

I believe his betrayal of Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 was entirely necessary for his character arc. Zuko always showed himself as one who needed to make his own decisions and mistakes before he learned from them. His uncle could preach at him all he wanted, but Zuko only ever recognized Iroh’s truth after he’d pursued a goal to no avail. 

For example, the greatest turning point in Zuko’s story during Book 2 was when he let Appa go. Now, he wasn’t planning to do so. He only released Appa after much urging from Iroh, and Iroh’s explanation of Zuko’s past failings: 

Iroh: So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask …
Zuko: [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh: I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you’ve found the Avatar’s bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko: I would have figured something out!
Iroh: [Starts yelling.] No! If his friends hadn’t found you, you would have frozen to death!

Iroh is quick to tell Zuko that his lack of planning will ultimately lead to his downfall. He was never successful in the past because he never thought his schemes through. What did he really hope to accomplish by capturing Appa? What was his end goal? How exactly did he think revealing his identity in the Earth Kingdom’s only stronghold was going to play out? And this was after he went on a date with Jin, after his uncle had found some success in Ba Sing Se, and after Zuko had a taste of what a normal, peaceful life could be if he’d just let his destiny go. 

Zuko: I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh: Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?

He was happy in Ba Sing Se, but largely so, because he had no other choice. His life no longer followed the trajectory he had planned— he couldn’t hunt the Avatar because doing so would mean revealing his location in Ba Sing Se and he couldn’t return home because he couldn’t hunt the Avatar.

Jump back up to Iroh’s last line listed above: Is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you? That can easily be applied to his hunt for the Avatar, but look how easily can that also be applied to Zuko’s newfound life in Ba Sing Se! His actions — pursuing Appa the second he knew the bison was in the city, even after experiencing peace and success — prove that his life in Ba Sing Se was another destiny being forced on him. 

Now, I know you may be arguing in your head that Zuko’s metamorphosis proves that he had changed— but I don’t think so. I think Zuko’s metamorphosis proved he hadn’t, foreshadowed by this exchange: 

Zuko: Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh: I’m begging you, Prince Zuko! It’s time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?

His transformation in Book 2 was his wrestling with this question: What do I want? Zuko didn’t know. He had no idea. Everything was conflicting in his head. Did he want the Avatar? Did he want peace? Did he want to go home? Did he want this new life? This is particularly evident in the warring dragons in his dreams: 

Blue dragon: It’s getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko: I’m not tired.
Blue dragon: Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko slowly starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon: No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it’s too late!
Blue dragon: Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they’re in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him. Two golden eyes appear, followed by the face of the blue dragon, which closes rapidly.
Blue dragon: Sleep. Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa. Within that darkness, the camera draws closer to Ursa, who drops her hood.
Ursa: Zuko! Help me! 
Zuko disappears through the floor.

Later when Zuko awakens:

Zuko: What’s happening?
Iroh: Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.
Zuko: What’s that mean? 
Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

I think a lot of viewers take Iroh’s final comment as the end all and be all sign that Zuko was supposed to fully transform here and join the Avatar’s side, however, I do not believe this is the case. I believe Iroh’s comment wasn’t exactly wrong… it’s just interpreted incorrectly. Zuko did change when he woke from his coma: He didn’t change sides or soften or discern all of Azula’s lies, but as became evident in Book 3, Zuko woke from his coma and was able to finally recognize the truth in Iroh’s words

Let’s delve into the imagery of the metamorphosis… not only is he plagued by weird visions such as taking on Aang’s body, the dragons in Zuko’s dreams symbolize the two dueling sides of him. One part of him wants to enjoy the life he’s found in Ba Sing Se, evidenced by the red dragon warning him to get away from the influence of the blue dragon— 

[SIDE NOTE: Zuko may know that Azula always lies… but he always seems to fall for it i.e. that time she said father wanted him home. that time she said he’d be welcomed home. that time she gave him credit for killing Aang as a favor. that time she said the Agni Kai would be one-on-one]

—while the blue dragon represents his desires lying in the Fire Nation. He nearly succumbs to the blue dragon’s suggestion that he sleep, until the red dragon appears and warns him off. However, in the end, Zuko is charged by the blue dragon: He is swallowed by the blue dragon, and in the blue dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother (representing his long-lost childhood desires— to protect those in need and be gentle/kind/innocent) calling for help, before sinking into the floor. 

What does this mean? Well, I believe it means that Zuko gave in to the blue dragon, and it was meant to foreshadow him giving in to Azula’s seduction in the Crystal Catacombs, rather than foreshadowing him saving sides. It also foreshadowed his recognition of his mistake and his distraught emotional state following his choice to betray the red dragon (Iroh (and Katara)). 

Again, to break it down even more so: 

Zuko wants to give in to the Blue Dragon’s request to sleep. 
In the real world, Zuko falls prey to Azula’s bait, challenging her to an Agni Kai and being imprisoned. 

Zuko is warned by the Red Dragon of his choices. 
In the real world, Iroh pleads with Zuko not to listen to Azula. Twice, actually. Once when Iroh flees the palace and Zuko says he’s done running, and again, below the city, when Iroh pleads with Zuko to make the decision he knows is right.

Zuko is swallowed whole by the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko falls into Azula’s scheme. Unbeknownst to him, Azula is using him— she knows she cannot defeat Aang and Katara alone, so she entices him with the promise of being welcomed home a hero. 

Zuko panics over the vision of his mother (innocence), but is ultimately lost to the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko is completely absorbed in the version of himself he thinks he needs to be. He is angry. He is violent. He is a betrayer. He has lost all connection to the innocence of his childhood and the image of himself that he nearly reconnected with during his metamorphosis. 

Furthermore, being lost to the Blue Dragon symbolized Zuko’s emotional and mental spiral in Book 3. He was incredibly unhappy, even after he sold his soul to come home. He’d lost it all. He had no one to blame but himself but he didn’t want to blame himself— he wanted to blame Iroh for being right all along. Zuko’s behavior towards Iroh was unacceptable, yes, but it was in character when you consider Zuko’s complete and utter implosion and the destruction of his soul in his decision to betray everyone. 

I fully believe the betrayal was Aaron Ehasz’s idea. In my opinion, it was fundamental to Zuko’s character. As long as he had the support and guidance of his uncle, Zuko would never transform on his own. He needed to hit rockbottom. He needed to realign himself with what he wanted, and the only way to do so, was to have everything he wanted and nothing at all at the same time. 

I do not believe it was a ploy by Bryke to destroy Zutara, as the pair came back together in Book 3 and were closer/stronger than ever. 

What Avatar struggled with the most was the timing of Zuko’s arc. Book 3 spent too much time focusing on useless episodes that could have been utilized to showcase Zuko’s actions in the Fire Nation and his resulting decision to leave his place there. His treason could have taken place earlier and, as a result, we could’ve spent more time with the transformed Zuko and the Gaang.

I also think Avatar suffered greatly by cancelling Book 4. If we’d had a chance to see Zuko rule as Fire Lord, I believe his transformation would’ve felt complete. 

booty call pt. 2 (m) // park jimin

Characters: Jimin x Reader ft. Yoongi, Hoseok and Namjoon

Genre: fuck buddies!au ; friends with benefits

Word Count: 3, 026 words

part 1

Mature Content. [daddy kink ; spanking ; dom!jimin]

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anonymous asked:

HELLO. I'M BACK. (Ok, this is only my second time requesting but that's ok.) It's the Anon who requested the Taehyung x reader that accidentally turned angsty. But it's ok! It was really good! Anyways, I'm back to request 2 + 69 with Jungkook if that's ok. (You two write so well)

Prompt request: “Are you kidding me right now!?” + “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Humour + Fluff

Summary: You have a paper due in twenty minutes and it’s a stressful time. You prefer to work at the library, because your university’s computers run much faster than your cheap laptop. Unfortunately, someone else seems to appreciate the technology and appears to be playing League of Legends on your computer.

Word count: 945 words

You might have shed a few tears when you noticed you were missing a citation on your twenty-page paper that was due in twenty minutes. But you definitely did cry when you realized you referenced an actual book instead of a website.

Shooting up from your chair, you received a few concerned glances from the students around you. Paying them no mind, you darted to the second level of the library in an attempt to find the book you had read earlier that week.

As you wandered aimlessly through the shelves, you checked the time on your watch. You had fifteen minutes left. Cold sweat dripped down your back as you searched for the ancient history section.

Finally, you found the section (it was actually on the third floor) with twelve minutes left. If you recalled correctly, you were fairly certain that the book you referenced was red. And that was all you knew.

Your breathing quickened as you scanned the shelves, examining every red book in the section. Glancing briefly at your watch, you realized you only had seven minutes left. Returning to the task at hand with renewed vigour, you dove towards the nearest red book. Once you pulled it from the shelf, you finally recognized the cover.

“Thank god,” you practically sobbed. Clutching the book to your chest, you darted back the main level of the library, nearly tripping down the stairs as you went. An imaginary clocked ticked away in your head.

You reached your computer with four minutes to spare.

But there was a slight problem.

A boy was sitting at your computer, his large frame hunched towards the monitor. His fingers danced over the keyboard and he clicked the mouse furiously. He had a hood pulled over his mess of brown hair, and from what you could see, he was biting his lip as he focused on the screen in front of him.

And what was he so focused on? This boy was literally playing League of Legends on your computer.

“Are you kidding me right now!?” you shrieked, slamming the book onto the desk beside the boy. He jumped in surprise, eyes widening as he turned to look up at you.

“Uh, I can explain–”

You cut the boy off mid-sentence, grabbing him by the front of his hoodie.

“You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you,” you hissed, feeling slightly frenzied due to your rapidly approaching deadline and a chronic lack of sleep.

The boy quickly shut off the game and jumped from the seat. He moved aside, eyes cast down. You didn’t bother sitting. Luckily, the boy hadn’t signed out of your account, so you pulled up your assignment. You grabbed your book and located the publication information and relevant page numbers as fast as you could.

In the end, you submitted your paper online with thirty seconds to spare.

When you turned to collect your belongings from where you had scattered them earlier, you were surprised to see that the League-playing boy was still there.

“Uh, I-I can explain that,” he stammered nervously, light pink dusting his cheeks. “But I just wanted to say sorry–I didn’t realize you had to submit a paper.”

You smiled, feeling a little bad for scaring the other student. Upon closer inspection, you realized he was quite good looking. He had large eyes, a strong nose, and a full lower lip, which was bright red from all the nervous biting.

“I’m not going to say it’s fine, because who the fuck plays League in the library?” you laughed, pleased to see the boy relax a little. “But I didn’t mean to freak out that much. Just…stressed, you know?”

“Who plays League–period,” the boy snorted, almost to himself. He looked somewhere else in the library, his expression pained. “My friends dared me to do that.”

You followed his line of vision, settling on two other boys who sat at another row of computers. They were laughing hard, receiving annoyed looks from the people around them. One of them had a wide, rectangular smile and the other had little crescent eyes.

You realized all these boys were ridiculously cute, and wondered if all good-looking people just automatically became friends. Eventually, you turned back to the offending boy, whose expression had become sour.

“I just have to say one more thing before I leave,” the boy said with a long-suffering sigh. He met your eyes, inhaling slowly and blushing even more. “W-wanna come back to my base and check out my Needlessly Large Rod?”

You stared up, wide-eyed, at the boy in front of you. In the distance, you could hear the sound of unrestrained laughter. The boy covered his face with his hands, and after a moment of shock, you burst out laughing.

Tears streaked down your cheeks as you laughed uncontrollably. You wiped them away hastily as the boy glanced back at you, surprised. Eventually, you were able to compose yourself.

“Wow, I’m swooning,” you giggled. After a week of stress, you finally felt the tension slipping away.

“Thanks,” the boy cringed. He glanced at his friends and then back at you. “I’m Jungkook, by the way. Sorry we had to meet like this.”

“I’m Y/N,” you replied with an easy smile. “And it’s fine. You left quite an impression.”

A few weeks later, you were dragged to your university’s video game club’s weekly meeting. It turned out that Jungkook and his two friends (who later introduced themselves as Jimin and Taehyung) made up the club’s executive team.

That day, Jungkook asked you out with another lame League of Legends inspired pick-up line.

You accepted his proposition without a second thought.

- Girl in Luv

Oh my GOD I HATE MYSELF. Why do I always reference lame ass things? Is LoL even relevant anymore?? Anyway…thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed! Our requests are still open, so check out our prompts page if you’re interested! Happy reading~

Fanfiction - Phoenix (Constellations Series)

So one of the most amazing ladies in this fandom, Master Seamstress (©) @outlanderedandoverhere, posted a picture of a beautiful Edwardian teal dress a while back. It turns out we both loved it and fangirled plenty about it. Soon enough the idea of her making a version of that dress for Sindy!Claire and me writing a story to go with it was born – we are just that kind of crazy. She inspired me to go back to one of my series, the place where it all started in a sense. I really can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dear - you are as talented as kind-hearted. I’ll never not fangirl over you.


Brahms echoed furiously through the open doors as the orchestra launched itself in a rendition of Hungarian Dance. It started like a riot, a crescendo of frenetic instruments, that made his blood swirl faster inside his veins, eager to jump and dance in the chambers of his heart.

Jamie adjusted his formal black tailcoats and checked his red hair – tamed by several minutes of strenuous work with brilliantine pomade. He wasn’t that used to it, usually allowing his hair to flow loose and tousled, hidden under his homburg hat when he went out for his daily chores. But the occasion demanded his very best evening attire, like a proper Edwardian gentleman, and Jamie was fairly confident he was looking dapper.

It was a birthday celebration for the daughter of the house, a wealthy heir of lands and titles in Oxfordshire – probably spoilt and coquettish, fishing for a suitable match since her debutante ball at the mercy of the King.

Jamie had been travelling home to Scotland, coming from a season of profitable connections in Paris, when one his best friends, Lord John Grey – a nobleman himself from the finest breed – had asked him to spend a short amount of time at his country house, in order to help him with some complex business arrangement. He had later insisted that Jamie must accompany him to the function, dangling in front of his eyes the chance of introducing his whiskey to a couple of eager – and well-lined – pockets.

After the debauchery he had witnessed in the Parisian cabarets, he wasn’t looking too forward to spending another night drinking, swallowing cigars and pretending to be interested in shallow conversations conducted by batting eyelashes or men comparing cock lengths.  

What he craved was the simplicity of the moors and lochs of the home of his heart, the painting of clouds and mist from his bedroom window – even if for a short period of time. Soon enough, he was meant to make the voyage across the great sea to New York, where he would make the acquaintance of some of the wealthiest railway tycoons, caskets rolling from Fraser’s distillery into prospering America.

Shrugging to ease off some tension, Jamie managed to summon a pleasant smile and entered the house. It was a riveting crowd – men gathered together in corners like wolfpacks, evaluating their prey; woman sipped from champagne flutes, tasting beverage and gossip alike; the orchestra played along dutifully, decided to give a concert even without listeners.

Jamie greeted a couple of acquaintances, briefly commenting on the excellent turnout of the evening and enchantments of the Beauchamp estate, and accepted a glass of rich Portuguese port offered by a doting footman.

After a laboured hour of confraternization, with a brief passage through the baccarat table and multiple polite – or so he hoped – rejections of languid invitations to dance, Jamie was wondering if it would be the supreme abruptness to leave while the party was still at its prime.

Looking around to try to locate John – perched near the piano player, hypnotized in conversation with his friend Hector – Jamie noticed her.

She was standing by the most secluded window, almost hidden by the heavy drapes of the red curtains, only noticeable because of the beckoning colour of her dress – a deep teal, that reminded him of Scottish skies in the summertime, right before the hour of falling stars. She had her back slightly turned, so he could only see her outline.

Her rich brown hair was styled in an elegant and simple knot, with solitary pearls scattered amongst her trapped locks, like drops of sea commanded by Poseidon to the most beautiful mermaid. Unlike other women – wearing flowers or jewelled pins and combs -  she had used a hair accessory that looked like a wee dagger to keep her hair in place – it reminded him so much of a sgian dhu that Jamie almost gasped. She had a pair of simple silver earrings and no other jewellery that he could see.

Jamie moved discreetly, trying to approach her without being noticed. She was looking outside – her hands covered by satin black opera gloves, bracing the marble of the windowsill -, her lips pursed in seriousness, her eyes lost in contemplation of unseen things.

“Ye look bored out of yer mind.” He said in a conversational tone, before he could stop himself. She startled and looked around annoyed, noticing him – her eyes were the most astonishing shade of amber. “Sorry to disturb ye, Madam.”

“That’s alright.” She surveyed him, head to toe, taking him in. “You’re not from around here, are you?”

“Scotland.” Jamie confirmed, smiling. “My estate – Lallybroch - is near a village much smaller than the backyard of this manor.”

“It is an insufferably big house.” She shrugged. “You could easily get lost inside it.”

“Ah.” Jamie grinned, standing closer to her and peeking through the window to the obscured garden. “Do ye think that’s what happened to the fair lady being honoured tonight? People are commenting on her absence.”

The woman snorted, her lips quivering in amusement.

“I’m sure she’ll appear when she wants to.” She admonished. “I hear she has a wicked temper and rude manners. Not suitable to the title of Lady Beauchamp at all.”

“Hm.” Jamie offered her an appreciative gaze. “At least I’d be most entertained. And maybe ye wouldna look so wistful.” He added, softly.

“You do realize I am Lady Claire Beauchamp, don’t you?” She asked, her eyes suddenly downcast, her lips contorting on a wry smile.

“I do.” Jamie nodded, leaning against the wall next to the window. “I was guessing that was the reason why ye were hidden here.” And then he whispered in a conspiratorial tone. “I’d be too, if I were ye.”

Claire gave him a significant look, raising her brows in a display of stupefaction.

“You look more like the type that should be spending the night next to the gaming table, plotting with the other men about the great determinations of Britain and choosing their next young lover.” She said ruefully.

“I was invited to leave the baccarat table, I’m afraid.” He smiled, tilting his head in fake mourning.

“That bad of a player?” She crossed her arms in a very unladylike position, which made the corners of his mouth almost twitch in supressed amusement.

“Actually,” He confided with a grimace. “I think they were tired of me emptying their pockets. I’m verra good at cards – and dice.”

“So you are a gambler.” Claire gave him a lopsided smile, looking mildly interested. “And how did you find yourself here, Mister…?”

“Fraser. James Fraser” He slightly bowed down his head and kissed the back of her hand, feeling her warmth even underneath the satiny fabric. “Enchanté, Mademoiselle.”  

“French.” She commented, looking away to hide her face as a couple passed near them, giggling in search of a vacant room where to express their burning affections. “Do you have ties to France?”

“Very ancient connections.” Jamie admitted, noticing how the candlelight enhanced the honey inside her eyes, the fair skin of her neck turned almost golden. “I just arrived from Paris – made a small detour on my way to Scotland. I have to be in Southampton soon enough, though. I have a passage booked on the RMS Titanic, bound to New York. I hear it’s a verra bonnie ship – a wee beast of the seas.”

“Oh.” She said, sounding strangely disappointed. “I see.”

They stood in silence for a while, their previous conversation interrupted by the announcement of his impending departure. The rooms were filled with the sounds of people gathering to dance a classic gavotte, as the orchestra played on without signs of wavering, flooding the senses as the bodies pulsed with the spirits of alcohol and elation.

“I think I’ll get some air.” Claire finally said, tilting her chin. Her eyes were serious and hardened like crystalized amber. “It was lovely to meet you, Mister Fraser. Excuse me.”

Jamie nodded in retribution, bewildered, as Claire quickly escaped through a nearby open door. He leaned over the window, his eyesight adapting to the surrounding darkness, as he followed her silhouette with his eyes.

She walked with the familiar security of someone who knew the grounds well – a dog, honey coloured like her own eyes, ran from somewhere outside the house and barked to greet her. Claire immediately bent down to salute him, patting his flank with a gentle and caring hand. Her body moved with an easy grace, the promise of her flesh immediate and taunting like a whisper against the back of his neck, disarming him most irrevocably. She was an unusual woman, very different from the image he had created of the lady ruling the understairs servants with an iron fist. Nothing about her was what it should have been - and he had been enthralled with that realization the moment their eyes met.

There was a sadness about her – a peculiarity, like a book misplaced in the wrong shelf, and for that reason condemned not to be discovered. He knew nothing about what pleased her and made her laugh, but was sure it wasn’t the sycophants surrounding them or their many pompous titles.

He watched as she opened the metallic gate, headed to what seemed like a private garden, and without dwelling on it any longer, decided to follow her.

The air outside smelt of lilacs and roses, with a hint of rain to come. He rapidly approached the gate and saw her, sitting in a granite bench amongst a myriad of herbs and flowers.

In that moment, in her teal dress, she was all the lights in Paris gathered together; all the things the old masters had tried to paint, demonstrating beauty – she was the earth underneath his feet and the sky above his head, expanding away from him, limitless.

“You’re trespassing private property.” She announced in a soft voice, declaring her knowledge of his whereabouts.

“I’m a Scot.” Jamie smiled. “We are firm believers in the right of way.”  

“I thought you had to be going somewhere to call that.” Claire gave him a slightly smug smile, noticing his surprise.

“Who says I’m not?” He said in a hoarse voice, their eyes locking. Thankfully, the coming clouds still left the moon untouched – he could see her, her outline like a dream half-remembered, and sense the light shivers of her skin, exposed to the night’s breeze and to his unnerving presence. “Do ye want to dance? It’s yer birthday after all – seems unfair ye dinna even dance.”

“Dance?” She raised her brows, her eyes glowing. “We don’t have music.”

“Aye.” Jamie brushed his clean shaven chin with his fingers, in a pretence of deep thought. “We dinna have an orchestra here in the garden or a gramophone – amazing wee things, those – but I’d dance with ye anyway.”

She gave him an undecided look, stalling by brushing her skirt for inexistent leaves.

“In Paris I saw this dance – different from everything, really, brought on by Argentinians – it’s called tango.” Jamie licked his lips and offered her his hand. “I’ll show ye.”

Claire slowly took off her black gloves and reached out to touch his hand with hers – their fingers coming together with a disconcerting ease. Always looking into her eyes, steadying and reassuring her, Jamie brought their bodies to full contact and guided them in a few steps of the exotic dance, which soon would become the art of lovers, the rhythm of passion capable of shocking every matron and hostess.

“This is interesting.” Claire almost panted, as Jamie lightly squeezed her thin waist with his fingers. “You must have been in some extraordinary places in Paris, Jamie. Must have partnered with lots of girls there, leaving a trail of crushed hearts in your wake.”

“No.” He replied, his voice husky. “I didn’t understand it, then. What it takes to be able to dance like this – but now, perhaps, I finally do.”

“Jamie, I…” She gulped. “I have more money and lands than I can count. I have servants, jewels and dresses. But I haven’t been happy in a long time. You’ve talked to me like a person – not a godforsaken title – and for that alone I am grateful. But…”

“What?” He whispered, his fingers brushing her cheek, with heartbreaking tenderness and desire.

“Don’t dance with me unless you mean it.” Claire whispered back. “I know it’s too much to ask, but – please, don’t go to America. Stay here…” She ended softly, her unfinished sentence spiralling between their pressed bodies. Stay here - with me.

“I think I couldna leave even if I wanted to, Claire.” Jamie breathed, hugging her against him. It was still dark - and yet he was seeing explosions of light all around him, fast stars created by two souls meeting in the night, strangers on the verge of becoming one. “Ye have set my soul alight, mo nighean donn. I seem to be blind – but now I can see.”

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What would the the chocobros romantic ideal date be with their s/o. (I would love to read some sweet fluffy stuff :'))

Originally posted by gigglincactus

Headcanon/scenario’s revolving each of the guy’s individual preferences for a rare day/night off to spend with their partners.

Noctis is a lethargic type of person. He has his reasons – the guy is draining a lot of energy to fulfil his Royal duties so he wants a whole day to relax. He will invite you to stay over at his private chambers in the Citadel, Crown City.

Following a much needed sleep-in, he will make the effort to get out of bed and make you a hot drink before proceeding to shower – he wants a fresh scent and is paranoid about his appearance around you. Whilst you’re sipping your beverage in bed he will quickly grab some of his hair products from his draws and rush in the bathroom, frantically looking in one mirror to the next to ensure his hair is styled adequately. Post hair woes, Noctis informs you the bathroom is free provided you want to use it so you quickly wash and put casual clothes on – you know you’re not going to be taken anywhere fancy but that’s what he adores about you. You love him for who he is and not because of his Royalty.

Noctis decides to surprise you to visit an old play area him and the bros would hang out in during their school years. The place holds a lot of sentimental value to him and you’re touched he opened up to you. Noctis takes your hand and leads you to sit on top of a long slide – it’s a little claustrophobic because of the lack of room, yet you both feel so cosy and snuggle up to each other. He places his arm around the back of your neck, ensuring his hand is respectfully away from your chest area and place on your forearm.

Noctis strokes your forearm now and then between sentences to ensure you feel loved and acknowledged. His other arm is awkwardly wrapped around the ladder connected to the slide.

Noctis: ‘Look, I know I’m not the sort of guy to say everything and anything about how I’m feeling but….I…’

He sighs and continues.

‘Those guys are my life and my family and….and I want you to be part of it. You’re my world Y/N – my one constant and damn it, I know, look, I know I don’t show my gratitude enough….’

Y/N: ‘It’s okay Noct, please continue.’ – You want to cherish this moment he pours his heart out to you.

Noctis: ‘Just promise me one thing. I swear, I hope it’s not too much. Stay with me, always Y/N.’

You simply nodded your head before proceeding to rest it on his shoulder. He smiles and you both enjoy absorbing your surroundings.

The old run down play area held a greater significance than ever……

One of the reasons Gladio fell for you is because you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty for a prize! You worked a busy shift at the power plant and were surprised to see Gladio sitting outside your car.

Y/N: ‘Er Gladi, aren’t you supposed to be escorting Noctis to Altissia’s Fishing Tournament tonight? The paparazzi are going to be in full force, he needs you right?’

Gladio: ‘Not tonight Princess but don’t worry, I got it covered. Tonight, it’s about me and you.’

You kinda despised being called Princess for a nickname but hey, the guy took a night off for you. Since you were off this weekend, you didn’t have to worry about an early start to sleep for so you were motivated to make the most of your night! Gladio suggested you went on a little hunt, to which you responded.

Y/N: ‘Behemoth time, right Gladio? What say we get some proper meat, OUR way?’

Gladio: ‘Oh, I’m on it!’

Gladio high fives you and insists on driving your car due to your tiring day at work. You both arrive in run down deserted plains situated between Goldin Quay and Hammerhead. You both swing out your weapons and temporarily separate to increase the chances of what becomes a successful pre-emptive strike on a huge 20 foot Behemoth with claws so sharp and strong they could break a human’s bones in seconds.

You both perform one last strike together, Gladio grabs your hand and swings you to the opposite side of the creature, delivering a devastating blow to its back leg whilst Gladio pierces its chest. You both gather your prize and go back to your apartment, in which he carefully stirs your hard earned meat into yours and his favourite limited edition sweet and sour chilli Cup Of Noodles you managed to acquire for free as a thank you for your efforts at work.

You both sat on your sofa, watching horror movies accompanied with your delicious noodles before he grabs your hips gently, placing you on his lap, massaging your back whilst enjoying your favourite horror movies.

Prompto’s purchased you both some tickets to the Moogle Chocobo carnival – an annual event you’ve sadly never attended due to your work commitments as a full time environmentalist, educating citizens across the globe. He’s already liaised with your management, practically begging them to let you have a weekend off to unwind and what better way to let loose than find yourself surrounding by mascots, fun and games whilst being surprised to a free fireworks display as a thank you for your services to the people of Eos.

Prompto has you blindfolded whilst he drives you to your special getaway. He asked you to pack beforehand so everything was organised and going smoothly! Whilst you wondered what was occurring, you heard unfamiliar noises and the sounds of huge gatherings and popping balloons.

Prompto escorted you out of his auto mobile with your luggage, leading you to what sounded and felt like a hotel suite. He then led you back outdoors again before ripping off your blindfold.

Prompto: ‘Ta da sweet cheeks! This is for you. Take a break, relax and enjoy!’


You immediately ran over to the coins counter, learning what prizes are to be won before Prompto grabs your arm, leading you to the chocobo races to which you gladly volunteered to participate.

Talk about an amazing day. You were both on a sugar high from the Moogle Edition candy floss and choco-banana ice cream consumed. You’d participated in various activities, including the findings of moogle models, shooting cactuars, photograph competitions. Prompto had never seen you so happy, even though you beat him at chocobo racing which would normally frustrate him. You even won a plush chocobo for him at the stall as a way to say thank you which gets him emotional. As the evening would draw closer, he decided to take you out for a meal at Altissia’s finest establishment before inviting you to the special fireworks event. You both refreshed yourselves at your hotel room before Prompto escorted you to a small boat, controlled by a member of staff for tour guides and just generally enjoy the scenery and see all the sights whilst admiring the beautiful fireworks!

As the sparks would fly, you closed your eyes, taking in the sounds before grabbing Prompto’s camera and getting plenty of landscape shots of multi-coloured fireworks – the colours perfectly contrasted the dark night sky.

Prompto: ‘That’s my girl.’

He watched you with utmost pride and smirked. How did he ever get this lucky? Seeing you smile made him feel warm and fuzzy inside and you’d never forget this thoughtful gesture.

Ignis is the only bro who evidences balance and structure in the event of planning a date. For Ignis, he would need to outline the pros and cons of a particular location and recipe before inviting his loved one into what could be a night of turmoil and trouble. He hides it well normally but the guy was rather anxious when it came to pleasing his partner. They’re the sort of couple of love each other dearly but enjoy pursuing their own interests and investing in their own individual time – the pair’s schedules are packed to the brim with Royal duties; Ignis serving Prince Noctis and Y/N attending to the cleanliness of the Citadel quarters. So a date night was a pretty big deal as far as Iggy was concerned.

He gave notice to Noctis concerning his ‘night off’ and ensured Y/N followed suit. So it’s now a Saturday night and Y/N has spent the day sleeping and catching up on her historical readings leant to her by Ignis himself. Ignis has been preparing the setting for Y/N, hoping the date would prove she is his number one priority, despite his commitments to the Prince. He requested she dresses in ‘comfortable’ and ‘warm’ attire and meet him outside the Citadel. She proceeds and he takes her arm, escorting her to his car, driving with the roof lowered. He then leads her to a quiet area full of grasslands situated on the outskirts of Insomnia. You’d read about this little known location in one of your books Iggy leant you. You were most impressed.

Ignis: ‘Follow me and please, remain seated. You need not lift a finger for tonight’s activities.’

You followed him to a beautiful campsite, clearly set up during the day (good job it didn’t rain), the tent was pretty huge and you took a sneak peak – he’d filled the tent with your favourite blanket you keep in his accommodation to preserve his scent, all accompanied with a thick duvet and cushions. You smelt the scent of your favourite dish, Spaghetti Bolognese complete with Sea salt bread with a large bottle of balsamic vinegar – your favoured flavour of dip.

Y/N: ‘How long have you been out here today, cooking this?’

Ignis: ‘Ah, the best part of the whole day, crack of dawn to set up camp, followed by food preparation back home, not to forget the……’

Ignis was interrupted by you dramatically running over to him standing at the stove. He paused whilst you hugged him tightly, almost trapping his oxygen supply, thanking him repeatedly.

As you eventually dined outside the huge camp/kitchen set up he suggested a spot of stargazing before wrapping up the date. You assisted him in tidying the crockery and sat a few meters away from the tent on the grassy floor. You felt Ignis wrap his hands around your waist as he placed himself on the floor, carefully seating you on his thighs whilst he stretched out his legs.

No words were needed, the ambience of the night and the most wondrous view did all the talking for the pair of you. Eventually you fell asleep, so peaceful and content whilst stargazing. He lifted you in his arms and placed you in the tent, wrapping the blankets around you both.

Ignis: ‘Sleep well my beloved Y/N. Sleep well.’

Thank you for your request! I hope this was okay! :D


Jimin Scenario: Starry Eyes.

Request: IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS <3 jimin as prince pretty please~ imagine jimin asking his best friend to the annual dance but she starts to refuse because jimin is a prince and she’s a commoner and then jimin persuades her by serenading !!! aaah it just makes me smile every time imagine this, also can you make it that they run away from the ball and went to the beach at midnight just watching the stars while jimin slowdances with her, bare foot and all <3 <3 <3 I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Genre: Romance

You saw Jimin coming to your house before he was able to see you. You couldn’t sleep so you had been staring at the night sky from your window, but at the sound of a rider you had sharpened your gaze to the up hill road that led to your modest home. Jimin was riding his red stallion, Legend, who he had named himself and who was as cocky and gentle as his owner. It was incredible how people left a bit of their personalities in their animals, Jimin had this air of smugness around him, with his blond hair and strong shoulders he was handsome and ladies swoon for him, but his smile was sweet and he’d treat the people around him with the same manners, from the highest noble to the stable boys who idolized him and helped him take care of Legend, you had never seen him treating someone unfairly. 

With the exception of you, coming here in the middle of the night was outrageous, making your heart beat this fast shouldn’t be possible, this was rudeness in its maximum expression.

You tried to close your window and hide but by the time you reacted to do that he had already spotted you. His smile grew wide and he lifted his hand to you, other times you’d smile back at him and hurry him up, but now that made you feel odd, the so called “butterflies” in your stomach giving you a hint of what your friendship was becoming, or at least how your feelings were changing about him.

-Y/N!- he called your name when he was at a shorter distance, you saw him dismounting Legend to then tie him to the medium sized font you had just in front of your house that had rails around for such purposes. You gave him a weird look and he snickered. -What are you doing? Did you know I was coming? Were you waiting for me?-

You turned your head and prayed to all the Gods out there your blush wasn’t evident. -I’m just keeping watch for any unwanted intruder- you answered making him laugh.

-Well I see that Y/N-

Jimin walked closer to the house but still at a certain distance so you could see him properly from the second floor in which your room was located, you adjusted your night robe feeling self conscious about your appearance but that didn’t discourage the smile on his face, and that surely didn’t discourage the damn butterflies on your stomach.

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Through the Flames- A (Dean x Reader) Series

Word Count: About 4200

Warnings: Swearing, victims in a fire? (if that’s a  warning???), some angst (I guess)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, Bobby

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Chapter Summary: Lawrence Fire Department has refused to hire you into the station but you have started to believe that there are unusual reasons behind it. Later, duty calls as you stumble upon a disaster in your home town and despite the tragedy, you meet a charming firefighter. Like it or not, you know you’ll be seeing more of him.

**Grammar and spelling have now been fixed (mostly)

A/N: I am really excited for this series! Guys, it’s going to be awesome, I promise. Now…this may sound strange but Dean isn’t really the focus of this chapter, it’s more about the reader. He shows up more towards the end but I promise he’s going to be more of the focus from now on, just had to set some stuff up plot-wise. Happy Reading! Future parts  will be tagged with TTS for Through the Flames. ALSO: If all of this isn’t accurate, I know. I’ve researched to the best of my ability and for some of it- I don’t really care if it’s realistic or not lmao.

You were entirely sure that when you began to speak the pounding of your heart would be evident through your voice. As long as you focused and took deep breathes maybe you could steady yourself.

Six men, giving you a look that you were sure was more critical than you deserved, sat solemnly like the knights of the round table. But it didn’t matter what their first impression was- at least not to you, you were qualified and an obvious choice for the job.

You swallowed the lump in your throat before answering a few questions the fire chief had directed towards you, “The last time I was here for this position I didn’t have the experience I do now, I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for two years, Mr. Singer.”

He absentmindedly rocked back and forth slightly in his wheelchair as he listened. “And that is wonderful Ms. Y/L/N, but we still are not fully convinced a woman of your-” He paused and looked for a word you assumed would be less offensive than others, “- stature, has the capability to carry any full grown adult. You realize why that’s important don’t you?”

His sarcastic yet pointed comment took you off guard. You hadn’t been rude, you hadn’t done anything that would make sense for this man to be so snippy- or at least you didn’t think you had.

“Of course Mr. Singer, and my certificates here show-” You slid a folder of documents in his direction, “-I can do just that. They prove I passed the required courses and the final test. The test that requires me to drag a two hundred and fifty-pound dummy to a safe location-”

He cut you off with a wave of his hand and the other men at the table still didn’t say a single word. A good portion of the interview seemed to be a conversation between only you and Mr. Bobby Singer.

“Y/N, I’m sorry but I just don’t think you’re the right fit. I apologize for wasting your time.” He said softly. The entire panel continued to remain silent.

No way this was happening, you had worked for years to get here. No other station would take you, but it didn’t make sense. You met all of the requirements as far as you could tell. Mr. Singer didn’t seem to care however, he rolled himself out of the room with a saddened expression before you could even respond. Shocked and angry you snatched up your papers, thanked everyone for their time and walked out of the station as fast as you could. A few of the firefighters nearby jumped in surprise when you opened the door to the conference room so quickly it sent a boom throughout the rest of the quarters.

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Faking It (Grayson) Part 8/10

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 1,658
Warnings: None.
A/N: We’re nearing the end, my friends. I still have around 1-2 parts to post though so don’t fret. Also, huge thank you for 400 followers. xx Listen to this too, if you wanna.

You were shocked, frozen in your place as he pulled away from the kiss. It had been chaste but it went on for long enough for you to feel it all over your body. You opened your eyes as Grayson pulled away, feeling all kinds of emotions as you stared into his eyes.

You would probably have blushed at the way his relatives in the back were awwing and marveling at how cute you both looked, but you were too busy struggling with your feelings and sorting out the thoughts swirling in your mind.

Grayson looked at you, lips pulling into a smile as he slipped his hand into yours, beckoning for you to take the last step of the staircase. You felt disoriented as you got guided through the hallway to put on your shoes. As you bent down to pull on your boots, you looked around for Ethan but couldn’t find him anywhere.

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Prompts #43  “Is that blood?” “No?” “That’s not a question you answer with another question.”

A/N: This was requested with another prompt but I planned it to where the other prompt meshes with someone else’s. You know what it’s like to get something in your head and not be able to go back on it, right? It’s a force.

 Remember that these are all sort of connected together. You could read them as stand-alone but that’s up to you. So the timeline may not be in order but just imagine it like This Is Us (unless you’ve never seen an episode of that show or just have never heard of it.)

 As I’m doing my finishing touches and edits, I’m just starting season 6. I found “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons after writing this. I’m just putting that info out there. Do what you want with it. This is approx. 2360 words. Oh, my goodness.

There’s no way this is happening,” you thought to yourself as you looked at the stick in your hands. “Holy ice cream, Batman.

The stick hadn’t given a response at that point but you knew. There was no doubt in your mind, you knew. There were so many things that should have been going through your mind. But you couldn’t actually form a coherent thought. You thought maybe you were afraid, maybe not. Maybe you were worried about how Spencer would take it, maybe not. Maybe you were concerned about what you would do about money, but then maybe you knew it would all work out. Everything was a maybe, no actual concrete feeling.

“Oh, gosh.” You placed a hand on your head and sat on the edge of the toilet in your bathroom. YOUR bathroom, because you and Spencer hadn’t even been living together.

You gathered yourself after staring into space holding the test in your hand for more than a few minutes. You got up from your seat on the tub edge and tossed the offending plastic into the trash, you didn’t need to see the results. You needed Haagen-Dazs. You wished you could blame all of your Haagen-Dazs cravings on a baby.

By the time you got your gray pea coat buttoned and went to slip on your black ballet flats, your phone was ringing. You heaved a great sigh and fished it out of your pocket. You answered it without looking at the ID.

“Emotionally Drained and* Sorta Dead Inside, speak.”

“Uh, Y/N?”

Your eyes grew as big as The Grinch’s heart after he discovered the true meaning of Christmas. “JJ?!?”

“You okay? You’re not usually so melodramatic when you answer the phone. Okay, I take that back, you’re not so out of it and melodramatic when you answer the phone. Is everything alright?” Your boyfriend’s co-worker’s voice called through the other end.

“What? No…yeah- I’m fine. I’m- Is everything okay on your end? You don’t usually call in the middle of the work day.” You stood in your doorway, unsure if you were going to be putting your shoes on or not.

“Well,” JJ sighed. “Look, I know it’s your day off and so does Spencer.”

“What’s wrong?” You fingered the set of keys in your hand and slipped your shoes on. There goes my Haagen-Dazs.

The woman stalled for a few breaths. “JJ.”

“Spencer had a small accident. It’s nothing major-”

“What? If it was nothing major you wouldn’t have called or started this conversation the way you did.” You opened the door and closed it quickly behind you, completely forgetting to lock it. “Which hospital is he at?”

“See that’s the thing, Y/N, he’s not. He opted out. He’s not in any immediate danger but you know we have rules and protocols. I’ve never seen him refuse medical attention like this before. At least not when…”

“Right, the Dilaudid.” You fast-walked down the sidewalks towards the closest bus stop that would get you to your destination the fastest. “I’m going to assume y’all are back at your building?”

JJ sighed in relief. “I can have someone come pick you up?”

“I’m already at the bus stop. The bus will be here in about,” you checked your phone for the time. “Half an hour. Ugh.”

You scrunched your nose at the oncoming nausea making its way through your system. This was NOT the day for all the…hullabaloo. Maybe if I can convince Spence to go to the hospital I can sneak off for a minute. Do I need a prescription for prenatal vitamins?

Sometimes you do, why?” You heard JJ say, quickly remembering you were on the phone with her.

“What? Why what?”

“You asked if a prescription was needed for prenatal vitamins. It depends on what you need. Why would you ask, Y/N?”

I need to stop saying inside things on the outside. “No, I didn’t.”


“You said you could get me a ride? That’d be awesome. You can find out where I am from my phone’s GPS, right? Cool. I’ll see you guys soon.” You quickly ended the call and took a deep breath.

You were screwed.

Penelope Garcia, your favorite cousin of a friend to ever exist, was the one to pick you up. She had located you via GPS and was very quick.  She didn’t say anything that led you to believe that JJ had relayed to her what you discussed earlier. All that was mentioned was that Spencer and a suspect had gotten into a small…tiff… and your boyfriend was refusing to go to the hospital.

When you made it to the bullpen it was empty of the team. Penelope walked away after surveying the room and you followed her into the conference room. Spencer, you found, was sitting in a chair surrounded by his co-workers. You didn’t see Derek Morgan but you could feel it the second JJ laid her eyes on you. Hotch was explaining to you in detail what had happened. Spencer wouldn’t look you in the eye and you wondered if it was because he knew you’d want him to go in. You, however, were busy making sure that JJ’s eyes wouldn’t catch yours. For some reason, the shame in the room was palpable but you didn’t know why. What was Spencer so upset about? And why were you so scared about JJ knowing the truth?

“Is that blood,” you asked while looking at where the collar of his shirt met his skin.

Spencer rolled his lips inward. “No?”

“Spencer! That’s not a question you answer with another question!” You fingered the cloth and gently pushed it out of the way so you could see what the injury better.

“Will you please tell Pretty Boy that he needs to go get checked by the actual doctors at the actual hospital?” Garcia had one hand on her hip and stared her co-worker down.

“I am a-” Spencer began but was silenced when her finger wagged in his face.

“Don’t even.”

Spencer heaved a sigh and then looked at you, almost pleadingly. He played up the puppy dog eyes and it would have worked, had it not been for the cut under his eye and bruising along his cheek and nose. Looking down you could see some of his button up undershirt had been torn and there were some cuts under that, too.

“Get your stuff. We’re going. No arguing.” You raked your fingers through your hair, still trying to fight off the nausea. “I’m sure you’re completely fine and a-OK, but if you don’t go in I’m going to pull my hair out from getting it from your co-workers. And then I’ll have to go to the God-awful salon and listen to them nit-pick everything about me and I’m not about to deal with that.

Someone softly cleared their throat and you blinked a few times and sighed. Hormones off the charts, check. Next thing I’ll do is barf over everything.

“Are you feeling OK? You’re looking a little green. Someone can take Spencer instead if you feel you need to lay down.” Your boyfriend’s supervisor asked.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You leaned on the chair sitting in front of you and then looked up shaking your hair out of your face. “No, I’m fine. I just…had a crazy morning. I can take him, it’s not an issue.”

“Y/N…” Your boyfriend looked up at you almost in worry.

“Spencer, I’m fine. It’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just get you checked out and take you home, hmm?” You leaned towards him and gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek while grabbing his coat.

Looking up, you accidentally caught JJ’s eyes and you had a silent and brief conversation. You knew she’d be calling you later but you also knew she wouldn’t say anything to anybody. She had gone through the same thing. You were grateful already.

When you and Spencer were situated in the waiting room of the hospital, he kept eyeing you. You knew he could tell something was off. You also knew that there was no way he would be able to figure it out so soon. He’d been so busy lately that he hadn’t been around to really see any of the signs.

The second he grabbed your hand and interlaced your fingers, you relaxed. You sort of leaned against his arm and laid your head on his shoulder, trying not to irritate any of his injuries. Feeling his breathing was soothing you and you wondered if there was something biological about it because your nausea cut down. Maybe that was going to be a positive sign for the future. Although, no one could make you feel the way Spencer could.

“I love you,” you blurted with your head still tucked in the crook of his neck.

Spencer squeezed your hand and hummed “I love you, too, Y/N.”

It took about 15 minutes before the two of you got called back but eventually, you were shown to a room. Spencer sat on the examination bed and you sat in the chair over in the corner. It was silent for a few minutes while you waited for the doctor to come see you. But just because it was silent didn’t mean the room was loud with tension, thick with it.

Oh, Spencer could definitely tell something was up. You wouldn’t meet his eyes and you knew your snappiness back at the bureau was completely out of character. You might be able to use the “no sleep” excuse with him but the second you’d voice it he’d want to come home with you. He’d want to be somewhere close to keep an eye on you. The thing was, was that if he did that then you wouldn’t be able to hide the morning sickness that you knew was coming.

“Are you going on ‘Spencer Watch’ when we get out?” He wasn’t looking at you and he was fiddling with his sleeve cuff.

Maybe it’s not me I should be worried about.

A few seconds passed and he still wouldn’t look at you. You were about to get up and try to figure out what was wrong when someone walked into the room. You’d hold it in until you were on your way back home.

Spencer had been cleared by the doctor after the cuts and bruises were deemed superficial. He didn’t need any stitches, just some R&R. He was driving while you studied his profile. His demeanor was still wary.

“Were you worried that you would have to be on painkillers? Is that why you were so ashamed and afraid to go get checked out?”


You grabbed his hand and held it tight. “I believe in you, Spence. Believe in yourself, huh? Believe that you’re going to be okay. I’m here for you and I’m not going anywhere.”

Spencer let out a breath and gave a delicate smile. “Yeah, I know. Same goes for you.”


You forced your eyes to look out the windshield and away from him. There was no way he could have figured it out but you knew deep down that it was completely possible that he already did. The guy was a genius. A profiler for the FBI. He didn’t get to where he was by accepting things at face value. He was better than that.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to tell me things, Y/N. You know all of my secrets, deeply hidden or not.” He put the car in park and turned as best as he could still in his seat belt. “What’s going on in my favorite brain?”

You giggled as he playfully ruffled the hair on top of your head. Running your fingers through your locks to set everything back in its place, you thought it over but ultimately came to a single conclusion.

“It’s work. We’re prepping for a new resident and it’s off-putting for the ones that are there and it’s a whole new schedule and process and…it’s just all so much. We haven’t had an official meeting yet and it just feels like everything is closing in. For some of us workers, it’s the first time adjusting to a new resident. I don’t know…It’s just…a lot of stress. And I’m not entirely sure I’m over losing my first one. We weren’t close but she was still a human that I took care of.”

You didn’t dare look him in the eye. You were lying through your teeth and it was eating at you.  I am the worst person ever.

Spencer tucked some of your hair behind your ear and he studied you. When you eventually looked up, you could see it in his eyes. He accepted your words but he didn’t believe them. Not for a second.

I’m so sorry, Spencer. “Things just feel like they’re getting out of hand.

He looked away and lightly nodded. He licked his lips and you felt nausea again. You never hid anything from him and now he knew you were holding something big. Things were going to change and you didn’t think it was going to be for the better.

But I can’t tell him yet.

Do you want to stay and order some Thai?” Please. Please don’t leave yet.

“I should head back to the office and let them know I’m in one piece. Plus the doctor said to take it easy while I can.” This time it was Spencer that wouldn’t look at you while he spoke.

“Right.” You unhooked your seat belt and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll talk to you later, then?”

A nod.

Noticing the dismissal for what it was, you eased yourself out of the car and walked up to your apartment and unlocked the door. You kept an eye out of your peripheral and watched as he drove away after making sure you got in OK. You tossed your keys into the jar on the side table and leaned against the door. Tears followed the deep breath you released and you tried to keep the sobs inside.

What have I done?

Workout Clothes (Steve Rogers x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! Here is the Steve Rogers x reader fanfic I promised to post by Sunday. I know it’s crappy but I hope you enjoy! Also, thank y'all so much for following my account.

Description: You were Steve’s Best Friend, besides Bucky and both of you joined the army, never seeing each other again after signing up. Nick gets Steve to find a woman with your name and it turns out it’s you. You join the avengers and after a few months, the team decides to get you two together. How? By stealing all your clothes and just leaving a sports bra and tights.

Reader Gender: Female

Characters/Ships: Steve Rogers x reader, Nick Fury, the Avengers

Rating: PG

Warnings: Set after the first Avengers movie, Peggy Carter didn’t exist, kissing but not that heated and horrible description of Steve’s abs

“Y/F/N. Current age unknown and current location unknown.” Nick Fury said instantly as he swept into the meeting room.

The Avengers were all preoccupied with their own things to even notice Nick was in the room. Only Steve had perked up when Nick had came into the room but his eyes soon clouded over.

“Did you just say Y/F/N?” Steve’s eyes widened but other than that, he remained composed. Hearing the slight surprise in his voice, all the Avengers looked up from what they were doing and their attention was all on Steve.

Nick nodded his head hesitantly, wondering why that name had got Steve to break a tad bit of his composition. “Do you know who she is?” He pressed on, his one eye focusing on Steve and Steve alone.

“What’s it to you Capsicle? She your long lost girlfriend or something?” Tony laughed, earning a few chuckles from the rest of the team. It was unimaginable that Steve had a girlfriend that was somehow still alive and important to be enough on S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar.

Steve stared straight ahead, his mask breaking for a second, showing bewilderment, happiness and confusion. The team looked at him in concern, getting worried when they saw confusion in his eyes.

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Leading Suspects: Chapter 26

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25

I stop my car two miles out of town and climb out to pace up and down, shaking my hands at my sides and trying to pluck up my courage. I’ve had five hours of driving to think about what I’m going to say to him. All night long when I couldn’t sleep. Several hours last night of wine drinking and packing and two very drunk and unhelpful friends who suggested everything from grovelling to serenading him to Jo’s plan of just stripping naked in front of him. Why am I friends with them again?

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Love is...Unconditional

Banner by the brilliant, amazing and perfectly talented @akai-echo

Parts 1 and 2 are available on AO3/ffnet

Epilogue will post on Valentine’s Day. 

A million thanks to my lovely friend, @eala-musings for betaing this, the incomparable @akai-echo for the prereading, making the gorgeous set of banners and for talking me through some plot points. And finally, to the wonderful @thegirlfromoverthepond , my other partner in crime with @loveinpanem for inspiring this fic. Thank you all!

Part 3 - Release

“I’m fine, I promise,” I said, holding the cellphone in the crook between my neck and shoulder as I spoke to Prim and packed at the same time.

“I know, I know, but I just worry. I’ve never gone a month without seeing you. When are you coming home?”

“Soon, Little Duck,” I said, using my most soothing voice. Peeta quietly took my bag from my hands and checked the room one last time before we shut the door behind us.

“Okay. I just need to know you’re okay and I’ll quit worrying.” Her voice was plaintive, sounding like it did when we were children.

I sighed and watched Peeta pull on his shoes and tie them, knots double-laced, as always. “This trip has been one of the most important ones I’ve ever taken.” He looked up at me, one eyebrow raised as if in skepticism. I held his gaze defiantly as I continued. “I wish it would never end.”

His face softened, becoming thoughtful, then sad, before he let his eyes drop down to his shoes where his fingers still rested on the laces. I wished my sister goodnight and retreated to the restroom to brush my hair and keep myself from falling all over Peeta once again.

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Tano and Kenobi: Boarding Party

Previously on Tano and Kenobi

After a terrorist bombing on Raxus, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent on their way to Mirial to pick up a fellow Jedi before returning to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Everything seems to be returning to normal when their Republic cruiser receives a distress signal. Ordering their ship to drop out of hyperspace Ahsoka sees a familiar planet out of the cockpit window. 

The planet Florrum.  And a fleet of ships that may or may not be pirates.

First | Previous | Next | AO3


Ahsoka frowned, her mouth pulled into a thin line as she stared at the small fleet of light freighters and Corona ships that floated in the void of space between her cruiser and the planet Florrum.

She couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the reality in front of her. The last time Ahsoka had been in this part of the galaxy she had been captured by Hondo Ohnaka’s motley crew of pirates, nearly sold into slavery, escaped, and been captured again only to end up facing off against General Grievous before escaping in a bounty hunter’s ship. To say Ahsoka had less than pleasant memories of this place would be an understatement.

Of course that was at least twenty years into the future that she had vowed to change.

“Master? Is that…?” Obi-Wan couldn’t manage to hide the nervous tremor in his voice as he glanced from the ships to Ahsoka and back. “Are they… pirates?”

“It certainly looks that way,” Ahsoka reluctantly said before turning to Captain Avett. “Open the comms. Maybe we can reason with them.”

“With pirates, Master Jedi?” he replied as the co-pilot got to work sending out the message on all known frequencies. “You can’t be serious! The Republic doesn’t bargain with pirates.”

“I don’t know about you, Captain,” Ahsoka shot back, her brows arched, “but I didn’t plan on getting blown out of the sky today. If there’s something we can trade for our freedom, then we give it to them.”

“What if they’re slavers?” came the captain’s bitter response and Obi-Wan’s eyes grew even more round and scared.

“Then you better hope our backup gets here before they ship us off to Hutt Space,” Ahsoka shot back, moving swiftly down the hallway to the comm panel. Obi-Wan hurried after her, his fear and worry radiating outward and she had to take a moment to center herself and prevent her padawan’s understandable fear from coloring her judgement.

“Obi-Wan?” Ahsoka sat down at the comm panel and watched him as he did the same, his hands curled into fists at his side. “I know you’re scared but I need you to focus now. Just like you did on Raxus. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Obi-Wan swallowed a lump in his throat that was trying to cut off all the air to his lungs. He took a deep breath and nodded to his master, closing his eyes and retreating within himself to find his center.

Almost immediately the panic and fright started to clear out of the Force.

Ahsoka felt the vise on her lungs ease and she sent out a strong feeling of gratitude and pride to her padawan. Master Obi-Wan had been an expert in keeping his emotions under control during tense moments and while her Obi-Wan wasn’t quite there yet, he had already shown a natural gift for handling high-stress situations.

Still it would have been nice to have a longer break between crises. Ahsoka thought as she sent out her own coded message to any Jedi or Republic vessel in the area, asking for immediate assistance. Quite a few frequencies were being jammed by the pirates but thankfully there were still some that were known only to the Jedi and the highest levels of the Republic Security Forces and she focused her attention on those.

Hopefully, their cry for help would get back to the Temple as soon as possible and Master Plo or Master Gallia could be temporarily diverted to rescue them from whatever the pirates had planned.

Assuming they were pirates and not something worse.

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Candle Lit Confession

a/n: Ok, so I was going to write my sister a fluffy Mark Lee story, but y’all can enjoy it too!

Mark Lee x Reader


Originally posted by monoka

You’ve known Mark for a little while now, about a year or so. He and the other NCT members have all become great friends of yours, luckily SM allowed you to be a part of their lives. During the last three months. you felt yourself growing more and more fond of a specific NCT member…Mark. His charming and dedicated personality won you over and his giggles melted your heart.

One day during their practice, you got a facetime call from the boys. 

“HI (Y/Y)!!” You’re best friend, Donghyuck, yelled into the phone earning a giggle from you. 

“Hi Hyuck! How are you guys doing?”

“We’re good! Say hi, guys!” Hyuck said as he held the phone out further so you could see everyone. Everyone said hello happily except for Mark,  who shyly waved to you before running off screen. 

The call ended shortly after. You sat there wondering what made Mark act so weird.

Maybe he was just busy. You sighed and thought to yourself before turning your attention to the pile of homework sitting in front of you. 

Another month has gone by and Mark has still been acting weird around you. The boys are even noticing his strange behavior. Taeyong started to question him about it when they got time alone, not wanting his younger member to feel awkward around one of their closest friends. He told Taeyong everything, he explained his crush on you and that he was scared that you didn’t feel the same way about him. Haechan sneakily heard every word of it from outside the door.

The gossip spread like wildfire through the NCT dorms. They all knew about Mark’s crush on you, and they had a feeling you liked him too. Haechan pestered Mark every chance he got until Mark finally snapped and told them about it. Before Mark knew it, the Dream members developed a plan with the 127 members, mostly because of Haechan. they called it “Mission Get Mark a Girlfriend” I know…so creative

Mark wanted to confess his feelings to you, the 127 boys helped him prepare a song for you. They even helped pick a location for him to confess. Taeyong and the Dream members all ran out that day to set up for the confession that would take place soon after sunset while he perfected his song for you.

Haechan stopped by your house with a card. He handed you the envelope and spoke quickly before you opened it. 

“Wear something nice. Be there at 8pm!” With that said, he took off.

Confused, you read the letter. It was an invitation. 

“Meet me at the top of the hill tonight after sunset.”

You knew what hill he was talking about, you watched the stars there with the NCT gang plenty of times when they were stressed out from too much training. You did as your best friend told you to do. You got dressed and went to the hilltop as the sun was setting. When you got there, you saw the only tree there lit up by strings of fairy lights, a small picnic table was beneath it with a few candles lit in the center of it. As you walked closer, Mark stepped out from behind the tree holding a bouquet of flowers. 

You stopped in your tracks, shocked to see him. Nervously, he took a deep breath and began to sing the song he wrote for you. His voice was a little quite and shaky at first, but he grew a little more confident as he continued. Tears began to fill your eyes as the beautiful lyrics flowed around you like a warm summer breeze. As he neared the end of the song, he walked up to you and shyly handed you the flowers. His cheeks were flushed bright pink and his hands were slightly shaking from nerves. 

“(y/n), I-I wanted to tell you that..I like you.” He started speaking.

“And its ok if you don’t feel the same, I just wanted to tell you that every time I see you, I get really nervous. You’re so pretty and you know exactly what to say when SM starts being too hard on us during practices. Your smile is so beautiful, And..” He started nervously rambling on.

You grabbed his hand, trying to calm him down. “Mark, I like you too!” You spoke softly, looking into his eyes. After you said that, you could see his eyes sparkle with happiness as a smile spread across his face.

“Can I…kiss you?” He cautiously asked before he slowly tucked his hand on the side of your head. You nodded, a small smile on your lips. 

He leaned in slowly as you went up on your tip toes to be able to reach better. (ok, he’s tall)

His warm breath fanned across your face gently as he leaned closer. His soft lips gently met yours, in a shy but sweet first kiss. Your heart fluttered at the sensation. The kiss was short, but it was perfect. As he pulled away, a fit of giggles took over him, infecting you with laughter as well. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach knowing he actually liked you as much as you liked him.

Months went by and Mark has been the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. SM asked that you keep the relationship a secret, but they support you both. They had turned over a new leaf since you and Mark had shown them how happy you were together and how you encouraged Mark to continue working hard. They wanted to see their artists happy, they took better care of them, they got the rest they deserved while still remaining a successful group. All of NCT loved you two together, and of course, Donghyuck teased you two to no end.