wonder if i'll actually sleep

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I can only imagine Akira's head so crowded due to all those Personas he caught. He constantly has annoying voices clamoring in his head while he tries to focus... and then there's the feared Velvet Room.

I thought about this too!! I think he can only hear the voice of the Persona he awakened to, but it would be SO AWFUL if he just had everyone chatting all the time like poor boy, how would he sleep??? He goes through enough without all his obnoxious Personas shouting or doing other unnecessary things. ;_;

Besides, Arséne talks enough to make up for it LMAO like Akira’s trying to go to sleep and he’s slowly drifting away but then he hears ‘…Do you think pigeons have feelings?’ and he just groans and shoves a pillow over his face lolol. BUT THEN Zorro joins in since Morgana’s within close proximity, just sleeping on Akira’s tummy. And Zorro’s like ‘Callate, don’t be a fool. Pigeons killed my father’ and then the two start debating in Spanish and French, so Akira and Morgana have to cry themselves to sleep LMAO. Thank you for the hilarious headcanon, anon!! <33

honestly i don’t even know what’s going on i just wanted to draw them and out came a shoujo-y mess.  (Note:  I was also gonna post each individually but my internet connection isn’t having it right now maybe another day for now enjoy the whole page with my addition in the corner)

I’m sure I’ll draw them in a more interesting manner once the show’s out and I actually know  what everything is gonna be.  Have I mentioned how ready I am for this show?  I am ready.