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A/N: I told y’all I was planning to post today! Gosh this fic was so much fun to write. Warning for language. (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“I swear to god if you touch me…” / “You little shit!”

It was practically a blizzard out there. The wind wasn’t too hard, but the snowfall was heavy. Hamilton could hardly see the path in front of him, but maybe that was because his beanie nearly fell over his eyes. He was wearing as many layers as possible, including a thick jacket over a thin sweater and two pairs of socks. His face was engulfed in a large scarf and his beanie, the only thing visible were his eyes. His gloved hands were shoved deeply into his pockets and his arms pressed to his sides to retain as much heat as possible. Why did Jefferson have to reside in a different building?

Alexander knew it would have been better to go to Jefferson’s place last week instead of today, especially when he knew ahead of time that the brutal winter weather was only going to get worse. They had been assigned to a group together for a project, fortunately along with James Madison as their harmonizer. James and Alex used to be good friends, until Madison “betrayed” him to join sides with Jefferson. They were still acquaintances at most, and Alex could stand him more than he could stand Thomas. James was probably the only thing keeping the group together other than their grades and the want- No, the need to succeed.

As soon as Alexander reached the on-campus apartment that was currently housing Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, he banged on the door, almost out of desperation. The door opened after a few clicks, Jefferson standing with his arms crossed. “You’re late,” he chided with a deep scowl. On the coffee table in the main room were scattered papers and a steaming cup of green tea. Hamilton was a little surprised that Jefferson had started working without him, unless, of course, it was only a set up. Which was completely possible.

Alex shook his head. He didn’t want to stand out there having an argument with Jefferson. He didn’t even care that it was Jefferson’s apartment; he could feel the comforting heat from inside. He stumbled in, pushing past Jefferson with a grunt. Once he was far enough from the door, he began to shed his layers, breathing in the air that strangely smelled of cinnamon. He wondered if Jefferson had lit a candle or if he had cooked something. Jefferson seemed like the kind of guy who would enjoy pumpkin spice everything.

Said resident of the apartment haughtily slammed the door shut, the entire room shaking. Alexander rolled his eyes and sat by the coffee table, nearly melting into the soft and warm carpet. Had he not suspected Jefferson of already drinking from the cup, he would have claimed the green tea as his own.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Jefferson grumbled with heavy sarcasm. He sat on the other side of the coffee table, looking through their notes. Alexander and James had done a majority of the writing, mainly because both of them complained that Jefferson’s penmanship was nearly untranslatable.

“It looks like scripture from an ancient script,” Madison had commented.

“It looks like someone gave a pen to a baby,” Alex had berated. Jefferson decided to stick with typing. Besides, with his long fingers typing almost came naturally to him. He barely had any practice but his speed was probably above average, and it was definitely better than Alex’s furious pecking. It took James an entire day to type out his essay.

Alexander sighed contently, resting his back against the couch. “I plan to,” he replied. He slipped his arms out of his thick jacket, freeing his face from his beanie and scarf and tugging his fingers out of the wool gloves. He wiggled his fingers, which felt numb. He rubbed his hands against his thighs, hoping to warm them up quicker. “Where’s Madison?” he asked, realizing that the short man was missing.

“Sick,” Jefferson replied, rhythmically tapping his mechanical pencil on the wooden coffee table. “It’s not uncommon in this weather. He’s been in bed all day, trying to sleep it off.”

“I suppose that means we’re left to deal with each other,” Alexander sighed, though there was very little irritation in his voice. Despite being in Jefferson’s domain, he was quite relaxed. Probably because the conditions indoors were much better than the snowstorm that Alex had fought against. He was dreading having to go back to his own apartment all the way across campus.

“Let’s try not to fight today. I suspect James might have a headache, and I wouldn’t want to worsen in.” He narrowed his eyes. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to worsen it,” he amended.

Alex chuckled. “Caring for your friend. How thoughtful.” He groaned as he sat up, reading over their collaborative essay. Madison had already highlighted their main points and provided notes for improvement and expansion. He pulled out his laptop from his bag, allowing it a few minutes to start up. “Don’t worry, Jefferson. I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Once we’re finished with this section, I’m leaving,” he assured.

“Good,” Jefferson huffed, though it sounded more like a laugh. An almost friendly, inviting laugh. Alex quirked a brow before dismissing it with a shake of his head.

As soon as the password screen came up, Alex flexed his fingers over his keyboard, his joints popping loudly. He winced, staring at his fingers before slowly pressing his palms together. He shuddered. “Christ, I’m cold,” he chuckled, quickly typing in his password with more force than necessary.

“Well, you’re definitely not hot,” Jefferson deadpanned, though the corner of his lips curved into a smirk.

Alex squinted at him, scooting closer. “I’m cold as hell. Just feel my hands.” He reached for Jefferson’s hand, but he quickly snatched it away.

“Hamilton, I swear to God if you touch me…” They sat in silence, staring at each other - well, glaring in Jefferson’s perspective - before Alex pounced. Jefferson attempted to escape him by ducking, but Alex landed on top of him, both of them struggling. Jefferson ended up on his stomach with Hamilton perched on top of him. He desperately tried to crawl away, and failed. “Hamilton, get off- AGH!” He shouted as he felt Alex’s hands against his bare back, pressing into his skin. “You little shit!”

“What is going on-” Madison stopped in the entrance to the hallway, his previously half-closed eyes blown wide with surprise. “What are you two doing?”

Jefferson scrambled to sit up, shoving a cackling Hamilton off of him. “James, it’s not what it looks like-”

Madison held up a hand to silence him. “No, no. I don’t need any explanations or excuses. I only request you refrain from participating in such activities while I’m in the proximity. Excuse me.” He turned around and went back to his room.

Jefferson’s face was burning. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

Day 3

Sherlock x reader

Note: And here’s day 3 of @prettyxlittlexwriter (whom I have to thank for all her help on this one) Sherlock VDay challenge! This time I’m back to my usual Sherlock x Reader with the prompt :  “I guess this makes you my Valentine.”  I had quite a lot of fun to write it x) I also have to thanks Kevin, whom does not have a tumblr, for the wonderful plot idea.

If anyone of you wants to read more of these, or try the challenge with us, check for the tag #Sherlock VDay Challenge. There will be every kind of fics, from inserts to ships, both from 2 lists, a general one and a smutty one.


“Sherlock, you’re completely missing the point!”

“Psh, I can’t miss the point of something pointless John!”

The two men were sitting at Speedy’s, eating dinner (well actually, John was eating dinner and Sherlock simply waiting there with him since he wasn’t hungry) and, as usual, arguing about sentiment.

“Pointless?! Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate love all around the world, and unless you live as a hermit, you can’t ignore it.” Argued his friend.

“Yes I can. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that’s what I’m planning to do for the rest of it.”

“All I’m saying is: it’s not a day you’re supposed to spend alone.”

“Oh John… People are boring, love is a nuisance for a detective like me and the whole purpose of Valentine’s day is to make money. How could you even be expecting me to do something?” his friend scoffed, shaking his head.

John sighed and went back to his dinner, trying to find a way to explain his point to his friend, but failing to find any valid argument. After a few minutes in complete and utterly awkward silence as Sherlock stared at the people in the restaurant, something came to his mind.

Something childish, unlike him, but what appeared to be his only chance to get his friend to see someone the 14th.

“I dare you to ask out the next person to walk in.” he said.

“What.” Sherlock gave him a surprised look.

“I. Dare. You. To. Ask. Out. The. Next. Bloody. Person. To. Walk. In.” repeated the doctor, insisting on each word.

“This is completely stupid why would I-”

“Because it’s a dare, Sherlock, and that’s how dares work.”

Sherlock stared at him, trying to decipher whether his friend was being serious or not. The door opened and entered an oh-so-familiar woman, who walked directly to the counter.

“That’s your cue Sherlock.”

The man turned to his friend and shook his head.

“I can’t.”


“It’s Y/N!”

“That makes one more reason to ask her out, you’d rather not go with a random stranger would you?”

The other man groaned loudly and the door opened again, as a huge, stereotypical biker came in.

“Or you could go and ask him out.” Added John, motioning to the robust man.

“Or I could also simply choose to walk out of here instead.”

“Then I would ask both out for you and that, you can be sure will make you look like a coward.”

The detective shot him a death glare with his icy blue eyes and rose up, walking to the counter, where the two customers were waiting. He gulped and looked at the two of them, facing a hard choice. Would he rather be killed by an outraged Y/N or a cat-loving biker? He glanced at the door then to his friend. He didn’t really have a choice now did he… Sighing, he approached the biker, clearing his throat.

“Excuse me sir, please don’t read too much into this, you see my friend here dared me to ask you to be my valentine ” he tried, unsure.

“What?” the imposing man turned to him. “Do I look like a fairy to you?!”

Sherlock swallowed nervously. This was not going to end well.

“No sir, I’m sorry it’s just that my friend-”

“Yeah, your friend thought it would be funny eh? Well it won’t be as much when you’ll be in a hospital bed. I don’t like it when people make fun of me…”

And with that he punched Sherlock right on the face, knocking him on the ground, as the whole restaurant turned to them in shock. John was as white as a ghost, Y/N turned to the two men behind her wide eyed and the cashier let out a small yelp. The biker took Sherlock by the collar and tackled him against the counter, punching him several other times as the detective tried to get out of his grip and some customers to separate them. Kneeing his opponent in the right place, he pushed him away and rose his guard for the next blow, which came faster than he’d thought. The two men fell on the ground, still fighting, rolling over one another as everyone else was trying to stop them. At the tenth blow on his head, Sherlock lost consciousness.


The constant beeping of hospital’s instrument woke him up. He stared at the white ceiling for a moment, trying to recall how exactly he ended up there when Y/N’s voice answered his question.

“Fighting with a biker at Speedy’s? Sherlock, even for you this is a new level of stupid.” Sarcastically stated the woman, sitting on a chair beside him. “John was here about an hour ago. He wanted to apologize to you and cancel his date but I convinced him to do otherwise, you were the one to choose the biker after all.” She paused, “Am I really that of a terrible choice?”

He tried to chuckle a bit but only succeeded in wincing in pain.

“Yeah don’t move, you’ve got a concussion. Usually you shouldn’t have any visitors, but I’ve got my way around hospitals…. Why on Earth did John dare you to do this?”

“I said Valentine’s day was pointless, love a nuisance and people boring when he tried to convince me to spend the evening with someone.”

“And look where it got you now… Stuck in an hospital bed with only me for company.” She joked. “John did found a way to get you a date though…” she added, after a small pause. “Well considering an hospital is far from being the most romantic setting we could have wished for…”

“So I guess this makes you my Valentine then?”

“We could say so.” She chuckled.

He gave her a smile.

“Maybe it’s not as much of a bad thing as it sounds…” she added, “On the other hand, next year, try not to be in hospital this time…”

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” -Psalm 139:14

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She was small, I was straight

We left our love in a bedridden gate

[Basil & Claire, characters of dellbelle39’s :) ]

its transparent!

Gems heck yeah

Castiel is Carnelian and Lysander is Snowflake Obsidian in case you can’t read my handwriting and also if anyone’s wondering Castiel’s gem is on his right thigh and Lysander’s is on his right ankle

I tried to make their outfits vaguely mimic their actual outfits and I know I could’ve just given them human outfits but I wanted to make them look more Homeworld-ish