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This wasn’t exactly a service industry job but when I was in High School I had a pretty casual job with the school (it being a k-12) where This Gurl and I would look after some kids who couldn’t get picked up until later along side a teacher on a schedule of our choosing. Real Casual. So when I ask This Gurl to give the teacher in charge a note stating I have an appointment to go to and can’t stay the next day… She tells me “Oh you don’t need to warn them” Uh… yeah you do? Just because its casual doesn’t mean you don’t treat the job seriously? Like if you treat the job seriously then the teacher is likely to remember you and give you a good reference to more serious employers? Also it’s kind of rude to just not show up to any kind of engagement without warning? Would you just bail on your friends without warning? I seriously wonder how This Gurl was in the NHS with me and going into Biology if she doesn’t even know basic human decency.

Look how well you’ve done with her training and hormones therapy…She so cute now, she’ll even bring you a new diaper once she’s finished using her other one…You’ve got yourself the perfect sissy baby gurl….once your husband / boyfriend….now your wonderful baby gurl….Aren’t you the lucky one..

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todoroki is sick and his s/o is trying to take care of him (has this been requested yet i wonder?)

Hello again gurl!

Im so sorry I’m taking so long to answer, I swear I have so many shit to do I can’t even breathe. I’m glad for the fluff since everything I’ve been writing lately is DAMN ANGST. So yeah…

Anyways, I really loved this request! But I didn’t want to make the typical cliché of someone catching a cold and then the s/o giving them soup and more blankets and blah blah and at the end they catch the cold too and oops…so maybe it’s not as oooh so fluffy but maybe a bit more realistic? Also I can’t really imagine Todoroki catching a cold…since well, he’s a human heater XD

Your aunt, yes, THE aunt, the one who sent you those weird letters, the one who claimed to steal Todoroki from you if you ever broke up, the one who didn’t seem to know how to properly wear lipstick, the one who lived at the other end of the frikin planet…yes, THAT aunt, was getting married.

You couldn’t believe it when the letter arrived. The envelope was flashy, pink and glittery and contained not one, but two invitation cards inside. Of course it would, you had talked so much about your boyfriend to her, and she had left so many weird comments at your facebook pictures together. It was only natural for her to want to meet him…especially since she kept talking about just how sexy he was even though she was a grown woman. Who was the man who had actually agreed to marry her was beyond your knowledge or comprehension.

Anyways, it was that letter what put you two inside that plane that day. You couldn’t believe Todoroki had accepted to go in the first place, but then he said that it was his “duty as your boyfriend” to attend that wedding. You knew he just wanted to meet your crazy aunt and corroborate someone so weird was real to be honest…but you accepted his nice excuse either way.

You knew it was going to be a long flight, so during the take off you decided to take it easy and just rest and try to sleep. However, as you were trying to ignore the annoying voices of the flight attendants, there was yet another thing bothering you.

“Shoto, are you ok?” you could see he was shivering a little, and had his hand placed on top of his stomach.

“Yeah, don’t worry” he said “I’m ok, just a bit dizzy”

Your mouth frowned, not liking the sound of those words. You took his hand in yours, the left one, the one that was supposed to be hot, and your eyes widened at just how cold it was.

“Oh gosh, you are freezing!” you exclaimed, worried since the plane was already on march “you are definitely not ok” You began to rub his hand, trying to make it gain heat, but that didn’t seem to help the fact he looked as if he were about to throw up “Shoto, I’m serious, do you need…”

“No, I’m fine” he insisted, the trembling of his lips didn’t let you take his words seriously “I take lots of planes and this doesn’t happen to me regularly”

“But it’s happening now!” you turned around and tried to signal a flight attendant, but Todoroki grabbed your arm and stopped you.

“Don’t, they’ll make a fuss about it. I promise I will be ok, just…” he paused himself mid sentence and covered his mouth with his hand. You panicked.

“Here!” you swiftly handed him one of the bags the plane offered for this kind of…situation. And you sighed in relief when you realized it had been just in time. You rolled your eyes, knowing it would be a longer flight than what you had expected “yeah, you are totally ok”

Now yes, you called a flight attendant and asked them to take the bag away.

“I’m sorry” he said, as you opened another bag just in case.

“Don’t be” you were the one who was actually feeling more sorry, he looked terrible. He was very pale, his lips were purple and quivering, and his gaze was lost and dim with discomfort “but please be honest with me on how are you feeling” he nodded and you took a hand to his forehead, he didn’t seem to have a temperature, but he was heavily sweating cold. You caressed his face, noticing how he leaned at the heat of your touch, and immediately covering him with one of the blankets the plane offered.

“Thanks” he said as he curled into a ball, still shivering.

You gave him your water bottle and leaned his seat for him to rest properly. It was obvious he didn’t like people attending him, but it was even more obvious he really needed you right then. So when you noticed the guilty glance he gave you as you placed another bag next to him just in case, you quickly kissed his forehead to reassure him you didn’t mind taking care of him for a while. He took your hand and hugged it under the blanket, caressing it, absorbing it’s heat and the kindness it offered, and you noticed just how cold his body still was.

“Are you still cold?”

“A little bit” he answered honestly, yet uncomfortable “but it’s ok, don’t worry about it”

You definitely were worried about it. It wasn’t ok for him to be cold if he was sick, airplanes were usually chilly since they flew at such heights. So you took off your jacket, which was really thick and warm, and placed it on top of him carefully.

“[name], you don’t need to…”

“Yes, I need to” you shut him up “And you need to rest. Do you feel like puking again?”

“No” you could tell this time he was saying the truth “I just feel…weak”

“I know what you mean” you really did, you had been sick a thousand times and knew how it felt like “try to sleep for a little while”

He gave a long breath and closed his eyes, trying to relax. There didn’t seem to be a comfortable position to sleep at that damn plane, and it didn’t matter how many times he moved and turned, he would always feel sore somewhere. However, as in some kind of miracle he had finally managed to close his eyes and rest, a brusque movement of the plane startled him and made his stomach upset yet again.

“We seem to be experiencing some turbulence, please stay in your seats and fasten your seat belts”


Todoroki looked as if he were about to faint, he looked nervous, obviously not wanting to be sick again but clenching at the paper bag in case he needed to use it. You could see his hands trembling, his face white and his breathing forcefully paused and slow…you couldn’t stand it. He was usually so calm and firm. And there he was then, shaking under a blanket like an ill stray puppy. So you immediately tapped his arm, making him look at you, and signaled your shoulder indicating him he could rest his head there if he wanted.

He seemed uneasy, he didn’t want to gross you out with his current state…or what if he accidentally threw up on you?? He was feeling terrible, and he was afraid he’ll ruin the flight for you even more. But suddenly the plane made yet another abrupt movement, and he would have puked if it hadn’t been for the fact you had pulled him into your arms and held him still during the turbulence.

“It’s ok” you reassured, watching him clench his eyes shut and trying his best not to feel the dizziness “don’t worry, it will be over soon”

He didn’t know if it was because of the daze, the fact you were the only source of support he had at the trembling world around him, or if his body was speaking for him…but he used the little energies he had left to whisper a trembling “I love you” as he buried his face deeper onto your neck. It was really low and in a groggy, trembling tone, but you were able to understand it either way, and you couldn’t help but feel moved and hug him tighter.

“Sleep, Shoto” you said, caressing his hair and combing it away from his sweaty face “you’ll feel much better after a nap, the turbulence will be over once you wake up”

He nodded, and you could still feel his nose was cold as it rubbed against the skin of your shoulder. But he had stopped trembling, and that was definitely a progress. You continued caressing his neck and face with your thumb, smiling as you noticed his breathing turning even and calm. He had finally doze off. You looked at your cellphone and realized there were yet another six hours of trip left, so it was better for you to get some rest too. But you didn’t want to be asleep in the case Todoroki happened to wake up and need your help, so you waited for a while to make sure he was sleeping soundly and comfortably, before you permitted yourself to close your eyes and rest a little bit yourself.

You woke up by feeling a gentle tap on your cheek, and opened your eyes to the image of your smiling boyfriend. You were relieved, he was looking so much better: his expression was softer, his face had returned to its original color, and the hand he was resting on your face felt as warm as it should. You leaned to his touch, putting your hand on top of his and turning your face to sweetly peck his palm.

“The plane is about to land” he said “so I thought I should wake you up…”

“It’s ok” you stretched, your back a bit sore “how are you feeling? When did you wake up?”

“I’m fine, I woke up about half an hour ago” he began to put everything away, preparing his bag and everything to leave after the landing “I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault to be sick” you were about to help him up with the packing, but he suddenly wrapped your hand in his. When you looked at him, he was smiling awkwardly, clearly embarrassed.

“And thank you, thank you for everything. I really love you”

You tangled his fingers with yours and gave him a quick peck on the lips, deciding you didn’t mind working as a nurse if that was the kind of payment you received.


Ciel blushing and face-palming at this…

But…he doesn’t



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7 years, 7 wonders, 7 songs
The seven of them made part of the history, helped to build this amazing group, there would be no wonder girls without any of them. Thank You for giving us this wonder years with you guys, for being a good inspiration to your fans, for being so kind, to give us the opportunity to listen to your music.

Happy 7th Anniversary Wonder Girls!   

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What I’d give to spend the rest of MY SOULESS LIFE with THIS BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL HEART STOPPINGLY AMAZEBALL GURL. MY BABYGIRL! WORDS CAN’T DESCRIBE HOW PROUD AND HAPPY I AM FOR YOU! YOU DID IT BABE! You made it through the storm and got to where you are. NO MATTER what happens.. I’ll always be with you with my heart. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND THROUGH THE GALAXY.🌈🌠🌠🌠☄💗💖💋

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If that person doesn't like you back then it's their lose because your a wonderful gurl who deserves all the happiness they get in the world.

Aww, thank you very much! I’m not sure if this person has feelings for me as well or not, but I do plan on telling them some time this week.