wonder girls

What if I told you… BTS is an amazing group with great music but they did actually not establish the Kpop genre??? 😮 That there were other artists there before that made Kpop a thing??? 😰 That a Youtube video with an east asian male included can be watched without pointing out that you think he resembles a member of BTS??? 😲

UPDATE 17/03/22

hey guys, the lenght of my semi-hiatus is getting shorter with just a couple of weeks left for me to study so i decided to let you know what scenarios are going to be queued for those 2 or so weeks left; after they´re done, ill make yet another post that will update you on the current situation. anyways, here are the upcoming scenarios;

Momo scenario - fluff - cooking together

Momo scenario - smut - first time

Mina scenario - fluff - being set up on running man (combined requests)

Victoria scenario - fluff - surprising her at a concert

Hani scenario - fluff, angst - weekly idol (secret relationship)

Lisa scenario - fluff - living together 

Tiffany scenario - songfic - SHINee´s Replay - younger gf

Jennie scenario - weekly idol

and from my bias + word series;

Amber + Ranting Monkey

Luna + Luna´s Alphabet

Ailee + Home

Yuri + Tease

Sunmi + Bass

Taeyeon + Ship

Sooyoung + Clingy

Lisa + dance

LE + 🎶

Jessica + Aristocrats

Mina + Princess

Irene + Hot

please mind that some of the requests had been deleted by tumblr which still makes me mad and sad at the same time, but, i hope you´re excited as much as i am! lots of love – g

How do two of the biggest entertainment companies manage to get both of their biggest girl groups to disband? That must be a new record. These groups would still be making music if not for poor management and just general lack of interest for artists’ development.

They literally got pushed aside for younger, “cuter” girl groups (which baring in mind this isn’t their* fault either, they’re just working like anyone else) but what both companies seem to forget is that both Wonder Girls and 2NE1 were an integral part to getting JYP and YG where they are today.

I only really started listening to 2NE1 last year and WG two years ago but it’s obvious that their music has impacted a lot of people. Especially girls and women. Not everyone cares about what’s new and people will listen to music they connect with.

And just a reminder both generations can co-exist under the same label. This never seems to be an issue for boy groups.

*EDIT: If it wasn’t obvious, when I say “their” I’m referring to new girl groups, who are obviously not at fault. This isn’t about blaming anyone other than the companies with more than enough money and resources but yet seem to be incapable of managing multiple girl groups properly. These same companies keep up the longevity of many boy groups. This is worth repeating.