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So I have a question, I know that snakes will 'throw up' if you handle them too soon after they've eaten and I was wondering if geckos also do this?

In leopard geckos, it’s very rare for a gecko to vomit from stress unless the gecko is very young.  Let’s take a step back and examine WHY a snake can regurgitate their meal from handling.

So a snake eats a pretty large meal and then decides to go snuggle down in some cozy snake bed.  But wait!  A PREDATOR APPROACHES OUR SERPENT FRIEND.  The snake feels like it’s literally too heavy to escape from this predator, so it vomits up its meal.  It’s a last-ditch attempt to lighten the load and allow the snake to escape.

Geckos don’t really have that issue since their meals are much smaller in comparison to their bodies.  They aren’t as likely to feel weighed down.  Personally, I prefer not to take a chance and don’t handle them after feeding unless it’s really necessary, like I was using a feeding bin.

When a gecko is vomiting, it’s usually for other reasons. 


Male satanic leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus) and mossy leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus sikorae) by Paul
Via Flickr:
Photo from Ranomafana national park, Madagascar.

very cool composition. and it took me a bit t realize where the 2nd gecko was.

EDIT: for those of you wondering where the 2nd gecko is, it’s on the trunk of the tree looking like moss. be sure you’re looking at the full picture. you can make out the right foot, head, and eye at the bottom.

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Amazing Sethkate post. Pretty sure Richie knows Seth can't be "okay" w/o Kate, and that's more than beautiful. That is the right and wonderful Tres geckos, as a team supporting each other and respecting true feelings. And w Amaru there's lots of reasons she HATES and targets Seth.. To hurt Kate and weaken her, to torture Seth himself w his guilt, and a big one is because Vanganza. Amaru wasn't loved.. But Seth loves Kate and Kate loves Seth and she hates them both for it


I totally agree with all of this, and don’t get me wrong, if there is a Season 4 (which I honestly pray there is because imo it’s one of the best shows on TV), they can further delve into why and how Richie is special.

But I do think the OT3 is ultimate, Amaru said it herself “she has a strange fixation on those two.” And with Maddie’s tweet about the Tres Geckos she’s definitely married hahaha. Amaru targeted Seth especially because of Kate as his weakness, I mean everything she and her freaking hell posse said - she brought up the bumps and scrapes quote, she brought up the venom quote, all to target how he felt about Kate.

I’m just constantly in a state of shook because of them, and I don’t think the FDTD writers could have blessed us more than they have.