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the taako i drew for tory’s fat taako positivity train! stylin and profilin as usual

i wanted to colour it just as a cool down! to switch things up i used a palette like @djelibaebi​ used for this taako design (a personal fave)! i hope that’s ok! go check out their beautiful taako design and all of their other taz art, it’s very worth your time! 


I have been in Paris 6 hours and have realised everything is absolutely beautiful. It’s the kind of city where you walk down the streets and think “oh wow what a beautiful door, look at that tree omg!”

I can tell already,
It is the city of art
It is the city of poets and music.
There is so much love here

It gives off such gentle vibes.

I am staying in this teeny apartment in the heart of the city. It has this beautiful window with a railing which has delicate designs all over it.

My neighbours have roses on their window sill and there is a large tree in the court yard which makes the whole area softer.

The floors of the apartment are wood and the furniture simple. It is relaxed and uncluttered.

Being in Paris makes me want to paint. It makes me want to sing. It makes me want to change for the better. The city breathes life and art. Here I feel like art.

I have been in Paris for 6 hours and it is beautiful.


I present to you guys both a solid and transparent version of him just…
Just blep.

I love him…so much…I had to draw him again.
And as you can tell, I included a progress pic too so you guys can see just how I do some of my art. Usually it’s freehand but…
Skulls…they need to be /smoooooooth/

This lovely bab, Dre belongs to @cursetale

wishing-on-the-moon  asked:

I love your art so much. I wish I could draw as well as you

I’m happy that you like my art, I actually think you’re a wonderful artist, so, to hear you say that is a high compliment in my opinion~

The pieces you create with markers are amazing, and the coloring, inking and line art on your other drawings are lovely. 

[The lines feel clean and precise~]

nerdyearthling7  asked:

Hey so I know that you probably get a lot of questions about how do your art, but I was wondering how you do your lips and lower face? I have a lot of problems with that on people and was wondering if you had any tips. Your art is wonderful, and has gotten me to get back into drawing myself! Thanks so much for everything!

I’m always tempted to make a tutorial for the best mouth I know how to do, but you’re probably more interested in the mouths I usually make, right? I’ll try to cover the two usual ones I do here: the heart-shaped mouth I use for Jim and the sharky smile for Seb. (I hope that’s what you meant, because I don’t draw actual lips very often!)

You’ve probably seen them before, but I’ll also link one of the previous face tutorials I’ve done because it’s helpful to see the structures beneath to give you an idea of where things go. And also there was a really good polararts tutorial that probably explains better than me, but at least I’ve got gifs… 

Details under the cut:

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Milo Murphy Fanart wall

Just sending out another mention for the fanart wall at work! Every one who gets something placed up there does get credited. I have a list of all your names on my computer in case Dan or Swampy or anyone else is curious.

Also, once more, if you do NOT want your art up there, drop me a message! If you think it’s up there and you don’t want it to be, let me know and I will take it down :) I can’t put up everyone’s art, but I can make sure you’re comfortable having it up there or taken down. 

Oh and my blog CartoonNachos is where I reblog all of your work :D If it’s not up on the wall, it will be there!

Thanks again for all your wonderful art guys! 8D 

Happy birthday, @louminx! Have a happy (or at least mildly pleased) Indess because she deserves good things, dammit. I know your birthday is nearly over, but I am   p a i n f u l l y   s l o w   at drawing.


Anyway, thanks for being around, and for sharing your luminous, ethereal, utterly beautiful art with us. I hope you feel loved and appreciated today. <3