wonder (if she'll get it)

I'm Supercorp Trash But I'm Rooting For Lena and Winn

Hear me out.

Lena’s spent pretty much all of her life surrounded by darkness. I dunno if they’ve confirmed exactly when Lex Luthor went to jail, but Lena’s ascent to CEO following his arrest seems quite recent. That means realistically she’s been locked in a family dynamic where her only protector turned out to be a genocidal monster until maybe a year ago. Winn Schott is a guide to get her to the light. He’s the only person (outside of Maggie) that could really help Lena in the way that she so desperately needs right now.

I live and die for Kara Danvers, but Kara can’t empathize with or validate Lena’s darkness. She’s got her own separate issues (abandonment), but there’s a special darkness to realizing your family’s violent and destructive. I don’t mean “made a morally gray decision” like Kara’s mother. I mean recognizing that the people you love are hateful and cruel and that no matter how much you love them, they won’t change. Winn knows that just as acutely as Lena does. And Winn is also proof for Lena - proof that there’s a way out. Proof that you can come from that violence and darkness and pain and find your way toward doing real good in the world.

Yes, Lena could get there on her own, but that path is so hard by yourself. Then you layer on a friendship with Supergirl where Supergirl can’t quite get how Lena might be worried that it’s only a matter of time before she goes evil and boom - ready-made recipe for Lena to backslide each time she thinks she’s making progress. Having someone who’s only a few steps ahead of you on that journey out of darkness means you always know where you’re going. You have someone who can forgive your moments of darkness while acknowledging that you still have to do the work. Lena would because she wants to measure up to Supergirl’s expectations.

Once Lena finds her way out of that darkness - once she can accept that the Luthor name can stand for good and that her inheritance is more than genocide and pain, then Lena and Kara fit together. Then they get to be endgame.

Anyway, that’s my long-winded speech on why I think Lena/Winn would be a Winn/win situation.

Wonder (If She'll Get It)
  • Wonder (If She'll Get It)
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  • Last One Picked

Wonder (If She’ll Get It) - Superchick (Last One Picked, 2002)

Dear diary
I saw this guy at the show
He was singing to me
At last I think so
All the world around me stopped when he said
He’s the perfect guy
His hair, his eyes, oh I love his smile
When he opened the door 
Knew he was worthwhile
He looked so good standing right next to me
So beautiful I know our children will be
This time I know it’s true love

He is the one that I’ve been waiting for
I promise to love him
I’ve waited my whole life for the day I am his
I just know he’s the 
Wonder what his name is

Dear diary
Today I found a new guy
With a movie star face and the perfect lines
Knight in shining armor 
Hero to rescue me
He’ll be so romantic just like in the movies
He’ll play the role of a boyfriend for me
Like in “here on earth” with leelee sobieski
There’s just one problem something I might have missed
He’s a movie star he doesn’t know I exist
This time I know it’s true love


Dear diary
I thought my dreams had come true
Last week I found the one to give my heart to
Told all my friends about him, even tried his last name
Didn’t see that to him it was all just a game
He seemed so nice, I’ve known him for a while week
But my friends didn’t like him, didn’t know him like me
No more crushes, no more ruses, learn to be satisfied
With being single again - wait who’s that guy
You are cute!


When I was younger, I used to laugh at the ridiculousness of this song. But how much truth does this song speak, along with the rest of this album.

When you scan the planets in ME1, a lot of planets are covered in oceans but the descriptions often imply that organic life managed to develop deep underneath.
I don’t think the writers were thinking about the leviathans at that point, so I love the idea of the Normandy crew going underwater in a submarine to make contact with some sea creatures. 

The mission would probably last days and it would require a lot of preparation. 
I’m wondering who would be afraid, who would be excited and who would refuse to come.