wondeful places

  • honestly and genuinely passionate about the things they find interesting and always willing to learn about those things 
  • Into knowledge for the simple love of learning, not to gain anything in particular 
  • and always willing to share that knowledge 
  • super curious and always wanting to take adventures
  • never bored; self-entertaining, independent 
  • great at comebacks
  • trying their hardest to understand other people’s point of views
  • emotional
  • unique and individual, there is so much originality in this house 
  • and saying that, Ravenclaw is said to be the house that is most tolerant of people who think a little (or lot) outside the box
  • creative and curious and inquistive 
  • free thinkers and open-minded 
  • really fun to talk to, especially about the things they’re interested in
  • your common room sounds like book heaven and a wondeful place to be

-Lauren and Kerrie


Napoli in 4K

(Naples in 4k)