You were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs.
(The Kings Men, Chapter I.)

             Happy Belated Birthday Viktoria @imnotapipedream (3.8)

Tell me what you say now
Tell me what you say?
You said that you would come again
You said that we would remain friends but
You know that I do not depend on
Nothing or no one
So why would you show up
So uninvited then
Just change my mind like that 

Please don’t take this personal
But you ain’t shit
And you weren’t special
Til I made you so
You better act like you know
That I’ve been through worse than you
I just can’t keep running away
(But I don’t need you)

I don’t need you 
But I want you
I don’t mean to
But I love you

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Picking flowers

Love grows
but resolute
against the whims
of our nature,
Love is transformed
and it takes solace
in the wounded hearts
of pelted flowers,

And there, below a tree
as frangipani
collects in my lap,
it rubs on me
ever so gently.

© SoulReserve 2017

Actually, there is a word for that. It’s love. I’m in love with her, okay? If you’re looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you, it’s love. And when you love someone you just, you…you don’t stop, ever. Even when people roll their eyes, and call you crazy. Even then. Especially then. You just– you don’t give up. Because if I could just give up…if I could just, you know, take the whole world’s advice and– and move on and find someone else, that wouldn’t be love. That would be… that would be some other disposable thing that is not worth fighting for.
—  How I Met Your Mother

All I’ve been doing are exams, follow too many artists on Instagram and get influenced by every single one of them, get hooked on Little Witch Academia and listen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix audio book.
This is the sum of all those. Digital/traditional. (Experimenting with style) Sorry about the shitty quality. Photo taken with phone.