the That Me -_- Network!!!!!!!1!!!!11111!!!

¡¡Hey guys¡¡ This is Wonclerful and Rnerci’s network!!!


  • mbf me and jiaqi

  • reblog this post (likes don’t count but can be used for bookmark purposes and such!!)

  • must be willing to follow everyone in the network and to put a link to the network on your blog

  • be nice and friendly and also active!!!

  • any type of blog can apply, but you will have a better chance of getting in if you’re a humour or humour/fandom blog! sorry!

Submit this form to me or jiaqi:

  • name:

  • age:

  • location:

  • follower count (with screenshot)

  • Something interesting about you:

  • why is the raven like the writing desk? (optional but might increase ur chances)

  • have fun guys

What you will get from the That Me -_- Network:

  • post&selfie reblogs!!

  • friendship!!

  • follows from everyone in the network!!

  • Advice!!

  • Our eternal Love!!

  • group promos!!

OK we will choose on Halloween/1st November at some point!!! There Are 13 places for luck!! so have fun reblogging! ily all x

we have a substitute teacher and my friend won’t switch names with me. i think i need to find new friends. this is not true friendship. i have been betrayed.

jess wonclerful

where do i start???? i’d rather talk about how much of a LOSER u r but this is an appreciation post so i guess i have to be nice. u r the most wonderful person on this website tbh, uve helped me out since i was plathticpeople and had like 8 followers?!!?!? we made a network together and tbh i cant even describe how amazing u r i love u soooooo much ok and also at school u r fab and really nice and im starting to ramble but dang also u r INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL and just perfect in every way imaginable. this doesnt make sense but the main point is that without u i’d still be plathticpeople and would still have 8 followers

wonclerful asked:

hello yes you guessed it i was your secret santa sorry i was so shit ha. um have a great christmas!& holidays

hahhahhaa no its fine ur a great secret santa im just SUPER INTELLIGENT ;-) merry xmas xx