[Caption:  I always used to be fantasy kid, sci-fi was not my thing till Mass Effect. Only then I realised that it would be truly breathtaking to discover other sentient species out there and befriend them. Only then I felt the wonder of space, only then I experienced bittersweet longing for traveling outside planet Earth - and suddenly, it felt so small, the world as we know it today seemed so narrow compared to the vastness of Mass Effect map. It feels infinite - the stars, the systems, uncharted worlds, a hundred lifetimes won’t be enough to discover them all - isn’t it beautiful? This game fills you with anticipation for great big tomorrow, it makes you read books on physics as if they were poetry. That’s the power only art posesses. It changes the way you percieve the world. So no one can tell me video games are stupid and pointlessly violent - Mass Effect is there to prove them wrong.]

Alistair Shaw (Elite Model Managment) and Jack Lyons (Select Models) photographed by Eva Salvi and styled by Krishan Parmar for Boys by Girls Magazine. Click here to view the full feature. 

Jack wears T-shirt by COMMON PEOPLE, Shirt by NATURAL SELECTION, Jacket by DUFFER ST. GEORGE, Shorts by WON HUNDRED, Shoes by MOCK
Alistair wears Jackets by LE COQ SPORTIF, Jeans by NATURAL SELECTION, Shoes by WON HUNDRED