tenmei-san  asked:

" I made you some chocolate and brownies to celebrate your victory!" Kakyoin practically squeals, holding out a /large/ plate of dolphin-shaped milk chocolates and several marine animal shaped brownies of varying species. He's wearing a little green and red party hat, blowing on a party horn.

[ I’m just- For those of you who don’t know the context, we were playing board game online, Jotaro finally won after fucking seven hundred years and Kakyoin promised to make him brownies n shit when he won..now we’re here. ]

Jotaro cocked an eyebrow, but seemed grateful enough that Kakyoin had gone ahead and done this for him again. “…It’s not like I won a football game or anything, you know that, Mei-Mei?” A small smile appeared on his face, yet he was still in disbelief that he actually went ahead and made treats for him again. 

Jotaro opened his bedroom door completely, resting on the bed frame with his arms crossed. “You didn’t have to make that much too…Thank you though.”