Emma’s gonna have to choose love over power and give up the darkness. We know that. Not exactly how or why, but she will.

If he IS rightful king of Camelot (he’s definitely at least the rightful wielder of Excalibur) then who wants to bet $500 that Killian gives up the power/chance to be a king for the chance to be with his true love.

Emma will make the choice that Rumple never could. Killian will make the choice that Arthur never could.

That’s how you defeat the darkness and the lies. Together.

I didn’t lose you. You lost me.

You’ll search for me inside of everyone you’re with and I won’t be found.

So after seeing Serena’s theme and thinking about how it compares to themes of the other Pokegirls, I came a cross a really interesting realzation, at least for me. 

Think about the Pokemon journey, how one progresses and grows through it, and think about how a character is portrayed along that path. By thinking of May, Dawn, and Serena’s of themes I think I see a clear pattern here, intentional or not.


Dawn has her theme given at the start of DP, and as a result at the start of her journey, she knows what she wants to do and will do what it takes to reach her dream (going over mountains, riding the wind) with the help of her Pokemon and new friends Ash and Brock. It signifies her start, and a proud declaration that nothing will stand in her way.


Serena finally found something that has made her journey worth it. Her theme speaks of being lost and unguided, not quite sure of what she should be doing and where her Pokemon path will lead her, and THEN the song goes into how’s she’s finally found what she has been looking for all along. Her “Declaration for tomorrow” really drives that theme home imo, finally on a solid path and a dream worth striving for. It’s the 3rd ED of XY so while it’s not technically the exact middle it still quite a way’s in (a year irl to be exact) and so the song seems to signify how Serna’s in a transitional state from wayward trainer, to confident performer

And the end.

This ending obviously signifies how far May has come as a character and a coordinator, blossoming beautifully and long past her days rookie trainer, we see all the Pokemon she’s caught over her journey, the rivals she’s faced, and of course the friends she’s gained. Growth and sucess id say, it’s the final ED in AG and therefore it would be expected to have some themes of finality to it.

Like I said, I don’t know if this was intentional or not (probably not), but I do appreciate it nonetheless.


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As you lay there, 
I can see the light flickering.
I though I already knew the feelings of utter loss, 

But not this. 

I would do anything, 
if it meant you stayed. 

I would take on the pain of a million suns, 
bursting into supernova; 
of the earth falling beneath my feet, 
sending me tumbling into the darkness. 

If I could only save you, 
I would give the world. 
(let me fall into void
but not you-
     - no never you)

—  a soul lost is a dangerous thing | e.q.

I have one thing to say about this:


Before the Bridge - A Jessa Drabble

The hotel room was a disaster. He didn’t have much luggage. He didn’t know how to shop in mundane stores and so the few clothes he did have didn’t fit the way he thought they should. His jeans were too tight. His shirt was too loose. He felt like a child trying to dress up as something they’d never seen.

The black shirt fit better than anything else but when he looked at himself in the mirror he saw gear. He could not go to this wearing something that reminded him of fighting and dying and children who had to kill their parents to survive. He yanked the shirt off over his head and threw it at the table. It was not alone in the pile beside his partially eaten breakfast.

Jem Carstairs hadn’t had to pick an outfit in a very long time. He’d never had to prepare for a first impression quite as important as this one. He didn’t want to look like a warrior come from the trenches though he still felt a little like one. He wanted her to look at him and see what he had always seen in her.

He wanted her to look at him and see home.

He abandoned the problem of his shirt and leaned in to look at his hair in the mirror. It was sticking up again and the silver piece was shockingly bright against the the mess of dark brown. He ran his fingers through it and shook his head in hopes that it would fall flat. It didn’t quite work.

In the mirror he caught sight of the rune on his shoulder. Nearly everything else had faded to white. The runes from his training as a Shadowhunter had faded after he’d joined the brothers and now most of the Brotherhood’s runes had faded to white as well. A few lingered black and harsh against his skin. They were permanent reminders of what he had been. This one was neither black nor white. The shape of it was picked out in gray.

He sat down on the bed and inhaled. The flutter of strong emotion in his chest didn’t fade so he did it again and again until it calmed. He couldn’t always predict the emotions that would come and it had been so long without them that he couldn’t quite remember what anger or grief or loneliness felt like until they were roaring through him erasing everything in their path.

With his back resolutely to the mirror, he checked the time. Early. Still so early. He itched to go find her. She had a home somewhere in London. He could go there before she even left for the bridge. He wanted to see her. More than a century and he hadn’t seen her with his own eyes in all that time.

He argued with himself that he was silly for waiting but he couldn’t just show up on her doorstep. It wouldn’t be proper. It would be too much of a shock. It would be too much of an intrusion. She had a life and this day was the only one of the year when he had any claim to her time. He would see her this afternoon. He would sit beside her and look at her and remember all the details time had washed away and the Brotherhood had prevented him from truly seeing through his sealed eyes.

That would be enough.

Just to see her once would be enough.

He told himself over and over that it would be enough.

The little place in the back of his mind that kept trying to pull up the exact memory of what her hair felt like between his fingers kept telling him he was lying. Her lips had a taste and he couldn’t remember it. Her eyes were not always the same colour. She was beautiful and he could have stared at her for days. But, said some buried part of himself, but it wouldn’t be enough.

He put a blue sweater on. It was almost the right colour. Not quite gray enough to be the colour of her eyes but almost. If he covered the runes on his face with his hands and swept the silver hair under all the brown he looked almost like the man he might have grown into if the world had been different.

“Jem Carstairs,” he told his reflection.

Not Brother Zachariah as he had been for so long but Jem Carstairs.

Jem Carstairs had someone he needed to see.

He let his hair fall back into place, the silver right over his forehead. He looked at the runes on his cheeks and the scars on his hands. None of it could be changed. He drew himself up to full height and looked his reflection in the eye. She’d called him beautiful when he’d been dying. She’d called him a miracle when he’d left his humanity behind. She was not someone he needed to hide from.

It was still too early but Jem smiled at himself and ran the things he wanted to say to Tessa one more time before he went to meet his future and whatever it might hold. 

When My Love For David Tennant Began

 I believed it started back in February two years ago sometime. I had been watching a Scifi show known as Doctor Who, and I was enjoying it up to the point where I had to say goodbye to the Ninth reincarnation of this character that travels through time and space called the Doctor. I had grown to like the character of the Doctor, so seeing him change that abruptly from Christopher Eccelston to this tall lanky fellow in Eccelston’s obviously to big for him leather jacket, made me a little distrustful of this new version of the Doctor at first. I had no idea who this new man was talking about new teeth and a planet called Barcelona.

I wasn’t quite over the fact that the other version of him was gone. Anyway knowing the general history of the show I knew that the Doctor changed faces due to actors leaving the role or getting sick like with the very first Doctor for instance, but that didn’t change the fact that I was still a bit wary about this fellow playing the newer version of the Doctor. I watched the first episode with him it, well, I watched him sleep for most of it, and I couldn’t understand what was so great about him, and then he woke up, and the magic began to happen. He was something else, he was clever, and even said a quote from the Lion King. He was a fast talker, but he knew how to get things done, and he was brilliantly funny. My distrust for him slowly began to melt away, and I got curious about who this actor was that was playing this eccentric and over the top sometimes character with two great big hearts who wore a long brown coat, a suit, and converses flying a blue box known as a T.A.R.D.I.S throughout time and space. From the title cards at the beginning credits, I knew the actor was called David Tennant, so with my curiosity peaked I looked him up.

I found out a lot of fascinating things about David Tennant. I found out that he was actually of Scottish nationality born as David McDonald on April 18, 1971 in Bathgate Scotland to Helen McDonald and The Very Rev. Alexander(Sandy) McDonald. I found out that David Tennant always wanted to be an actor, and wanted to be so since he was a small tot watching Doctor Who at the age of three years old. He also never let that dream or goal died and went to various acting schools around Scotland till he was able to find a break. I also found out that David changed his name at the age of sixteen due to sharing a the same name with another actor and had to change it to fit in with Screen Actors Guilds rules to David Tennant after coming across the lead singer of the Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant’s name in a magazine known as Smash Hits.  

David Tennant grew up and went on to become an extraordinary actor not only on film and television, but also on stage. I want to say it was his role as Hamlet seeing him perform in that role. that made me fall for hard for him as an actor. He brought so much depth to that character who was already deep enough, but David gave Hamlet dynamic and made him more three dimensional instead of the usual “pity whoa is me two dimensional depth” most actors of Hamlet gave to the character. And to me it was like watching a performance mirroring my soul. I must say that after seeing him perform in the role of Hamlet; it made me want to pursue acting and to get out and to perform—which was something I was told never to do by my family because it wasn’t reasonable or suitable for me to do so. But I remembered somewhere that David was told the same thing, but he never let it stop him, and he was able to go on and to play the part of the Doctor his childhood dream role later on in his life. I don’t want to be a film actor I want to stay on the stage performing Shakespeare and the sort for live audiences, and I want to, even though I am a female, to one day play Hamlet on the stage, and I know it’s cliché, but that role that character is me in a lot of ways, and if it wasn’t for David bringing that character to life I would have never discovered that about myself.

Also David Tennant is great audio performer. He brings characters to life using only his voice, and can make you feel, see, and hear the character he is being right next to you. One of my favorite audio performance and probably a character of his I love the most of all was that of Leo Leike from a story called Love Virtually.  Using just his voice he enraptures you in the moment and you are his until the story is finished, and like all good things when it’s over you are yearning for more.

Another thing about David Tennant is that he is a genuinely good person with a really big heart. He does so much for others, and barely asks for anything in return. He has been a part of numerous charities throughout the UK , and he is always nice and generous to his fans even when sometimes fans can be a little bit over the top on requests.

I have met David Tennant in person, and I can say for a fact that he is really nice and obliging, and makes you feel special even if it is just for a small moment of time. He makes that moment yours and yours alone. The world is a better place with him in it for that reason alone. He is just  a completely wonderful person, and not only is he wonderful to his fans, but also to the people he works with as well. Not once have I read or heard anything from anyone who had to work with David about him being difficult to work with except in a loving and joking manner. Everyone loves him who comes to be in his presence, he just oozes off positive vibes and warmth, and people just fall for him because of it.

I won’t talk much about David’s family because he is very private about them, but I will say this much, I am so happy that he found love and happiness when he met Georgia Moffett which was probably like a huge win for him considering she is the daughter of Peter Davidson the Fifth Doctor from Doctor Who. They are the perfect embodiment of happiness and joy, and I am not one of those fan girls who would ever wish or want something hateful to happen to Georgia just because David isn’t mine. David and Georgia are also the proud parents of four, and that is all that I am saying about them. David makes sure that things about his family are kept out of the media and the prying public eye, and I respect that about him. He also doesn’t have social media accounts for private and other reasons that I have no business knowing, nor do I really have anything to say about that–except that if David Tennant wants to join social media he will do so on his own terms and time.  

Anyway I love David Tennant, and I know people are probably tired of me saying it, but I do. I love everything about him. He is not only a good looking man, which by the way he is gorgeous beyond belief, but he is a really good person who has a heart of pure gold. And I am glad that all this my love for him started by me watching him play a character known as the Doctor on show called Doctor Who. David Tennant has been a manic depressive, a detective, a lover, the doctor, a prince of Denmark, a vampire slayer, a scientist, a spy, a detective inspector, a king, and a horrible villain, just to name a few of his roles, and I am so happy to be a fan of his. And I hope to continue to be a fan of his for the rest of my life. I want to be able to tell my grand-kids if I ever have any about the picture of me and David from when I met him, turning on old episodes of him in Doctor Who about what an exceptional man David Tennant was, and how he saved so many lives including mine throughout all of time and space.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie


Hello followers, you’ve all been loyal and have truly enriched my life and I thank you for it. Now I need to be serious for one moment to address something I have been running from for a very long time, I am openly bisexual but their is also another thing I have been hiding out of fear. I am genderfluid I identify as both a boy and a girl sometimes I wear girls clothes and sometimes I wear boys and I love both equally, now I know I will lose followers and I will have people who will hate me but I couldn’t keep it in anymore I am sorry but this is who I am and I am proud to be a part of both the Bisexual and Genderfluid communities. Hopefully you my dear followers will understand.