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The Dragonhelm Comes
The Dragonhelm Comes

A cover of the Skyrim song “The Dragonborn Comes”

Our hero, our hero, won’t tell of his past

I tell you, I tell you, the Dragonhelm comes

And he bears a black sword of ancient Elven art

You’ll see, you’ll see, the Dragonhelm comes

He stands against evil, he is Morgoth’s foe

Believe, believe, the Dragonhelm comes

But he carries darkness wherever he goes

Beware, Beware, the Dragonhelm comes.

Aure, Aure, Entuluva

Aiya Eldalie, ar atanatari

Utulie’n aure

Aure, Aure, Entuluva!

(Art by Alan Lee)