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Eccles as Capt. von Trapp. Billie as Maria. Lis Sladen as Baroness. Nick Courtney as Max. The 7 von Trapp kids - Carol Ann Ford, Frazer Hines, Jenna Coleman, Florence Hoath (Nancy in DW), Albert Valentine (Nancy's son), + 2 more. John Barrowman as Mother Abbess (is that too vulgar?)

Oh, Nonny, I wish I had gifs right now, I’d use the one of John Barrowman laughing… (He would def be all over that role.)

Ok ok…this is good because I was mulling over the Baroness a LOT and considering Reinette ofc. But Reinette has so much fandom baggage that you have to decide whether you want to leverage or not. Sarah Jane is good because they care about each other, but ultimately they’re each about their own independent ways!

Ooh, the Brig as Max!! Niice. I was thinking Jenny for Liesl, but Jenny could be Gretl. Frazer-Jamie as Friedrich (tbh I only ever remember like 3 of the kids lol). I like the idea of Nancy & Jamie since this could still be WWII but British somehow?? Hmm hmm

Ok, Nine/Rose crew…the public is getting stoked…who’s got this???

Now, let’s all close our eyes and imagine that dance scene with CE and BP….I’ll be over here fainting…

(Will add tags after since I’m mobile, literally :P in the car, *not* driving)

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Could I get some hcs of aizawa, mic, kirishima, and iida if their s/o dragged them into a Disney marathon & won't stop singing along (no matter how good or bad they do so).

Enjoy  ( ̄▽ ̄)/

Shota Aizawa

  • Would seem uninterested at first, but doesn’t fight it cause it’s a chance to just sit and not have to do anything
  • Actually enjoy’s listening to his S/O sing because they look so cute doing so. whether they can sing or not
  • At some point falls asleep and wakes up confused cause the mermaid was replaced with a dancing kitchen set

Hizashi Yamada

  • First of all he is they guy that talks during the movie so he should have no problem with the sing along
  • “Oh that’s nice he is helping Mufasa off the ledge……wait no babe why did he let go” 
  • But at least he really gets into watching the movies, get real attached to the characters

Eijiro Kirishima 

  • Let’s be real this boy is signing along with his S/O
  • Demands that Mulan is the first movie on the watch list because we all know why
  • “Eijiro, we have listened to be a man 3 times now, we gotta watch the rest of the movie….” 

Tenya Iida

  • Literally claps every time his S/O finishes a song
  • Honestly he doesn’t know what is happening in the movie during the songs cause he is watching them
  • “ Okay so when did Hercules get so buff?”  “……during the song babe” 

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Okay so imagine the whole squip squad but 2nd graders Rich is the tallest kid in the class and has declared himself the king and takes dance classes . Chloe and Brooke are attached at the waist. Chloe is constantly trying to win at everything losing is not an option. Brooke has a lot of trouble in school and draws and picks flowers a lot. Michael and Jeremy are the nerdiest kids in the universe and treat Pokémon as if it's a religion. Jenna is the class tattletale. Christine won't stop singing.

michael and jeremy were me in elementary school tbh omg?

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Roquill: Rocket's most common phrase to Peter is undoubtedly "Shut the hell up Quill." When Peter tells a bad joke, won't stop singing, when he points out something that embarrasses Rocket, or when Rocket moans it into Pete's mouth I MEAN

He says it on reflex the first time Peter says “I love you,” before realizing WAIT THAT’S ACTUALLY IMPORTANT

  • Sherlock: *working; turns to his daughter, holding up a test tube* Well?
  • Baby Holmes: *staring at him*
  • Sherlock: Ex-pe-ri-ment *stares hopefully*
  • Baby Holmes: *laughing*
  • Sherlock: *sighs* I give up.
  • Molly: *reading on the sofa* She'll get there. Be patient *smiles*
  • Sherlock: *pouting* Mmm.
  • Baby Holmes: *pointing; suddenly* 'ab.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *almost falls off of his chair in excitement to reach her* Did she just say 'lab'? Did you just say 'lab'?
  • Molly: *watching them proudly* She says it all the time.
  • Sherlock: *lifting her* My clever girl. I told you she was going to be a scientist!
  • Molly: *giggling* You told me.
  • Baby Holmes: *happy; pointing* 'ab. 'ab.
  • Sherlock: *excited* Yes, yes...that's right. That's my lab and it'll be yours one day *kisses her cheek*
  • Molly: *stands up and walks over to them* Let me just... *takes her dummy away*
  • Baby Holmes: *squealing in delight* Dad! Dad... *giggles* Dad...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *smiles* You never let me have anything, do you?
S̴͕̪͙͓͙̝͓ͬͬ̽̋͌̀͒̈̚P̵͎̻̺̞̲̰̰̺͆͗̑͜͝Ô̡̟͙̙̜̩̓ͥ̅ͧ̕͝Ọ̧̡̠͍͈͉̤̌͗K̴̘̼̟͎̪̦̝͆͐̈́̄ͯ̉͡Y̶̧̦̻̖̘̪̙̑̄́ ̟̱̟͋̋͂̄́S̙͚̥̹̘̠̣̹ͥ̌͂̀̔͗ͦ͠C̶͂͗̇͏̵͇͎̼̦̰͕͖̯ͅAͮ͊̃ͥ̃͏̛̺̯͇̖͓̀Ř̖̪͈͋Y̡̥͕ͭ̈ͦ ̖̮̝ͬ͌S̳̼̣̩̼̹̘̰ͪ̌ͥK̶̠͖͕̤̑̇̽ͬ͗̔͛̾ͬ́E͇͎̿ͯ̋̈́ͪͤ̆ͩ̕L̶̨͈͚̫͚̳͙̽ͣ̾͐E̥̥͇̞͔̺̯̻̮ͦͫ̿͒̑̃̀͘T̝͋ͥ͢O̢͙̳ͧ́ͮ̆̌̃̽̚Ņ͍̜͕ͮ̌ͪ̾̓Ș̸̸̶̜̃͒ͤ̏̐
S̴͕̪͙͓͙̝͓ͬͬ̽̋͌̀͒̈̚P̵͎̻̺̞̲̰̰̺͆͗̑͜͝Ô̡̟͙̙̜̩̓ͥ̅ͧ̕͝Ọ̧̡̠͍͈͉̤̌͗K̴̘̼̟͎̪̦̝͆͐̈́̄ͯ̉͡Y̶̧̦̻̖̘̪̙̑̄́ ̟̱̟͋̋͂̄́S̙͚̥̹̘̠̣̹ͥ̌͂̀̔͗ͦ͠C̶͂͗̇͏̵͇͎̼̦̰͕͖̯ͅAͮ͊̃ͥ̃͏̛̺̯͇̖͓̀Ř̖̪͈͋Y̡̥͕ͭ̈ͦ ̖̮̝ͬ͌S̳̼̣̩̼̹̘̰ͪ̌ͥK̶̠͖͕̤̑̇̽ͬ͗̔͛̾ͬ́E͇͎̿ͯ̋̈́ͪͤ̆ͩ̕L̶̨͈͚̫͚̳͙̽ͣ̾͐E̥̥͇̞͔̺̯̻̮ͦͫ̿͒̑̃̀͘T̝͋ͥ͢O̢͙̳ͧ́ͮ̆̌̃̽̚Ņ͍̜͕ͮ̌ͪ̾̓Ș̸̸̶̜̃͒ͤ̏̐

i used that shitty mp3-to-midi converter to convert spooky scary skeletons into a midi i used to stick the NES VST over it to produce this…. abomination…

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Prmpt: super drunk steter. They barely know where they've stumbled into (Derek's loft) & they try to have sex & dirty take & it's just. Not. Happening. Peter's basically pushing rope & Stiles won't stop singing "when I think about you I touch myself"

They hit the floor when Peter can’t keep balance anymore, Stiles wrapped around him like spider-monkey.  Peter’s shirt is halfway off, hanging off one arm, and somewhere along the way, Stiles has lost his pants.  

Stiles giggles up at him, nonplussed as Peter grinds against him, perfectly at home between Stiles’ thighs.  He keeps whispering in his ear, teeth grazing sloppily against Stiles’ skin, and Stiles keeps palming at his face, laughing, shying away in ticklish delight. 

“Gonna– I’m gonna fuck you so good, baby.” Peter pants, rocking against Stiles, not earning any of the reaction he wants, but too busy trying to figure out the clasp of his own belt to worry that neither of them are hard.  “Make you scream.” 

Stiles laughs again, giddy and bright eyed.  “Yeah, I– I bet you will– Hey.  Hey, Peter.  Hey.” 


“I can’t feel my face.” Stiles says, tone serious for a moment, before he dissolves into another fit of giggles. 

 Rolling his eyes, Peter ruts messily.  “Of course you can’t.” 

Humming, Stiles drapes his arms over Peter’s shoulders.  “Ohhh, I don’t want anybody else.  When I think about you, I touch myself.  Ohhh oh ohh.” 

Frowning, Peter jerks back.  “Are you singing The Divinyls, right now?” 

Stiles smiles, dopey and content, petting through Peter’s hair.  “See?  This why I– This is totally why I wanna bang you.  Cuz you’re… so… smart.” 

Stiles’ bops Peter on the nose with a finger.  Blinking, Peter tilts his head, balanced precariously on his hands and knees, swaying a bit.  Stiles is humming the chorus again, arms flopping into his face to hide his eyes, smacking his lips in a contentedly sleepy manner.  

When Stiles’ words fade somewhere between the oh no’s and I get down on my knees, I’d do anything for you, Peter knows that Stiles has passed the point of horny drunk to sleepy drunk.  He swiftly follows suit. 


Peter groans, burying his face against a soft neck, arms tightening around a slim waist.  


“What?” he hisses, glaring up at his nephew before realizing his on the floor of Derek’s loft, cuddling with Stiles.  “Oh.” 

Derek crosses his arms, brows up.  “Yeah.  Oh.  Need some ibuprofen?” 

“That would be nice.” 

“You know what would be nice?” Stiles grouses, turning over to hide against Peter’s chest.  “If you both would shut up.” 

Derek laughs the whole way to the kitchen. 

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Imagine Bucky getting obsessed with the Musical Hamilton. He won't stop singing it or telling everyone he meets random facts about the founding fathers. Steve really just wants to get back to listening to the rest of the decades of music they missed.

“Do you think,” Bucky muses, pulling out one earphone, “that if you twittered Lin Manuel Miranda and told him you were an American hero, that he’d maybe get us tickets?”

“I think it’s ‘tweeted’,” Steve mutters absently, turning the page of the book he’s reading. Then Bucky’s question registers and he blinks. “Wait, no, I don’t.”

“That’s too bad.” Bucky pops his earpiece back in and shrugs, closing his eyes and stretching out on the couch. He’s humming along absently, a small mercy after days of hogging the stereo. It doesn’t last long. Five minutes later he twitches again, and says “Seriously though. We were practically around then. George Washington would have liked you.”

Steve sighs, and sets down his book. He really hates pulling the ‘I’m an Avenger’ card, but he’s considering it, if it means Bucky will be satisfied. Otherwise, he thinks when Bucky resumes listening, drumming a rhythm along the back of the couch, he’s at a real risk for losing his own mind.