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Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD


Post-War Economy by blowup1sun // cassievalentine

Economy: The careful management of available resources*.

*Resources can be physical, monetary or emotional.

(Happy birthday Elizabeth! I hope you have a phenomenal day and a wonderful year!)


Vampire ecological survey report: City Guards-  CV: Ono Kensho 

Hyakuya Mikaela

Left Page:

Vampire Annihilation troops member Hyakuya Yuuichiro’s childhood friend, who 4 years ago was turned into a vampire. Although he is of course not a noble, he has the combat capability of a mighty warrior.
Side font next to Mika: Lives off of blood as he seeks to reunite with his <family>.


  • Vampire/Vampire City/Ferid’s attendant.
  • May 1 (Taurus) 16 years old
  • 173 cm (~5.67ft) / 57kg (125.7lbs)
  • Blood type: O Armament (weapon): first class
  • Favorite food: Blood. Overwhelming blood. (Can’t eat curry anymore)

Rest of translations under cut

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I was tagged by @your-daily-fandom-news:

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Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi, especially vanilla/cherry

Disney or Dreamworks: Disney

Coffee or tea:  tea

Books or movies: I need both, I couldn’t choose

Windows or Mac: Windows

DC or Marvel: Marvel

Xbox or PlayStation: neither really, although I still have an ancient PlayStation

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: I don’t know either of these fandoms, I’m not much of a gamer anymore

Night owl or early riser: combo of both, “can’t sleep” strikes any time it wants

Cards or chess: cards

Chocolate or vanilla: this makes me want one of those twisty ice cream cones really bad

Vans or Converse: Converse

Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: don’t know them

Paragon or Renegade: don’t know these either

Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars, but I like Star Trek too especially original Khan shirtless but you knew I would say that

One episode per week or binge watching: binge, or mini-binge if it’s long, like 2-3 episodes per sitting until done

Kill Quinn or kiss him: another one I don’t know :(  (*dwells in cave alone*)

Obi-Wan or Anakin: that’s hard, I might have to go with Anakin because of how much I love my “he hated sand, I hate snow” thing

Fiction or non-fiction: fiction

Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh: Pokemon

Cats or Dogs: cats

Picnic or nice restaurant? picnic

X-wing or TIE fighter: X-wing because you get to have an astromech buddy

Sticking with my tag-no-one-and-everyone-at-once thing - if you want to do it, tag me if you want me to see your answers.

So apparently today B@nnon made a statement denouncing holders of H1B visas for stealing jobs that would have gone to Americans and basically overruning America. H1B visas are given to applicants who work in specialized occupations, such as computer programming and scientific fields. My parents were holders of H1B visas when we moved to the United States 15 and a half years ago. People who are granted these visas are well educated and in professions that are in demand (so presumably, there aren’t enough domestic laborers to fill them).

Please tell me how this current administration is about anything other than rampant xenophobia and nativism. 

Unfortunate News

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the bearer of bad news, but here we are.
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to call upon the kindness of others. More so considering I’ve asked way too goddamn much as it is. But I regret to say we’re being evicted from our current home.
Essentially we’ll be homeless. No “what ifs” no “We can barely make it one more month for something”

We originally had till the end of this month, but we managed to get an extra 10 day extension to organize a EVERYTHING MUST FUCKING GO yard sale.
We’re selling pretty much all our furniture and appliances just to muster up enough money to move out and find a temporary place to stay till we can find the means to get back on our feet.

I’m so angry that everything ended up like this regardless of the outpouring support from my friends, family, and people who happen to like my work.
My father earlier/middle of this month actually was supposed to have a job! He was called, interviewed, and even had a contract signed by him and his future employers! We were happy! things started to finally turn around for the better. We were even confident enough that we took a title loan ($800) on our  only car  we have left to get the money to have my dad drive to his training for this job!
Not even two days after my dad comes home, he receives an email saying  “Sorry, but we’re thinking of going into a different direction”.
In short: They backed out on us. He does not have one. We thought this was a 100% sure thing and we didn’t even consider  making plans to move out because we thought we had this.
So here we are, too late to find anything new. No new leads that would benefit us today or any time soon.
We have plans but we unfortunately will not be able to put them into motion in time to keep us with a roof over our heads.

I don’t know the exact days of our yard sale yet. I’ll post them here as soon as I know. We live in the Rossville Georgia area.  Just in case anyone was wondering where I currently live.

I’m hoping the Yard Sale and what we can throw up on Craigslist/Ebay will be enough for a moderate/small moving van and enough funds for my family to find a place to stay for the time we need. (We’re praying for something close to 2k, so we can pay off the title loan so our only car isn’t repo’d)

I’m not making this post for me. I’m making this for my family who desperately need help so they’re not living straight out of our car with no means to go anywhere.
I’m not worried about myself. I’m fortunate enough to have my best friend GK take me into her and her mom’s house for several months so I’m not adding to the cost of living for my family. (I plan on opening up commissions/a redbubble store as soon as I’m settled in)

I’m sorry to even have to post this kind of thing again. I had honestly thought I wouldn’t have to do this and that we’d be slowly paying back the money we owe people. Every. Single. Dime of what we gathered from Gofundme went to bills, attempting to pay back rent, and the most bare minimum of food so we could afford to keep stuff on like water and electricity.

I hate that I’m pretty much known to be “the girl who begs a lot” but right now I don’t give a fuck about my reputation. I give a fuck about my family not having a place to stay in the coming months.

You’re not required, but I would greatly appreciate some help if the Yard Sale/Craigslist/Ebay route ends up being less than what we expected.
I’ve set up a donation button on the side bar of my tumblr. I’ll even leave a link to my mother’s pay pal here. (joan@consultant.com)
None of this is going to me in any way. I didn’t link to the gofundme site since we need help sooner rather than later and gofundme takes a % of the donations and deposits it on a weekly basis.

With that said, I’m going to be pretty MIA for the coming weeks, but I’ll keep you guys posted on when the yard sale takes place so we can hopefully get some success from there.

Wish I wasn’t so fucking sensitive haha