won't ever be sorry

Look! It’s the Mugiwaras being badass! but what do I spy?

I spy Frobin!

No wait! It’s ZoRobin

Wait! it’s ZoLu

NO wait! LuNa it is!

No! It’s SaNa!

But most importantly it’s Brook going to try looking under Namis skirt to see her panties!


Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD


Otabek is intrigued by this guy who looks so damn good but also fierce and strong. With this “White Tiger” guy walking around the gym with those strong, piercing, determined green eyes, it’s hard to look away.

It’s even worth a threat from Victor “The Legend™” Nikiforov, who is now his coach

SORRY FOR THE DELAY I had a shitty week ;3; and also got into Haikyuu so i had to chose between this and watching stuff sorrynotsorry

Monsta X when they get jealous:

Anon ask: What are they like when they’re jealous?


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  • cold
  • a bit distant
  • won’t tell you until you start bugging him about it
  • maybe not even then
  • will tell you what’s wrong with him when you’re about to sleep
  • looks away from you a lot because you keep laughing at him
  • tells you stop hanging around I.M because he’s an evil maknae 
  • and that he always makes these weird faces when you hang out with him
  • blushes because he’s not used to being this open


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  • gets really petty about it
  • “why don’t you go hang out with ____?!”
  • gives you stink looks for the rest of the day
  • tries to be cute when you make ramen
  • once he’s done eating he goes back to ignoring you
  • gets defensive when you ask if he’s jealous
  • “Me?! Jealous?! Never!”
  • will never admit it because he’s the denial queen
  • literally does this ALL THE TIME
  • “you know you love me” ;3


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  • “Well that’s none of my business” -_>
  • kermit sipping tea is basically how he’s acting
  • “Well it’s not like I don’t have girl friends either.”
  • would also ignore you
  • locks himself in his room 
  • overthinks everything when he’s alone
  • stomps out of the room and gets angry at everything
  • eventually letting out why he’s upset
  • feels better after you spoil him 


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  • gets dramatic
  • “Who’s that?”
  • “Where’s he from?”
  • “How long have you two known each other?”
  • acts weirder than normal
  • is also a queen of denial
  • thinks he knows what’s happening between you and this other person
  • “AH HA!! I KNEW I-… wait what?”
  • feels dumb when you explain that the guy was just a friend
  • “Oh… yeah I totally knew that! I was testing to see how you would react if I was CRAZY jealous.”


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  • is basically chillin’
  • doesn’t see a problem with it
  • “You come home to me anyway”
  • lowkey confident AF!
  • “he didn’t trap you first” 
  • “U MAD BRO?” attitude xDDD


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  • “Well well well..”
  • interrogates you with an ass ton of questions
  • goes on a rant about how all men except for him are bad
  • and that you need to stay away from them
  • “I don’t like him. Delete his everything from your life”
  • plays the “I’m your oppa” card
  • feels bad about overreacting because you look mad
  • hugs you and explains his feelings
  • tears up a bit so that you don’t yell at him
  • also gets spoiled afterwards


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  • “He’s no competition”
  • lowkey jealous
  • highkey cocky and annoying
  • doesn’t like your friend because he’s taller than him
  • “he doesn’t sit right with me”
  • talks to himself about what would happen if you left him for your friend
  • gives your friend stink eyes every time their eyes meet
  • scares your friend away
  • mostly because he said he would send Shownu on him
  • feels bad but also lowkey triumphant because your friend is out of the picture.

a/n: This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, and I mostly did it because I was lazy. These probably aren’t  even accurate, but they’re kind of funny so that should be good, right?


👑 Strange royal family 👑

I wanted to draw these original characters for a very long time!The reason why I couldn’t show them is because they come from a personal story of mine,ever since 2013. It just makes me feel embarrassed to talk what the story is about.But I can still draw them!

So,from left to right,top to bottom,there’s Meadow,Callan,Makeo,Adrian,Lucio and then Amber!

Q: Why did you guys choose to go to Seidou high school?

Sawamura: It’s was to play baseball with Miyuki Kazuya, of course!!!

Furuya: *sleepy* I found out that Miyuki-senpai goes to Seidou when reading a newspaper about him.

Okumura: …Why should i tell you?


Post-War Economy by blowup1sun // cassievalentine

Economy: The careful management of available resources*.

*Resources can be physical, monetary or emotional.

(Happy birthday Elizabeth! I hope you have a phenomenal day and a wonderful year!)

Kiss Art Challenge
MikaYuu 2  (kiss on the nose)
Requested by butterfliesturndtodust
Hope you like it♡ thanks for requesting! uvu