won't delete it

so, i’ve been thinkin hard on maybe opening the blog up to other fandom stuff.

don’t get me wrong, i’m still thirsty for Rick and will be reblogging stuff for r&m, but my activity has been steadily declining and i’m just into a lot of stuff now alongside our favorite grandpa. there’s just…. so much more to thirst over lmao you feel me

so pretty soon i’ll probably be changing my name and filtering in more content from other cartoons and shit that i like, especially if it’s filthy because that’s mainly what i like to celebrate here is nastiness.

i love and appreciate all of you and hope you stick around


I don’t believe for a second that this emo baby knows how to dress for a party.

Daveed: I like this Lafayette character. What about Jefferson? Do I get to rap a lot for him, too?! I love rap!¡! 

Lin: Well… 


Not A Friendly Reminder

If you are a dick to artists you are an asshole

Especially about commission prices.

The actual standard for commission prices is a 200 dollar starting range.

That is to cover software costs and such before you even dive into what you want.

People like me charge less cause we know the average person can’t really afford that….but note that we need to cover bills as well.

Food money, phone bills, electricity, materials for our artwork, rent, water, etc.

That shit piles on QUICK.

“well why don’t you work a part-time job then?! that will lower the prices!”

No it won’t, and in this day and age not everyone can get a job, some physically and/or mentally can not…..and if you honestly think/say that I should get a job to also undersell myself to you so you can get a commission… never talk to me again.


Welcome to City Hall

um. so i have a lot of sentiment attached to this picture, since it was maybe the first properly completed piece of art i’ve done in a few years (i know i’ve uploaded things recently, but it took a while to get this scanned). sometimes you get stuck in a rut and then a spark of inspiration comes along that kicks you up the backside until you go find your watercolour set, and for me that spark was the MBMBaM tv show, apparently. episode 2 is probably my favourite, and the scene with Mayor Williams (if i may call you Mayor Williams) is one of many many many highlights.

there’s lots of little errors that i keep picking up on (i was Extremely Rusty especially in the inking department) but mainly i’m just very proud of finishing this and i hope it makes someone smile like the show made me smile (eg. like a big goof).